Harem Ch. 03


“I hear she’s been fucking every guy she’s danced for since she started here.”

“I heard she wasn’t even a virgin when she started here”

“I heard that too. Apparently she’s already had 5 kids from other guys”

The girls were washing down after the evening’s events. Gerig had shut down the water supply in the girl’s personal bathroom showers years ago, and instead forced them to shower together after each show in a specially made shower room behind the stage. A two-way mirror allowed the men who paid a little extra to stick around to watch the show. The show room as equipped with steamers, rain showers, and a tub.

“I heard that Gerig was going to wife her,” said Isla, soaking in the tub – her buoyant breasts floating atop the bubbles. “But now he’s kicked her to the curb. She’s putting those popular udders to good use as a wet-nurse.”

The room gasped. The wet-nurses were basically indentured servants. The girls would see them passing in the hallway from time to time, they always kept their eyes to the ground, and moved along quickly. They were easily identifiable by the breast pumps, constantly attached to them, and their sad saggy empty bellies. Gerig often kept the sons of his women if he really liked them, sending the women away to get toned again, and keeping the boys fed by the wet nurses. He also kept the legitimate daughters of his wives – his ‘Little Princesses’ he called them. They would likely be pampered, taught the art of seduction, and sold off to the highest bidder as a wife. No one quite knew how many bastard sons and Little Princesses he had tucked away.

“So who’s he going to wife next?” asked one of the new dancers, still not showing her bump yet, but making up for it with magnificently soapy tits.

There was a tap on the door, and Gerig walked in. He still looked angry from earlier, and beaconed Jelena to follow him. Jelena washed the soap off her quaking belly, and waddled after him.

She followed him through new corridors she hadn’t been through before. Down a staircase she descended far below what she assumed was the basement. Finally the reached a sealed metal door. Gerig scanned his retina and the door clicked open.

“Take a seat,” he motioned to a couch in the foyer of this inner room. He sat opposite to her and beaconed. “Ladies, come in.”

In waddled four women, all in carrying states of pregnancy, but none as big as Jelena. They sat down next to Gerig, their wedding rings glinting in the candle light. They weren’t regular rings on the finger. Each had a thin gold ring pierced on their belly button, and a delicate clain that plunged around the curve of their bellies and down into their underwear.

“i”m inviting you here today to meet my wives. They’ve been watching you and they think you may have some potential to join our family.”

“You … you want to wife me?” she quivered. “But I’ve only been here a few days.”

“Yes darling,” said his indian looking wife. “But look how well you’ve performed.”

“I had planned to wife Jessica,” said Gerig. “but she proved to be … unworthy. My wives are pure, they have NEVER slept with another man. Seeing as you were a virgin when you came to me, I know that you are all mine, and that you only carry my babies. How many are there now?”


“I wanna see five” squealed his blonde baby-spice looking wife. “I wanna see her POP! Give it to me daddy, give me another lil’ niece!”

Jelena cringed.

“I spoil this one too much,” he said patting the blonde on the head, and then slipping his hand under her shirt and tweaking her perky nipples atop a mound of massive fake tits. “But baby gets what baby wants.”

He stood up and started to take off his belt.

“Oh, wait … no. Please.” whispered Jelena. “I’m so full, my skin is so tight and itchy, I need time to adjust or I’m afraid I really will pop.”

“Eeeeeeeee! Five daddy fivvvvvve” Squeeled the blonde.

The indian wife stood up, and put her hand on her husband’s shoulder. “Please darling, allow her a few days to rest. You can fill her more when I’m done with her.” She held out her hand to Jelena and ushered her out of the room.

“Okay Sani,” he said looking at her lovingly. “But don’t go too soft on her.”

She walked Jelena down the corridor to the kitchen and sat her down at the table. “Are you hungry dear?” she said, looking over her shoulder as she leaned into the fridge, Jelena could see her large brown belly peeking between her legs. “Back in Delhi we have a secret family recipe that helps prevent stretch marks.”

“I’m starving,” Said Jelena, suddenly realizing she hadn’t eaten since that morning.

Sani came back to the table with a tray of food. She removed a sash from her sari and asked Jelena to put her hands behind her back, then she tied giresun escort her hands together. “In India we use our hands to eat, but since you are not used to this, I will use my hands to help you.”

