Subject: Garrett’s Summer with Grandpa 14 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you have enjoyed this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill GARRETT’S SUMMER WITH GRANDPA Chapter 14 Garrett’s summer holiday was almost over. He was looking forward to seeing his mum and his school friends again but he was going to miss his grandpa and regular sex. “Only three more days before I return to London,” he said with a sigh over breakfast. “We will have more fun before then,” Matt told his grandson. “We are going to see Frank and Charlie again tomorrow.” “Yeah?” Garrett smiled. “That will be good.” “I spoke to Charlie earlier and we decided that we’d go out for dinner at a restaurant for a change,” Matt went on. “We thought we might invite Johnny along.” “Yes. It would be nice to include Johnny,” responded Garrett. “I like him and it would be good to be with all my lovers.” Matt raised his eyebrows. “I don’t think you should use that word.” “Why not? That’s what you are,” grinned Garrett. “Don’t worry. I would never mention it in front of anybody else.” “I’m glad to hear it. I’ll call Charlie back and confirm that he should invite Johnny before he books a table,” said Matt. “Now what shall we do today?” *** Garrett hugged and kissed Frank and Charlie when he arrived at their apartment. Then, after freshening up and having a pre-dinner drink, everyone headed for the restaurant where they met Johnny. Because it was a public place, Johnny had to make do with a hug. Garrett laughed when he was told he had to sit at the head of the table since he was the guest of honour. However he enjoyed all the attention he received. The food was excellent and everyone had a good time. “Would you like to come back to our place for a nightcap?” Frank asked Johnny when they were preparing to leave. “Oh, please. You must, Johnny,” said Garrett. “That will give me the chance to do something that I have dreamt of doing since I knew we were all getting together for a meal this evening.” “What is that?” Johnny asked. Garrett smiled and whispered, “Stripping off and being naked in front of four men.” Johnny laughed. “I wouldn’t want to spoil your dream. I’ll be there.” Everyone walked back to the apartment and Garrett waited until Charlie had dispensed drinks before asking, “Can I strip off now?” The other men looked at Matt who sighed and then said, “Okay, go ahead.” Garrett grinned and began what he thought was a sexy striptease. His cock was tenting his briefs when he slowly slid his shorts down and then stepped out of them. “I’m stiff already,” he said, cupping his cloth-covered cock to draw more attention to it. “We can see that,” responded Charlie. “Let us see it properly.” Garrett smiled at Charlie and eased his briefs over his erection and then pushed them to the floor. He then paraded around the room with his crotch pushed forward. He went around the room for a second time, wanking his cock between two fingers and his thumb. Then he had another naughty thought. “Would you all like to see my pussy?” All except Matt confirmed that they would so Garrett turned his back, bent over and used his hands to spread his arse cheeks. There were some murmurings of approval before Garrett looked over his shoulder and said, “I think I’m probably too far away. I should let you each have a close-up view.” He stood up and added, “Feel free to touch me too as most of you won’t see me again for a little while.” “You have seen me naked lots of times, Grandpa,” Garrett said as he walked past Matt to Johnny. “You’ve seen me the least, Johnny.” Johnny smiled. “Such a pity.” When Garrett turned around, Johnny reached out and caressed the smooth buttocks and then parted them to look at the pink rosebud he had fucked only a week earlier. “Beautiful, Garrett. Every part of you is beautiful.” “Thank you.” Garrett smiled and moved over to Frank, who took hold of the stiff boy-cock while gently running a fingertip over the entrance to the tight hole. He briefly pushed the fingertip inside, bringing a gasp and then a giggle from Garrett. Charlie smiled when Garrett approached him and pulled him over his knees. “You are a naughty boy, aren’t you?” He caressed the rounded buttocks. “Yes, Charlie. I think you should spank me,” replied Garrett. Charlie laughed and delivered four quite light spanks. “Are you naughty enough to give me a blowjob while the others watch?” he asked when he was finished. “Oh, yes.” Garrett grinned at Charlie. He moved off the man, knelt between his legs and – with some help – freed the 18 cm (7 inch) cock. He licked it from the base up to the head and then took it into his mouth. He sucked it while looking around to check that the others were watching. “I’m getting close,” Charlie said after a few minutes. “Why not suck the others?” Garrett sat back and looked around the room. “Who is next?” Frank started to unfasten his trousers. “You can suck me next.” Johnny, who had never seen Frank’s 25 cm (10 inch) cock before gasped. “It’s a big one, isn’t it?” Garrett said with a smile. Moments şişli travesti later he was sucking on the long, thin cock. “That’s wonderful but I think it’s time you attended to Johnny now. He looks