Hard At Work


It was just some random Thursday morning, I was on a virtual meeting discussing some work details. Just then, you come strolling out of the bedroom wearing one of your thin tank tops you like and some simple panties. As you walk across the room to the kitchen, your round luscious ass bounces and jiggles. I stop mid sentence and watch you, then snap back to my task. I was suddenly finding it hard to *really* focus and my eyes keep glancing in your direction.

I watch you move through the motions preparing yourself a cup of coffee. As your panties shift, my cock makes the slightest twitch. You turn around leaning against the counter and take a sip. Your nipples are protruding through your tank top, you glance over to me, see me watching you and shoot me a little grin.

You turn around to face the counter, and stick that juicy ass out. Your head then turns to peer over your shoulder and you give me that smirk. You’re such a fucking tease, just instigating me to misbehave. I’ve already bahis şirketleri been sporting a little chub since you appeared and I’m feeling so fucking horny. I give you a slight smile as I talk in my meeting giving my input when necessary.

You sit your mug on the counter and start a slow stroll in the direction of my desk, when you’re about there, you get down on all fours. Soon, you peek around the corner into my view, that slow seductive crawl you do. Fuck you make my cock hard, I can see down your tank top as your tits sway with each movement. You’re such a slut, horny, and so eager to please me.

As you get closer to me I push my chair out from my desk and slightly spin your way, I’m still contributing to the meeting, but not able to fully concentrate. When you reach my feet you sit up on your bent legs, look up at my screen and smile mischievously as you put your hands on my thighs. My sweats are comfy, so thin they’re not hiding my arousal, and you rub my cock through them. bahis firmaları You looked up at me biting that lower lip and lifted the elastic of my pants over my thick boner allowing it to pop out. Fuck it is so hard to focus, I want your wet mouth to swallow my cock.

You waste no time and dive right in, my shaft disappears between your lips and I have trouble maintaining as you suck. Long, deep strokes. Visiting the tip licking and sucking on it like a lolly, tightening your suction. Fuck it feels so good, my cock is rock hard.

You slowly pull back sitting up and wipe your lips with your finger tips. After standing up to your feet, you sit on my desk next to my laptop, still out of frame, and prop your heels on the edge of my desk. Rubbing your pussy over your thin panties, I can see a wet spot where you’ve soaked through them. You then pull them aside to glaze your fingers, next bringing them up to your lips to taste yourself. Your eyes tease and invite me. I reach over out of kaçak bahis siteleri frame and sink two fingers inside you, pushing in and pulling back out while you leave your snail trail on them. Your fingers holding your lips open, mine graze them as I finger fuck you deep.

I managed to ask, “Hey would you mind if I took a little restroom break?”

Upon receiving the “yes”, I switched off the camera and hit mute while the discussion still continued on about figures and projections.

Standing up and moving in close to you, I drop my sweats letting them fall to my ankles. I pull your tank top down below your tits exposing your hard nipples as I push my cock inside you. You’re so fucking warm and silky. My long deep thrusts move the desk with us and I feel so fucking close to cumming already. Your hands were gripping onto my shoulders, digging your nails into me, I sped up so I could cum. When I explode, it hits me hard and fast, shooting deep inside your needy cunt. My body convulses as I drain into you and recover. I fall back into my seat and you slink off the desk getting back down on your knees to clean my cock with that slutty little mouth of yours. I unmute and switch the camera back on returning to my meeting.

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