Habitat for Humanity Ch. 02

Big Tits

Bear Women — Kathy II

This is a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent.

This is an erotic tale from the imagination of Victor Blum. This is a work of fiction and the characters and incidents are products my fantasy world. Resemblance to actual events or persons is coincidental . . . so please do not take offense if the situation or story fits. All characters involved in sexual situations within my stories are above the age of eighteen (although I can’t tell you what may have happened before their eighteenth birthday).

I would ask that you do not reproduce these stories, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the author, especially for profit.

This story continues from meeting a co-worker at a Habitat for Humanity building blitz. Kathy is described as a technical writer for the company and very different from most of the other women in the company as she was not flirty or at all seductive in her dress. She was at 5 foot and 3 or 4 inches with a small but strong frame. She had dark red hair that fell straight in back to the bottom of her shoulder blades and tanned skin. Her small breasts were always secured in a bra under her shirt, while her muscular legs and firm butt usually were stuffed into tight tactical pants.


The room seemed incredibly quiet as we descended from that peak, the sound of our heavy breathing unnaturally loud. The aftershocks of our joined earthquake caused both of us to gasp and shiver, the movement of one of us triggering the same response from the other. I felt my cock shift inside Kathy’s hot body and knew I had begun to shrink, and I relaxed and slowly let my weight down, partly on Kathy’s soft body and partly next to her. No words were spoken as I lay there, gently caressing her breast as we basked in the afterglow of our joining. In due course my shaft completely softened and slid out of Kathy’s wet pussy, yet we still lay there cuddling in a tangle of legs until we fell asleep.

When I woke, the room seemed dim, like it was still early dawn. My chest was covered with Kathy’s silky red hair and her head rested on my shoulder. As she stirred, beginning to recover from our sex-induced deep sleep, groaned and stretched her legs. Cocking one eye open, she brushed away the hair that crossed her face and looked into my eyes. As I stared back at her face, I realized that as long as I had known Kathy, she never looked as beautiful or as sexy as she did right at that moment. That look of waking up from sexually satisfied sleep is just so wonderful.

“I think I had a dream last night that I had the most awesome orgasm of my life,” she smiled as she opened both eyes. She rubbed her fingers in his prickly chest hair.

“I don’t know about your dream, but looking at you this morning is more like a dream than reality.” Just the soft of her fabulous body as it stirred against my own skin made my cock begin to twist and swell. As I reached down to cup the curve of her ass in my hand, I glanced at the bed-side clock and froze.

“It’s 8:30!” I exclaimed. We were both supposed to be back at the build site at 9:00. I untangled myself from Kathy’s body and hopped out of bed. I peeked out the window curtains and saw a dark overcast sky. That’s why we thought it was still pre-dawn.

“I’ll shower real quick and get to the site and you can follow as soon as you’re ready,” I told her as I moved towards the bathroom. A very short shower and I pulled our “Habitat” clothing from the dryer and threw mine on. As I was ready to leave Kathy came out wrapped in a towel and pressed her body against mine as she pressed her mouth to mine. Her kiss drove blood to my cock and I groaned.

“Can I come back for dinner tonight?” she asked with a mischievous smile on her face. I gave her a spare key and rushed out to get to the build project.

When I got there, the electrical supervisor had just finished handing out assignments. He told me to pull all the devices and plates to finish number four’s second floor rooms and finish out the rooms as soon as the painters finished each room. I did so, working through each room installing outlets, switches, lights bulbs, etc. as needed for each room. I was in the last bedroom when someone yelled that the first two houses were being turned over to the home owners and everyone should come out for the ceremony. With just one more fixture to install, I stayed back and moved into the closet to install the ceiling light fixture.

I positioned the ladder and, gathering all my materials, moved up the ladder to install the night fixture and bulb. As I was finishing up, the closet door opened.

“Just finishing up,” I called thinking someone was coming to get me for the ceremony. Instead I heard soft footsteps and then someone placed a hand on my crotch.

“How can you be finished when I haven’t even started?” Kathy asked as she looked up at me with that devilish almanbahis şikayet smile. The height I was at on the ladder put my crotch right at her face level and she moved under the ladder and started to unfasten my pants. Pulling my pants and my underwear down, she exposed my cock which was already starting to swell.

