Subject: Forever Young STORY SYNOPSIS: In the future, a father and son are marooned on an alien world that is lush, beautiful and bountiful, a paradise in every way. But the aliens who lived on this world abandoned it, and when our hero’s father learns why, they realize that what was intended to be a paradise was actually a trap, and they are marooned here forever, and become eternal lovers. FOREVER YOUNG By [email protected] WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM I was surprised when I saw Daddy sitting on the bank of the river where I was swimming. Not that he had to watch me when I swam, I was a good swimmer and besides, this river wasn’t deep enough to drown in, all I had to do was stand up and I’d have half my body out of the water. But Daddy was there, lying under a tree watching me swim, and this was unusual. So I got out of the water and shook myself dry (well, a little) and walked over, a naked boy, to where my Daddy was. No reason to put on my clothes, me and Daddy were the only two humans here. I mean, on this entire planet. Our lifeship had brought us here when our ship went kaboom, and was supposed to have released a beacon to let people know where we were, but damage to the lifeship had prevented that, Daddy had told me. And it wasn’t working any longer either for the same reason, me and Daddy were stuck here. “Hi, Daddy!” I said. He grinned over at me, a big, powerful man lying there with all the beauty of a panther I’d seen on an educational telescreen. “Hey, sport, have a nice swim?” “Yeah.” I sat beside him on the moss-like grass, no separate blades, it was all one large living patch of green, with lots of little fingerlike bulbs sticking up, and it was soft as it could be. I’d often climbed out of a hard swim and laid down and fallen right to sleep on it. I waited for Daddy to say something, but he didn’t, he just kind of looked at me and all around us. The air about us was full of large-winged colorful insects a lot like butterflies. Except butterflies weren’t as colorful as these were, I mean, all the colors of the rainbow and the wings were four times the size of the biggest butterfly I’d ever seen back on Earth. The fish in the river weren’t quite shaped right to be Earth fish, either. The birds, too, were beautiful and graceful. And none of them, insects, fish or birds, were the least bit frightened of me or my Daddy. They’d come up and land right on your knee, like one bird was now, sitting in red glory on my knee, peering at me. I reached out and petted it, and it let me, then chirped amiably and flew off. This entire area had some ruined houses around, with some bigger buildings here and there. The plants all looked like garden plants that had burst out of their gardens and run amok all over, and the grasses looked like lawns that had moved into the streets. And never a weed to be seen. These plants and animals had proved to be safe, so me and Daddy had plenty to eat. Daddy had been exploring, trying to find out what had happened to the people (aliens, that is) who used to live here, which was why I was puzzled he was just sitting there now. “Did you find anything today?” I asked him after a while. “Yep.” Daddy agreed. “I found it all, you might say.” He reached out and plucked a flower from a nearby tree-branch and chewed its stem. I waited for him to talk again and stared at him. Daddy was easy to look at. I wanted to look like my Daddy when I grew up. He was really tall, “six foot two and eyes of şişli travesti blue” my momma used to say. He had wavy hair the color of burnished bronze, glowing blue eyes, broad shoulders, a narrow waist, thick arms like oranges above the elbows, and legs like two watermelons above the knees, and all of that was muscle. He wore his ship’s uniform with an easy grace that made it look form-fitted. Even mussed and torn here and there, it still made him look as commanding here as it had aboard the ship. “So what did you find, what?” “I found the answers, Son. The answer to it all.” Daddy didn’t sound happy, he sounded miserable. Like he didn’t want to know the answer now that he had it, but that made me more curious than ever. “What was it, Daddy, what?” I was eager, as you can imagine. This wonderful world, with everything anyone could want on it, why had the aliens gone? We hadn’t found bones or signs of war anywhere. Just like they’d…packed up and left. I couldn’t imagine an answer that made Daddy sad, it must be something else making him unhappy. “Tell me, Son.” Daddy went on, changing the subject. “Are you happy here?” “Sure.” I said. “It gets a bit lonesome now and then, but I got you.” “Would you be happy, staying