Chapter 2

Monday morning I woke up so fucking hard from dreaming of Coby and I all night long again, and so, I had to push down my gloriously soggy diaper and jack off again. This time I managed three orgasms, and while they still shot further than normal, and the output was easily double my normal as well, it was nothing like the one day. Now that that is very nicely taken care of, I remove my very soggy diaper, check out the front, and sure enough, it is shiny with cum, and so, I suck it out, along with probably half the pee that was in there as well. I got myself diapered and dressed, and then headed out to the kitchen.

Coby was already there waiting for me when I arrived, also already dressed and ready for the day ahead.

“Good morning.” We both say as one.

“Did you have a good sleep, and how was it wearing a double diaper all night long?” I ask.

“I had a great sleep again, and my double diaper was amazing, and so very soggy still. Had I not had that, I probably woulda leaked again.”

“Hence my suggesting it, having that large of a mug of tea right before bed can strain even the best diapers, so, double them up, and it”s perfect.”

“I think I agree.”

“I thought you might. Tea and breakfast sound good to you Baby?”

“Very good in fact.” He grins brightly.

We made and ate and drank our breakfast and tea, talking happily as we do so. Coby does not need to leave until seven thirty he says, so that still leaves us damn near two hours until then, so, we played some games on my rarely used game system to kill the time.

When it was time for Coby to go, I walked out with him, heading to the shop while he headed towards school. I had a decent day, but I was actually really missing Coby. Funny considering that I have never had anyone work in my shop with me, nor have I ever desired having anyone work with me. I prefer being very much alone, normally, but not now that I met Coby. Because my house is on the way from the school to Coby”s house, he did at least stop in for a few seconds on his way home, and told me he missed me, I told him I missed him more, and then, before too long, he was gone. I did not want to let him, and the desire to pick him up and hold him and hug him and kiss him like he deserves was even stronger than before.

The evening and the next day went about the same, with me really missing Coby. Once more, though, on his way to school, he stopped in and said hi, admitted that he really wants to just skip school and stay with me all day, but that he cannot. He also told me that he has some things to tell me once he has time after school, and then, he had to leave. Again, I did not want to let him go. The day actually dragged even more than the previous one had, and that is saying a lot.

Finally the school day is over, and Coby just arrived.

“Hi there Baby, I missed you.” We both said at exactly the same time.

“How was school?” I asked.

“Not bad, I guess. I actually had a boy a year older than me actually ask me if we could talk, and so, I followed him somewhere quiet. If he hadn”t have been kinda nerdy looking and acting even more scared and timid than me, I wouldn”t have done so, just in case he was just gonna hurt me. He asked me how I knew I was gay, and so, I told him it”s just how I”ve kinda always felt. He cried and said he”s afraid he is as well. I told him that kinda doesn”t surprise me, since I kinda felt it from him already. He asked me why I wear diapers, and I told him exactly why, and asked him if he does as well. He whispered and said yes, but only at night, but that he hadta kinda make them himself, and are just towels and plastic garbage bags. I said that”s awesome, so you actually kinda know how I feel then, and he blushed and said yeah. Then I realized why he finally got the courage to talk to me, and asked him if he wants me and my diapers all day every day, he only just nodded yes. I broke the news to him about everything, and that I just can”t do that to him, even though I really wanna. I never told him I really wanna even more with you, though, that”s kinda not the sorta thing you wanna spread around, even though I know we really can”t, as it is, leaving you”s gonna be horrible.”

“That poor boy. He musta been crushed to know he can”t have you.”

“He understands though, so that”s good.”

“Doesn”t matter, though. So, what about your grandmas doctors appointment?”

“Oh yeah, almost forgot about that. So, she”s getting worse, and the doctors have told her she might only have a few months left in her, and urged her to get all her affairs in order. My social worker was there as well for the meeting, and she said she”s gonna start looking for a home for me. I asked if I could stay with you, and she said that unless you”re a registered foster parent, then no. I asked her if Grandma appointed you as guardian, then how about then. She looked to my grandma and she nodded her agreement, she was really lucid, and even her friend said a boy like me won”t last long in foster care, so, if I”ve found a safe place, then I should be allowed to choose it. My social worker said that due to grandma”s dementia, she”s really not allowed to, but admitted that kids with any sort of issues like I have really don”t last long, and that she doesn”t want that on her conscience again, so gave me a form to fill out. I know it”s a huge amount to ask Jaks, but please, I can”t leave you, I can”t go and live that life again, I”ll die. I”ll stay with my grandma “til the end, she doesn”t wanna go into care, says she wants to go at home, so I”ll haveta be there to help her, and her friend”s gonna come every weekend to do other stuff, and I can just stay here when she”s there, which she says will allow me to have some freedom as well.”

“Oh, Coby, you know all the reasons why we just can”t, but I can”t force myself to say no. I”ve never cared for anyone like I”m falling for you, and it scares the gay baby diaper loving piss outta me. Are you sure though, absolutely certain, because we both know where it”ll eventually lead, and I can”t stand the thought of either of us doing something that you”re not ready for.”

“Absolutely, one hundred percent certain, may my diapers be taken away from me forever if I”m lying.”

“We still won”t move fast, we won”t even sleep together for a while, we needta learn to truly love each other. I won”t do it if you can”t promise me that you can hold yourself back.”

“I promise, because I don”t wanna move fast either, otherwise I totally woulda had your diapered dinky inside my gay baby bum this weekend, no matter how much you resisted.”

“You better gimme the papers Baby.”

He grabbed them out of his backpack and passed them to me. I looked them all over, then filled it all out. There were several forms and lots of places for me to fill out and sign, but finally I handed them back.

“Thanks Jaks, my social worker said she”d come pick them up tonight after dinner some time. Now, what should we do?”

