Funny Business Ch. 01


Another long cross country flight stuck between an obnoxiously overperfumed elderly woman and a goth teen whose music, screaming out of his headphones, ripping into his brain, could be heard over the hum of the 737 engines. At least I’m over the engine and short lived if we crash, she thought. Maddie was on her way to the west coast for another manufacturing trade show. This was a walk through, and she didn’t mind the travel, other than smelly old ladies and disconsolate teens. It got her out of the office, she got to meet people from all over the world, and she got to do a little sightseeing sort of for free. It got a little lonely though. Sometimes she wished she had someone to sightsee with…

His name was Aiden. They had worked together for several years. She never got a chance to travel with him, but they talked about traveling, and family, and ideals, and everything else from favorite colors to most intense sexual positions. Maddie knew which ones were his favorite, and Aiden knew hers, and not from discussion.

She’d been missing him something fierce all of the sudden. It had been three years since he left the company, and it had been hard for her when he left. Aiden made it easier for her with emails; they came every day for a while. Little blurbs on the new job, snippets of the rest of his usual life, and bits of innuendo that always made her smile. He always knew how to make her smile. Just the sight of him first thing in the morning when she walked in the office door made her day. She missed that most of all. But as life happened, emails slowed to a few a weeks, then once a week, and now it was only once every couple of weeks. Because she was doing more traveling, Maddie didn’t notice as much, until today, until this trip. It was probably because the last email she got from Aiden a week ago had mentioned he was going to be traveling to the west coast at the end of the month too. But she hadn’t had time to reply and find out when, too busy prepping for her trip. Stop being so damned optimistic nudnit…he’s not going to be at this show.

As the flight wore on, and grandma had settled back in after her 5th trip to the bathroom, and the kid had switched to watching some eerily dark movie, at a few decibels lower than the screamo music, Maddie found herself daydreaming of Aiden and the fun they could have in San Francisco together. The Moscone Center and her hotel were pretty well located to all sorts of things to see and do. They could try driving down the curvy Lombard S-t…or feast on fresh seafood along Fisherman’s Wharf…a stroll through Golden Gate Park…a ferry ride to Alcatraz and Angel Island…oooo night clubs all over… STOP IT!!!! her brain screamed, you’re just going to make it a long drawn out, miserable process. He’s got his life and he’s doing his thing and you’re doing yours, and that’s how it’s supposed to be she reminded herself. Maddie focused her attention back to the trade show literature from her carry on, and made notes of the booths she would need to visit, cross referencing with her contact list. Boring and tedious, especially with devious thoughts of Aiden in the back of her mind.

The plane touched down in South San Fran smoothly. Grandma and boy-wonder hopped up before the seatbelt sign was ever off. Maddie moved around her belongings and convinced the old lady it was fine to go ahead of her while she put her laptop away. It started getting a little warm while waiting for everyone to empty out, so she slipped her blazer off. Fortunately she had the forethought to wear a cotton tee underneath and a flowy little skirt, since the captain said it was a warm and sunny 76 degrees on the bay. Once the line to exit had whittled down, and her laptop and other work paraphernalia had been properly stored away in her bags, Maddie attempted to locate her emergency lost luggage overnight bag in the overhead bin, but her choice in little purple ballet flats was proving a bad choice combined with her short 5 foot 3 stature. Again, fortunately it was a little flowy skirt that mostly kept everything covered as she stretched out. A tight short skirt and anyone left would have known my panties match my shoes. Just as the strap grazed her fingertips, a body pushed by her, really much closer than needed.

“If I’m in the way, I’m sorry, just say excuse me,” she appealed over her shoulder while still reaching. She couldn’t actually see the person, but was distinctly aware that the person was now not moving, and intruding on her personal space, which had already been acutely violated during the time she spent in the generational gap in her seat. Her fingers intertwined with the straps of her bag finally.

“Excuse ME PLEASE!” She whipped the bag down from the bin and spun around. “What is your PROBLEM!” yelling dogmatically as the bag made contact with the man’s arm. Just as she was winding up for a second slug, she caught sight of a familiar sideburn. She managed to stop the bag before it made contact almanbahis with the man’s head.

“Ay, whoa, WHOA! OW! JESUS! OK, It’s me Maddie!” Aiden pleaded.