She took a mixing bowl and poured in a thick yellow liquid, “Ghee” she explained. Then she added half a bag of sugar, 5 eggs, a cup of flour and a pinch of salt. She mixed the batter up and rolled a tablespoon of it into a ball. “Open up dear, it tastes like a cookie.”

Jelena took the cookie batter in her mouth, it was soft and sweet, she swallowed it and relished the flavor. Before she had a chance to ask for another, it was already popped into her mouth. Then another, and another, and another. Within 20mins she was full. When the next ball came to her mouth she turned away, “I’m full!” she said through pursed lips.

“My dear, you might be full, but your babies need to eat” She forced another 10 into her mouth before Jelena turned away again.

Sani looked angry. “Listen to me woman. You are not carrying just any babies, you are carrying Gerig’s heirs, and hopefully male ones. If you do not receive the nutrition you desperately need, the babies will die. Not only that, but your skin needs to gain more elasticity if you are to grow any more. This paste will fatten your skin cells and allow them to expand. But since you are too “full” for more, we will have to find another way to get it inside of you.”

She turned back to kitchen, pushed a button, and poured more ghee into the batter. It became syrupy and silky. The other three wives waddled in carrying an assortment of tools. One wife replaced the sash around her wrists with hand cuffs. The other went under her chair and started to unscrew the bottom of her seat, revealing a large hole under her bottom. They grabbed a pipe from their bag, and immediately Jelena began to struggle – she knew what was coming next.

“Don’t struggle,” said the red headed wife. “It’ll only make it worse.” She took the pipe, lubricated it, and slid it firmly up Jelena’s ass. She took the other end of the pipe and popped it into a barrel of Sani’s sweet concoction, then she switched the engine on the pipe and the cream began to slowly pump into her. The pressure was building, and Jelena could see her belly quivering and growing beneath her. She moaned out loud in terror until a funnel was slid into her mouth and the cream began to pour in that way as well.

After 20 more minutes of filling, Sani plucked out the ass tube, and pulled out the mouth tube, replacing her ass with a butt plug and her mouth with a red ball gag. “These will help to keep the nutrients in.”

Sani grabbed a plus size wheelchair from the closet, unfolded it, and with the assistance of the other wives, helped Jelena into the chair. Jelena could feel the added weight from the nutrition in her gut, sloshing around and making her unstable. Together they wheeled her down the hall and into a beautiful plush bedroom. The room was purple, and practically every corner of it was fuzzy and velvet. They continued through the room and into the bathroom. It was the most beautiful bathroom she had ever seen. iT was modern, water was running through a fountain and into a whirlpool in the centre of the room. It smelled like lemongrass. There was an experience shower in the corner, lit up with LEDs and chocked full of body misters.

The ladies helped Jelena out of the chair, her belly swayed low beneath her, filled with liquid and pulsing with pain. They helped her up the stairs of the whirlpool and helped lower her in. The water was hot, hotter than it should be, and Jelena cried out in pain … but as she lowered further in she realized that it soothed the ache of her over stretched belly. As her mass filled the tub it overflowed over the edges. Sani removed the ball gag, thankfully the butt-plug remained.

“The hot water will firm you up like a dumpling,” said Sani, pouring in a sweet smelling oil. Jelena could already feel the change. Her skin relaxed, but her belly firmed up like an unripe peach almost instantly. Her skin was no longer over stretched and she felt like her old self again, with room to grow.

“My dear,” said Sani. “It has almost been 12 hours since you’ve been fucked last.”

“12 hours already!?”

“If you don’t get fucked again within the next 12 hours you will go into labour. If you go into labour without being wed, Gerig will put you out on the street.”

“But you said I should have a few days to rest.”

“I said that to cool him off, I could see you were in pain, and I wanted to get you stretched before he punished you with another child”

“I … I don’t see it as a punishment … I kind of like it”

“I know you do child, and that’s why you’re perfect for him.”