desperate,” said Frank. Garrett turned to find Johnny wanking himself. “You’re ready for me. Good!” he said as he crawled over to the Chinese man. Johnny’s cock was the same length as Charlie’s but slightly thicker and Garrett was soon noisily slobbering over it. Johnny was very excited and, after some minutes of oral attention from Garrett, he couldn’t hold back. “I’m about to cum!” he cried. Garrett carried on sucking the cock and playing with the man’s balls. Johnny groaned and started spunking off. Garrett gulped down every drop of the thick cum and then licked the cock clean. “That was nice,” Garrett smiled and then turned to look at his grandfather. “Your turn now, Grandpa.” “It’s not really necessary�” Matt’s mild protest was ignored and he didn’t try to stop Garrett pulling his erect 20 cm (8 inch) cock from his trousers. Soon Garrett was bobbing up and down on the cock, sucking and using his tongue to arouse. When he sensed that his grandfather was close to the edge, and said, “I really, really would like someone to fuck me. Preferably with the rest of you watching. Any volunteers?” He looked around the room but all four men shook their heads. “Too late for me,” said Johnny. Garrett looked up at his grandfather. “Will you�please, Grandpa?” “Sorry, Garrett, but there is no way I’m going to have sex with you in front of an audience,” said Matt. Garrett turned to Frank and Charlie. “Please!” “You’re used to performing in front of an audience, Frank. Why don’t you do it?” Johnny said. “Yes, go on,” said Charlie. “You love an audience.” “Playing the piano is very different from having sex,” Frank remarked. “I don’t think I’m ready for having that kind of performance judged by others.” “We won’t judge you,” said Johnny. “I loved sex with you, Frank. I love your big cock,” said Garrett. “Please fuck me. Please!” Frank looked at Matt who nodded his approval and then said, “Okay, Garrett. Go get some lube.” As Garrett dashed off to get the lube, Frank casually started to strip off. Garrett was back in time to help him finish. He then took Frank’s stiff cock into his mouth and sucked it for a few minutes. “That’s enough now, Garrett,” Frank said. “It’s time to prepare your hole.” “My boy-cunt,” said Garrett. He went down on his hands and knees and smiled at his small audience. Most of those looking on could see the pre-cum dripping from Garrett’s rock-hard cock. Frank picked up the KY jelly and knelt down behind Garrett. He applied plenty of gel and then eased a long finger inside the tight hole. Soon he was finger-fucking the boy and they all heard Garrett’s squeals of pleasure. The use of two fingers brought louder moans and caused Garrett to leak even more pre-cum. “I need your cock now, Frank. Please fuck me,” Garrett begged. Frank greased up his cock and got into position. All three men, with Johnny leaning forward for a better view, watched as Frank’s long, thin cock penetrated Garrett’s arsehole and slowly slid all the way inside. “That feels wonderful, Frank. Hit my love-button and make me cum,” said Garrett. Moving slowly at first, Frank began to fuck the horny teenager. His hands slid underneath Garrett and played with his nipples. He avoided Garrett’s cock but toyed with his balls, all the while fucking him at a steady rate. “I love being fucked�and it turns me on to see you all watching me,” Garrett told his small audience. “I think I might enjoy being in porn movies.” “I’m not sure that is a wise career choice,” said Frank. “Don’t forget you would probably be paired with guys your own age too,” Matt said. Garrett screwed up his face. “I wouldn’t want that!” Frank started pounding Garrett faster and harder. “Just stick with us. We’ll make you happy whenever you visit,” he said. Garrett felt himself getting close to cumming and he began to whimper. Then he gasped and began to spunk off hands-free. “I love how he does that,” Johnny said as he watched the jets of boy-cum land on the polished wooden floor. Garrett’s eruption took Frank over the edge. “I’m cumming too!” he cried before sending volley after volley of thick cream deep inside the boy. “Yes, fill my pussy, Frank. Breed me!” cried Garrett. All too soon, Frank withdrew and Garrett moved to take the semi-hard cock into his mouth for cleaning. “Thanks, Garrett. That was wonderful,” Frank said as he collapsed into his seat. Garrett smiled and then licked his own cum from the floor. Looking up, he then asked, “Anyone ready to give me more?” “I’m about to cum, Garrett,” Charlie replied. “Would you like to suck me off?” With a whoop of delight, Garrett dived on Charlie’s cock and started sucking it. It wasn’t long before he was swallowing another load of cum. He licked his lips afterwards and then looked at his grandfather. “You are the only one who hasn’t fed me, Grandpa,” he said. He crawled over and took Matt’s cock into his mouth. Once again it took only a matter of minutes for him to receive a big mouthful of man-cream. “Thanks, everyone. I really loved that. Maybe next beylikdüzü travesti time we get together you can all fuck me, one after the other,” Garrett said with a smile. “Or maybe not,” responded Matt. “Now say goodnight to everyone and go to bed. I’ll join