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Chapter 52 Kyle begged to stay with Ry, but the doctor wouldn’t allow it. He was frustrated, because Dr. Bower wouldn’t listen to him about Ry needing to sleep with someone. It didn’t help that Ry got mad and told him to leave. Kyle told himself that Ry was upset with his situation, but he couldn’t help but take it personally. He loved Ry, and he thought that Ry loved him, too, so it hurt that Ry snapped at him for just trying to help. Charlie didn’t want to leave, either. His therapist, Paul, told Rick that he felt Charlie was ready to go home. Charlie had a fit. He demanded to stay, claiming that he needed to keep Ry safe, but he couldn’t explain why he felt that way. Rick, Will and Paul tried to calm the boy down, to explain that Ry’s parents were dead and not coming back, that his new, big brother was in a hospital with around-the-clock security, but Charlie wasn’t swayed. In the end, he was given a mild sedative and carted from the building. Rick was at a loss. Will drove them all home, and promised to retrieve Rick’s truck later. Kyle sat up front, while Rick held Charlie in the back seat. Will and Kyle talked about the trial coming up, while Rick sat in the back seat going over his plans in his head. The weather had been cold and rainy, which had slowed the progress on the ramp. His house was not wheelchair accessible by any means, but he couldn’t exactly put Ry in the garage. Will bought dinner before istanbul travesti dropping everyone else off. He said he needed to take care of business and couldn’t stay, but he did promise to look on Ry before heading home. Rick thanked him and carried Charlie into the house. “Can I ask you a question?” Kyle asked Will, once Rick was inside. “Of course…you can even ask another one.” Will chuckled at Kyle’s confusion. “Sure. What’s your question?” “How do you know if someone loves you or not?” “Ah,” Will replied. He sat in a chair on the front porch and motioned for Kyle to do the same. “That’s complicated. Is this about Ry?” “Yeah. I told him that I love him, but he didn’t say it back. I think he’s mad at me for wanting to stay with him.” “Love is pretty complicated. You can’t help who you fall in love with, but that doesn’t mean the other person has to love you back. What’s more, someone may love you and not even know it until they lose you. As for Ry, he’s been through a lot, Kyle. My guess is that he’s processing everything that happened to him. It probably didn’t help having Charlie clinging to him all this time, too. I won’t speak for him, but if he does love you, you need to be patient and let him tell you in his own time.” “But, what if he never says it?” Kyle said, unable to cloak his desperation. Will pulled Kyle into a hug. He then whispered, “If he never says it back, he was never the right guy for you. You will find the right guy, Kyle, I promise.” Father and son hugged for a while. Kyle whispered, “I love you, Daddy.” Will almost had a complete melt down and barely managed to keep himself together. “I love you, too, Kyle.” Will let Kyle got and said that he should get going. Kyle wanted to talk to his father about an idea he had, but decided it could wait. He went inside and found Rick sitting on the couch. He looked forlorn. His face was droopy and looked like he was on verge of tears. Kyle sat next to his dad. He reached over and took Rick’s hand into his. Rick absentmindedly rubbed Kyle’s hand with his thumb, still lost in thought. “Dad?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, Buddy?” Rick replied sounding a little distant. “Are you okay?” “I don’t know, Buddy. There’s just a lot going on and things to plan. Ry is going to need a lot of help, and I don’t know if I can do it all.” “You won’t have to do it by yourself. I can help.” kadıköy travesti Rick smiled weakly and hugged his son. “Thank you, Buddy. I really appreciate your offer, but these are adult things that I have to figure out on my own.” “Can’t my other dad help?” Rick mentally twitched. He didn’t want to discourage Kyle, but he couldn’t deny the small pangs of jealousy whenever Kyle called Will “dad.” “Will is helping, but there are still things that only I can do.” “Dad?” “Yeah, baby?” “Are we okay?” Rick looked down at Kyle. He saw sadness and fear in his son’s eyes. Rick leaned in and kissed Kyle on the lips. Kyle didn’t turn away this time, and