“I’m home!” He called out as he came in the door from the garage.

She came around the corner from the kitchen and into the mud room to embrace him. She wrapped her hands down his back and on to his hips as he put his around her neck and shoulders.

“So, have you been good?” She questioned while pulling him close with one hand on his butt. Her other hand slowly making its way from his hip to his front. A shiver shot down his spine.

“Uh huh.” He mumbled, momentarily at a loss for words.

“What was that?” She said as her hand found what it was searching for.

“Ye..yes, I’ be..been good.” He stammered out as he held her close and smelled her hair. Some floral or was it herbal? His blood flow was being redirected farther south.

“Good.” She purred, and she began to slide the tab of his belt out of the loop.

“I know it must have been so hard for you to work today. Not being able to think of anything, but me in this huge pad.”

His hand slid down her back. As he ran them over her butt he felt the old style, extra thick maxi pad through her leggings. It was a Kotex OverNite from the 1990s, from before the ultrathins hit the market. He twitched, and groaned, straining against his pants.

“Mm hmm, I’m still wearing it. See someone didn’t keep me stocked with the pads I like.” She grabbed him firmly, eliciting a slightly pained grunt from him. “Since I was uncomfortable all day, in this big, thick pad, I thought you should be too.”

And he was. More like he had been miserable all day, but it hurt so good as the song goes. They both knew he loved it. While too much teasing was physically painful to her, he couldn’t get enough. It played to his submissive side. She loved the control she had. She would soak her panties and could almost make herself cum just by teasing him to orgasm. He could almost cum from her dominance and suggestive comments without her touching him. They really were a matched set.

She had made it very clear how displeased she was in her first text message. Sending him a pic of her thickly padded bum, and threatening punishment when he got home. All through out the day she kept sending him messages about it. And pictures. Oh the pictures. She knew he had a menstrual kink, and how excited it made him. Every ‘fun-ishment’ pic she sent made him so hard, and she sent so many. Her padded butt. Her padded pussy. Pictures of the pad gradually becoming more and more red over the course of the day. And, oh god, the pic of her touching herself! He couldn’t ignore her messages. If the messages didn’t show read in 5 minutes of him getting them (isn’t technology grand?) she told him there would be consequences. After the third pic diyarbakır escort he thought he would slip off to the restroom. And quietly relieve the tension, praying no one would catch him. All with the hope her pictures and messages would be less distracting. But she knew. How did she know? He had just started working his erection in thankfully empty restroom when the message came. “DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT JERKING AT WORK! IF YOU DO I’LL KNOW AND PADDLE YOU!” He stopped right then, but the thought of her paddling him did almost send him over the edge.

In those moments of recollection, she had undone his belt and pants. His wallet and key ring ensuring the pants fell to floor quickly with no effort. Leaving him in his panties. He loved how it felt when she caressed him through the silky soft material. She liked how the cut of panties accentuated his well-endowed groin and great looking ass like no men’s underwear could.

“Hmm no pad, so I guess I can’t blame you for taking the last one. Although you should have thought to put more on the grocery list. I don’t think it was intentional. You’d never intentionally let me run out would you? Just to think of me rummaging around, bleeding, looking for protection. Only able to find this one old Kotex OverNite in the back of your drawer.” As she ran a finger up and down his silk covered, straining shaft.

“No. Never.” The words came out, but he wasn’t sure it was him who said them.

“That’s what I thought.”

She said as she crouched down in front of him to pull his leopard print high cut bikinis down. She sniffed him as she did so. “Very good. I’m glad you were telling the truth. I have special punishments for those who are bad.” This caused him to twitch more since he was free and no longer restrained by fabric.

“Since you’ve been so good, and you didn’t mean to make me so uncomfortable. Because see the Amazon order arrived today with more of my pads. Apparently, I’m early and it wasn’t your fault. Because I punished you all day, I would like to make it up to you before dinner.” As she rose she slid her leggings down to her thighs. Now standing she slid her panties down with some effort. The thick pad became stuck between her thighs for a moment due to its size. Her warm hands found him again

“Since I made you uncomfortable, all day, I want you to show me how horny I made you. I want you to make me wear you through dinner.” She began caressing him in earnest. “Cum on my pad and make me wear it baby.”

He groaned as she said it. He could smell her now that her panties were down. The soaked pad she had worn all day was intoxicating. The old style pad with none of the super absorbing gel düzce escort filler hid none of her scent. She hated the way she smells on her period. He couldn’t get enough. He was oblivious to his surroundings her until she stopped. She reached to a bottle of lube nearby. Clearly, she had planned this. She was all about planning. She put some in her hand and returned to his throbbing condition. The lube was briefly cool, but it warmed quickly as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. He moaned, his legs were becoming shaky.

