Adria Rae

GATEWAY – CHAPTER 3CHAPTER 3: THE GATEWAY BOYSMy eyes crack open the next morning to the filtered light of a clear sky. The sheers softly move on the breeze. The muted sounds of my isolated property filter in through the open balcony French doors. I tentatively search the room without moving my head. I see nothing except the furnishings of my bedroom. I cautiously lift my head and turn my body to search further. I still see nothing. Of course, all seven could be here and I wouldn’t know it unless they materialize.I throw off the sheet that partially covered me and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I rub my eyes, run my fingers through the rat’s nest of my hair, and stretch my arms wide and high. Did last night really happen? Or, was it merely another in a long line of increasingly erotic dreams that can seem surprisingly real? I push up from the bed and take the couple steps necessary to the open balcony door.“Ooooo … no question about it. Last night definitely happened.” The first short steps reveal soreness of the insides of my thighs and my pussy. I bend forward to investigate to find my pussy red and still inflamed. As I delicately step out onto the balcony, feeling the welcome cool, soft breeze over my skin, I venture tentative touches with fingers. My nipples and clit are also very sensitive. But even the soreness can’t stop the rush of reawakened arousal the memory brings with it.Shower or coffee? I glance back into the room to the bedside table where my smartphone lies with a blank screen. I move back in and tap a finger to the screen. Without bothering to tap in my security code, I see ‘9:37’. Okay … coffee. If I smell, it’s just me.I grab my cozy, warm robe from the hook just inside the bathroom and pad barefoot down the stairs. A big, empty house all to myself and I am now finding myself looking into every shadow and reflective surface, wondering if I really am alone. In the kitchen, I fill the coffee maker and turn it on before searching for something appease a hungry body yearning for carbs. I take a plate down from the cupboard and start grabbing things handy: two hard eggs, two slices of cinnamon-raison bread, and a large scoop of sliced fruit. I take the plate and a huge mug of fresh coffee back through the house to the front porch. Close to 10:00 AM and I am still in a robe and just starting with a breakfast. So much for adhering to a routine. I am still sitting on the porch but with a second mug of coffee when I hear a car crunching on the gravel of the drive. The trees and curves of the long drive to the small road mean I can hear an approaching vehicle before seeing it. I watch from over the mug at the gap in the trees where the drive emerges from the trees as I sip. I haven’t yet felt I have the kind of acquaintances that might just drop by. Plus, I am far enough from the town that dropping by isn’t a casual thing.I smile to myself, confirm a likely suspicion when I see Marge’s shiny, white SUV emerge. She is a bit nosey and probably gossip-central for the town but she is good-hearted. As I expect, she is soon standing on the top step to the porch without an invitation. Small towns. Everyone’s a friend or pretending to be and everyone assuming to be welcome.“Marge, what brings you out this way?”Seeing me brings her to a stop. “Oh, Lexy … I thought you were earlier to rise. Am I too early?”I laugh and use the mug to indicate the chair on the other side of the little table. “No, just overslept. Such a nice morning I haven’t kicked myself into action, yet.” I know she wasn’t ‘in the neighborhood’. There is no neighborhood out here, just country. I can see in her manner, though, that something is on her mind. “So … what does bring you out here?” Maybe in small towns you are supposed to ease into the real reason for visiting, but my habits are still big city.She fidgets before finally half turning to fully face me as I continue to sip from the mug. I notice my crossed leg has parted my long robe and completely exposed the thigh nearly to the top. It brings a flash of memory from last night and not just Jacob and me but the other boys crowded at the foot of the bed watching. I squeeze my thighs together and feel the tingle … and also the sensitivity of my well-used pussy. While my mind wanders to much more interesting things than what she might have to discuss, I almost miss what she is saying.“… what you were asking yesterday about Mr. Hardaway.” I look at her with raised eye brows hoping that will have her continue and I can catch up. “You seemed interested in specifics so I dug a little deeper in my files. I found some details I had forgotten.” She was searching my face. There was something she was weighing before continuing. I gave her the raised eyebrows, again. She shifted slightly. “I said he had been committed after the fire but I know why … or, at least, what was reported. It apparently caused quite a stir back then. People from town would occasionally come to help clean up and they were amazed at how much he was accomplishing by himself when he seemed so helpless and lost when they were there … here. Hardaway continued to insist that it wasn’t him but his boys. They were the ones who were doing all the work. He said his boys were taking care of him, cleaning up, and making sure he was never alone.” Her fingers fussed with her dress. “He thought he was seeing ghosts. Not only ghosts but ghosts that could move material things. Even then they knew ghosts don’t really exist and they certainly wouldn’t be able to move material things, certainly nothing the size and substance of burned out buildings.”That fit with what Jacob said yesterday. The boys were being caring but Hardaway’s mind lost the