Subject: Full Male Service Part 2 Feedback is welcome at oho. Please don’t forget to support Nifty. The following story is one of a series of writings of fantasy. It is fantasy because do the characters involved, who seem to live in TV advert happy family land, exist? The world would be a better place if it did! Surely sexual consensual relationships between adults and children, and between children, do happen in the real world. However, if discovered, the price for the individuals, whatever their age, makes their lives not worth living in today’s world. So in theory, don’t try to emulate the stories and the rest goes without saying. This story is all fiction. All names, locations, and places are made up. The content of the story is created by the fervent activity of my mind. Parents love for their sons Miles’s parents were very pleased with the way their two sons were turning out to be children with great sense and maturity. Miles was now 12 and a month earlier Jake had just turned ten. A few weeks previously the family was delighted by Miles’s buying a voucher towards a family meal at a local restaurant. Though obviously he couldn’t afford to cover the whole cost, it was a significant chunk of his pocket money that he had been saving up. Miles explained the reason for his action when the family had the meal at The Maltings restaurant. It was, he said, because he wanted to thank them for being a wonderful loving family, because he had friends who knew only of immense suffering in their own family life. John and Marilyn were so proud of their first born. They strived to ensure both boys had an equal amount of attention and emotional input from them so that there was no favouritism. Unbeknown to them however Miles’s had recently met with Tim the mechanic from FMS and had disclosed to him his desire for other boys. Tim had not railed against him but rather affirmed him and agreed to be his friend and that they would support each other. The root of Miles’s desire was a puzzle as he had had such a good upbringing. However, perhaps the one thing the family practised was a certain liberality as far as openness of sexual matters was concerned. They weren’t bothered if they saw each other naked and had allowed their sons to discuss anything they wished about sex, though they did make sure it was a holistic approach that included emotions, feelings, and most important of all love. It was very unusual for a family from the UK to have these attitudes as the country was known to be only second behind the USA for prudishness. Which was a great hardship for those families who wished to be more liberal, as for example, nakedness in changing rooms and health suites was a taboo. One school day Miles’s arrived home early as there had been a problem with his school’s central heating system which meant it had to be closed. As he entered the garden he noticed that both his parents Range Rover and Defender were in in the drive which he thought was unusual at quarter past one in the afternoon. He opened the front door and closed it quietly behind him, then kneeling down he untied the double knots on his black Clarks school shoes and loosened the laces. Slipping the shoes off his grey socked feet, he placed them in the shoe rack just inside the door, being careful to tuck the laces inside them. His parents had taught him to be neat and tidy. Heaving his heavy school bag onto his shoulder he climbed the stairs to his bedroom which was the second bedroom on the right at the top. On the opposite side Miles noticed his John and Marilyn’s bedroom door was open just sufficiently enough for him to hear them smooching. Not only had he the afternoon off he thought to himself but his parents had found time to be together. Hoping that his presence had gone unnoticed he headed to his own room, but unfortunately his clumsy school bag knocked against the shelf unit on the landing. “Miles you’re home early,” his mum called out from her room. “Yeah, school got closed `cause boiler broke,” he responded with just a little bit of agitation as he’d thought he was going to have the house to himself. “Ok, why don’t you come and join us so we can spend some quality time with you whilst Jake is still at school,” Marilyn suggested. Miles thought for a moment and decided why not. Much as he loved his younger brother, it was exceptional to have this time of a weekday alone to be the sole attention of his parents. He dropped his school bag just inside his bedroom door and headed across to his parents’ room, where he found them sitting on their king sized bed, naked. For many families this situation would never arise but as indicated earlier this was a different kind of a family that was used to seeing each other unclothed. John and Marilyn opened up a space between and indicated that Miles should sit between them. “So what’s it like to have an impromptu afternoon off,” John asked as Miles dutifully sat down. “Great, and I don’t have any homework either,” said Miles relieved that he had a free night. “Then we can all have a lazy night having a dip in the hot tub and watching a film,” his mum suggested. “I’ll go with that,” said Miles not the least bit uncomfortable sitting between his naked parents. Thankfully they both had good figures, with his mum having a nice pair of breasts that were just the right size for her diminutive figure. His father’s chest was smooth skinned his genes not having the inclination to grow any chest hair. That was something that Miles hoped would be the same for him as he grew older. After a few minutes of togetherness Marilyn suggested, siirt escort “Let’s give our boy some special attention.” “Yeah, why not, he really deserves it,” answered John in agreement. “Miles, stand up.” Miles got out from between his parents and off the bed not knowing what the special attention was going to be. His parents also got up and stood either side of him, neither of them concerned that they were naked in front of their son. In synchronisation they took hold of the lapels of his black school blazer and proceeded to open then remove it down his arms before hanging it on the bed frame. Underneath the blazer, Miles was wearing a grey school v necked jumper. Marilyn and John took hold of the bottom of the jumper and removed it over their son’s head, in the process turning it inside out. Marilyn then proceeded to turn it back the right way, fold it neatly, and place it on the bed. Whilst she did that John undid the blue school tie and just as carefully folded it in half and laid it on the jumper. Miles was enjoying this attention and didn’t protest. He must be unique for a 12 year old to allow his parents to undress him! Somehow he knew they were going to go all the way and he wasn’t about to spoil their enjoyment by complaining like any other child undoubtedly would. Next his white school shirt and his mother moved from his left side to stand in front of him to undo the buttons from the top button down. Miles looked up and saw his mother’s breasts then moved his eyes up further until he met her eyes. He smiled a smile of affirmation for what his parents were doing for him. Then he looked downwards to watch his father kneel to unbuckle his black trouser belt to allow the shirt to become loose at the waist. With the shirt now fully unbuttoned Miles’s white tight fitting Underarmour long sleeved vest came into view. It was so tight fitting it showed off Miles’s chest and clearly defined his nipples. Marilyn slid the school shirt down her son’s arms and as this was the second day Miles’s had worn the shirt the collar wasn’t white anymore and needed the attentions of a washing machine so it was dumped un-ceremonially on the floor. John undid the waistband fastenings of his son’s black elasticated trousers, then slowly pulled down the zip of the fly applying just enough pressure that it pushed back against Miles’s body as it travelled. With nothing to hold them in place anymore the trousers slid down Miles’s legs and gathered crumpled at his ankles. John, with the level his eyes were at against his son’s body, could now see the boy’s uncovered crotch below the line of the Underamour under shirt. He could see the boy had chosen to wear white underpants that day. The mother took hold of her son’s arms and raised them above his head so that she could lift off the body hugging shirt, which she did with some difficulty. Miles’s underwear was now fully on brazen display and they were no less figure hugging than his Underarmour top. His penis and testicles were clearly outlined through the sheer white material of the low cut boxer briefs. His dad, now kneeling on the floor to complete the process of removing the trousers one foot at a time, was just at the right height to acknowledge that fact. Miles was now left in just his underpants and grey Nike comfort school socks. He would make an ideal model for underwear suppliers dressed just like that, or he would have done had the media no longer allowed children’s underwear to be modelled on the children themselves very sadly. PC gone mad of course! It was Miles’s mum who took it upon herself to remove the boy’s underpants, but before she did so she could not help but be proud of the current physical stature of the son that she had given birth to. She noticed how her son’s flaccid penis was showing through the material and she was pleased with herself that she had brought the Authentic brand from her favourite store, M the only part of him that was heavily covered was his pubic area. Miles very much hoped that his body when he came through adolescence, he would be the same. As for his mother, he saw that her breasts were just the right size, and that she had shaved her pubic area so that her slit was just as attractive. “Let’s relax together on the bed whilst we still have time before Jake returns,” suggested John. The three of them then settled themselves on the king size bed with Miles between his parents. Marilyn could not resist running her hand down her son’s chest and tummy. She noted that his abdomen was firm and not flabby. The result of Miles’s, being the disciplined boy that his parents had encouraged him to be, not overdoing it as far as food was concerned. Marilyn couldn’t resist comparing the essential parts of the males in her family. Both of them retained their foreskins and she noted that Miles’s penis whilst obviously smaller than her husbands, their puckered ends were very similar. After a short while she rolled on her side and wrapped her left arm over her son’s chest and drew him into her in a hug. Her breasts rubbed up against Miles’s chest and his genitals met her abdomen below her belly button. In turn, he wrapped his right arm over his mother. John noticing what was happening turned to his left and enveloped both his son and wife, and in doing so his penis bumped up against his son’s bum crack. All this in almost perfect innocence of course and if more families demonstrated such love then perhaps the world would be a far better place. Of course, should in any way this moment of beautiful moment of love be recorded and the recording sincan escort discovered by the wrong people, then all hell would be let loose. The family would likely be torn