“You”re welcome. Well, we still have more work to do on the body parts before they”re all done, so, we may as well get them done. With your help, we might get them done today, because I”m almost done already.”


We got to work, and only a few times did I have to correct or advise Coby, and by the time he has to go home to make dinner, we are officially done all the actual body work. Now the next couple days will be filling and sanding everything perfectly, and though it is not needed, since most of it will never be seen, I still fill and sand even the interior parts, I like everything to be as perfect as I can make them.

The next few days went by the same, Coby would come after school each day, and we would work together. I taught him how to properly mix up and use the filler, and then how to sand it once it is ready to go. By Friday afternoon, when Coby says that he is staying the weekend again, we are done all that, so, we will get everything cleaned, primed, then painted.

“I”m so happy to be getting to spend the weekend again.”

“Me too. How”s your grandma doing anyway?”

“She”s going downhill fast. Her friend came this morning before I left for school, and I told her the same thing. She said since the doctor told her, that she seems to just be letting go. She had her lawyer come over on Wednesday, while I was at school, but he was just leaving as I got home, so, I wonder if she finalized everything, and now just wants to go be with Grandpa.”

“Very possible, more than probable really, and makes me wonder if you should be here.”

“Yeah, I kinda wondered the same thing, but I made my grandma”s friend promise that if she started to go, no matter what time, that she”d call me, so that I can come be there for her.”

“That”s so very nice of you. In a way, I hope she just goes peacefully in her sleep, so that you don”t haveta witness that again, but in another, I think she should go while you”re holding her hand.”

“I certainly don”t ever wanna see what I saw before, but this”ll be different, she”s old, and it”s her time. It won”t be gruesome, it”ll be the end of a long full life, and she deserves to have what little family she has left there with her.” He smiled sadly to me.

“Then, as much as I want you here with me, I think home is where you belong.”

“I”ll stay here “til dinner time, then go home, and maybe depending on how she”s doing tomorrow, I”ll come over for a bit tomorrow too, but I think maybe you”re right, as much as I really wanna be here too, I just have this feeling that she”s not gonna last long.”

And so, that is what he did. We worked together until he had to go, and then headed home. I had a decent quiet evening, and then the next morning Coby was back again shortly after nine.

“I can”t stay long, I think she”s gonna go soon. I stayed in her room with her last night, sitting in the chair next to her bed, holding her hand as she slept, which was fitful and not very good. Her friend told me that I”m a good and very special boy for doing that for her, but, like I told her, she”s all I have left for real family, and she deserves to be shown all the love I can give to her. I doubt she”s gonna last “til tonight, at which time, I”ll probably come here, and I”m probably gonna need some pretty powerful hugs.”

“You need one now, but then you really do haveta go.” I said, and then hugged Coby tight, whispered to him how special he really is, and told him to go be with his grandma.

He was right, though, his grandma”s friend called at just after four thirty and told me that Coby”s grandma had just passed, and that Coby is handling it better than she is. I am so sad for him. I told her to send Coby over once everything is taken care of, and that I would take care of him. It was nearly seven when Coby finally came, but it was his grandma”s friend who dropped him off.

“Thanks for taking Coby in, he told us a bit about who you are and how little you ever wanted kids, but he truly is a special young man who”s had a far harder life than any child deserves. I agreed to handle all the funeral arrangements, but she didn”t want an actual funeral, not that she has anyone left, there”s just me and Coby left, she”s outlived all her family and friends other than us two, and only because I”m near on twenty years younger than she was. We”d like you to be there with Coby as well. The lawyer said he”ll be out to see you on Monday in all likelihood, he was out this afternoon for a few minutes to sign off on everything.”

“I guess I”m his dad now, so thanks for bringing him home.”

“Yes, you are. I”ll call in a couple days once I have everything arranged.”


As soon as she was gone, I bent down, picked up my very newly acquired son, and hugged him tight. He took a few minutes, but burst out crying, and cried for nearly half an hour. Once he was all cried out, I pushed his face away, wiped his tears away, and then kissed his forehead tenderly.

“You”ve had a very long day, Baby, I”m gonna make us some chamomile tea, and even though it”s getting a little late to do so, I want you to go lay back and relax in a hot bath. I”m gonna do the same, then we”ll dry each others hair. I”ll put more doublers in your bedroom for you, okay.”

“Thanks, I think I”d really like that, because, yeah, it was a really long day, certainly one of the harder ones I”ve dealt with, and that”s even considering I”m the one to have found my parents.”

“Exactly Baby.”

I made the promised tea, and then we each headed to our bathrooms to get started. While waiting for my tub to fill, I grabbed the brand new full pack of doublers that I had bought just for Coby, and went and put them on his bed. His wet diaper is still on his bed, he had not even balled it up, it drew me in, called out to me, and I could not help it. I picked it up, pressed it to my face, and inhaled of his scent deeply, and then sucked as much out as I could. I did not lower the diaper until I felt mine being removed.

“You know you shouldn”t be doing that, right. That”s the sorta thing that could make us both crumble.” Coby whispered to me, as he pulled my soggy diaper off and to his face, and pressed his nose deep inside and sniffed deeply as well. I then heard him sucking it too.

“You left your diaper like that, hoping I”d do just that, didn”t you?”

“I wondered if you and I were alike in that, now I know. You smell and taste delicious too, by the way.”

“God, you smell and taste way better than I ever have.”

“Thanks. We”re both hard, so, you better go to your bathroom before we both do something that were” definitely not ready for, and even though my dick”s yelling at me to hit my knees, I”m really not in the mood for that, today was harder on me than I thought it was gonna be.”

“Yeah, mine”s telling me the same, but I know how you feel Baby. Enjoy your bath.”