a little boy here, forever and ever?” he went on. “Never growing up, never changing?” “Gosh, I don’t know.” I admitted. Then, “I don’t want you to change, Daddy, never!” I was sure about that. He smiled at me. “I won’t Son. I can promise you that. I’ll always be just like I am right now. You like that?” “Yeah!” I said and reached over to hug him. His big arms felt so good around me, so strong. “I love you, Daddy!” I said. “I’ll love you forever and ever.” “Me, too, Son.” Daddy said. “Forever and ever.” His arms tightened about me, a little too tight. Daddy was frightened! “What’s wrong, Daddy?” I asked him, afraid to move. “This world, Son. It’s a trap. The aliens who lived here saw that. It’s why they left. You see, Son, on this world, they tried to build a paradise. And they succeeded too well. None of them ever aged after they got it set up. If one of them was a baby when it started, it stayed a baby.” Daddy paused. “That goes for you and me, too, Son. We stay here, you’ll never grow up. You’ll stay the same age you are now, forever and ever, just as young as you are right now.” “Oh.” I thought about it as Daddy held me. And then it came to me. “Like Peter Pan?” “Yes, Son. Like Peter Pan. Forever young.” “Then I’m glad I’ll be young forever.” I told my Daddy. “You and me can be just like this, forever and ever.” “Yes, Son.” Daddy held me tightly. “You and me, forever and ever.” I looked at him and his eyes were wet with uncried tears. So were mine, I saw Daddy like through a window of glass that wasn’t totally clear. Like Daddy was softened all over, and his face was soft, too, as soft as the moss-grass we sat on. I reached in to kiss Daddy again and he kissed me, too. But it wasn’t a kiss like he normally gave me. This kiss had all the love and tenderness he’d always given me, but this time, there was more in it. Kind of like a hunger. I felt it and a sort of warmth stirred inside of me, and I felt it, too, a desire to be even closer to Daddy than I was already. Like I could get closer, if I could just figure out how. Daddy’s hand were touching me, all over. My back. My waist. My legs. My buttocks. My wiener. His fingers reached it, touched it, and there was the beylikdüzü travesti answer. That was where we could get closer to each other. My right arm was free and I used it to fight its way down to Daddy’s own groin, and I found it, found his penis all hard and sticking up inside his uniform. Daddy moaned when I touched him there, and his kiss shifted, pressed again. Closer. “Son, oh, Son!” Daddy gasped when he let my lips go. “I love you, Son, I love you.” His eyes were looking into mine. “I love you, too, Daddy!” I moaned. “This is part of it, too! A part of what they built! Not just ageless youth, but also, ageless…potency! I can’t help but want to make love to you, Son. I can’t help it!” “I know, Daddy! It’s okay, Daddy, I want you to, please, I want you to!” Daddy’s face went to one side and he kissed me on the side of my neck. His arms shifted and I had more freedom of movement and I slid down to his side and now I could get both my hands down to his crotch. Now I could work the closure there and make it open for me. It did and I slid my hand into it. No underwear. Daddy had laughingly given it up a few days ago. “Too hot to wear it, and it’s too dirty to wear anyhow.” He said then. So only his flesh was inside. Big, hard, warm flesh. His dingdong was a hard shaft I had to tug to pull it free and then it was standing up. “Oh, Son, oh, Son.” Daddy murmured. His finger was worming its way between my buttocks, as if seeking something. Everywhere it touched me, was like fire. Daddy moved down, until me and him were lying side by side, and then his mouth was on my wiener and he was sucking on it, and the touch was more than fire, it was like an explosion of pleasure in my brain went off. I moaned, groaned and shuffled myself around. His cock was now hanging down like a banana, the head sticking out of the skin like a big, ripe plum. My mouth went over it and I sucked as much of it down as I could. Daddy had all of my prick in his mouth but I could only manage about half of the big, thick dong he had. Daddy’s groan told me I had enough of it. We moved and I tried to do like him, getting it nice and wet, keeping my teeth free, pulling at it with suction when I rose up on him, and letting it go down of itself. A bit more of this and then I was shaking like a leaf, my whole body was being pounded by a joy I had never felt before, it was striking every bit of my body and I cried out, “OH, OH, OH, OHHHH, OHHHH, OHHHHH!” Daddy held me after I finished shaking and then he rose up to his hands