filters he should have applied around the town people. Their efforts to care for him ended up the reason for losing him. I need to use filters myself. “Ghosts, huh?”Marge gazes intently at me, challenging my own ability to hide the secrets of Gateway House. “You’ve not experienced anything like that, have you?” I used the coffee to hide any reaction. As I sip and glance at her over the rim of the mug, I give her a simple shake of the head. She breathes out. I hadn’t noticed that she was holding it. “Good. We all like you, Lexy. We wouldn’t like to see you leave like the others.” Clearly, that last part was a mistake as her hand went to her mouth and she tries to cover with an awkward smile. I show real curiosity without saying anything. Marge is one of those people who can’t stand quiet periods and will fill it until you stop her. “Well, all I mean is … well, some of the other buyers of the house … you know it has been empty a lot … some of them … well, some have complained about … noises … things happening … feeling like they were watched, like someone was in the house with them.” She gives a nervous laugh that she may have thought sounded dispelling but it just sounded nervous.“Ghosts? Here?” She watches me nervously. I smile at her and pat her hands in her lap. “Ghosts in my house? That’s what brought you out here?” I smile warmly, reassuringly. “I assure you, dear, I’ve been here for weeks now, right? I love this house.” I look around me as if just taking it in while I squeeze my thighs together, again, and feel the effects of last night. Then, a little louder but not too much louder, “I love everything I have experience in this house.” That, of course, wasn’t meant for her, but she took it reassured.After rinsing the plate and refilling the mug to take up to the bedroom, I turn and step right through the smokey appearance of Jacob. I almost drop the mug as I realize too late what had just happened.“Jeez … Jacob! You guys can’t do that! I don’t hear you … there’s nothing to hear the way you glide around just off the floor.”He slowly materialized and I could see he was properly contrite. “Sorry, Ma’am. We tried not to interact with the other people. Even then we ended up scaring them, I’m afraid. I really am sorry, Ma’am.”As he became fully material, I reach out and touch his arm to reassure him. Feeling his muscles of his arm under his shirt gave me another jolt of memory from last night. “It’s okay, Jacob. I’m not mad or anything. It’s just unnerving to realize you just walked right through someone.” I then remembered I was still in the robe. I tried to subtly pull the robe together a bit more. Just looking at him caused me to flush. “Was there something you wanted?”“Oh … well … Ma’am, I was wondering if what you told that other woman was true.”“Which part?”“The part when you said, ‘I love everything I have experience in this house’. Does that include last night? Are you okay with what happened? You aren’t feeling bad about what happened, are you?”I smiled and leaned into him to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I meant it. And, Jacob … last night was wonderful. But I’ve been thinking about something that happened or maybe didn’t happen. I came at least three times, which was amazing. And, at the end, I thought you did, too. I mean it felt like it in every way except … well, you didn’t ejaculate, did you?”“We’re not really … well, weren’t not real, Ma’am. We’ve learned to materialize and vocalize but we don’t have blood or sweat or saliva or any fluids so we don’t have semen.” He searched my face. “Is that a problem?”I put the mug down on the table and threw my arms around his neck. I kissed him intently and meaningfully. Into his ear, I said, “God, no, Jacob! It was wonderful. I was just concerned about you. Now I know.”I asked Jacob to gather the rest of the guys. I wanted a meeting to establish some boundaries. I warned him that I need to get work done and I need privacy. When they were gathered, I had changed into a light summer dress for the expected hot day. They were gathered in the living room when I came downstairs. They were clearly in nervous conversation but I didn’t hear a sound. The verbal communication I rely on was perhaps now a second language for them. Spotting me, they quickly turned their attention to me and gave a unified, “G’morning, Ma’am.” It sounded like I was a grade school teacher beginning the class day.I sit down and Jacob had each introduce themselves and a brief comment about themselves. As they did, my hazy impression from last night was confirmed. All were black or Hispanic, all roughly the same height within a half-foot or so but they ranged from skinny to beefy, otherwise. The skinniest, a Hispanic named Lupe, was still showing a wiry fitness and the beefiest, a black named Samuel, was like an ox with apparent power and strength. At this point in my ignorance about ghosts, I didn’t know if it was their ability to present a material form that provided strength or if their apparent form might also be involved.The looks on their faces was expectant and nervous. Last night undoubtedly gave them high expectations but were also undoubtedly nervous that what they heard me exclaim might have been in the heat of the moment, only. I decided to cut to the chase.