“Thanks, you too. Oh, and in the morning, I”m coming out in just my super soggy baby diaper, and I want you too as well. I”m sure that you usedta just walk around in just your baby diapers, and I wanna be able to to from now on, I”ve never gotten to before, but now that we”re baby daddy and baby boy, I wanna be able to do so.”

“Okay, but are you sure that”s a good idea Baby?”

“Probably not, but I think we”ll be just fine.”

“Yeah, probably not. As it is, it”s getting harder to ignore my dick around you.”

“Same. Go have your bath Baby Daddy.”

“Okay, you too Baby. Come out after so that I can dry your hair again.”


We separated then, and I went and finished getting ready for my bath. Once ready, I slipped in, relaxed, drank my tea and enjoyed my book, and then got out, showered off, dried, brushed, and diapered, doubled of course.

Suspecting that Coby would come out in only his diaper, and knowing how he would feel if I came out in my robe, I went out in just my diaper with the hair dryer. Coby was ready and waiting for me, and as I suspected, he too is in only his diaper.

“Fuck, you”re sexy in just your diaper, though seeing you in just your super soggy diaper with your robe open like it was earlier, and your dick so hard and pushing out the front like it was, was even sexier.” Coby groaned.

“Thanks, you”re way sexier than I am, though, especially in just a diaper. I admit, I can”t wait to see you in just a super soggy baby diaper, but you”re sexy as hell naked and hard like you were too, but I think I”d still prefer seeing you hard inside a seriously super soggy sexy baby diaper.”

“Ditto.” He smiled warmly to me.

I started blow drying Coby”s hair, and I spent easily five times longer doing so than I needed to, switching the hair dryer to cool once his hair is actually dry, so that I do not damage his hair. I was right, because within about five minutes, Coby”s shoulders finally relaxed again, çorum escort but I kept going, just playing with his hair lovingly. We then traded places, and Coby did exactly the same thing for me, spending every second as long as well.

“Thanks Baby, that was real nice.” I said.

“And thank you, it was just what I needed.” He said, and then hugged me as tightly as he could. I picked him up and hugged him as lovingly as I possibly could, but very carefully ensuring that I do not fondle his sexy little baby diapered bum, because I know how hard that would be on both of us, even though I know we are both already hard. I then kissed his forehead after setting him down.

“I love you Baby, go have as good a sleep as you possibly can.” I whispered to my new baby boy.

“I love you too Baby, you too.”

We both headed to our bedrooms, and for the first time since I met Coby, I did not even want to jack off. I fell fast asleep, and even slept in by nearly a whole hour. I got up, stretched, and even though I know I should, I do not grab my robe, and headed out, just like I usually do. Coby was right, when in the house, I almost never wear clothes.

When I made it to the kitchen, I made double the amount of tea that I normally make, suspecting that Coby could be talked into having two mugs of it with me. I got two more large thermal mugs from the cupboard, thankfully I had bought extra, and when the tea was ready, I poured it into them, and started making breakfast. I want to let Coby sleep for as long as he needs, I know he did not get a lot of sleep the night before, so I am making something that will easily hold until he gets up on his own, I will not go and wake him.

I finished eating, and grabbed my computer to do some ordering. Not only does Coby need more diapers, as well as doublers, but I could stand to have more as well. I am buying his diapers the same way I buy mine, a regular thickness for the times our diapers cannot be seen, only one case, and an ultra thick for the rest of the time, so three cases of them. Those are in our normal size, but I am also adding the next size up in the ultra thick for the both of us, only one case of them each, because I just know that Coby wants to be quadruple baby diapered, and honestly, I will be shocked if he says no to that when I suggest it today, he will just have to use the regular diapers he already has, but maybe a third doubler to get him closer to what I have will not be a bad idea, and, again, I am certain I will not have to talk him into that. I need more parts and supplies for the shop, and we need lots more groceries as well, so I place those orders too. I even hit up the website where I buy my baby clothes from, because not only do I have some cute baby clothes, but all my best baby diaper shirts come from there as well, and so, I pick out a dozen that will look spectacular on Coby, and then I pick him out one of their jean shortall outfits for big baby boys, with snaps in the crotch and everything.

I know that this is a slippery slope in and of itself, because seeing Coby dressed like that will make me impossibly fucking hard, and when he sees me dressed the same, I am quite certain of exactly how hard he will be as well. I know full well that he is a full on preteen gay baby boy diaper lover, we have told each other more than enough to know we both are full on gay baby boy diaper lovers, and that is of course great.

From the same website, I even order Coby half a dozen soothers in cute baby designs and two cute baby bottles as well. I cannot wait to see him in his baby outfit with a soother clipped to it, drinking from a baby bottle, with a quadruple mega thick baby diaper underneath, with the band of said baby diaper showing above his waist band, since there is no need to wear shirts with them, in my opinion. I also cannot wait to see his face when he sees me the exact same way, because I have the exact same things.

Once done all the ordering I needed to do, I started playing a card game on the computer as I savour my tea. I am just into my second mug, when Coby walks in, in nothing but his super saturated diaper, that is nearly knocking his knees as he walks, still wiping the sleep from his eyes, his hair standing up all over the place, and I admit, I groaned from deep within, fuck is he sexy like that.

“Good morning Baby, looks like you peepeed your baby diaper very full. Did you leak?”

“Good morning to you too, and yeah, but not lots. You have pee dripping on the floor, though, so you”ve started leaking too.” He giggled, and when I looked down, I was shocked to see that I have in fact started to leak.

“Oh dear, would you look at that, I”ve done sprung a leak. I guess I”m a super naughty baby boy. I suppose I deserve to be punished.”

“I suppose I”m a super naughty baby boy who needs to be punished as well then. What do you feel”s an appropriate punishment for peepeeing a diaper so full it leaks?” He groaned out, and I have a sneaking suspicion he suspects what I am about to say, I also suspect that he just went impossibly hard in his soggy diaper near on instantly.