The other wives helped her out gölbaşı escort of the tub, back into the wheelchair, and wheeler her out of the room. She could feel her large firm belly resting heavily on her thighs, her breasts spilling over the top like two sunny side up eggs perched over a hot soft bun. They wheeled her back into the bedroom. Atop the bed was an xxxxx+ sized set of lingerie, a lacy white blouse with a baby doll veil trip around the edge, and a white thong about the size of a pillow cover.

“We’ll leave you alone so you can prep for you big day, and we’ll go alert Gerig that his big day is today.”

The wives all scurried out of the room, and Jelena turned to the lingiere to start putting it on. The label on it revealed itself to be made by a top wedding dress designer. She slipped on the luxurious fabrics, and turned to look at herself in the mirror, she was beautiful. The curve of her belly was monumental, she rubbed her hands along it, unable to touch one hand to the other in front of her. Her breasts were perfectly cupped inside of her wedding bra, almost spilling out the top. Each breast was the size of a watermelon, and almost as heavy as one. While her thighs and arms had thickened out a little, her ass had grown to support the sitting weight of her new girth. It was tight and round as two beach balls, she giggled them by bouncing up and down, her thong riding steadily between her cheeks.

The wives came back in with Gerig in tow. His eyes lit up when he saw her. “My darling, I thought you would need a few days to rest?”

“Gerig, I’m full of your bastards,” she said softly. “Wife me tonight and grant yourself a legitimate heir … and I’m hanging quite low, that means they’re likely boys.”

Gerig’s cock rose instantly under his loose trousers. The four wives removed their clothes and sat naked on the floor, each laying back on the others bellies so they were all belly to belly to belly to belly. Each also woke a dildo strapped to their ass, which was inserted into the pussy of the wife behind her. Jelena took the front of the row, laying against Sani and pressing her dildo deep inside of her. Sani moaned out and reached forward to hold Jelena’s breasts in her arms. Gerig knelts between her parted knees and asked her to repeat after him.

“I Jelena” “I Jelena”

“Hereby swear my pussy to Gerig”

“Hearby swear my womb to Gerig”

“Hearby swear my lust to Gerig”

With that he pulled out his piercing gun, and pierced a small golden ring on Jelena’s popped-out belly button, and another on her clit – the two contacted by a thin gold chain. The pain was immense, but the pleasure of his hands on her warm pussy overrode it.

“With these rings, we are wed.” Gerig finished the ceremony by slipping a 5th thing gold ring to the base of his cock. He pushed Jelena’s belly up and out of the way and rubbed his cock on the lips of her pussy like the first time they had fucked, and then plunged in. Jelena moaned out, and the thrust pushed her back into Sani, who pushed into Gill, who pushed into Lacey, who pushed into Baby. Collectively all five moans reverberated off the walls in the pleasure room. Then he withdrew suddenly, pushed Jelena to the side, and mounted Sani. He pounded Sani for a few minutes, and then moved onto Gill, the only wife who was not pregnant at the moment.

Jelena sat off to the side, hurt and confused. Sani crawled over, her brown 9 month belly dragging on the ground, her tits wagging to and fro. She knelt between Jelena’s legs and began to finger her.

“Gerig seems to have something else in mind for you,” she said, pumping and thrusting her long slender fingers. She readjusted and slipped a few more fingers in. And then suddenly, she plunged in her whole fist, Jelena’s eye’s popped wide open. Sani plunged her arm in up to her wrist, then to her elbow. Jelena screamed with pleasure, and Gerig finished with Gill with a similar moan of completion, and then walked over to where Sani and Jelena were.

“Your pussy has gone through a lot this week Jelena.” he said, wiping his cock off with a rag. “I think it’s ready for one more transition.”

Jelena tried to stand up, but the weight of her belly knocked her back over. She settled for a dignified cross legged sit. “What more could my pussy take, husband?”

Gerig’s cock stood erect at that word. “Birth”

“BIRTH!?” She screamed. “NO! I’m not ready!! I want to take more of you into me, I want to grow bigger for you!!”

“No darling. It’s time for you to birth my son. And if you birth me a son, I will let you breed more for me.” And with that, he left the room.


Jelena sat in bed. Her belly a little larger now that the last babies had grown to full size. She could feel her belly göztepe escort sitting much much lower, and her skin which once rippled with kicks and movement, now lay still, smooth, and round.