“What I exclaimed last night is true. But I want you all to understand that what happened last night is not normal for me. I have never just jumped into bed with someone I just met, much less to do it in front of the rest of you. Anything you might have seen before was when I thought I had privacy.” They were glancing at one another with excited looks. I continued, “I don’t know how this is going to happen. It will have to evolve with patience bahis siteleri … I can’t believe I am saying this … as I bring each of you to my bed.” Huge smiles formed on most faces while a few were nervous smiles. I focused on the nervous ones, “Some of you are probably experienced and some might not be. If you aren’t …” a warm flush spread over me, “… we’ll change that.”I was sitting in front of seven young men from a far distant era providing reassurance that I would indeed fuck each and every one of them as I had lustily professed last night as they watched me being fucked by their leader. And, I was managing to do so calmly with an air of control, propriety, and authority. None of this made any sense to me and each day and moment were seeming like a part of a very long and very real feeling erotic dream.I established some rules, expectations, and boundaries if this was going to work and share this space together. I needed privacy at times. My bathroom was off-limits to them. I needed to get work done so I needed time for concentration to be productive and that would be largely in my office or the library. I came to understand that materializing was tiring (in their way of tiring) but when they were around me, I wanted to see them.All day after that was strange. I suddenly had seven young men living with me. Sometimes they were in the house but more time wherever they normally spent their time. I tried to concentrate on my work, and I did get some work done, but my mind was no longer satisfied with the direction I had planned for my next novel. The love scenes now felt far too inadequate. I impulsively called my agent who setup a conference call with the publisher contact. As I talked about the change in direction I was feeling, there was a long pause. A writer has to satisfy the expectations of the publisher. They are committing money and resources on a successful product. After the pause, though, she was excited. She saw a potential for losing some readers but gaining others. She encouraged me to pursue going down that path and send her something to react to.I leaned back in my desk chair and swivel to face the window. Outside there was nothing but rural countryside and trees. The ocean was on the other side. I am here with seven minority young men and there is no evidence of it. Concentration is all but impossible. The explicit nature of the love and sex scenes I intend to write … I feel that warmth flooding me, again … I know exactly where the inspiration is going to come from.I had called Jacob … I just called his name and he came … and told him I didn’t want to have to pick the next man. I suggested they pick numbers or something. Leave the order to chance. Now I was in my bedroom after showering and primping. I was nervous but probably not as nervous as whichever young man was waiting. I was going to stay with my ritual. I select a floor-length, sheer gown. I slip my arms into it and tie it closed in front with the single bow below my breasts. I step in front of the mirror. The gown doesn’t hide much. I lift a leg and the gown easily parts. I feel wicked. I know I don’t need to entice whoever is downstairs. We’re going to fuck and we both know it. This ties me to before, though. The exhibitionism is exciting. Maybe especially so now that I know I could be watched at any time within our newly established boundaries.I decide on a pair of matching high heels as something new. I turn down the bed coverings and turn on one small light in the corner of the bedroom. As darkness took over outside, the bedroom is cast into a soft, subdued light. Last night with Jacob was unexpected and had felt raw and powerful. Tonight, is going to be different. It is intentional and the anticipation is very erotic. I step out of the room for the stairs and my heart is racing. My heels click on each hardwood tread of the stairs announcing my approach. This is someone I only met this morning by name. Another young man … another ghost. I don’t know who it is yet. That was part of it. The unknown. I am arriving to discover who it is I am giving myself to this night. How erotic is that?I turn into the living room from the stairs after passing through the entryway and … find no one. No … I am dress to stop a male’s heart and my body and mind are on fire with the idea of what I am intending.“Hello? Are you here?”From the right side by the window looking onto the covered porch, “I’m … I’m here … yes … Ma’am.”I turn to the voice but still don’t see him. “You have to show yourself. This won’t work unless you materialize. Are you afraid of me?”The smokey shadow appears. He might be the youngest in the group but Hardaway only took those over 18 years old. He was shorter than Jacob and thin, less muscled. His head was covered by thick, dark hair. His skin was brown. He was one of the Hispanic boys. “No, Ma’am, I’m not afraid of you … at least, Jacob said not to be. It’s just … I’m …”“Have you been with a woman before?” I could just discern the movement of the shadow that he shook his head. “You need to materialize, dear. Are you afraid of being embarrassed because it is your first time?”He formed a little more as we talked. “I guess … yes. Jacob … he said not to worry … he said you would help.”He was formed and I can see his nervousness and reservation. He is the youngest looking of them. The one I remember as introduced as Lupe. I step up to him and gently took him in my arms for a hug. I just held him. I softly spoke to him, “Honey, you really don’t have to worry. Jacob is right. It’s just the two of us, right? Can I tell you a secret almost everyone forgets but everyone knows?” I felt him nod. “Everyone has a first time. Everyone, Jacob, me, any of the others … everyone has had that first awkward, nervous first time.”I step back but held his hands. He looks at me and a smile forms. “I never thought of that.” I smile. “What should I do first?”