Glamour Shots

Ai Shinozaki

“Woman would like to speak to you.”I looked up from the negatives and grinned, “What did we fuck up?”“You didn’t fuck up anything this time,” Jane retorted.I smiled and nodded. “What is it about?”“Wants a photo set, wants to make sure you can do a decent job with Asian faces.”“You showed her the portfolio?”Jane shrugged. “She looked through it like a hawk and stuck around, so I guess she wants that personal touch.”“Right, keep the customer satisfied.”“Yeah, you do that this time.”We grinned, remembering the fellow who had tried to cheat us out of a job a couple months before by saying he was dissatisfied with our product and demanding a refund, which didn’t get to small claims court because Jane had found him using the supposedly “wretched crap” on a modelling page; a short letter from an attorney later, he folded, coughed up, and doubtless was out looking for some other mark to steal from. Since then she had pestered me twice for a raise come the fiscal year, and made sure to point up all her achievements at work.The woman looked me up and down carefully as I walked to the table. “Sylvia,” she said as we shook hands, “Sylvia Kim,” and I examined her carefully from a couple of angles as she looked back gimlet-eyed. Not quite model quality, she was still an exquisite model of womanhood, and it was not just the desire to expand my clientele that made me eager to court her business.“So, your clerk tells me you know Korean,” she said in the most formal level of Korean I had encountered outside of a historical drama in class chosen for precisely that.I replied as formally, “My manager. We’re both clerks as needed.”She nodded, continuing in Korean to test me, I suspected, formal yet abrupt. “Where did you learn?”“College here, two years, then three years in Seoul.”“Why aren’t you there?”“Classes ended and suddenly my father passed away, so as you might expect, I had to come home and take care of his affairs.”She seemed to blink a little at the full use of honorifics, both for her and for my father, a tricky point for foreigners, and said, “No chance to get back then.”“No, I had to start work, and I lucked into shooting for a friend of my father, for his business. He loved my work and offered to help me get started, legal advice and connections and all, gave me the lead on this little house. Small but perfect for our business. I agreed and have made him very pleased with his act of benevolence.”She smiled, “And you learned to photograph portraits in Korea?”“My roommate’s brother was a photographer. I was a hobbyist and we hit it off and he taught me a lot in return for me helping out in the studio and the dark room between classes.”“Which was probably a violation of every labor law in Korea.”I shrugged, “I wasn’t paid and he said if anyone cared, I was an apprentice.”She laughed, “That wouldn’t wash legally, I think, but no one would care.”“So, what sort of photographs do you need?”“Some portraits for my business, professional and attractive. I practice international law, so I need them to be impeccable. I don’t like the way Americans do photos of me; they seem to never quite get the skin tone attractive. Even the best are never quite right, not like in Korea.”“When you train on Caucasian faces, yes, it’s hard to change gears, and most don’t even care. At least in this state.”“So it seems in my experience. I’ll want some test shots, today if possible.”“I’m free now, if you’re not expecting too many.”“That will be fine.”“Will you pick them up?”“Messenger them to me.”I went to the door and said, “Jane?”“Yes?”“Test shots. Get the paperwork ready and arrange for delivery; it should take fifteen minutes at the most.”“Already practically done.”I smiled as I showed the way to the studio, and Jane peeked in after a minute to watch. “Light meter, please, Jane.”She handed it to me and watched curiously as I checked again and handed it back. “Okay, good. Thanks, Jane.” She watched closely for a minute as I posed Sylvia and then nodded, “Back to work,” and shut the door quietly behind her.“Does she intrude like that often?”I shrugged, “Checking up on things. Keeps me honest.”She smiled, “Jealous girlfriend?”“Professional manager. Perfect employee.”The shoot went extremely well, better than my best efforts in Korea, and I smiled in satisfaction as she asked, “When will they be ready?”“I’ll have them ready by four, send them off post-haste.”“Right, as long as I have them by six, that will be fine.”She phoned me at 5:30. “The test prints are very good. I will come by tomorrow evening after work; I assume 7 PM is acceptable?” The next afternoon, Jane and I were going over paperwork after closing. “What about the Kim woman?”“Shooting her tonight.”“What? Here? After hours?”“Yeah, when she gets off work. Problem with that?”She looked at me closely. “As long as she pays everything she owes on the dot, she can make any arrangement with you she likes. Just make sure she doesn’t rob us at gunpoint.”I laughed as she shook her head. “You’re still a big-city girl.”