and knees, then onto just knees and he picked me up and put me back down again, and I was lying on my back underneath him, my legs went to either side of his body and he lowered himself again and he held onto me as he moved and his cock, glossy and smooth with my spit, was pressing against my butthole. “Oh, oh, Daddy!” I gasped as his prong pushed against me, pressing inwards. “It’s all right, Son, it’s all right.” Daddy said. “It’ll only hurt for a little bit, Son, I’ll be easy as I can, I promise.” I subsided, but my recent pleasure had caused a relaxation of my muscles and my sphincter opened and Daddy pushed into me, his cock stretching me out, with some pain, but also…that closeness I craved, needed, wanted. It was in that pressure as well. I had Daddy within me. All the way within me! I let out a small whining sound and my body released, and Daddy was able to push into me fully without any more resistance. “Oh, istanbul travesti oh, Son!” He whispered. “That’s got it, got all of it, Son.” He paused for a couple of heavy, shuddering breaths. “I’ll hold still a while and let you get used to it.” “No, Daddy, no!” I said urgently. “Now, Daddy, do it now! Now!” Daddy groaned and his hips began to move, pushing in and out of me. I put my hands on his buttocks and my legs went into the backs of his knees and I held onto him like that, helped him to move in and out of me. Every time he pushed into me, I cried out in increasing pleasure, each sound a little louder than the one before. Each time he pulled back, I pulled in breath to help me cry out again at the next insertion. Daddy began to move faster, his eyes took on a glazed look, his features softened, his mouth open and it was like he was losing himself in the pleasure now coursing through his veins. I released my hold on him, let my arms go onto the grassy moss and my legs fall to either side of Daddy. Daddy smiled at me as I languished in the joyous feel of his cock sliding in and out of me, and then he turned his inner animal loose. He began to slam his prick into me, causing me to rock back and forth as he hammered at me, and I cried out, not in pain but in renewed and rising passion. That happy/joy feeling I’d had with him before…it was coming back. “Oh, Daddy, oh, oh, it’s happening again!” I cried out. “Again!” “Yes, Son, yes, yes, oh, oh, I’m coming, Son, I’m coming!” “Me, too!” I gasped. “Son, oh, Son, oh, OH, OH, AH, AH, HAH, AH, AHHHH-HAHH, HUHHHH!” Daddy shoved his cock deep into me, threw his head back and his dong pumped hot fluid into my ass, it stung some, but with it was a smell of hot, male musk and it was all Daddy and it was all mine! We were one, now, we were one! “AH-AH-HAH-AH, AHH, AHH!” I joined my Daddy in the pleasure of climax. “AHH-AHH, AHH-AHHH, AHH-AHH!” “HAHH-AHH, HHAH-HAHH, HAHH-HAHH!” “Oh, Son, oh, oh, oh!” “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” “Son, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh!” “Ahhhhhhhh!” “Ahhhh!” Daddy sagged down onto me, crushing me, but then he rolled off of me and onto the grassy moss beside me, his strong chest heaving up and down. I was breathing hard, too. “I love you, Son.” Daddy said as he raised up on one arm and looked down at me. I smiled over to him. “I love you, too, Daddy!” He reached a hand over and stroked my chest, damp with my sweat, and some of his, too. “So you and me are now immortal.” he said to me. “Nothing about you or me is ever going to change. We’ll be here, just like we are, forever young. And you know, I think that’s going to be just fine.” “I think so, too, Daddy.” “So, Son…seeing as how we have eternity to mess with, what would you like to do next?” That was easy. “I want to do it again, Daddy!” “Again?” Daddy hesitated. “I don’t know if I’m ready again yet, Son.” “I caught hold of his cock and it firmed up in my hand. “I do.” I said. “You’re ready.” “Yeah.” Daddy chuckled. “You got me, Son. Okay, let’s do it again.” “Yeah!” Daddy rolled on top of me and kissed me like he had before. I was going to like being forever young! [This story is a sample from my book “Bedtime is Funtime” available for sale only at my website, the URL is below. The book contains 20 stories with 20 illustrations as well, most of which are original works which have not been seen or published outside of this book. This story has been modified slightly, in ways that do not affect the storyline overall, in order to comply with Nifty’s guidelines for publication.] THE END Comments, complaints or suggestions? E-mail the Author at [email protected] WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM

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