“Oh, definitely be made to wear a quadruple mega thick baby diaper, of course. Since you don”t have mega thick baby diapers, why not add two doublers into your inner diaper, then one in your outer diaper, that should put us both at roughly the same capacity.”

“Oh man, that”s a punishment I can so totally get into.”

“Yes, well, you may as well go get into it now, because I need to as well. Bring your bedding out with you, so that we can throw it in the wash with mine, okay.”

“Okay. Oh, I think I”m gonna need more tape than what the diapers have on them, there”s no way they”ll hold I”m betting.”

“Oh, yeah, you”re right. Check the drawer next to the fridge, I think I have two brand new spare rolls of packing tape in there, that”s what I use, and that”s where I keep it. Oh, and grab a sharp knife to poke lotsa holes into your inner diaper, but don”t accidentally mix them up.”

He looked, and came out victoriously with the tape, then grabbed a knife with a good sharp point, and then skipped happily to his bedroom. I too head to mine, get myself diapered how I truly deserve to be, but know I cannot do so all the time. Once diapered, I strip my bed and take all the bedding to the laundry room and stuff it in. Coby joins me with his bedding only a moment later. He too is in just his mega thick baby diaper, and he too is looking longingly at me, just as much as I am doing so to him.

“Fuuuuuuuck, you”re sexy like that.” Coby groans out deeply.

“Mmmm, you too.”

“Not yet Baby.”

“I know, besides, we”re not wet yet, and when it”s time, you know that”s how I wanna be, and how I want you to be as well, super saturated and as close to leaking as can be, if not already starting to do so.”


Coby added his bedding, and then I turned it on, because I have already added the soap. I then led Coby back to the kitchen to get him his breakfast, and told him I have two mugs of tea for him, which he took even more happily than he did his bowl of oatmeal. As he ate, we talked.

“So, how are you feeling today Baby?”

“Pretty good, all things considering I suppose. It”s easier now that I have you. I knew I was gonna lose my grandma soon, but I was so scared of going to foster care and being treated like how the kids at school treat me. It”s both harder and easier than with my parents though. I knew they hated me, but finding them the way I did was hard, not gonna lie, I knew my grandma loved me, but she was old and deserved to finally rest, but I”m gonna miss her, so that was equally hard in a different way. I spent nearly every weekend there growing up, and she always told me she wished she could just raise me, but that she”s simply getting too old and couldn”t take care of me as good as she should. Funny, she still cared for me way better than my parents ever did, even when she often forgot shit.”

“Oh, you never said that before. How”d she deal with your diapers?”

“Honestly, I never told her, I think she usedta know, but not sure what she knew any more these past few years. When I moved in after my parents died, I told her and her friend all my issues, and they said it”s okay, and that they”d get me what I needed, and so, got me the diapers I”ve been getting ever since. I shoulda told her years ago, she probably woulda made sure that I had proper diapers. I was too embarrassed to tell her though, I wanted at least one person that liked me, even though she was losing her memory.”

“Oh, fair enough I suppose. You know now, of course, that that was the wrong decision, but how could you”ve known then.”

“I almost told her a million times and asked her to get me what I needed, I just couldn”t. When I did finally tell her, she simply said, I know Dear, there”s no issues here, we”ll get you what you need.”

“Yeah, sometimes we”re our own worst enemies, aren”t we.”

“Yeah. You”re your own worst enemy too, though, you won”t go anywhere, you hardly talk to people. So, I”m gonna help you with that, because I needta be around others as well, even the assholes who bully me.”

“Yeah, I suppose I”m really gonna haveta stop living the life of a recluse, having a son now, means I haveta get you out and about, I can”t force my issues onto you as well.” I admitted, though with my nature, it is the last thing I truly want to do.

“No, and I wanna go out and do things together as father and son as well. I”ve never gotten that, and I don”t think you did much as a kid either, did you?”

“No, my parents were a lot like I am, which is likely the reason I am the way I am. Being diapered of course didn”t help my natural aversion to people, because of how much they all teased me for it, which only drove me further from others. Now, if and when I go to a store to go shopping for something I can”t easily order, I go as early as I can get away with, so that I”m there before it gets too busy.”

“Yeah, exactly. I wanna take the week off school, the lawyer”s coming tomorrow, so maybe Tuesday and or Wednesday we can go out and do something together as father and son.”

“Can you afford to miss the time?”

“Yeah, I”m kinda already doing the next grade up work anyway, I”m supposed to be in grade five, but the principal put me into a five six split, and I”m doing all the grade six stuff, but still haveta take all the grade five tests too. Most of the time I”m actually doing both grades at the same time. He”s already told me that next year he wants to have me moved to the middle school, even though they”re not gonna wanna take me, because I”m too young, but they at least have the gifted program there that he says I”ll do very well in. Honestly, I don”t give a damn about school, I”d be way happier staying with you working in the shop all day, every day.”

“Oh, and here I barely made it out alive, and dropped out at the end of grade eleven, because I really didn”t wanna be there any more. I also just happened to find this property for sale for stupid cheap that year, so I bought it.”

“Like I said, I don”t actually care to be there, but I should at least finish.”

“Okay Baby, take the week off, regroup, get healed, and then go back and just smile at all the assholes. Now, it”s time to get dressed, and then we should go get to work.”


We both went to our bedrooms and got dressed, and met in the entry way. Coby has no clothes that have been bought around gloriously thick diapers, and as such, they show spectacularly over his mega thick diaper. With that being said, I did not buy my clothes to hide such a wondrously thick diaper, why the fuck would I wish to hide it. When I am wearing such a thick diaper like I am now, I usually only work inside, and no one is allowed to come without an appointment, so, no one should be seeing me like that anyway.

“Very nice Baby, if you haveta be dressed, having a diaper bulge so amazing is the best way to do it.” I groaned.