“You shameful little harlot,” I whispered as she started to gently caress my cock, encouraging its growth. Kathy wrapped her fingers around my thick cock, sliding her hand down to the root where she squeezed it. She looked intently at the purple, swollen cockhead in front of her for moments, examining the little drip of pre-cum that oozed out of the tip. Then I watched as this beautiful redhead moved her head forward, and pushed out her tongue to lick the salty cock juice oozing from the tip of my prick.

“Unnggh! That feels good,” I hissed as I grabbed the ladder to ensure I did not fall. “Put it in your mouth,” I begged. “Suck it!” Kathy closed her eyes and gradually let her lips slide over my swollen glans, then sucking in inch after inch of my thick shaft. She stopped when she had taken about a third of its length, which was a comfortable amount for her.

When the horny woman below me started sucking my prick hard, it was all I could do to not yell out in pleasure. I looked down but her eyes were closed as she nursed contentedly on the throbbing stiffness of my hard-on. Apparently enjoying my taste, Kathy sucked my cock harder and harder, shocking me with her zeal to mouth and slurp my prick. She forced her face even closer to my pubic hair as she took more in her mouth, nearly gagging herself as she tried to get of my cock meat into her mouth.

“MMouu,” Kathy gurgled, the lewd, wet sounds of her cock sucking filling the closet. Enthusiastically she started moving her head up and down my shaft, fucking her own mouth on my prick. I felt her fingers tightening on the root of my cock and she started to use her hand to jack me off as she sucked the on the bloated head.

“I’m gonna cum!” I groaned quietly. I was on my toes and desperately holding onto the ladder so I would not fall. “I…can’t…hold…it!”

This was just what Kathy wanted to hear, and her cheeks flexed as she started sucking my cock as hard as she could, keeping her lips wrapped around the cum-laden stiffness of my manhood. Her fist moved faster now, as she tried to persuade my balls to give up their heavy load of semen. Apparently she wanted it in her mouth and I figured I gave her warning enough already.

“Crap…now…cumming!” was all I could grunt as I thrust my hips forward and unloaded my first spurt of spunk in her mouth. Kathy moaned in pleasure as the cock juice spewed into her mouth, the first shot near the back of her mouth where she was forced to swallow it right away. She backed her head away as the second shot left my body and deposited on her tongue, where she could savor the taste of my seed. Shamelessly she continued sucking, jacking and swallowing, not releasing my prick until she’d sucked every ounce of gooey semen from my cock meat.

It seemed like forever until my climax was over, and the beautiful redhead in front of me had swallowed all the cock juice I could give her. When Kathy raised her head from my crotch, I noticed that her hand was inside her own pants. Her eyes were dazed and, even though she was still a bit out of breath, she sighed deeply and smiled up at me. The crotch of her pants showed a dark stain and I realized she must have fingered herself to an orgasm while I was filling her mouth with my cum.

I was about to open my mouth to speak when we both heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the house. I quickly stuffed my still swollen cock into my underwear and pulled up my pants. Kathy darted out of the closet and into the bathroom to wash her face while I started to gather my tools and empty boxes. The electrical supervisor walked into the bedroom just as I moved my ladder out of the closet.

“You all done up here?” he asked. I let him know that everything was done upstairs except gathering all my trash. He was pleased and told me to clean up while he checked all the work on this floor, then if it was all good I could help with the final few items in the basement. When he left the room, Kathy came out of the bathroom with a freshly washed face.

“I was going to tell you that they don’t need me anymore,” she smiled. “So I thought I would run home and grab a few things and then I make dinner for you at your place.” She kissed me lightly as she walked by.

“I look forward to your dessert,” I answered with a smile. I stared at her firm behind as she walked away and went back to work. It was another three hours before I was able to finish up and leave. By then I was very dirty and a bit tired, but the thought of Kathy in my kitchen quickened my steps.

When I opened the door to my apartment, my nose was filled with the wonderful smell of Italian cooking. I set my tools down and walked around the corner to the kitchen and froze. almanbahis canlı casino Kathy was standing by the sink cleaning vegetables. She was totally nude, the tan skin of her arms and back contrasted white arrow of thong-tan-line. It drew my eyes to that luscious, firm exposed ass. I felt my cock grow hard and moved towards her, but she held up her hand.