you in a few minutes.” Garrett went round the room saying goodnight and kissing the men on the lips. He gave Johnny a hug as well because he wouldn’t see him in the morning. When Matt went to the bedroom ten minutes later, he found the boy asleep with a smile on his face. *** Garrett was sad on Sunday afternoon as he packed his case to go home to London. Matt knocked on the door before entering the room. “I have something else for you to put in your case,” he told his grandson. He handed over a brown paper bag. “Thanks,” Garrett said. He opened the bag and grinned when he saw what was inside. “It’s the dildo we talked about some weeks ago, and two tubes of KY jelly,” said Matt. Garrett examined the dildo and smiled. “It’s perfect. Almost exactly the same size as your cock.” He threw his arms around his grandfather’s neck and hugged. “Thanks, Grandpa. You’re the best granddad in the whole world,” The doorbell rang before Matt could answer. “I wonder who that is,” he said and headed downstairs. A few moments later, he shouted up to Garrett. “It’s a visitor to see you, Garrett. Come down.” Garrett didn’t know who would be visiting him and was pleased when he saw the old woman in the living room. “Aunt Betty! What a nice surprise,” he said before giving her a hug. “I know that you are going back to London tomorrow so I baked a chocolate cake for you.” Betty handed a container with a large cake to Garrett. “Maybe there will be one or two slices left for the train journey.” “It looks lovely,” smiled Garrett. “I want a slice now. Please stay for a cup of tea with us.” “Yes, please do,” said Matt. “Take a seat and I’ll put the kettle on.” “Victor will be going back to school too,” Garrett said to Betty. “He gave me his email address and phone number and said I could contact him anytime if I wanted help or advice.” “I’m pleased,” said Betty. She smiled and added, “He finally told me that he is gay a few weeks ago. What about you though? Will you be looking for a little boyfriend when you’re back at school?” Garrett giggled. He couldn’t tell Betty that he preferred mature men so he said, “Maybe. I’m thinking about joining the school’s LGTB Society.” “Well, I hope you make some nice friends,” Betty responded. Matt returned and the three of them chatted while having the tea and cake. When Betty got ready to return home, she turned to Garrett and asked, “Will we see you here next summer?” “I hope so, Aunt Betty. I’ve loved being here,” replied Garrett. “I’m also going to suggest to Mum that we come here for Christmas and New Year.” “That would be very nice. I haven’t seen your mum for a few years.” Betty bent to kiss Garrett’s cheek. “Have a good journey home, my dear.” “Thanks, Aunt Betty. I look forward to seeing you again,” Garrett responded. “It was nice of her to come and say goodbye,” Matt remarked when Betty left. “Yes. She’s a nice old lady,” said Garrett. “Not as nice as you though. I really am going to miss living here.” *** After dinner Garrett and his grandfather went for a walk through the village and then watched some tv. About 9.30pm, Garrett said, “Grandpa, let’s shower together and then you can make love to me for the final time this summer.” “Okay,” smiled Matt. “We have to be at the station quite early so there won’t be time in the morning.” He then surprised Garrett by picking him up and carrying him upstairs. Garrett giggled. “You’re so strong, Grandpa.” “And you’re getting heavier,” responded Matt. “I don’t think I will be able to do this on your next visit.” They undressed in the bedroom and then went for their shower. Garrett was fully erect before they entered the shower and his soapy hands soon had Matt in the same condition. Both pairs of hands went everywhere and then finally Garrett dropped to his knees and took his grandfather’s cock into his mouth. “Oh, I’m going to miss this,” sighed Matt. Garrett sucked the cock for a few more minutes. “Turn around now, Grandpa. I’m going to do something else you might miss.” Matt turned and Garrett used his hands to spread the arsecheeks in front of him. He shoved his face between them and got to work with his tongue. Matt began to moan softly. Then after a minute or so he turned the water off and said, “Let’s get dried and into bed.” A few minutes later Matt was the one giving the pleasure. He was sucking Garrett’s cock while running a finger up and down Garrett’s arsecrack. Moments later, he flipped the boy over and got to work on Garrett’s boy-pussy. He started by licking and then flicking his tongue against the pink rosebud. Garrett sighed and did his best to open up. Then Matt began to probe with his tongue – tongue-fucking the boy. That had Garrett moaning with pleasure. A wet finger pushed into the welcoming hole, going as far as the second knuckle. “More, Grandpa,” begged Garrett. Matt reached for the KY jelly and soon pushed a greased finger deep inside Garrett. His other hand grasped the rock-hard boy-cock. istanbul travesti A few minutes of finger-fucking soon had Garrett leaking a lot of pre-cum. Matt added a second finger and Garrett moaned louder. It wasn’t long before he was begging for more. “I need something bigger, Grandpa. Please give me your cock