“No kidding, I looked in the mirror and loved how it looked, but it looks every bit as good on you as well.”

“Thanks Baby.”

We got our shoes on and headed out to the shop, and worked for the entire day, accidentally missing lunch and everything, because Coby and I were having fun painting everything. I taught him on the primer first of course, and as per usual, once he got the hang of it, he picked it up shockingly fast, and then was spraying every bit as well as I do. So, with both of us in there, working, we are of course able to go twice as fast, and got the first coat of primer on in record time. We cleaned up everything, waited for that to dry enough to sand and clean it, ready for the second coat of primer, which we then did again. While waiting for that to dry, and it only needs another half an hour, I teach Coby how to properly mix the paint. I have a full paint mixing station, with all the different tints. All I have to do is look up the codes for the particular colour I want, and then mix it. In this case, both trucks we are working on were originally a satin black. We will do four coats of colour, and then ten coats of clear over top of that, also in a satin finish. This allows my trucks to last way longer, and even though they are a satin finish, they are incredibly deep as well. I actually prefer to do all my trucks in a satin or flat finish, but I do them to what they were originally, and sometimes they were done with high gloss, so that is what they get.

By the time we realized how hungry we are getting, we are done all the paint coats, with very light sanding before the last coat, and then the next time we come out, we will do all the clear coats. We cleaned up our mess first, making sure the paint guns are perfectly clean, and then close up the shop for the night and head inside.

“Wow am I ever hungry now.” Coby said.

“Me too, we”re gonna need something fast and easy, so soup and sandwiches it is. You pick the soup, I”ll get all the sandwich stuff out.”


In under ten minutes, we are eating, and enjoying our quick and easy dinner. I asked Coby how his diaper is now, and he gave himself the squeeze, and said wonderfully, emphasis on fully. I laughed and said ditto. Coby asked if we can strip down to just our gloriously soggy baby diapers, and so, I said sure, and we do so, watching each other as we do so. Oh yeah, Coby is getting even sexier as he gets more full. His groan says he feels the same way about me I think.

After dinner was all cleaned up, we went and cuddled up on the couch and watched two movies. Even though we are a little dirty from working all day, our diapers are nowhere needing to be changed, so, we leave them as is, we hug and even kiss goodnight, because Coby did press his lips to mine and gave me a very nice father son kiss, it was very loving, without being sensual or sexual. Once again, I fell asleep without jacking off, even though I am impossibly hard, it is just too hard to do so through such a wondrously thick diaper that is taped on so well, in fact it can be a bit painful.

I had some amazingly explosive dreams though because of not jacking off, and when I wake in the morning, remembering several of the dreams I had, I just know when I finally remove my diaper, that the inside is going to be very well coated in cum. Good, it should taste extra delicious.

I still have at least two to three hours of glorious diaper wetting before I have to remove it, so, I leave it as is, and head to the kitchen to make some delicious diaper filler material, my favourite Earl Grey tea. Coby joins me only a few minutes later, and he looks every bit as soggy as I am, and therefore extra sexy too. We both groan from the vision we are met with.

“Fuck, you”re just so fucking sexy like that.” Coby groaned out.

“Ditto.” I laughed.

“Mmm, good, are you making a double batch of tea again, so that I can get two mugs again?”

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“Sure am Baby, I thought you”d like that. I felt I have at least two more hours, possibly three before I needta change, and I wanna be as full as can be before that time, and so, I”m making my favourite diaper filler.”

“Good. I”ll get started on breakfast then.”

“Oh, okay, thanks Baby.”

“So, should we try and get all the stuff clear coated, there”s no telling when the lawyer will come, and there”s no point in us not working. We can just leave a note for him on the door, telling him to come in and find us.” Coby asked.

“We could do that, or we could just switch back to the frames and continue working on them, since they still have a fair bit of work to get them perfect. That way we”re not hidden in the spray booth when he arrives.”

“Okay, that”s probably a better idea, but remember, tomorrow I wanna go out as father and son and do something fun together.”

“I remember, and for once, I actually wanna as well.”


After breakfast, we just relaxed and played card games at the table until such time that we are leaking, and just after two hours after getting up, Coby admitted that he has finally sprung a leak. When we both stand up, we groan. Coby is now beyond sexy. Not sure what comes after sexy, but I think he has officially surpassed even that too. I tell Coby that I need to have a shower, and that he should as well, he stuck his nose into his arm pit, sniffed deeply, and came out saying he thinks he needs a shower as well. I fucking near came, and wish that I could go and press my nose into his arm pits as well, but then I know for sure, my nose would then magically appear right in front of his soggy diaper next, and then start sniffing it as well, and I simply cannot do that yet.

I damn near limp to my room, my dick went so fucking hard, and from the grin that Coby gave me, I know he knows exactly what he just did to me.

Using a pair of scissors, I proceed to removing my diaper, and when I finally had it removed, I checked, and sure enough, I can still see shininess that says copious amounts of cum was spilled into it, and so, I bury my face in it and suck and sniff in equal measure. I desperately needta jack off now, and so, throw myself onto the bed, and stroke just twice before exploding in my second best ever orgasm, and paint my face again with damn near as much cum as I did the last time I hit my face. After scooping it all up and licking it all off, I proceed to three more damn near equally powerful and copious cums, licking it up after every delicious explosion. I finally am almost soft, though not totally, and can now concentrate. Having the incredibly sexy and sexual young baby boy in my house sure is having a profound effect on me, and I wonder which of us is going to succumb to the temptations first. I am not entirely convinced that it will be Coby to do so first, I am starting to wonder just how long I can possibly hold out for.