“No touching. You can look, but you can’t touch until dinner is ready and you take a shower.” I reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water, then sat down at the table where I could watch her.

“How was the rest of the day?”

“It was okay,” I answered. “We finished the electrical on the last two units and I split.”

Kathy picked up some dishes and turned to the table. Her tanned breasts swayed as she walked towards me, with her nipples pointing out as hard little buttons sticking out from the crest of her firm mounds. My eyes were drawn to the white triangle of skin that was covered by her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Looking carefully, I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and slightly open, making it obvious that she was also as hungry as I was, for more than food.

I could not believe how erotic it was to watch her parade about my apartment naked. I had seen her naked in the bedroom, but to have her naked in my dining room and kitchen seemed so much more erotic, maybe even perverse. When she bent over the table to put down the plate of sliced veggies, her succulent tits were only a foot away from my mouth. I groaned as she moved away before I could wrap my mouth onto a nipple, and she returned to the kitchen.

“If you want, you can undress and take a shower,” Kathy said.

“Are you going to help me?” I asked with a devilish grin as I rose.

“No,” she smiled back at me. “No touching until after dinner.” Just to challenge her conviction, I stripped off my clothes right in front of her. My hard cock bounced up and down in front of me when I dropped my underwear. Kathy stared down at my swollen man-meat, and then shook her head at me and pointed towards the bathroom.

I took a good shower, ensuring not only was I clean, but cleanly shaved as well. When I returned, my hard cock had subsided a bit and I realized how hungry I was. We sat down at the table and had a wonderful candlelight dinner for two. It was more than erotic to sit across from a naked Kathy for dinner, it was actually sensuously intimate.

When we were finished, Kathy rose and removed the dishes from the table. Watching her body move and wiggle brought all the blood flow back to my crotch, and my penis was as hard as ever. When she returned she just smiled at me and beckoned me toward the bedroom with her finger.

I stood up and let her see the bobbing of my raging hard-on, then followed her toward my own bedroom. Walking behind her, her muscular derriere nearly drove me crazy as I looked down at it. I so much wanted to push forward and drive my shaft between those ass-cheeks, filling her until she screamed in orgasm.

Kathy looked over her shoulder at me and saw how focused my eyes were. “Do you like looking at my ass?” she asked. “Do you want to put your prick between my cheeks?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I think you have the most delicious looking ass I have ever seen.”

“I’m glad you like it.” She guided me to the edge of the bed. “Maybe you need a better view.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and Kathy moved in front of me, turning her back to me. Slowly she bent over and pushed those two fantastic globes of flesh toward me. She bent forward so far that her pink pussy was visible, shining and damp just inches from my face. She reached back with one hand and pulled her cheek to one side, so her puckered little anus was also exposed for my viewing pleasure.

“Oh Kathy,” I moaned. “I want to touch you, to feel your sKathy.”

“Is that all you want to do?” she teased. “Do you want to lick me there?”

“I would lick you any time, anywhere. There is not a spot on your body I would not lick.”

“Really?” she asked as she wiggled it in front of my face. “Are you sure you would lick me all over, even my ass?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“You kinky pervert!” she hissed at me. “Just the metal picture of your face in my ass makes me so horny. I will hold you to that. Do you want to fuck me there…to shove your cock in me and fill me up?”

“I will slide my cock into anyplace in your body that will give you pleasure.”

“When you talk like that you make my pussy drip.” Kathy turned around and dropped to her knees, so she could lean forward and take my rigid member in her hand. Before I could catch my breath from that, she lowered her face to my swollen cockhead and swallowed up my cock with her lips. The lips of her small mouth were stretched wide as she slid her lips down the long shaft until she had as much as she could take; then she slid her hand up and down on the remainder of the shaft as she sucked on my head with her mouth.

Kathy started almanbahis casino licking and sucking on my cock, making gurgling and slobbering sounds as she contentedly sucked on my cock, her eyes closed as she focused on the flavor and sensation of the prick in her mouth. Kathy squeezed her hand around the root of my cock and started to beating his meat, fast and hard, whipping her right hand up and down from the root to her hungrily sucking lips.