“Damn straight. Never know when these jokers will jack you up.” She added, “Be careful with those older women now.” I looked at her closely, and she bahis siteleri smiled, “I made sure to check her driver’s license when she left the credit card for the delivery.”I nodded, “A man never asks, so you don’t tell.”She smiled. “You’ve been in a good mood since she left, so you do like Asian women. Thought so,” she said smugly.“Just curiosity, I guess.”“Why?”“Never dated one.”“Even studying there?”“Just friends, really. They never seemed interested and…I was always shy around them. Never felt well enough at ease in Korea to dare to.”“Cultural differences?”“Yep. The cues, the hints in the voice and the posture, I was blind to all that. Two left feet.”“Do you think she likes you, this Kim chick?”“No, she’s as formal as they come. Her Korean is like a textbook chapter in the formal level. Which is not too hard any more, not like my first year, all the long verb endings and honorific words and lord, the things you have to do instead of using pronouns, but it sets up this wall between us that I just can’t see a way to punch through.”“So just business.”“So it would appear.” Jane left work at the usual time and I sat reading until Sylvia arrived. I locked the door behind her and turned to face her. “Thank you for agreeing to photographing me after hours,” she said in Korean, and I replied in English, “I understand that you have a busy schedule”; the rest of our conversation proceeded in Korean on the fully formal level.I led her back to the studio and checked the lighting as she leaned against my small desk. “Ready,” I said, and she moved to the chair under the lights.I adjusted the lighting again and nodded, and she said, “I was very pleased with your test prints. I didn’t think I was that beautiful. I trust you to make me the most outstanding businesswoman in the state.”I smiled and said, “You’ve already done most of the work for that.”She smiled slightly and stood as I posed her, raising and lowering her head, facing left and right, and turning her body as directed to show off her shoulders or neck or bust. Her hair was perfectly coiffed in the latest Korean style for just-turned-middle-aged women, jet black around a perfectly made up face, the quintessence of Korean cosmetic art. Her charcoal jacket fit well around her dark green blouse buttoned to the neck, no gap open to show what appeared to be well-formed breasts.After ten minutes she said, “And for myself, perhaps something a little more informal? A touch of the personal side?” and slipped off her jacket. I blinked in surprise and said, “Of course, it’s your shoot.”“Make me beautiful.”“You already are.”She smiled slightly as directed, posing beautifully as she turned this way and that to show the firmness of her body and the softness of her breasts, neither too buxom nor too flat, sometimes sheer under her fabric and other times only giving a hint they were there. After five minutes she seemed to swallow something unspeakably bitter and unbuttoned the three top buttons of her blouse without being directed to. She stared into the camera as she played for it, leaning over the top of the table to let the camera see the lace of her bra, her medium cups filled full just visible.She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, posing devil-may-care and daring me to capture the image to her greatest advantage, yet remained entirely formal and correct in her speech and manner toward me. I was lost to everything but her beauty through the lens as she played to it. After twenty minutes she said, “And I think in addition, I’ll take the boudoir package.”“Certainly,” I somehow said without stammering, and she smiled sweetly and sat on the edge of the table facing 90 degrees away from me, her weight resting on her palms and feet as she leaned back in a straight sweep from feet to ears, a perfect image of elegance. Soon she turned her head to stare into the camera, the rest of her pose unchanged, and then she raised her left leg to show its taut perfection under the hose.“Mind you,” she smiled, “I’m very straight, so I’ll trust you to direct me how men like it most. I expect you to make me heartbreakingly sexy.”“Seduce me. The camera is your lover. I’ll tell you what it likes.”“Which part of me is the best?”“All of you. A perfect ensemble.”“And which part attracts your camera the most?”“Your eyes, your neck, your breasts.”“Your wish is my command.”“Tease me with your blouse.”She watched me with quickening breath as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse for me, showing me just a quick glimpse of lace-encased breast, left then right, as she expertly built my desire for her. Finally she let her blouse slide off her shoulders to hang from her waist, her bra finally exposed fully.“Tell me, is my bra as beautiful for you as it is to me?”“Yes.”She smiled. “It’s my best. Tailor-made.”