returned the kiss. Rick pulled back and asked, “Do you think we’re okay?” Kyle nodded, smiled and hugged him. “Yeah. I think we’re okay.” The evening was stressful. Charlie woke up screaming. Rick ran to his room and found Charlie huddled in a corner sobbing. Rick couldn’t tell if his son was still asleep or not. It took almost a half-hour for the boy to calm down, but he insisted in talking to Ry. Rick gave in and allowed Charlie to talk to Ry on the phone. They ate dinner, and Rick watched as Kyle and Charlie played video games. Will stopped by the hospital after meeting with a client. Ry was wide awake. “Hey Ry,” Will said, as he took the seat next to the boy. “Doing any better?” “No,” Ry grumbled. “No, I imagine not,” Will softly conceded. “I wanted to talk to you about your testimony.” “How? I bae-wee talk,” Ry said bitterly. “I think, if we can get the judge to limit the questions to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, you probably can answer. Given the circumstances–” “–Me bing weta’ed, you mean?” “You’re not retarded!” Will snapped. “And I will NOT tolerate that word spoken in my presence, do you understand me?” “You no’ my da’!” “With one signature from me, I will be, so you better knock your shit off right now.” Ry looked up at the ceiling. Will took a deep, settling breath. He gave them both a few minutes to calm down and then said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that.” “I so’wee, too.” “Okay,” Will said. The two talked about how best to deal with his testimony. Will explained that, normally, Ry would have to give his side of the events, but given his limited vocabulary, Will was certain the judge would permit limited questions. The assistant D.A. would be okay with it, but bakırköy travesti Dan’s lawyer will try to fight it, since Ry’s statement is the only thing that corroborates Kyle’s accusations. However, there was another option, and Will thought they could use it as a back-up. “Wha’ da’?” “I want you to give your side of the story on video. You could take your time, make sure you say everything as clearly as you can.” “Bu’, wou’ da’ wo’k?” “I don’t know if it would work, which is why I want to try the first method. You can say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, so that’s not a problem, but I can guarantee that Dan’s lawyer would try to force you to explain things, hoping the jury couldn’t understand you or he might even play off that you’re not mentally competent enough for your statement to accurate. Plus, I want to limit any stress you may encounter.” “Okay,” Ry said. “Okay?” “Yeah, do wha’ you wan’.” “Alight. I’ll go to court tomorrow and see what I can do.” “How Cha’wee?” “Charlie?” “Yeah.” “I honestly don’t know. He didn’t want to leave, so I can’t imagine things are any better at home.” “He wiw ‘kweem a lo’.” Will paused to translate then asked, “Did he scream a lot here?” “Oh yeah. Ev’wee nigh’. Ah’w nigh’.” “Every night, all night,” Will muttered, shaking his head. “Did he ever say why?” “No. Bu’ he a’way grap’ me.” “He always grabbed you?” “Di’ my da’ hur’ him?” Ry asked. Will could hear the guilt in the boy’s crooked voice. “I don’t know, Ry, but none of it was your fault.” “He’ wou’ no’ ‘av been da’e if I wan away,” Ry desperately stated. Will stood and stroked Ry’s face. He wouldn’t have been so familiar with the boy, but Ry still hadn’t gained any feeling in his hands, and Will wanted to make sure Ry felt some form of comfort. “You did nothing wrong,” Will stated gently. “You and Charlie were the victims. Neither of you deserved what happened. You did nothing wrong.” Will kept his cupping Ry’s face as the boy cried in anguish and sorrow. Once Ry was calm, Will grabbed his brief case and walked towards the door. “‘top!” Ry nearly shouted. “What’s wrong?” “Pwea’e ‘tay,” Ry begged, his desperation betraying his youth. “Kyle said you don’t like sleeping alone.” “I don’. Pwea’e ‘tay,” Ry pleaded, his voice gone small and mousy. “Of course, I’ll stay,” Will said, moving toward the bench by the window. “But, I have to warn you, I snore.” “Cha’wee di’, too, bu’ you don’ ‘kweem.” Will gave a little chuckle, as he removed his shoes. “No, I don’t scream.” “T’an’ you, Wiw.” “You’re very welcome,” Will replied, as he covered himself with his jacket. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 53***

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