I finally make it to my bathroom and start my shower as cold as I can possibly stand it. I really need to clear my mind. Once I can no longer stand the cold water, and am finally fully flaccid, I warm it up, and start washing properly. Once back to my bedroom, I diaper and dress myself in just a single baby diaper and naughty baby diaper shirt, then add my proper clothes over top. Coby is just exiting as I do so as well.

“You hadta suck your baby diaper dry, jack off lots and lots, and have a cold shower too, didn”t you?” Coby asked.

“Yeah. Not even sure how the human body can cum that much, I”ve never shot so much as I have been lately.”

“Mmmm, can”t wait “til I getta suck it outta you. Is it getting as hard for you to keep your promise as it is for me too?”

“Yeah. I”m not even sure why any more that we made the promise to take our time. I know it”s the right thing to do, but right now it”s really starting to feel like the worst possible thing we can do.”

“Yeah, I agree, but we can try and hold off at least a few more days. I”ve already fallen in love with you far more than I ever dreamed I could love someone, but neither of us is truly ready for it yet, are we?”

“No, though I do haveta ask, have you started preparing your gorgeous little gay baby bum for what you want? When it”s time, will we be able to make love, because I won”t do so “til I know for sure?”

“Yeah, and I can easily get three fingers inside myself now, and can probably get four in real soon. Do you like playing with your baby bum too?”

“Oh yeah, though I don”t do so very often, because when I do so, it tends to take a lot out of me.”

“Yeah, know what you mean. I”ve hadta do so more often though, mostly “cause of you actually.”

“Me too. Probably four times since we met, versus the one time a month I usually do so. Granted, I have dildos for that instead of my fingers, I find they”re much better.”

“Mmmm, have wanted one of those for months now, might just haveta go and sneak one from your bedroom.”

“I wanted one from the time I was ten as well. I know nothing of what you borrow, though.” I grinned, he grinned, and then took off to my bedroom, me calling after him, telling him they are in the top drawer of the left side table.

When Coby came back, he is clutching one of my medium sized ones and a new bottle of lube, I grinned, he grinned, and he went and put it in his bedroom.

“Just remember, I knew nothing of that, you stole it from me if anyone ever finds out about it.”

“No idea what you”re talking about.” He giggled cutely.

“Good.” I laughed.

We headed out to the shop and got to work. We went in for lunch and diaper changes when we needed to, and were working when we heard a knock at the door at just after three. Coby said that it is the lawyer, since we can clearly see him, so, we waved him in.

“Good afternoon. You must be Jake, I”m Michael, I was Coby”s grandmas lawyer. She asked me to ensure that Coby was taken care of, since she assigned you as his guardian, I”m now here to enact and notarize everything.”

“Good to meet you Michael, but please, call me Jaks, it”s what I prefer. Would you like to go inside so that we can sit at the table in there and be more comfortable.”

“Good to meet you as well Jaks. No need to go inside, though, I won”t take much of your time.”


To start he had me read over a bunch of stuff and sign even more things than I already had before. Then he went over a bunch of stuff with both Coby and I.

“So, Coby, you know that you were the last of your grandma”s line. As such, she left everything to you. You more than likely had no idea, but your grandma had been quite well off. The house she lived in was originally a ranch hands house, you may”ve seen the big house on the property, but that”s now yours, as are the barns and all the land. She had more than four hundred acres, four twenty if I remember correctly, and the family who lives in the big house just managed everything for her, and now for you as well. She also had more than enough money for you to live a very comfortable life, but that”ll be in trust, but we”re not giving it to a trust company to take care of, since they only take money and give you nothing for it. I was your grandma and grandpas lawyer since I first started more than twenty years ago now, and now yours too. I”m a lawyer, so you”d think I”d be expensive, but for all I did for your grandma, it really only amounted to a thousand a year, I was really only there for legal advice, and so too shall I be for you from now on. The trust company would”ve cost you way more, since they put all your money in their account, and they get to keep all your interest, they”re only obligated to pay you back exactly what they got in the first place, minus any money that you remove, and trust me, the amount of money you now have access to means the interest that they stole from you would amount to way more than a mere thousand a year. Your new dad and I”ll be your trustees to ensure you get what you need, but that you don”t go crazy with it. I”ll also be available for all legal advice, up to and including taxes, and speaking of taxes, I suggest you deal with my husband for that, he”s an amazing accountant, and with both our legal knowledge, the two of you can keep way more of your money.”

“Cool, I knew you were gay too. She really had that much money though, and the entire ranch we lived on is mine now?”

“Yes and yes.” He smiled warmly to Coby.


“Yeah, it”s a lot to take in, I know, but I know how smart you are, so I”m sure you”ll be fine. Now, I suggest that you deal with your property the same way your grandma did. She”s basically just given them the farm to run and profit as they see fit, they take care of all maintenance, and all they have to do is pay off everything and give her, and now you, one percent of the profits, everything else they make, they get to keep. They”re very good at what they do, he”s a good man and has good family to help him. You technically make very little money from it, but you”re sitting on many million dollars worth of very valuable farm land, which will technically never go down in value, even though, yes, it”ll go up and down a bit, but overall, you never lose on land.”

“Oh, okay. I guess I should go and meet them soon then. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Yes, you should. Now, technically speaking you now also own the house that you and your parents lived in, since your grandma bought it for them. I took it on to have a company go in and get it all cleaned up for you, as well another to go in and renovate it, since it was actually a good house that they”d pretty much just destroyed. It”s a good strong market right now, and houses are selling fast and high, so, it”s up to you as to whether or not you wanna sell it.”

“Oh. Didn”t know that either. How much would a house like that sell for?”

“Minimum eight hundred thousand now that it”s all fixed up, but could go for as high as nine.”

“And how much would it rent for?”

“Fifteen hundred a month, easy.”

“I”d almost just rather keep it and rent it then, sounds like that”d make me way more money in the long run.”