The other wives sat in the room with her, comforting her as her time drew near.

“This is my third girl,” said Gill, massaging her plump round belly. She was 6 months along, but she had gained a lot of weight during her three pregnancies, so she looked larger than most women at that term.

“How do you know it’s a girl,” said Jelena.

“They’ve all been girls, every one of our babies. I can’t expect this to be different – but I hope it will be.”

Sani leaned forward, “There used to be another wife, Sarah. She had five pregnancies over 6 years, all girls. Gerig turned her out.”

The other wives looked nervously at each other.

Just then, a slash of water ran between Jelena’s legs, and immediately the contractions began. Sani knelt between her legs, and slipped her fingers into Jelena’s pussy. “Already fully dilated! I can’t believe it! PUSH!”

Jelena pushed, not feeling any pain, and within 10mins, all 4 babies had been born. Her belly had shrunk considerably, but felt delated and empty. The wives were all crowded around the babies.

“What are they?” Jelena asked from the bed.

Sani and Gill returned, each holding two babies. “They’re all boys! It’s a miracle!!”


Jelena fell asleep promptly. Despite not having to push hard or feel much pain, she was just as exhausted. The girls kept twittering around her that it was a miracle she birthed so quickly. Jelena tried to stay awake, but after a while she had to give in to sleep. She slept, and slept and slept. The other wives stayed by her constantly, only leaving to nurse the babies with their own flowing milk. After 48hrs, Jelena opened her eyes wearily. She would have slept more, but the pain in her swollen breasts became unbearable.

Sani came to her side and helped her sit up against the pillows.

“The most amazing thing happened while you slept dearest” she fluffed the pillows, and then drew back the blankets. Jelena had been used to not being able to see her feet, now she could see them perfectly. “Your belly has completely disappeared with the birth of your babies … including the fat you gained!”

Jelena felt her smooth tight stomach, it was the same as it had been a week ago. And yet, her breasts remained large, if not larger and harder than before. She looked like an out of proportion blow-up doll, her massive beach ball sized breasts towering over her sledder waistline. Her breasts were tight and as hard as rocks, they were so full of milk. Her nipples stood constantly erect. Sani brought two babies over, Jelena held them to her breasts, and they latched instantly. After 10mins, the next two babies were brought over, and then taken away again after their time was up.

“Where are you taking them?” said Jelena recovering from giving so much milk. But before she had a chance to relax, Sani latched two breast pumps to her. The pressure in her breasts began to wane as the milk drained away.

The other wives had come in and took the babies out of the room.

“They’re going to a wet nurse now,’ Said Sani, stroking Jelena’s hair. “Our baby girls were taken away immediately without us having a chance to milk, I guess Gerig wanted you to have a few minutes with them. We’ll never see our girls again, maybe not even when they get married off. You on the other hand, will see those boys again – but not for now. There are a few other women in the club that gave birth this week who are still giving milk. Gerig will keep them on as wet-nurses.”

“So they’ll stay here?”

“Yes, but away from you for now.” Sani unsuctioned the breast pumps. “Look at yourself in the mirror Jelena”

Jelena spritely got out of bed, freed from her weight. Her body had gotten used to waddling, so it was strange to adjust to walking normally again. She approached the mirror and noticed in shock that her breasts had shrunk back down to their original B cup size. She stood next to the mirror and reflected on her original body, so young, fertile, and restored. She noticed a small pile of her things in the corner of the room, and she went to her purse. She took out another pill, and swallowed it dry.

“What was that?” said Sani.

“It’s my birth control,” Said Jelena with a smile. “It lets me control when I want to be pregnant. And I want to be pregnant right now. I feel so empty and thin. Do you want one?”

Sani looked down. “No dear, not yet, I want to birth this child first. But Gill does.” Sani left the room and came back in with Gill. Gill looked apprehensively at the pill.

“will this make me like you?”

“I think so.”

“Will it give me boys?”

“I don’t know.”

“I can’t risk missing an opportunity to have boys.” she wept. Gill rolled the pill in her hands, and then swallowed it dry. Jelena looked at the pill jar, grabbed a second pill and popped another.

“Now let’s go make some babies.”

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