“Dear, whatever you want. Have you explored a woman’s body?” He shook his head. His eyes were riveted on my breasts. “Then, why don’t you start with that. I’m yours tonight. We’ll take our time. Explore. Enjoy. And do it some more.”He looks into my eyes with the biggest smile. A k** at Christmas pops into my mind. This is going to be interesting. Last night I was ravaged by someone who turned out to be an experienced and powerful lover. Tonight, I will be introducing a new lover to being a lover.He continues to look at me, up and down, but mostly my barely covered D-cup breasts, every now and then a nervous glance to my face. Looking wasn’t the kind of exploring I had in mind. I lift his hands to my breasts. I have to press them into me for a moment. He is watching his hands, then looks at me. Another reassuring smile and his hands flex, squeezing the flesh under his hands. I let go. His right hand soon moves between my breasts where the strings are tied into a bow. His eyes look to mine for apparent permission.I giggle and touch his face softly, “Anything … tonight you learn by exploring and trying. The next time you’ll be more comfortable.”Both his hands move to the bow. He pulls the two ends, the bow releases. As his hands slowly parts the gown, “Next time?”I softly chuckle. My God … how arousing it is to have an innocent young man begin his sexual journey with you. Jacob was amazing last night and I am anxious to experience that again. But there is something amazing about this, too. My breasts and chest are instantly covered in goosebumps when his fingers again touch them naked. A warm wave washes through me. I smile when his left hand drops to his crotch and unthinkingly makes an adjustment in his trousers. He’s getting hard.When his left-hand returns, it is only a moment at my nipple before it begins sliding down my body. His eyes follow its journey, nervously looking back to my face. My easy, reassuring smile and soft moans encourage him. His hand slips down to my mound and I shift, parting my legs so my feet have a bit more than shoulder width separation. His fingers hesitate. His focus seems unbreakable now. He doesn’t look from his hand. As if having to hesitate to gather the courage, his hand continues and a finger slides over my pussy lips. My moan is an honest response as his hand slides over my pussy and a finger presses between the wet lips. He pulls his hand back and inspects the finger. It is glistening with my juice.“Lubricating juice. My pussy wants you. It’s my body’s way of getting ready for you. When I am excited to be with a man, that happens. My nipples get hard and sensitive. My clit enlarges with blood flow and becomes very sensitive. My chest and face flush with blood.” He glances at me. He is more comfortable. “Smell it.” He lifts his finger to his nose. “Taste it. Lick some off.” He warily looks at me but put out his tongue, smiles, then presses the finger between his lips.As if evaluating a wine, his tongue moves over his lips. “It’s different … but good.”I take his face in my hands and kiss him. Our first. He hasn’t had much experience with that, either. I do it more and his lips relax, reflect what he feels from my lips and duplicates it. I press my body into his, his hands moving around me under the parted gown. His hands move over the bare skin of my back and down to my butt. He’s relaxing. Soon, my mouth opens for my tongue to press at his lips and they open in response. It isn’t long before I pull my tongue back and his follows into my mouth. Everything is clumsy but as he relaxes it becomes better.I part us, “I mentioned my clit … my clitoris. Do you know what that is?” He shakes his head. There is less embarrassment, now more open intrigue and curiosity. “Let me show you.”A shiver ripples through me. I thought exposure like walking around in a sheer gown was thrilling? Lost in lust with the other boys watching us last night? Stone sober and fully aware … the shiver increases to a blushing shudder.I step back to the sofa, sit on the edge of the cushion, lean back and spread my legs wide with the gown fully open to expose my entire body front. I reach my hands out to him and he kneels between my legs. As he does, my hands caress up the insides of my thighs to my pussy. I rub my pussy, a finger disappearing inside as he gets into position. His eyes are on my trimmed pussy. I use two fingers to pull back the clitoris hood and expose that pleasure button.“This is the clit. It’s just a little nub. Scientists say they can find no known purpose for it except to provide pleasure. On the inside, opposite it, there is another. It is called the g-spot. It is also very stimulating. We’ll get to that one another time.” He looked up from his kneeling position with a smile that bespoke both excitement and curiosity. I intended to project to him the idea that this was not going to be a one and only time. He didn’t have to learn everything now. I think he was believing me.“Go ahead … touch it. Touch my pussy lips, relocate my hole. Explore me. This is where you’ll fuck me.”His fingers began sliding over my pussy. Feeling my clit, feeling the moisture of my pussy. One finger was soon back in my pussy, then a second.“It’s so warm and wet inside.” He spoke softly as if pondering it. “Is it always like this?”