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Just send me your ideas to address above with as little or as much information as you want to tell me including names, ages, sexes, positions, relationships, and what section on Nifty you want the story to go, etc. I will see what I can do with it. If you want to name the story that is fine too. Just make sure the information is yours and not from someone else’s story. Thanks for reading. Please, find it in your heart to donate to fty/donate.html without them we would not have a safe place to deposit and read such great stories. This story was suggested by one of my readers and certain information was given to me to work with. While the general information of the story was given by the reader I put that information together and set up the sex scenes. Hope you enjoy. Happy Birthday Phillip by: Playtime69 I am sure everyone has had at least one birthday they remember for one reason or the other. You might have special memories of a present you received, it might be a special trip you took, it might have been a special birthday party, or it could have been a visit from a special relative or friend. No matter the reason I am sure there is something special about a past birthday you just think about from time to time. I am no exception and that is what my story is about today. My name is Phillip and it was when I turned 9 years old that I was given more than a basic birthday party. My Mom and I moved into a new place just after the end of the school year. The place was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We had a few people around but nothing like the big city that we moved from. I spent the next month or so mostly playing by myself. I guess my best friend was my babysitter, Parker. Since my mother had to work and, at the time, I was only 8 years old I had to have an older person with me. That person was a 19 year old college student, Parker. He was trying to make some money over the summer months to pay for his education. The job was perfect for him. He got paid and it was only going to be for the time he was available. At this point I did not really have many friends my own age so I really enjoyed playing and being with Parker. My mother decided to visit the school I was going to attend the following Fall and get a list of all the students that was going to be in my class. She then proceeded to contact them to invite them all to a birthday party for me. She let them all know I was new to the area and was turning 9 years old and was hoping to make this a birthday slash get-to-know party. When the time came most all the children managed to be at the party. There was a few that were out of town on vacation and one that was too sick but there was still about 20 kids my age there. Mom asked a few parents to help out which they did without complaint. It was a well planned and elaborate party sparing no expense. There was a huge cake with ice cream, several fun get-to-know games, and she even hired three performers. The performers were dressed in full costume, including masks, wigs, face paint, malatya escort and anything else that hid their true identity to make them look like they were not really human but something different. The performers really did a great job in keeping all the kids happy and involved. The party itself was a huge success. I got to know a lot of kids my own age and I instantly became popular. It was an abnormally long party that lasted from about ten in the morning until about four in the afternoon and included a light lunch. Even though it was a six hour long party it went by really fast. I could tell my mother was a bit frazzled but I did appreciate all she had done for me and giving me this party. It was around four in the afternoon when some of the kids started going home and the party was drawing to a close. Some of the helping parents took some children home and some other parents picked up their own kids. There were five or six that my mother said she would take home. Most of which lived a good distance away. This was going to take a little time to do but she needed some time away from the house to relax a bit. She also said she needed to stop by the store on the way home so she would be gone a while. “Phillip, I am going to take some of the kids home. I talked to the guys and they are going to stay with you till I get back. I have to stop at the store and get some stuff so it will be a few hours. We will eat dinner when I get back. Will you be ok?” Mom wondered. “Sure Mom. I am all grown up now. I will be fine.” I replied. With that and all the other children gone it was just me and the three performers left. They did some more magic tricks and some other stuff to keep me occupied. It had been thirty minutes or so when the tone seemed to change. “So, Phillip, Did you have a fun birthday party?” One of the guys asked. “Yes. It was fun and I got to meet a lot of new kids.” I answered. “How would you like to play a new game? An adult game.” He then asked while giving a wink to the other two guys. I was not sure what he meant by “Adult Game” but I was sure they were not going to do anything to hurt me and the thought of playing a game meant to be for adults seemed to interest me. I asked how it was played and with big smiles they all three knew I was in. The one that had the mask on took it off and said, “First of all you have to agree never to tell anyone what we do. If you agree the first thing we do is all get naked. The three of us will then take turns trying to make you have your first orgasm. Each of us in turn will have five minutes each to do whatever we want to do the job. A couple things though. We cannot do whatever the previous person tried or what we tried the previous time. So that means if I give you a blowjob one time then the next time it is my turn I cannot try using a blowjob but the next time I could. Whoever makes you cum wins. We all know you will not shoot cum but we will be able to tell when you had an orgasm. So, you in?” “Sounds complicated.” I commented. “Well, we do this all the time so we know the rules. All you have to do is relax and have fun. Your part is easy. That is until we find a winner.” He then replied. With a funny look on my face I asked, “What does the winner get?” With a straight look on his face he answered, “A blowjob from you and you have to swallow all his cum.” That answer gave me two feelings. A feeling of fear as I had never done anything like that before and an intense feeling of excitement between my legs. Even though I had never done it before did not mean I did not know what it was or that I was not interested in learning how to give one. After thinking about it for less than a minute I told them it sounded like fun and I would never tell anyone we had played the game. They all began to remove all their clothes encouraging me to do the same. I did as requested but doing so while watching the three guys disrobe. Since the one with the removed mask was the only one wearing a mask – maltepe escort the other two had on wigs and full face paint – I only got to see the face of the one speaking. He was about 20 years old, very handsome, sexy, well built with sandy brown hair. The other two looked to be around 18 to 19 years old and were also very good looking. When we were all naked, one of the ones with face paint suggested we go outside to play the game. This alone excited me. I had never told anyone but I use to strip and run around in the woods naked every chance I got. I was not sure why I enjoyed it so much, but I did. I was first out the door with my cock beginning to instantly grow