“It fits you perfectly.”She posed for me, showing me her bra from every angle I could think of to view her from, and then I said, “Now…” Pausing at the thought of the boundary I was about to cross, I then continued, “Now let me see you without your bra.”Although I somehow expected her to show some shock, however slight, to match my own feeling of taking liberties, she showed canlı bahis siteleri no response at all out of the ordinary, reaching around behind her as if I were a mirror in which she examined herself stripping bare. I stared lovingly at the firm tan breasts she let me gaze on to my fill as she posed for me, each somewhat larger than her hand, as I confirmed through a lengthy series of hand-bra poses, then captured them as they stood free and still surmounting gravity despite her age, their brown nipples pointing slightly upward, and felt warm in the belly as her nipples became increasingly erect as she played with them for me, staring into the lens as her breath quickened.After another fifteen minutes, she said quietly, the strict formality of her verb forms contrasting like whiplash with the content of her speech. “Not all men love breasts as much as you do, you know. Make me sexy for them too.”“Take off your hose, slowly, and let me watch, from here.” She nodded with no trace of apprehension. “Lean against the desk, raise your hem. Show me your legs slowly, tease me, don’t let me see your beauty too quickly, it could blind me.”She didn’t smile at my comment but simply nodded again and slowly showed herself to me, the brightness of her eyes feeding on my attention. Her shins were finely turned, her thighs thicker and more showing her age, perhaps, but at the moment exquisite. She raised her knee after raising her hem to her waist, and let me see a glimpse of panties, lacy to match her bra, as she tilted her hips toward me and away as she slowly slid the hose down her leg to the knee, and then off. She then turned a bit more away from me to let me capture the other leg from the side, its long line flowing smoothly from her hip, and once it had been removed, she leaned over to look into the camera from the side, her breast squeezed against her knee, the other breast hanging free.She took the initiative then, lowering her leg and rolling her hips toward me, her thick hairs clearly visible through her white lace, as she moved sensually in a fever, languorously showing herself to full advantage in every pose, needing only a few hints from me to show her toned belly or thighs to full advantage.Finally she stood before me, arms akimbo. “Do you like my panties?”“They match your bra perfectly. Yes, beautiful.”“It took a while to match them. They’re my best set.”“You’d be even more beautiful without them.”She smiled, “This is rather far beyond a boudoir set, isn’t it?”“Yes. Quite.”“A 20% bonus then. Only fair for your labor.” Although I was tempted to write it off entirely, I knew Jane would kill me come accounts time if I did, so I simply nodded. “And now make me the sexiest Korean woman who ever lived.”She took naturally to nudity, sensuality building as she teased me removing her panties, sitting against the edge of the table as I captured the perfect thatch of black at the join of her thighs, then lying on her side as she showed me all her curves. Soon enough she sat up again and teased the camera with glimpses of her inner lips as she raised her knee and lowered it again.Finally she faced me and leaned back on her knees and said, “Let’s make the audience happy.” I held my breath as the camera clicked, her lips coming into view as she spread her thighs for me. Her lips were swollen and folded like a snail or an oyster, a deep brown framed by perfectly trimmed hairs, a light fringe in the darker brown skin around the center of her body, and she stared into the camera as I captured her most intimate views.After five minutes in which she showed me her body, thighs open, in every position that I could think of, gazing openly at the camera as I gazed at paradise and its deepest center, ending with her staring at me over her shoulder as she thrust her ass into the air to give the camera the illusion that we were about to couple like animals, she rolled over onto her back and said, “Capture me perfectly now.”She reached between her thighs and caressed her lips, stroking lightly as her fluids squished under her fingertips. I watched, nothing drawing my attention away from the view through the camera, not even my swollen balls and throbbing erection close to spilling in my pants, as she worked herself for the camera, exposing her pink center and then covering it as she gripped her pubis and fucked hard against her hand. “Make sure you catch my face in every shot,” she whispered, and stared into the camera as I captured every twitch and tremor of her climb to orgasm.After three or four minutes, she groaned, “I’m coming,” and then squealed as she pounded her hand with her hips and her pussy with her hand, her lips engorged around her deeply embedded fingers. Finally, as her first scream was torn out of her, her eyes closed and her head rolled back, the muscles of her throat standing out as her hips thrust up in the air, ass inches off the desk as the scent and sounds of her fluids filled the room.After a minute she collapsed. She pulled her hand away and said, “Now be sure to get the scenery as I cool off.” I watched her lips recede as the flush left her face and her sweat dried. Despite canlı bahis her intense passion, she remained cool and calm in speech, watching me as she said, “The 20% bonus of course is intended to cover complete confidentiality. The pictures belong exclusively to me.”