“No,” I gasped. This was very nice. “My body and pussy are reacting to you. When I get excited … sexually … my pussy lubricates in preparation of being penetrated.”He slides a third finger into me and canlı bahis siteleri a glint is in his eye. “So … your body wants to be penetrated now?”I sigh, then release a soft moan. “Right now … no.” He looks sharply up into my face. I smile back to him through another moan as his three fingers slide in and out. “No … I don’t want to be JUST penetrated. What I want … need … is to be fucked.” A smile, a huge smile, forms on his face. “I want to see you now. Take off your clothes so I can see you.”The next instant his clothes were gone with a fuzziness of his outline that lasted only in that instant. There was no unbuttoning and opening and pulling … they were just gone. I giggled at that. It was something that might take some repetitions to get used to. I made him move by my own effort to stand up. We stood in front of each other. He was several inches taller, about midway between my height and Jacob’s. Although thin, his body showed tightness from being used to working physically. His cock was hard and stood proudly in the air in front of him. When he saw me looking at it, he got embarrassed, shy, and began covering it. I stopped him. “Don’t … you’ve looked at me … I get to look at you.” I flash him the same reassuring smile. My next words seem to help, too. I place my palm on the underside of it and gently wrap my fingers over it. “I like your cock. It’s beautiful.” And, it was. I don’t know why, but it was. It wasn’t as big as Jacob’s but how much bigger would I like a cock? This one was seven or eight inches, which is still a good-sized cock. Heck, inches bigger than my ex. And it had good thickness.I realized suddenly that during my musings, my fingers were stroking up and down his cock. I released his cock and it continued to stand there tall and proud as if it hopes for more of my touch. I was beyond just being excited by this. I needed to be fucked. What was with me? I find a group of ghosts in my house, young men who died over a 150 years ago, and I am suddenly intent on turning them into my own private stable of studs? I am acting like a hussy, a slut, an unashamed sex-addict.I shrug off the gown from my shoulders. I feel its softness slide down my back and arms to pool at my feet behind me. We are both naked completely now and I pull him into my body, his young hard brown body pressed into my mature, softer, pale white body. My breasts and erect nipple press into his chest. I sigh as I feel that and his hard cock pressing into my abdomen. My hands are behind him, on his butt, and they pull him harder into me. His hands are gliding over my back. I put my lips on his and we both moan as our kiss turns lusty and frantic, consuming.Panting for breath and a modicum of control, I take his hand and lead him upstairs for my bedroom. I can feel his hand in mine but my heels are the only sound on the hardwood treads. With everything else I was feeling, meeting a new ghost to fuck, I hadn’t paid attention. I look down and back. Yes, no feet and ankles. Will I ever get used to that?That is only a momentary distraction, though. Whether he was walking or gliding over the floor, I led him into my bedroom which was ready for us. I released his hand and kicked off my heels as I approached the bed. I stopped just short of the bed and turned to face him. I gave him a quick kiss as my hand rubbed his hard cock. His hands came to my breasts, but I quickly sank to my knees in front of him. His hard, erect cock is in front of my face. I look up at him with a lusty smile, pull his cock down, part my lips, and take the head into my mouth. I hear him gasp and moan as I do and proceed to slide my mouth along more of his cock until all of it is inside. I feel it at the entrance of my throat. I make a swallow action and feel my throat massage the head of his cock.I pull my mouth off his cock, look up at him, kiss the head as he watches, and rise to standing with my body sliding up along his, my breasts pressing into him until my abdomen is pressing his hard cock slick with my saliva between our bodies. I can feel his cock pulse and twitch between our bodies. How long will he last? A virgin ghost in my bed. Fantasy and dreams but … reality? Yet, here we are.I back against the edge of the bed and crawl up onto it, my hand holding his for him to join me. The bed sags under us and I look. His knees pressing down into the bed surface as I take position in the center of the bed, my head on the pillows. I raise my knees and spread them wide. He is kneeling at my feet; his eyes are on a journey up my body; he might be having difficulty believing he has the opportunity to have what is before him. Yet, I am all his. My own hands slide down my body onto my pussy where I spend a moment rubbing, spreading the lips to expose my ready and needy hole, slick with my lubrication. I put out my hands to him. He crawls forward between my feet and legs. I watch his hard cock bobbing underneath him, pointing his way to me. My second ghost cock. It felt good in my mouth. Now, I want it in my pussy, too. Nothing could prepare me for what I am experiencing. Nothing could logically make sense of it. So, I don’t try, I just am accepting it and letting my mind wrestle with it in quieter moments of the day.With him suspended over me, I stretch my head up to kiss him. “Are you ready?” He nods. His face reflects the emotions crashing together inside him: nervousness, some fear of performance, wonder, delight, and a sense of discovery, maybe of finally, after 170 or so years, of ‘becoming a man’. I take hold of his cock and guide it to my pussy. As I move the head over my slit until it is at my hole, “Just let it happen. Do what feels natural. There is no wrong way. For this first time, just allow yourself to feel it and experience it. The next time …”, I smile up to him, “… the next time will be better.”He mutters, “The next time …” And he flexes