soon as the breeze hit my bare skin. One of the three grabbed a blanket as they exited the house. The blanket was spread out under a tree where they had me sit down. They stood around me stroking their cocks trying to get as hard as they could. The one that I could see his face had a cock measuring about 9″ and was really thick. One of the others had a cock that looked to be about 5″ and also pretty thick. The last of the three looked to be about 6.5″ long and a lot thinner in size. I figured out they were getting hard because the one with the longer cock went first, then next bigger went second, and the shortest went last. The first one up with the huge cock grabbed my little 3″ dick and began to stroke it. I was a little tense at the beginning because I had never had anyone do that before. By the time his five minutes were up I was getting more relaxed. The second player, the one with the 6.5″ cock slipped my cock into his mouth and began to suck on it. I liked the feeling of being in a warm slippery mouth as he slid up and down on my shaft. The third in line took over once the previous one’s five minutes were up. He took my now wet slippery cock and rubbed his cock next to mine in a jacking off fashion. This being the end of round one they took a minute break while I thought back on what had happened. I was ready for more when they started round two. Round two saw more jacking off, sucking, rubbing, and playing. One of them even took his own cock and began to slap my stiff penis with his. This was not my favorite but was not going to complain about it either. They sucked and fucked my cock for almost an hour when I began to feel a funny feeling. I think they were able to tell I was getting close as they began to pump my cock harder and faster and in the case of sucking they sucked harder and pumped my cock faster too. All of a sudden one of the guys took over as his five minutes began with a goal to win the game. First off he began to suck my cock but only to the extent he got it all wet and slippery. Immediately he went into jacking my cock with lightning speed while playing with my balls. This lasted a minute or two when his hand moved from my balls to my butt hole. I was not sure what he was doing around my hole but it sure felt nice. With only a minute left of his time I felt an intense feeling of pleasure building inside my balls. My back arched, my breathing increased, and my heart raced. He knew this was it and went in for the kill. He shoved a finger up my butt as far as he could and latched onto one of my nipples with his teeth giving it a loving gentle nibble. That was it. I was done. My eyes rolled back in my head as the orgasm took over my entire body. “Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Yes!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!” I yelled out as my body shook and my hips pumped against the guy’s grip. He gently held me in place with his finger still up my butt until I finally went limp and collapsed against the blanket. I was not sure exactly what had happened except it was the best feeling I had ever had. Slowly I regained my senses and the first thing I wondered was how long before I could do that again. When the winner could tell I was done he gently removed his finger from my butt and his lips from my nipple. His hand let go of my now limp cock as he looked into mamak escort my eyes. He asked me if I enjoyed the game so far and all I could do is mumble something about how good it felt and when could I do it again. He chuckled as he told me I would not have to wait too long before I was ready to go again. The guy then pulled his wig off and as he looked me in the eye he smiled. Between being able to see his dark blond hair and blue eyes, his smile and the way he looked in my eyes, I could tell it was my babysitter, Parker. “Parker!” I squealed. “It’s you!” I yelped. Parker had a very handsome body and gentle touch. I gave him a big hug and without thinking I kissed him on the lips before telling him how much fun the game was. It was then he reminded me of the prize I had to provide. Since it was him I really did not mind, so I asked him to show me what to do. He laid down on the blanked and told me to put his cock into my mouth. He then told me to suck and he would guide my head as needed until I caught on to what to do. The other two guys got on their knees on the other side of Parker in a position their cocks were hovering above Parker’s groin area. They began to jack off while I sucked Parker’s hard dick head and shaft. Parker gently placed his hands on my head and began to fuck his cock with my face. The other two guys began to pump their dicks harder and faster as I sucked. I was glad it was Parker that won as I did not think I would have been able to get either of the other two fat cocks inside my mouth. Parker’s was a challenge but it did fit with some stretching of my lips. “Phillip. Your mouth is so sweet. You are so good.” Parker moaned as he continued to fuck my face. with his thrusting cock while forcing my head up and down with his hands. “Parker you better cum soon!” One of the guys yelled out. The other guy then yelled out, “Yeah. I am going to shoot my load soon too!” I wish I had a video of this scene so I could play it back while jacking off later, but no luck. I can still hear the sound of the two guys pounding their cocks. The sound of their balls slapping their legs and hands as they pounding their cocks hard and fast. Then there was the slurping sound I was making as I gave Parker a blowjob. To add fuel to the fire I could also hear all the moaning and panting of all three guys as they got closer and closer to cumming. “It is time! I am about to blow. Phillip…baby, relax and just let the cum flow down your throat. Here…it…cummmmmmmmmmsssssss.” Parker moaned as he forced and held my head hard on his dick. It was just seconds later when I felt his hot cum being expelled from his shaft. I could feel the jets of cum hitting the back of my throat. The cum then slowly ran down my throat and into my stomach. Before he was finished shooting his cum in my mouth I felt my face and head getting wet. I was not sure why until I opened my eyes to see white gooey cum splattered all around Parkers genital area. I then shifted my focus to the other two guys that were still shooting cum while moaning about how good it felt and how hot I looked sucking cock while cum was dripping from my face. When Parker came down from his shattering orgasm, his hands released his grip on my head, and his now limp cock fell from my lips. He sat up and looked at my cum spattered face and head. He chuckled as he commented on me being the best cum sucker he had ever had. He said they had better get me cleaned up and things put away before my mother got home. They cleaned me up and helped me get dressed just before my mother got home. Soon as my mother got out of the car I ran up to her putting my arms around her giving her a big hug. I then said, “Thanks for the party, Mom. It was the best party ever!” We helped Mom take all the stuff into the house. She then paid the three guys for their work. She commented on how nice things looked and about all the care they showed me while she was gone. When she went inside I walked Parker to his car. Parker gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips. While kissing me he slipped his tongue into my mouth giving me my first French kiss. He asked me if he could be his secret boyfriend. I smiled and happily agreed. After another long kiss Parker said, “Happy Birthday, Phillip!” The End

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