“What the hell man?! What’s wrong with you?! You don’t come up on a woman like some deranged rapist in an airplane!”

“Ok! I’m sorry! I was just trying to surprise you!”

“Next time cover my eyes!”

“That could be fun, you know,” his eyebrows danced suggestively above his chocolate brown eyes.

…Good grief! That took 2.3 seconds – attack mode to melt mode, gawd I love this man…

“Is there a problem over here miss or, um, sir?” One of the flight attendants made her way down the aisle, checking on the raised voices, but slightly confused as to which one was in distress from the scene.

“Sorry, sorry, no,” Maddie said, feeling her face flush from embarrassment. Maddie conjured up a sheepish smile and nodded the flight attendant away with a “thanks.”

“Wow, way to almost get us both arrested, smacked ass!” she teased Aiden. “So how is it we wind up on the same flight to the same city and don’t even know it?”

“I’ve known since you got on the plane” he told her, still with the seductive look in his eye.

“What do you mean?! Why didn’t you come see me or something?!” she pouted at him, leaning into him.

“I kinda figured you were busy prepping your contacts, kinda like I was, and then I fell asleep, since I had a nice comfy window seat for once,” he leaned back.

“Ha! Lucky you! I got stuck between a blue hair and Marilyn Manson’s offspring!” she peered up into his eyes…melty inside…ohhhhhh yeah…this is–

“Are we getting off this plane or going for a round with the mile high club?” Aiden wrapped his arm around the small of her back and pulled her into his pelvis. ooooooo yeah….

“We’d have to be in the air for that silly,” she teased

“Excuse me, ma’am, sir, we need you to deplane so we can clean and set up for the next flight.”

“o – oh, yeah, of course. sorry!” More embarrassment flushed across Maddie’s face, as Aiden smirked at her. There wasn’t much that phased Aiden, something she admired about him greatly, and something she wished she could own… “So are you here for the show? Where are you staying? How long are you in town for? Did you check a bag? I checked a bag…”

“you’re always so cute when you get all flustered and eager at the same time,” he grinned at her as they walked up the jet way side by side.

Dammit he did it again…melty inside…

“Yes, I’m in town for the show, I’m staying at the Courtyard San Fran Downtown, I’m here until the end – leave the next morning early, and babe…really…me…check a bag? But I’m figuring you checked a bag, so let’s go get it. Where are y–?”

“We’re staying in the same hotel!” OMG…these are going to be the best 3 nights of my life!

“Why are you cheesin?” she could see Aiden eyeballing her puzzlingly.

“Oh, no reason…”

The cab ride to their hotel was full of chatter about their respective worlds. It was just as lunches always were when they worked together, jabbering on about random things, her giggling at his silly jokes, him rolling his eyes at her girly offenses. Maddie was so happy, so content. Aiden always made her feel like a person first, something she missed. So good, so nice, this is how it’s supposed to be…

When they arrived at the hotel, she caught him peeking for just a glimpse of a show of what lay beneath of her skirt as she got out of the car, like he had so many times before. She grinned. It was still whatever it had been years before.

“So we’re clear, I’m here for my company and you’re here for your company. We each have our own rooms. We check in as complete strangers. No funny business!”

“Kitten, there is always a way for business to get funny when you’re around,” he winked at her, grabbed her bag and led her into the lobby of the hotel. “Don’t worry though; it’s not time for funny business…yet.” He sent her in front of him with a quick pat on her bottom. Oh melty…

After check-in was completed for both of them, they wondered up to their floor, which was the same, by coincidence. “I still can’t believe we wound up on the same floor…are you sure you didn’t request the same floor?!” Maddie interrogated him further.

“I did no such thing! You were standing right there! Did you hear me once say anything about being on the same floor as you?!” Aiden affirmed, but with a culpable gleam.

“Hmmm…I don’t know how you did it, but I know you did. I know that look…” thank gawd you did Aiden and I love you even more for it!

“Well, you believe what you want. This is you and I’m just down the hall. You go get settled in, make your phone calls, and I’ll do the same. Then I’m going to take a walk to the center and find some grub. You are welcome to join me kitten.” His hand had been resting just across the small almanbahis yeni giriş of her back, and his fingers, now that they had stopped walking, were gently gathering her skirt upward towards her right hip.