“Yes, it would, but can be risky as well. If you decide to do that, I”ll give you the name of the property management company that I deal with for all my properties, they take on all the risk and the maintenance, as well the headaches, and you just get the money. You”d get only about a thousand a month from that.”

“Okay, let”s do that then, that makes way more sense. Can we work it so that that just goes into my personal account, and then I never haveta touch my other account?”

“Yep, you”re a smart one alright. Absolutely, and when you have more than enough in your personal account, you can move it over to the other account, that way it”ll earn you way more interest. You can do that yourself, though, you can put money in, just can”t take it out without me and your dad”s signatures.”

“Thanks.” Coby beamed brightly.

“You”re so very welcome. And that was all that I had to see you for. Let me grab you the cards that you need, and then I”ll let you continue with your day.”


A few moments later he went to pass them to me, but I shook my head no and pointed to Coby, so he handed them to him instead.

“Before I go though, Jaks, I”ve heard of your work, and I see that you”re working on what looks to be two trucks right now, though I don”t see their bodies, and a third truck back there with all its parts spread around it.”

“Yeah, they”re in the spray booth, they”ve just been painted.”

“Please let me know when you”re finished, my husband and I”ve been wanting a classic truck for a while now, but even though we watch for your trucks, we”ve missed the last three that you did up, so I”d really like first dibs on one of them if I could please.”

“Oh, really?”

“Oh yeah. Honestly, how long does it usually take to sell once you post them?”

“Day, maybe two at most lately.”

“And how many people end up bidding on them?”

“Ten, maybe twelve usually.”

“Yeah, and I was one of them at least three times.”

“Oh, sorry. We”ll call you as soon as we have them finished, expect another two to three weeks then.”

“Thanks.” He said happily. “I should”ve come and seen you months ago and asked, but the sign on your door was pretty obvious, you didn”t wanna be bothered.”

“You could”ve emailed me, but, honestly, I would”ve told you the same thing I tell everyone, that they haveta wait “til my next one”s done, and then they can bid on it just like everyone else does, that I don”t do holds.”

“I know, you already told me that.” He grinned brightly.

“Thought so.” I had to laugh.

“Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon then.”

“You will.” Coby and I said together.

“Good, and remember, you two now call on me for any and all legal advice. Simple things are included in your annual fee, but if you ask something of me that”s not included in that, I”ll inform you before I do any work as to how much that”ll cost. The annual fee will now cover you too Jaks.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” We both said.

“And now, I really do haveta get going. Talk to you later.”

“Have a good day.”

“You too.”

We waited until Michael was gone, before looking to each other.

“Wow, I”m rich, I had no idea.” Coby said in some shock.

“No kidding. Doesn”t mean you needta go all crazy and try spending it all though.”

“I know, and I wouldn”t anyway. There are a few things I want, and they”re non negotiable. First, we split the bills evenly, I know we”re daddy and baby, but we”re also gonna be baby boyfriends, and once I”m old enough, baby husbands too, so, we each split half the bills.”

“Okay.” I said readily enough, even though deep down it feels wrong, but I know how he feels, he wants to be a man, even though he will forever be a baby.

“Thanks. Next, next time you go searching for trucks, I wanna go with you, and I wanna pick one up for myself and fix it up, so that I have one of my own once I”m ready to drive.”

“Easily done.” I smiled brightly, I would have happily done that before, even without him helping to pay for it all.

“Awesome. Third, we were talking the other day, and you said you”d expanded the shop once already and made it nearly twice as big at that time, but that you wanted to do so again soon, and nearly double the size again. I wanna help you do that. I also wanna order all the extra tools I need, so that we can work together, since there”s been a few things that we both needed at the same time, but that you only have one of. We won”t need everything, but certainly lots of things we could stand to have a second of.”

“Okay, I”ll have the Snap-On guy come by again next week some time, and/or we”ll order what you want and need.”

“Awesome. Fourth, I wanna quit school, I”ll still do it, but just from home now. I”ll do it in the mornings before we go out to the shop to play. I”ll haveta go to the school and get my things, as well I wanna get that boys number that I told you about, since we both could stand to have a friend.”

“Yeah, I knew that you”d be telling me that sooner rather than later.”

“Good. We can do that tomorrow then, but I”ll go to school in the morning to gather everything.”

“Okay Baby.”

“And last, even though we”re not truly ready for it yet, I need my loving daddy to start changing my soggy baby bum, and I wanna change your soggy baby bum too. I know it”ll be even harder on us, and may make us crumble sooner rather than later, but it is what we both truly want and need anyway.”

ankara escort “I wanna say yes, but I needta say no, yet I know I really can”t anyway. You want soggy baby bum changes to include sniffing and sucking each others diapers too, don”t you.”

“Oh god yeah, in the worst possible way.”

“And you wanna lotion and cream each other very well too, don”t you?”

“Damn near as much.”

“You wanna drink up my baby milk too, don”t you?”

“I”ve needed it for my whole life I think.”

“It”s a very slippery slope what we want, you know that right?”

“Let”s go sledding.” He grinned brightly.

“Funny.” I deadpanned.

“I know.”

“Well, should we get back to work Baby?”


We only worked for another couple hours before we decided to call it a day. When we got inside, we stripped down to just our soggy diapers, both of us needing a change, yet we want to wait until after dinner, because I think deep down we both know that if we change our diapers first, we may not get dinner. By the time we are done dinner, we are both damn near leaking, which just so happens to be a very bad thing and the very best thing. Coby grinned to me, grabbed my hand in his much smaller one, and led me to my bedroom.

“I wanna change your soggy baby bum first please. You can squirt cum, I can”t, and I think that when I cum, so will you, and I don”t want it being wasted into the front of your soggy baby diaper, even though I do very much plan to suck it as dry as I possibly can anyway, but I wanna get as much as I can of your delicious baby milk, by scooping it up instead. There”ll be plenty of time for me to suck your cum from your soggy baby diapers, which I also can”t wait for.” Coby whispered hoarsely.