his hips forward, driving his cock into me halfway. I partially open my mouth to release a sigh and smile up at him in reassurance. He flexes and repositions himself with his cock deeper inside. With his cock deep, he shudders and groans. I doubt he will last long but it doesn’t matter. He is young. He will recuperate quickly.He thrusts into me with youthful energy and all the awkwardness of the first time. After only a minute or so I can already tell he is closing in on a climax. I clamp my pussy around his cock when he drives in deep and feel his cock swelling and pulsing. I whisper to him to let it happen, to go with the sensations, to let his body feel it all. His eyes are clamped tight and his mouth is parted, his breath coming in ragged gasps and panting. His arms and legs spasm as he thrust hard and stops with his cock pressed deep inside. I pull him into my embrace and hold his shaking body. I can feel his cock jerking and pulsing as I squeeze around it. I know he is in the midst of a climax. I can feel it in every way except there is no cum. It just feels strange but as long as I lubricate like this …When his body settled and his breathing relaxed, I pushed him over to his back and slip down his body, kissing it as I do. I took his cock into my mouth. It is slick with my juices. He didn’t last nearly long enough for my own orgasm to generate but the amount of lubrication I am creating is interesting. The flow is much more than before but this might be more a reflection my arousal in this strange situation. It occurs to me that I am tasting myself, not him. I have never experimented with another woman but I find the taste pleasant and welcome.My mind is refocused when I feel his cock changing. It never went completely soft in my mouth but now it was definitely becoming harder, swelling, and lengthening. I kneel up and swing a leg over his hips. I grasp his hardened cock, aligned it to my pussy. I gazed down into his face. “I told you there would be more …”, and I sat back, sinking his cock into my pussy. He returned a smile back to me and reached his arms up. I accepted by leaning forward, letting him take me into embrace and kiss. As I did, though, my hips began moving up and down, sliding along his cock. He groaned into my mouth and I did into his.He recovered quickly as I hoped and I knew this time it would be longer. I fucked him like this for many minutes. I repositioned myself to sitting over his hips, raising and lowering myself on his cock. His hands became active with fondling my bouncing breasts and rolling my nipples. I bounced on him more energetically, his cock going deeper than before. Then, I stopped. With his cock deep in me, I appraised him and pull up off his cock. I change to my hands and knees with my ass facing him.I look over my shoulder, “Take me from behind.”He scrambles up to his knees. I feel his hands on my ass and hips. I spread my knees further as I feel his slick cock head moving over my pussy. He thrusts deep inside on the first thrust and I smile. That’s my boy, I think. Already gaining confidence. He thrusts hard and strong into me. I am groaning and gasping and moaning in response to fucking that will bring me to orgasm. I utter, “Breasts”, and he leans over me to take a swinging breast in his hand while the other stays on my hip. Then, without leading him, he leans onto me and his free hand slides underneath and between my legs. He strokes me there. I gasp, “Yes … oh God … yes … my … clit …”He does. He attacks my clit and I feel my orgasm swelling inside me. I also feel his cock swelling, again. I have an idea, even in my hazy mind.“Pull out.”He’s confused but does what I say. I grab his hand and pull him with me off the bed. I go the open French doors to the balcony. I lean over the railing with my feet spread wide. We are illuminated by the moon overhead. I reach back to him.“Take me now. We are both close. I want to share our orgasms out here for the world to see how you pleasure me. Fuck me, please.” In the next moment, his cock slams into me after grazing off the side of my thigh and through my lips. “YES … FUCK ME!” I call out to him and he responds. He drives hard and deep into me. He resumes what he learned moments before by leaning onto me to take one breast in his hand and to stroke my clitoris with the other. “OH GOD … oh yes … you are good.”It was calculated to crush his insecurity with the others. I was sure the other boys were out there somewhere. My eyes even searched but, of course, spotted nothing in the darkness. I howled out my orgasm, perhaps a bit louder than naturally, but none the less real. He grunted behind me as he drove in deep and spasmed at the same moment my own body quivered and shook. My knees felt weak but I was pressed over the solid railing. We both groaned out our orgasms but I knew the seepage escaping around his cock was only my own abundant juice.After recovering enough to stand on my own, I took him back inside to the bed. I held him and asked him stay with me. I dozed but when I woke sometime later, he was still in my arms. I asked him to fuck me, again. He did. The wonders of youth. And, there were seven of them. Oh God …I was taking one a night. One every night after Jacob and I started all this. One a night and each night was more than one orgasm and fucking for me. Could I keep this up? After a couple nights, I am consumed with erotic thoughts as my mind remembers past nights and anticipates the next. Each has been different. After the experienced Jacob, canlı bahis it was the virgin Lupe. The next seemed to be in-between. This was the fifth night, Jacob being the first.I tried to focus on my writing. I have recently, though, lost sight of the general