“Stop that!” she swatted his hand away. “No funny business I said!” He stepped away chuckling, hands up.

“Ok, ok. I told you, funny business is inevitable with you around kitten. Just meet me in the lobby in about an hour.”

“I’ll think about it…” no thinking necessary, I’ll be waiting for you! STOP IT! You’re here on business Madison, no funny business with that gorgeous man, who knows you so well, knows every inch of you, has hands as smooth as silk…STOP! So caught up in her devious thoughts, she wasn’t quite sure how she got into her room and had to double check the door for her key card. She plopped her bag on the bed and started unpacking, still thinking of Aiden’s hands, and how gentle they felt sliding her skirt up. Unconsciously, her own fingers slid her skirt up her hip, traced her little purple lacey thong along the bottom edge across her inner thigh and just near her sweet spot. She absentmindedly placed her left foot up on the edge of the bed for easier access. Her left hand, which had been tickling her own skin, was now busy underneath her shirt, her bra cup already slid aside, her nipples erect from the manipulation of her own fingertips, though she was imagining his. Completely focused on the sensations of her own silky skin, she slid her fingers into her panties and spread her already soaking juices up to her clit. As one set of fingertips gently rolled her nipple, the other gently caressed her sensitive button. Both got faster and harder as she imagined Aiden’s hands ravaging her. Just as she was ready to climax, she slid her fingers into her own hot wet hole, feeling the pulsing of her own orgasm. When her eyes re-opened, they went immediately to the clock in the room. Damn, I can’t believe I wasted all that time and an orgasm…he wasn’t even in here! She finished hanging her clothes really quick, sent a quick text to her mom that she had made it ok, freshened her eyeliner and lip gloss, and fluffed her hair. Just as she grabbed for the door handle, she remembered she still had on a skirt. Don’t be a slut, put on jeans Maddie. She obeyed her mind and slipped the flouncy skirt over her curvy hips and into a pile on the floor. After a quick booty shake to get those curve hugging jeans in just the right place, she bounded out of her room and to the elevator.

He was waiting for her, propped up against the pillar across from the elevator. He couldn’t be more eager than I am for this, could he? She caught him studying her as she glided over to him.

“Don’t trust me? he queried, eyeballing her accentuated curves under the close fitting jeans.

It’s not you I don’t trust… “I didn’t want to get chilly!”

“Sure… It’s ok though, your butt looks luscious in those jeans. How did you get them on anyway, bring a professional painter in your bag?” She swatted at him.

“Let’s get moving and find the convention center and find something to eat. I’m starving!”

They promptly figured out the meeting center was a 20 minute stroll from their hotel, a straight shot.

“That was easy. Let’s head back and grab some grub at the hotel.”

“Oh, no, Aiden. Let’s just walk back past the hotel. We’re only a couple miles from the Giants baseball park I think. It’s gorgeous out; the sun is just going down. Let’s just walk for a while, see what there is to see!” Realizing she was pressed against him, her elbow linked with his, Maddie pulled back and looked down at her toes. “I mean, um, there’s probably a decent cafe kind of place around, we don’t have to be cooped up, ya know…” His fingertips lifted her chin.

“Kitten, I’d follow you anywhere,” he whispered and kissed her forehead. HELLO! My lips are down here! … STOP IT! Good thing we have the jeans on now isn’t it?! He cupped her hand back around his elbow and led her back up the street. Maddie didn’t say anything for a while; she was lost in her thoughts. All happy thoughts. Finally. She peeked up at him. Aiden was smiling too.

They didn’t make it to the stadium, but found a little cafe somewhere along their walk. She was hoping that he knew where they wound up, because she hadn’t been paying attention. As long as I’m with Aiden, I don’t care where we are… They ordered; they ate. There was more chatter about life…recent movies, recent books, recent events. Maddie was so happy; she would have talked about silly putty with Aiden and been content. That and a little subtle game of footsie under the table didn’t hurt. They walked back to the hotel, still arm in arm, Maddie still floating on a cloud.

“Thank gawd you knew where we went and were headed. I must admit, I got completely turned around.”

“Oh? And what was it that you were so intently focused on that you didn’t realize we almanbahis giriş were only 6 blocks from the hotel?”

“Oh, well, um, I – NOTHING! I just got turned around I said! I’m um, horrible with directions…” she looked away, feeling her cheeks redden.