apart by the do- gooding authorities and might as well be dead such would be the hatred by all kinds of media which gloat over such discoveries. Miles felt very special being snuggled between his parents, and it reminded him of when he was smaller and such happenings were more frequent, when of course it would perhaps be seen much less as being an untoward event. More acceptable for a toddler to be hugged in this way, and by being so, a much more loving, accepting, resilient child was the end result. A child more willing to be accepting of adults, and indeed much less likely to turn out to be a bully. Miles was an excellent example of such a child, and so too was his younger brother Jake. John stirred as an idea came to his mind. “We’ve just about got time to give Miles a massage haven’t we dear? It would be a perfect end to the afternoon,” John suggested. “Would you like that Miles?” “Yeah, that would be fantastic,” Miles responded delighted that he was going to receive even more of his parent’s special attention. The three of them untangled themselves and got up. In the corner of the room was a fold up massage table which John and Marilyn set up. Marilyn covered it with a luxury bath towel then invited her naked twelve-year old to lie on his front on the table. Not that it was the first time Miles had been fortunate to have been given a massage but this was going to be four handed one. Marilyn stood on one side and her husband on the other. Warming some massage oil in their hands so it wouldn’t make their son jump, they placed their hands on his shoulders and began to massage them. Working in tandem, they worked their way up the back of his neck, then back down again. Taking an arm they massaged down his upper arm, forearm, hands and fingers taking time to make sure each part and finger and between each finger was tenderly serviced. Always making sure that one hand was in contact with each side of the body. Then it was back up the arms and down Miles’s upper back and lower back. Continuing further down they didn’t skip his bottom and gave both cheeks their full attention. Working outwards in, timing the movements of each of their hands to avoid collision they slipped inside his bum crack, passing over his anus bud. As they did so Miles squirmed with the sensation of the glancing touch, but his parents knew not to overdo it otherwise the specialness of that particular action lost. Upper thighs came next, again working outside, in occasionally catching the boy’s scrotum, followed by lower legs and finally his feet and toes. Having somebody massage your toes and in between them is another special sensation that makes a massage so special. Having completed his back, dad invited his son to turn over to commence work on his front. Of course all that was his son’s being was now open to full view to both parents. Yet Miles was not ashamed. His parents warmed up more massage oil and began to work down his chest, abdomen, and pubic mound. As his mother had already done earlier, they noted in their minds the small strands of hair starting to grow there but thankfully it would be a while yet before Miles could boast a full bush. Ah, the puberty monster that would take their beloved child from innocence to manhood. Of course with all this attention his penis began to rise and twitch until it reached full erection, pointing back up his body, the foreskin sliding back over the moist purple glans and revealing the pee slit. Mile’s scrotum was still hair free but fully occupied by his testis making it round and firm. Then it was on down his thighs, again working outwards in, the back of his parent’s hands rubbing against his ball sack. Miles smiled his approval to let his parents know their efforts were well received. In addition, he knew that his parents would be rewarded by seeing his full on manly erection. Sadly, having worked down his calves, it was time for the massage to conclude. Jake would be back soon and Miles’s parents wanted to finish their time together with their son in a very special way. His erection had not decreased and John and Marilyn knew that there was only one action to bring complete total pleasure. That was to massage the one part of the body that had so far escaped their hands, his penis. Miles slightly jumped at the feel of two thumbs and two fingers touching his very sensitive part. Slowly then picking up pace John and Marilyn rubbed the swollen member up and down, including moving the foreskin gently back and forth over the glans. It took not too many minutes for pre-cum to appear at the pee hole and then for Miles’s orgasm to reach its climax, which resulted in several drops of stringy clear fluid being ejected. “Oh that’s so good!” Miles exclaimed, as his body went taught then relaxed and his toes wriggled. Both his parents smiled as they were very happy to have serviced their son and brought him joy. “Well, Jake will be back soon,” Marilyn said acknowledging the time. “Time for you and me to make dinner,” John volunteered. “So we had better get dressed and get cracking.” “Perhaps Miles would like to give Jake a massage as we’ve got the table out,” suggested Marilyn, “As you have freely received, so freely give!” “Yeah, I could do — that will be a surprise for him!” Jake had now turned ten and cocooned in his family knew their love for him and as a result was a confident and assured child. sinop escort He had an excellent relationship with his brother and whilst from time to time they enjoyed a good fun fight, they needed not to fight for their parent’s attention, because they received equal measure. As Jake