direction and plot of this novel. Instead, I find myself furiously capturing in great detail my experiences of the past nights including several of my masturbation sessions just prior to encountering Jacob. My mornings are consumed with trying to capture the previous night’s events, feelings, and impressions of the young man. Then, I retreat to my bedroom where I masturbate to relieve the built-up tension. I considered calling one of the boys … that would be possible … I want to stay on the routine, though. Who knows what will happen after I have gotten through each of the boys? One week and seven young men … what am I turning into? But I have never felt so sensual and the erotic detail of my writing … it’s masturbating material if you don’t have seven young men available.I find myself stressing about what to wear tonight. For four nights I have done similar things: sheer gowns with sheer panties. Each night after Jacob and after meeting the other boys I find myself feeling a sense of anticipation as I go down those stairs to see who is waiting for me. Each night is wonderful. Something is feeling different about this night. What? I have no idea.I stand in my closet looking over my selection of night gowns, some I have added in the past days. My eyes settle on a sheer white baby-doll. It, too, ties just below the breasts and is intended to be worn with panties because of the way it gaps at the bottom. I slip into the baby-doll but leave the sheer panties behind. I slip into a pair of white high heels and consider my reflection in the full-length mirror. It’s obscene. My pussy is clearly visible. I finish the glass of wine I brought up earlier, check the bedroom and, satisfied it is as I need it for later, I step out into the hall and turn for the stairs.As I descend the stairway to the bottom and pass through the entry, I can feel heightened anticipation to find out which of the boys is waiting for me this night. When I enter the living room and see a large black young man, my excitement spikes and it occurs to me I have been u*********sly awaiting this. Samuel. The one actually more imposing physically than Jacob. It isn’t that Samuel is much taller but he is larger. He is wider, beefier, but I can also see he is still a solid young man. He is large but large like a defensive end as opposed to an offensive lineman. He is also very black with short nappy hair. I am, by now, used to seeing the boys in the same past century era work clothing. It was what they wore at the time they died.“Samuel.”He had been roaming looking at the pictures on the mantel when I entered the room. He was fully formed when I entered and turned quickly. “Ma’am ….”, his voice seemed to catch in mid-exclamation. “Wow …” He seemed to get embarrassed then. “Sorry, Ma’am … I … shouldn’t stare … but … WOW.”I giggle as I step up to him. The reaction from them have been consistently somewhat like this. Despite anticipating what would be happening, the reality of seeing me prepared to be with them has still been surprising to them. In all honesty, I am still not quite believing it myself … still.I find the initial reaction and early encounter to be telling about the young man. Most all have been shy and awkward. Some, like young Lupe, awkward almost to the point of not being able to act, leaving me to pull them along. Jacob, of course, had been watching me and gained his confidence. I expected Samuel to be like Jacob at the first meeting but he exhibited the same shyness as the others. In reflection, though, it shouldn’t have been a surprise as it is a reflection of their reluctance to use my name and to use ‘Ma’am’. I also found I liked that. It provided me with a feeling of control of the situation. And, a woman alone with seven young men needs some control.His eyes traveled over my body as I stepped to him. I knew my breasts jiggled under the sheer fabric and my pussy was clearly exposed without the panties. Seeing his eyes hungrily focused on my pussy made me glad I had shown to leave the panties upstairs.“You’re beautiful, Ma’am.”I kissed his cheek in greeting, pressed my breasts into his rough shirt. “You’ve seen me naked before, Samuel.”“Ah … um … yes, Ma’am, but … it was dark then … and … there was a lot … to watch then, too.”I giggled, “Yes,” and blushed at the memory of fucking Jacob at the time they all appeared before me. “Yes, indeed … a lot was happening. I suppose that and seeing all of you before me started all this.” He just looked at me but his eyes kept drifting over my exposed body. I smiled. He was less reluctant to be caught looking. There was a lot of confidence in this young man. Similar to Jacob. So, I wasn’t far off in my early judgment. “Tell me something, Samuel … have you had experience with women?”He looks back from my body to my face with a tight smile. “Yes, Ma’am.”“A white woman by chance?”“No, Ma’am”, while shaking his head. “Not back then, Ma’am.”