Gideon and I


So it all started the year I was in 8th grade, and he was in 9th. I had taken an intrest in Gideon the year before, but not anything much. When I got into 8th grade, I had to start changing with the 9th graders, and Gideon was in 9th grade. Gideon was 6’5 and strong as hell. All the kids were almost scared of him.
So it was the first day of gym, and everyone went to change. Everyone had nice bodies that mad me hard. But then Gideon pulled off his shirt, and he was so muscular, it almost looked fake. Next thing I know he was pulling down his pants to reveal a pair of blue tight boxer briefs. The conformed to his hot ass, and supported his enormus bulge. I was so extremley hard at the site of this.
But I eventually had to stop looking, changed quickly and ran into the gym.
Honestly, for a period of time, I thought Gideon was actually gay!
First time I thought he was, was when I was texting him. We were playing the questions game, and I told him that there were very personal questions I wanted to adk him.
He said,”Nothing I can’t handle”
I replied,”Are you sure?”
”Just ask me the questions”, he said.
The first one I asked him was, ”Do you ever jack off?”
”No”, was his answer.
I was so surprised!! I asked him a few more questions like that, the I decided escort kocaeli to ask,
”How big is your dick?”
He responded, ”7.5″
I was going to say prove it, but that is a little obvious.

The second time, was around Christmas time. There was a Christmas party, and all the guys were going. We all got on a bus, and there was barley any room. I was squished between Gideon, and another guy. I loved being squished against Gideon and his hot, amazing body. I was really hard, but hid my boner well.
The party finally ended, and everyone agreed to sit in their same spots. Everyone was tierd, and it was dark out. I said to Gideon,
”It is going to be so smushed again!”
And what he said back, almost made me faint.
”You can sit on my lap”, he said
I didn’t think he was all that serious. But we all got on the bus.
I went and sat down next to Gideon. The boy next to me asked Gideon and I to move over. Gideon said, ” I have a better idea”.
He lifted me up and put me on his lap. I turned around and looked at him, and he just smiled. I was pretty hard. All of a sudden, I felt a lump in my ass a little. It was pretty hard, then I figured, it was most definetly his dick!
The last time that made me think he was, was another texting thing. We had been playing the questions kocaeli anal yapan escort game again, and I asked him a question, that he would’nt answer. I told him, he had to answer it or else. He said,” There isn’t much you can do”
I said,” Oh yeah? If you don’t answer, I will send you a picture of my dick”
All he said was,” Yeah right”
”I’m dead serious!” I said
He kept saying, ”Yeah right”.

So what I did was, Take a picture pf my dick still in my underware, and sent it to him. ”Thats still not your dick”, he said.
So I took a picture of my dick, and sent it to him. I was scared of what he was going to say back.
”It’s smaller than mine”, he said.
So I said,” Yeah, ok”
All of sudden my phone had a picture message. I opened it, and to my suprise, was Gideons big, thick, long, juicy dick. It was amazing. He then told me he had to go.
A couple weeks later, is when it happened. I was over at Gideons house. His parents were with his siblings, at the childrens museum. I was laying on his bed, and he was sitting on a chair, telling me some stories. All of a sudden he came over to the bed and sat next to me.
I sat up, and looked into his eyes. Blue, sexy eyes. Then it just happened, we started to make izmit yabancı escort out. I was already really hard, but he was only semi hard. He pulled away, and reached for my pants. He unzippered them and pulled them down. He pulled down my underware, and my dick sprang free. Then he leaned over and slipped it in his mouth.
It was the best feeling ever. He sucked for about 5 minutes, and thats when I blew my load in his mouth. He swallowed it and smiled at me. Than he said,” I really want to fuck you”
”I was hoping you would ask”, I said.
He reached under his matress, and pulled out a bottle of lube. He lubed up my ass, and then his cock.
He said, ”I am going to start now, tell me if I am hurting you.
He went slowly in. It hurt, but felt really good. About 2 minutes later, he was all in. He pushed it in, and out slowly at first.
Then he sped up and kept that pace for about 10 minutes. We were in a doggy style position, and he said” get on your back”
I instanly obeyed. Quickley, he put my legs in the air, and stuck his dick back in me. He fucked me in that position. He would ocassionally, bend down and makeout with me. About 10 minutes later, he said ” Oh god, I am about to cum!”
Then he did, right in my ass. He then pulled out and let me lick and extra cum on his dick.
All of a sudden, his family pulled in the drive way. We quickly cleaned up and got dressed and played some video games.
Gideon and I still fuck to this day, but the first time was most definetly, the best.

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