I looked down at her as I moaned my enjoyment of the intense cock sucking. I shifted a hand to her head, moving her red hair so I could see her lips stretched around my shaft. It was such a contrast to see Kathy, usually polite and confident but now acting like a complete whore. My body tensed as my orgasm grew nearer, a heavy load of cock juice congested in my balls.

“I’m gonna’ cum if you don’t stop,” I hissed. I had thought that we would fuck and I would drop my first load inside her pussy but if she did not stop that wouldn’t happen. Kathy did not slow down but sucked my cock harder, her cheeks reddening with the fervor of her effort. It felt like my huge prick grew even bigger against her swirling tongue, and I’m sure that droplets of pre-cum oozed out into her mouth. Kathy was breathing through her nose as her hand whipped up and down the lower portion of my cock.

“Ohhhh, crap,” I grunted. “Now. Now. Noooow.” Just as my hot, thick jizz squirted out she pulled back and pointed it at her breasts. Her fist continued to jerk me off and I shot my second load for the day over her firm, fleshy mounds. Strings of white ooze contracted with the tan of her breast flesh. I started to relax when she released my cock, but she moved her hands to her own tits and started to massage my cum into her skin. She just stared at me with those sultry eyes as she worked the gooey fluid into flesh.

It was too much for me. I was not ready to start fucking her so I did the next best think. I got up and threw her onto the bed, where I aggressively spread her legs and dove between them. Her pussy was already swollen and dripping with juice. I quickly slid first one, then two fingers between her labia and started pumping my fingers rapidly in and out of Kathy’s gooey fuck hole. I placed my other hand near the dark-pink bud protruding at the top of her slit. With my forefinger right on it, I rubbed it in a circular motion. Kathy shrieked, fucking her hips rapidly off the bed.

“Does this feel good?” I asked her in an exaggeratedly calm voice.

“God yes!” she gasped.

“Should I lick it too?” She moaned and shook her head vigorously up and down.

I lowered my head, burying my face between Kathy’s strong thighs where I could place my mouth onto the redhead’s wet and tasty pussy. Hungrily I raced my tongue up and down her throbbing cunt, eagerly licking the sweet juice from the folds of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy felt her pussy growing even hornier, oozing a heavy flow of liquid onto her lover’s tongue. Being around him all day had already left her horny but not that desire was building like a flood. Kathy placed a hand on her mound, using her fingers to peel her own pussy lips back to allow me to thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy, licking deep inside.

“Oh, eat me,” she hissed. The extreme pleasure of having her pussy licked made her lose all of the control she had wanted in this situation. She clutched my head with both hands, frantically lifting her ass off the bed as she tried to press harder against my mouth.

“Lick me, baby!” She moaned. “Oh, crap, you’re making my pussy so hot!”

I pushed my tongue in and out of Kathy’s luscious pussy, making the small woman roll her head back and forth. Her clit was very hard now, twitching obscenely in front of my eyes with its need to be licked and sucked. I moved my mouth up and wriggled my tongue on it which sent waves of intense pleasure coursing through Kathy’s body. Then I took the swollen clit between my lips so I could suck it hard.

“Suck me!” Kathy yelled, her face a mask of insatiable lust and desire. “Fingers…I’m so hot…need to cum!”

Straightening my fingers, I slid them back into the clasping inside of Kathy’s hot, fuck hole. Rapidly I rammed the in and out of the horny woman, pressing upwards against her G spot as my knuckles pounded on the puffy lips of her pussy. When I sucked her clit much harder, it took her completely over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” Kathy yelled as she clawed the back of my head, weeping with pleasure as her body thrashed on the bed. “Eat my fucking pussy! I’m cumming now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Kathy’s vagina spasmed violently around my fingers and delicious musky-smelling cunt cream flowed heavily from her hairy hole, giving me fresh supply of pussy juice to tongue and lick up. I kept my head buried between Kathy’s trembling thighs, continuing to suck and finger her through her secondary orgasmic spasms. I realized if I twisted my hand sideways, I could put my thumb against her precious tiny anus, now covered with the juices leaking from her pussy.

When I pressed my thumb onto her sphincter, she howled as another wave of orgasm washed over her. She bucked against my hand and mouth, writhing on the bed as her body was overwhelmed by her own orgasm. I released my hold on her and stood up.

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