“Good, I can be your first, then.” He nods. It didn’t require a response but he gave one, anyway. I take one of his hands and put it on my bare hip. “Samuel, I am probably twice you age.” His eyes left the hand on my hip and focuses on my face. “Am I too old?” Another shake of his head. I didn’t do this with the others. The age difference wasn’t brought up but I was curious how Samuel would respond to my teasing. “Prove it, dear.”The hand on my hip moves up my side. He pulls me into his body and I feel how solid it really is. His other hand lifts my chin and he kisses me on the lips. It is a quick kiss but it indicates his passion and arousal. He checks my face for reaction. I smile and reach my face up toward him. He takes me more firmly into his body and we kiss more. I feel his hand slide down my back and pull me into his lower body. I feel his already hard cock pressing into my abdomen. I moan appreciatively into his mouth. Without breaking the kiss, his other hand slips between our bodies and he fumbles with the bow holding my baby doll together. When he opens it, that hand snakes up to a breast and his powerful hand squeezes the flesh … and I groan into his mouth.He pushes the gown off my shoulders. It slides down my body to flutter to the floor. I gasp as his hands instantly are all over my body. We are still kissing. I say into his mouth, “I need your clothes off.” I might have sounded desperate. I am. I had to feel him under my hands and against my bare skin.We don’t separate. His hands and arms don’t leave my body and mine don’t leave his … but … as I say it … he’s naked in my arms. I feel his hard, erect cock pressing against me. My hands are stroking his bare back and my erect nipples are pressed into his bare chest. It is so weird how that happens. It makes it so easy.I start giggling. I can’t control it. It’s just so weird. He separates us enough to look down at me. “What?”“I’m sorry. Really. It’s just … when you guys get instantly naked … it’s not normal.”He pulls me against his body and I feel his hard cock. I still haven’t seen it. He chuckles in response. “We’re not real … we’re ghosts, Ma’am. Well, fucking ghosts isn’t normal.”I give him a mock offended look but I can’t hold it and we start laughing. I cut that short, though, as I sink down along his body to my knees. My God … his cock is like his body. It might be the same length as Jacob’s 12 inches but it is thicker. My tongue immediately comes out to lick the length of it. When my tongue reaches the head, I open my lips and take it between for a quick suck.I stand back up, my body moving against his. In a breathy voice, “How strong are you?”“What do you have in mind, Ma’am?”My hand stroking up and down on his cock, my legs part over his, and my pussy presses against his thigh. “I’ve had a fantasy about being held while …” I blush.He chuckles, “You do a lot of that kind of fantasizing, Ma’am?”I giggle, “Lately, I have been, yes.”He put his hands under my arms, “Jump.”I did. Not a very good jump, either. But he doesn’t need much help from me. A little momentum from me and he did the rest. He lifts me high and I wrap my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck. His hands shift to under my butt. I hold on tight as one of his hands moves from my butt cheek. Then, I feel his cock pressing along my ass and pussy. I hold myself still as he moves it along my wet slit and I feel it pressing at my hole and sinks in an inch or so. He brings his hand back to my ass to support me and I loosen my hold around his neck, not completely, but I am relinquishing control to him. His hands lower me and stops when I cry out.I cover his mouth with mine, then gasp out, “No … you’re good … it … wow, you are big.” He raises me up a bit and holds me. Just those inches inside feel like I am filled. I am stretched wide around him but the muscles quickly adjust. “Yes … thank you … now … fuck me.”I thought I was falling to the ground. Suddenly, I felt like I was falling as his hands drop me. I only go inches, of course, but I am suddenly stuffed with cock. He is deep and fills me wall-to-wall inside. It feels like the air is pushed out of my body each time I am plunged down over his cock. My head hangs back on my neck. My hair swishes back and forth as he lifts and drops me. I clutch unto him when I feel my entire body tense with an impending orgasm. I throw my face into his shoulder and neck as it crashes over me and whimper at the intensity. My pussy goes into spasms but is so stuffed, already. Samuel holds me tight with only slight movement.When the most intense part passes, I lean back with my hands on the back of his neck. I look into his face with wonder. “My God, Samuel … that was amazing. You’re so big it feels like I am completely stuffed. Every movement stimulates every nerve inside me.” I kiss him, then, “Like I told the others, I am yours tonight. I want you to climax … several times.”He smiles and keeps me in place on his cock. He moves to the front door and nudges the screen door open. Unlike a living man attempting this, there are no steps and footfalls to send a jolt through me. We glide. Once outside on the porch, though, he begins bouncing me up and down, again. Outside, as he glides down the stairs to the ground, he continues to move me up and down his cock. We had been in the living room in front of the big window and that seemed exposed. Now, outside, under the moon and the millions of stars … it’s a new exposure. I don’t know if the other boys are watching now or not. Our understanding was privacy in the house but Samuel has taken me outside where they are free to watch.I am rising to another heaven ascent to an orgasm as I realize he is still moving as he bounces me. We are moving to the bluff over the ocean’s shore. The sensory impact is amazing. There is apparently a lot more to Samuel than his brute size and strength. He faces me to look over his shoulder as I am fucked. Now, not only outside in the fresh salt-heavy air but the bright moon is reflected on the gentle waves of the ocean. The air is quiet but for the breeze in the nearby trees and the waves lapping on the shore 50 feet below.This time we both climax. And, before he has me upstairs in the bed, he is again hard inside me. He maneuvers himself onto the bed, never having pulled out, so that I am on top of him. This time I do the work. And, even that isn’t the last time.* * * The final CHAPTER 4 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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