Friends Become Lovers Pt. 01


It’d been a long time since the two friends had spoken. They’d grown apart for a spell, driven by different goals and circumstances but feeling nostalgic they’d regained some of what they had. After initiating contact, the pair had quickly regained what had been lost. They’d also come to realise that what they had was something special and as they grew close again they couldn’t deny the sexual tension that built up again. After a series of chats, flirty behaviour, and new promises their long awaited meeting had finally come to fruition.

It was a tense journey for Neil, two flights and an anxious wait in an unknown airport was taking its toll mentally. After years of waiting and false promises he was waiting for his close friend, date, love interest, Ems to pick him up. Then she was there, walking towards him in the arrivals hall, dark hair flowing behind her. She was the picture of a goddess, tanned, tall, full lips, wicked smile and cute glasses perched on the bridge of her nose.

The nervousness between the two potential lovers was palpable, though they’d talked long about this moment it was filled with uncertainty and the unknown. Eventually they hugged, doing the polite thing and kissing each other on the cheek. Both wanting more but nervous about taking the first step, taking that initial risk even though they both secretly wanted to rip each others clothes off. Neil didn’t even have the courage to grab her butt and give it a squeeze… asyabahis yeni giriş no, he’d be gentlemanly and hold back.

And now they’d just finished a relaxing, if not romantic meal at a local restaurant. After the airport rendezvous Ems had driven them to his hotel where he was staying for a few days. She’d wanted him to stay with her but he’d insisted on giving Ems and her family some space to start with. Then they’d decided to catch up in person and enjoy a meal. During a long, enjoyable dinner Neil and Ems had gotten better acquainted and more comfortable with each other. Paying for the meal, Neil stood up and after a brief trip to the bathroom offered Ems her coat.

“Do you fancy going for a stroll Ems?” Enquired Neil as they hustled themselves out into the street.

“Sure Neilskie” replied a contented Ems, happy she was with her long time friend/lover. Along time coming she thought, but worth it. Her skin tingled slightly and she shivered but not from the cool breeze that ushered them down the street.

The evening was pleasantly warm with that gentle breeze that caressed the skin just enough to feel cosy. He was in his baggy shorts and t-shirt, comfortable travelling attire that he didn’t have time to shed earlier. Secretly he wanted to take Ems there and then in the hotel room, grabbing her in a tight embrace and kissing her passionately on the lips… but again he did the gentlemanly thing and dumped asyabahis giriş his bags, took a leak and suggested a meal.

Now they walked side by side down the street to the waterfront. He glanced across at Ems, admiring her beauty. She looked sensual and sexy, her bright red lips, slender legs and firm butt. Her ample chest thrust out in front of her, being contained by her green tube top that strained against it. He suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra as he was sure he’d caught a glimpse of her pert nipples, a slight shadow though the fabric of her top. Like him she was wearing shorts but hers were considerably tighter allowing him to admire her impressive legs. He longed to feel her strong thighs around him.

Catching him looking as he checked her out, she smiled and leant against him. Although slightly embarrassed at being caught looking he nevertheless smiled back and slipped his hand into hers. Ems clasped it confidently and rested her head on his shoulder.

Along the seafront it was peaceful and serene. The sun was on its way down and streetlamps flickered into life as the strolled along the beach. Pausing to take their shoes off, Neil and Ems walked barefoot along the surf enjoying the evening and each others company. They chatted quietly, laughed and grew close as the evening drew in.

Eventually they stopped on a low wall to take a rest. The sexual tension had been building all day and as they sat, Neil hooked asyabahis güvenilirmi an arm around her shoulder and embraced her. With his other hand he pushed his fingers through her dark hair, curled his fingers behind her head and kissed. Her mouth opened for him, lips glistening, tongue searching. In the fading light they kissed passionately, eyes closed, the feel of each others heat intoxicating. Neil could feel the push of her large breasts against his chest, nipples already erect and hard. Her hand had snaked around his waist and was fingering the top of his shorts, desperate for some skin contact. Her other hand rested on his leg but gently caressed his thigh.

Their kiss grew more heated, the world around them slipped away as they succumbed to each other completely. Their bodies grew close, their intimacy grew tighter as they rubbed and moved against one another. Neil’s hand had found her boob and he was kneading it through the thin fabric of her top, playing with the nipple confirming his suspicion that she was braless. Ems hand had gone from his thigh and found its way into his shorts. She stroked and rubbed his hardon through his boxers, wet from his own excitement.

Suddenly a lone runner appeared around the corner breaking the atmosphere and startling the new lovers. Neil and Ems flew apart from each other, hastily adjusting themselves and trying to look innocent. Fortunately the runner hadn’t paid them any attention and as he disappeared into the distance, the couple looked at each other and burst out laughing.

After a while Neil looked at Ems and said innocently,

“Fancy a nightcap?”

With that he stood up and offered Ems his hand which she took gladly.

End of part one

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