“Sure kitten…sure you are…” he chided. “Just like you didn’t even notice we were back at your hotel room door…”

She looked up at the number on the door in. “Uh, nope, didn’t even notice… Well, we, um er. I should, um, ya know…turn in.”

He snickered. “Kitten, why are you so nervous?”

“I’m not!”

“Really? Because I can feel your hand trembling wrapped around my elbow.” She looked down and let go.

“I um, well, I’m NOT!”

“Shut up and kiss me.” He was grinning down at her widely, and pulled her in close. His lips softly touched hers once, then twice, then a soft sweep of his tongue, which she accepted. He ended with more soft kisses. “You sleep well kitten. I will see you in the morning.” He patted her bottom, winked and turned away. She leaned against her door, believing it to be closed still…until it gave way behind her. She squeaked as she fell backwards, barely catching her balance. She heard him chuckle just before his door clicked shut. How did he do that? So under my skin…wish he was touching it right now…STOP IT!!!

Maddie spent a few extra minutes more primping in front of the mirror than she normally would for any other trade show. There was extra care to line her forest green eyes – top AND lower lines, blending the shades of purple shadow onto her eyelids, extra swipes of mascara to her long lashes, some extra spritz to hold the curls in her light brown shoulder length hair. The last minute pencil skirt packing decision was a stroke of genius! He always loved my ass in this! I must have been a subconscious horny slut! He’s going to LOVE to find this teal lacy garter belt under here…and the little black ruffle at the top of this bustier peeking out from this matching teal silk shirt is going to drive him INSANE! Professing along with Adele’s “Crazy for You”, Maddie sauntered to the mirror, one hip shimmy at a time.

“And every time I’m meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool…”

Her hips swayed to the beat while she rummaged through her suitcase for a little light blue plush drawstring bag. Peering around the corner of the vanity area as if she expected to find her conscience embodied tsk tsk tsk’ing, then finding the coast was clear, she tugged at the drawstring and slid out its contents…a little tube of Wet lube and a purple swirled 1.5″ diameter butt plug. Mama’s little helper…should I? No I shouldn’t…but I’m already dressed for the taking, might as well make it worth his while…and mine! It had been a while since she’d attempted to insert the larger plug, and she wasn’t sure if she could get it all the way into her tight little asshole. After carefully slathering the lube all over the purple swirled anal delight, Maddie hiked up her skirt well above her hips, slid her teal lacey thong to one side, stuck out her ass and began teasing her own anus with the slick toy, easing it a little further in with each subtle push, stretching her rim each time. With each poke, Maddie let out a low gravely little moan. She rocked her hips against the exertion of her own hand, until suddenly it slipped right in!

“OH! Wow! Oh! Wooow! Ok…I, yeah, wow, ok…ok…whew. Ok, yeah, this is nice…” Maddie waltzed around her room a little more, twitching and tweaking her internal muscles to settle the toy in just right. “Oh man, you are such a little slut Madison Simone…right down to your purple accessory!” She glanced at her rear view in the mirror, sliding her skirt back down over her garter and thigh highs, smoothing and straightening everything back into place. “And no one will ever know…until he gets ahold of me…” Then one hair toss, a blown pouty kiss to her curvaceous reflection, she flung her waist coat over her shoulder and flounced out her hotel room door.

Once again, Aiden was waiting for her in the hotel lobby. She noticed, as she caught his eye, the double take, and a noticeable, although quick gawk, and a very definite readjustment in the trouser area.

“What’s a matter, never seen a woman with business on her mind before?” her finger traced his sideburn, she winked and sashayed off. Maddie heard his deep breath in and deep breath out as he started behind her, and then an “mmm…mmm…mmm, damn that’s hot!” under his breath. They walked in silence to the convention center. Maddie’s steps were a little on the short side due to the skirt and the toy stuck up her ass. She saw Aiden eyeballing her through the corner of his eye. Once outside the doors, Aiden stopped her.

“You and I both have to concentrate today Maddie.” Uh-oh…he called me Maddie instead of kitten…no es bueno… “And you are incredibly HOT today…” oh that’s better… “And I know you did that to mess with me. So, you’re going to start on the other side of the show today, so we can get through at least one day professionally…because the closer you are to me, the more I want to maul you, OK?”

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