arrived home from his primary school which was only fifteen minutes’ walk away, he too noted that both parent’s cars were parked in the drive. The front door opened and both father and mother were there to greet him which was just fantastic for the little lad. Of course his parents were dressed but only in loose sweat tops and bottoms. “Hey Jake how was your day?” queried Marilyn. “It was good thanks. My teacher really liked my story you know I had to write about the bully who got into trouble because his parents didn’t love him,” Jake explained. “That’s good to hear; perhaps we have a budding author for a son,” encouraged John. “Come on in, Miles has a surprise for you.” “Oh, really?” Jake wondered what it might be. “We just had a very special time with him and it’s now turn for him to have a very special time with you as we prepare dinner,” explained Marilyn. Jake was not at least put out that his older brother had had a good time with his parents; he knew he would have his own time with them in due course. Putting his school bag down inside the front door he knelt down to untie his black school shoe laces, take his shoes off and put them in the shoe rack, laces neatly stored inside. Followed by hanging his coat on the hooks above then picking up his bag, he proceeded up the stairs to his bedroom. At the top of the stairs he was met by a naked brother who had been waiting for him to welcome him home. “Wow, looks like you have had a special time with mum and dad!” exclaimed Jake seeing his brother’s nakedness. “Put your bag in your room and come and join me,” requested the older brother. “Ok, I’m coming,” Miles led Jake to their parent’s bedroom and asked him to stand by their bed. Jake noticed Miles’s clothes piled neatly on the bed and used shirt and socks on the floor and smiled. Now he knew what this special time was going to about, for he had also seen the massage bed. It involved him being naked and subject to his brother’s hands, he deduced. Jake smiled at his brother who then proceeded to take hold of the hem of his younger brother’s bottle green school sweatshirt and lift it over his head. Just as his parent’s had done with his own clothes, Miles folded the sweatshirt and placed it on the bed alongside his clothes. The same action was repeated for the white school embroidered T Shirt. Miles wished that his school could have a simple uniform like that instead of having to wear blazer and tie. Now Jake’s torso was bare exposing the innie belly button, leaving just his waist and feet clothed. There was no evidence of Jake’s underwear appearing above his elasticated shorts waistband as sometimes happens after upper clothing is removed. Next Miles knelt down on his knees on the soft deep pile carpet which brought his eyes level with his brother’s crotch. He then proceeded to unfasten the button on the black mid-thigh length shorts. Still no sign of his brother’s underwear. It wasn’t until he lowered the zip for an inch or so was he finally able to see that the ten-year old was wearing red low rise briefs. Miles finished pulling the zip down and with nothing to hold them up and having finished their duty he carefully lowered the shorts to the floor. The tight fitting red briefs now on full view were perhaps just becoming a bit too small for their owner. The result was that the boy’s genitals were clearly more pressed up against the cloth than perhaps was desirable. “Your underpants are getting too small for you,” Miles said looking up for a moment to his brother’s eyes. “But they are my favourite ones because they’re the most comfortable,” Jake responded. Miles suggested, “Well you’ll have to ask mum to get you some like mine from M that they needed to get dressed. “Oh I really liked that but you didn’t do all of me,” Jake said with disappointment in his sweet small voice that his brother had chosen not to include a particular member of his body. “Really? What bit of you would that be then? Miles responded. “This bit,” Jake answered holding his penis between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Miles was in a really difficult position caught between his own desires as a closet boy lover yet not wanting to go too far with pleasing his own brother. “Please Miles, I bet mum and dad did you this afternoon. Miles couldn’t deny that his parents had pleasured him earlier that afternoon and that he had enjoyed them bringing him to orgasm. “I guess they know that what they did to you they know that you’ll do the same for me otherwise it wouldn’t be fair would it?” Jake continued to plead with his brother. “See, I’m getting a stiffy.” It was no use trying to resist his younger brother any longer, as Miles looked at Jake’s boy member and how it was not only erect but twitching erratically. Giving in, Miles took hold of the errant penis and began to masturbate it gently. Applying pressure to the flesh he rubbed it up and down its length with the foreskin slipping back and forth over the glans and pee slit. “Oh, that’s so good Miles,” Jake cooed, “thank you.” Jake’s body began to alternatively stretch and retreat as his dry orgasm took hold. Having finally satisfied his brother Miles suggested, “We can get dressed in our onesies and not wear anything else as dinner will be ready soon.” The boys headed to their respective bedrooms and slipped into onesies without first putting on underwear. Onesies were great because wearing them was the next best thing to be naked. They then headed downstairs just in time to join their parents for the evening meal around the dining table.

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