“Yes, that’s it. Show me how bad you’ve wanted me all day.”

“Oh god babe…” he groaned, his knees wanting to lock.

“Mm hmm, that’s it. Let go. Come all over my pad.”

With her pumping his shaft, and his twitching, his glans brushed the bloody hair of her pussy. The sudden unexpected stimulation hit him like a bomb. Grunting he exploded, convulsing white yarns on to her bush and pad. The OverNite pad now resembling vulgar version of a very large peppermint stick.

“Give it all to me.” She whispered as she slowed her strokes as she began to pay less attention to the now super sensitive end of his rod.

With his final contraction, she squeezed the last bit out. Grabbing a hand towel she had stashed with lube she wiped her hands and handed it to him. As he was wiping the lube off his shrinking manhood she pulled up her white cotton period panties with the now defiled pad inside. The now cooling, sticky, wet pad on her nethers gave her a shiver. Thankfully, it warmed quickly. His gift making the pad feel mushy against her, as his semen did not absorb as quickly as her flow.

Dinner was uneventful by comparison. A glass or two of table wine over some nondescript pasta dish. They recounted the minutia of their day spent apart. He cleaned up from dinner while she answered an e-mail from work that her boss said couldn’t wait. He went to the bedroom to change clothes when he was done with the dishes, looking forward to ditching his slacks and button down. As he entered, he didn’t expect to see her already on the bed. Missing her leggings and top.

“You didn’t think I was done with you, did you?”

He swallowed. He wasn’t sure where this was headed. He wasn’t even sure if he should be excited or frightened but wound up feeling some emotion yet to be named. Seeing his uncertainty she took control, which they both wanted anyway.

“Come here, I need you to use that tongue of yours.”

“As you wish.” And he smiled back at her. She smirked and shook her head at the reference. This was truly a special night. His beard was usually a turn off for going down. His coarse facial hair usually irritated her more than his tongue edirne escort pleased her. He climbed on to the bed as she raised her butt slightly. He deftly hooked his fingers into the band of her panties and slid them down. Again, the large pad caught slightly at her thighs. Taking them off he saw she was laying on an old maroon towel, always the planner.

He snuggled in between her legs and wrapped his arms around her legs. He thought the smell of her sex was intoxicating before; it was hallucinogenic now. She parted her labia for him. He tasted her. He loved her taste. The combination of her being so wet, her blood and even the lingering hint of his earlier contribution was fantastic. He used the whole length of his tongue, running it from her cave to up and around her clit. It wasn’t like porn stars going down. You couldn’t see anything if you had been standing beside them. Her legs were squeezing the sides of his head. His tongue was buried in her valley. The forest of her mound tickled his face and nose. It could’ve been burning him and he would have kept going.

“Yes, right there baby. Don’t stop” she said. He kept his focus on her clit with a moderate speed and pressure doing circles. She was starting to breathe more heavily. He could feel her become more and more aroused. Her spring soaked his beard. She was guiding his head with one of her hands while holding her lips open and touching herself with the other. His tongue was beginning to ache a bit because he seldom got the chance to go down on her. There was no way he was going to stop. He would cripple his tongue for life before he would stop without hearing and feeling her pleasure peak.

“Just a little lighter” she whispered. He was getting carried away. Getting her off made him so excited sometimes he couldn’t keep his pressure and speed constant. She loved consistency and rhythm. He could feel himself throbbing once more between himself and the mattress. He needed to focus.

“Oh god babe…” she called to him and she started to tremble slightly. He kept going. She grew quiet, and he could tell she was close. He doubled his focus, and carefully kept his speed and pressure. She drew a breath and held it…

“Oh fuck! Oh god!” and she careened off the edge. He held his tongue against her clit as she grabbed and held his head. Her legs squeezed him, and he could barely breathe. Her body convulsed with waves of pleasure. He rode every wave, felt every surge of her orgasm, as she soaked his beard with her gift. He lived for these moments. He longed to give her earth quaking orgasms. Gradually her legs relaxed and he could breathe freely. They both laid there spent for a minute. Her breathing was slowing when he lifted his head to look at her. She was momentarily aghast at the vampire like visage she saw staring back at her, and then laughed.

“I guess it’s time for a shower.” She said with a remaining giggle. “For both of us.” She added with a mischievous look.

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