now.” Matt sat back to grease up his cock. Without having to be asked, Garrett turned onto his back and pulled his legs back, opening himself up to the man he loved. He smiled when Matt placed his cockhead against his eager hole. “Yes, Grandpa. Stick it in. My pussy belongs to you.” Matt smiled and bent down to kiss Garrett. Then he applied pressure. It only took a moment before Garrett gasped and allowed the cock to enter him. Garrett pushed back and the cock slid deeper. Soon it was all inside the hot tunnel and Garrett smiled. “I love you, Grandpa, and I love having your cock inside me.” “You may have mentioned that once or twice before,” said Matt. “And I have loved you since the day you were born.” “Now we’re making love to each other.” Garrett grinned and then blew a kiss. Matt bent down and gave Garrett a long passionate kiss. Then he began to fuck him. Slow, short thrusts soon gave way to longer, faster ones. Garrett started to wank himself but that stopped when he felt himself approaching an orgasm. He just pushed back against his grandfather’s thrusts. Minutes passed as the pair looked into each other’s eyes. Soon Garrett found himself getting close to the edge and this time he didn’t want to hold back. “I’m going to cum, Grandpa. Your beautiful big cock is hitting my love-button and making me cum.” “Cum for me, Garrett. Let me see you spunking off,” said Matt. He started to move faster than before. Garrett whimpered as he got closer and closer to cumming. Then he let out a cry and a jet of white boy-milk shot from his cock. It flew in an arc and landed in his open mouth. “Wow! That was a prize winner!” Matt smiled and watched as more of Garrett’s cum landed on his chin and chest. The final drops pooled on Garrett’s flat stomach. “That was beautiful!” Matt declared. Garrett smiled used his fingers to transfer the cum on his chin into his mouth. “Can I have yours now, Grandpa? In my mouth and over my face, I mean. Please pull out before you cum and give me a facial.” “Whatever you want, Garrett, my love.” Matt smiled and resumed fucking hard and fast. A few minutes later, he pulled out and said, “Here it comes!” He moved closer to Garrett’s face while jerking his cock and then blasted off. Some of the thick man-cream went into the open mouth but most was splattered over Garrett’s face. “Thanks, Grandpa. That was lovely.” Garrett grinned. “Do you want to share it with me?” Matt knew what Garrett meant. He licked some of the cum from the boy’s face and transferred it when they kissed. He repeated the operation a few times, including with the cum on Garrett’s chest, until all the cum was gone. Well, all except the drops on Garrett’s cock. Matt moved down to suck and lick the cock clean. Moving into a sixty-nine position, Garrett sucked his grandfather’s cock clean. Afterwards they just smiled at each other and then cuddled together. No words were required. *** Garrett was quiet in the car as his grandfather drove him to the railway station. “Your mum will be waiting for you at Paddington station, won’t she?” Matt asked. “Yes, Grandpa,” Garrett replied. “I hope you have enjoyed your stay in my boring little village,” said Matt. Garrett smiled. “I thought it would be boring but I have loved spending these past seven weeks with you. And not just because of the sex.” “Well, we will see each other more often in future,” said Matt. “I will come up to London for your birthday and that’s only a few weeks away.” “Yes. You will sleep in my bed and I’ll have a sleeping bag on the floor next to you,” said Garrett. “But I will spend each night in the bed with you.” Matt laughed. “I guessed that was your plan. Charlie and Frank will be in London the weekend after your birthday so you can meet up with them.” “And you will be back to take me to Paris at half term,” smiled Garrett. “I think I’ll survive.” “You should probably join that gay society at school you mentioned,” said Matt. “Even if you don’t imagine another schoolboy could be a sex partner, it will be good for you to have young gay friends.” “Yes, okay,” said Garrett. Matt patted the boy’s knee. “Just promise me one thing – never go off for sex with a stranger. It’s too dangerous.” “I promise,” said Garrett. “I’ll use my dildo when I feel the urge to have my pussy filled.” Matt smiled and shook his head. “Keep that hidden from your mum.” “Definitely! I’m not going to share it with her.” That caused Matt to laugh louder than before. A short time later there was a tearful farewell at the station. Matt hugged Garrett tightly and watched as he got settled in his seat. The pair waved to each other as the train pulled out of the station and headed for London. Matt felt quite sad as he drove home. “Life’s going to feel very dull now,” he thought. Then he thought about going to London and later Paris with Garrett and cheered up. On the train, Garrett had opened his laptop and was looking at photos of his grandpa and the friends he had made during his holiday. He smiled as he thought of all the new experiences he’d had, things he had only fantasised about before. “I will definitely return next summer,” he said to himself. THE END

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