“Of course. That’s implicit.”She nodded, and surprised me by still continuing in formal Korean. “How soon until they’re ready?”“Two days.”“Is that long?”“It’s quite short, actually.”“No need to rush. Three or four is fine, but no longer.”“No, no, it’s just if I don’t develop them soon, the camera could spontaneously combust with what you’ve put on it.”She laughed and quickly dressed. She reached out her hand, then looked down at it, laughed, and bowed; I returned the bow and laughed as she said the usual Korean farewell when leaving a store, “Sell a lot.”I escorted her to the front door and watched as she made it safely to her car. I then locked up and returned quickly to the studio, where I immediately took the storage chip from the camera and opened the file in my computer. Dropping my trousers, I grabbed a handkerchief and stared at her beautiful breasts in close-up until I spewed the largest load of my lifetime into the handkerchief a minute later. Turning to a photo of her vulva in extreme close-up, I drained myself three more times in fifteen minutes and finally felt able to do a little work before leaving for the day. I came in at ten the next morning after my weekly run to the bank and a trip for supplies. Jane looked at me closely over the paperwork and said, “A boudoir set as well?”“Yes.”“What is this bonus?”“Rush.”“Then why wasn’t it coded for that?”“I didn’t think to.”She looked at me closely and relied, “Start thinking again. I know you have an Asian fetish as thick as my arm, but this is business.”“No, I do not.” She looked quizzically at me and I smiled, “Okay, a little, the size of your little finger.”“No, it’s about the size of my middle finger,” she said unsmilingly. “If she doesn’t pay…”“If she doesn’t pay, contact a lawyer. A good one.”“Fight fire with fire?”“As it were, yes.” I called her two mornings later. She immediately asked, “Are the pictures ready?”“Yes.”“I’ll stop by tonight after work and make sure they’re acceptable.”“Certainly.”“About seven. Until then.”She had retained the most formal level of Korean and had taken on the frostiest tone of voice I had heard in many a year. While I was not surprised, given what she had shown of herself, I did find myself a bit dismayed.As for myself, I had masturbated constantly to the pictures, which I had printed in duplicate. In my years studying in Korea, the manners and decorum had reinforced my shyness in a foreign land, and I had been too busy studying and taking photographs as a hobby to really feel a lack—later, I had thought, maybe next year I’ll start looking for companionship, and then the need to return home ambushed me. A forbidden fruit, Korean women had seemed, and finally one had shown me everything my eyes could have desired.More than that, what bedeviled me was the whole purpose of her pictures; the job left me utterly baffled. The professional pictures, those were understandable, and I made them if anything even closer to perfection than the intimate pictures that left me drained—but nudes, sexually explicit nudes showing every detail of her pleasure, they made no sense. A few ideas came to mind, but none seemed satisfactory.I set all such thoughts aside and waited for the evening. She arrived right at seven and greeted me with a slight bow and as severe a manner as a suspicious grandmother. She joined me at the table and watched me closely for any untoward forwardness as I handed her three large envelopes with my most business-like manner. “These are your professional portraits, these are your more relaxed pictures, and these are the last batch.”She looked through each set closely, very closely indeed, as I looked away, and finally said, glancing at each in turn, “Yes, these are fully acceptable. Better than I imagined, actually.” After a pause, she added quietly while looking at the last batch, “Much better than I thought possible.”“Here is my invoice.”She nodded, took out her cell phone, and did a quick transaction. I saw the email indicating receipt of funds on my own phone and nodded back. “Oh, and here.” I slid over a flash drive, which she picked up casually and slid into a deep, deep recess of her purse.“No doubt you’ve kept a copy for yourself. Enjoy them,” she said. “You should, doing such great work.”“Do be sure to pass the word to anyone looking for a photographer.”“Most certainly.”I walked her to the front door. Before stepping through, she said, “Thank you again for your fine work. And for your lifelong confidentiality.” I bowed to her and she nodded, and looking me in the eye said, “You have a good business manner. Professional and courteous. You should go far. Sell a lot.” To the end she had remained on the most formal level of Korean, and she quickly turned and walked to her car.As she drove off, I sighed. So close to paradise, but not close enough. I smiled sadly and thought, Ah well, I still have the memories, and the pictures. Work continued without slack, a wedding that weekend and several family picture sets, plus some quarterly work for local businesses’ advertisements, and Jane took an accountant’s delight in the flush flow of cash.

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