“You know this is a bad idea, right,”

“Oh yeah, it”s the very best bad idea I”ve ever had.”

I could say nothing to that, because I very much feel the same way, and just laid down, ready and waiting for anything and everything that Coby plans to do to and for me. Even a blind person would be able to see how hard this prospect is making me though. I am so fucking hard right now, I do not feel that I have ever been this hard before. Even Coby”s mighty fine young erection is pushing out the front of his diaper so very enticingly. I know he is not very large yet, being only ten and all, but from the lump he is creating, I think he might just have a little extra hidden inside from the one time I saw him hard, because like me, I think he too is at his utmost hardest, and therefore just a tiny bit larger.

Coby comes in with shaking hands, and just as he is about to release the tapes, I put my hands over his to pause his motions. He looks up to me with a hunger in his eyes I have never seen before. I knew he was a little gay baby boy before, but that look tells me that he is very much a gay baby boy, and that he is about to get something that he has needed for a very long time, though how long a ten year old could need this, I have no clue. Then again, I started desperately needing it before his age as well, but, truth be told, it took me years to work out exactly what it was that I had needed, I had been really rather naive and sheltered, mostly due to my own shyness.

“Please, don”t go further than either of us are ready for, do nothing more than just stroking, and don”t do anything if you”re not absolutely one hundred percent certain.” I whisper to him.

“I won”t, I promise.” He whispers back huskily.

I rub his hands for just a second in a very intimate way, then let go and let him get what he needs, but I admit, I very much need this as well.

He releases all four tapes on my diaper first, pressing them back onto the landing pads they came from in the first place, so that they do not catch and ruin the show. As soon as I am untaped, he pulls down the front of my diaper, exposing my hardness to his hungry gaze, and that was when he had his first orgasm. He slumped down for a few seconds, panting, and it damn near made me cum as well.

“Fuck, that was almost too much. I”ve been dreaming of this since I was five, maybe six, but I”m positive I was still in kindergarten. You”re huge.”

“Thanks Baby, but no, just slightly better than average. I”m just over sixteen centimeters long, and about thirteen around at my widest.”

My balls are also pretty large, and I am completely hairless. It took a while to find a gay laser hair removal guy, who really rather enjoyed doing that for me. Like I told him, I have to wear diapers, so I may as well play the part of the baby properly, and hair definitely gets in the way of that image. If he had have been my type, and had he been a baby, I think he would have asked me, and I probably would have said yes, but, like he said, that was not what he was into, though admitted that I did make a stunning baby, but trust me, it took a lot more courage to go and do so than I had thought I had. I had him remove almost all my body hair at the same time, though, including my face, it cost me a lot, but it was absolutely worth it.

“Well, you”re definitely huge compared to me.”

“I know, but you”re only ten, and you have roughly another six to eight years of growth down there yet before you”re done, and from the lump you”re already pushing, and from what I”ve already seen, I”d say you have nothing to worry about.”

“You think so?”

“I don”t remember how big or small I was when I was your age, and I never saw any other boys naked and hard, so not a clue what average even is for boys your age. In all fairness, though, especially at your age, every boy will be absolutely different, depending upon what stage of puberty you”re at, if you”ve even started. If I remember correctly, most boys start the beginning process somewhere around eleven, but I”ve heard can start at ten, and some are as late as twelve or even thirteen. I don”t think I truly started “til I was at least twelve, and I didn”t get my first hairs “til I was damn near fourteen, and it was days after my fourteenth birthday when I had my first actual true cum, I”d seeped, and shot a tiny bit of precum for a few weeks before that, and I remember my dick and balls finally started growing sometime early thirteen. I think we”re both gonna be very happy with where you end up, though, so, don”t worry, and I absolutely love you the way you are now.”

“Oh.” He said, and by then, he just pulls out my diaper from underneath me, and then, I think before he could even think about it, his face is buried inside it, sucking and sniffing, and for easily five minutes, that is all he does.

The problem, though, is how fucking hot it is making me, watching him do that. I am doing everything in my power to not cum, I am having to grasp the sheets to prevent me from touching myself. I also have a feeling that I am going to be painting my face again, because I feel even more charged than the couple times I have already done so.

“Wow, even better than before.” Coby sighed deeply as soon as he lowers my diaper.

“Fuck, that”s hot, watching you do that.”

“Hotter doing it.”

“Yeah, and though I know how truly stupid it is of me to do so to your diaper as well, I just gotta.”


Coby prepared my diaper by inserting the doubler, then slipped it underneath my upraised baby bum. He then grabbed one of my baby wipes, and started cleaning me, but, I could not last. He had pulled my erection so that it was aiming pretty near straight up, and maybe a second is all that I could last. What I saw then shocks me still, just thinking about it. I clearly saw six full pulses of cum shoot straight up in the air, arch ever so slightly toward my head, and then splash down on my chest. The amount was not the shocking part, the height I achieved was, easily a meter and a half for the first two or three, then slightly less for each one after that. Then, if that were not enough, another full six surges of cum pumped out, coating Coby”s hand with easily three orgasms worth, and that is on top of the already three to four orgasms worth of cum that sprayed out.

“Fuck me, that was amazing.” Coby gasped when I finished firing.

I would have said something to agree, but trust me, coherent thought was not achieved in that moment. I saw it all, I heard it all, and I understood it all, but that is truly all.

Then Coby started cleaning up all my mess, first licking it all off his hand like he was licking up ice cream. Once that was all licked off, and savoured, he went back for more, scooped it up and repeated, and kept doing so for easily ten minutes as he enjoyed my cum. By then I was finally down.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Coby groaned.

“Nope, not close enough to what that was. I”m not sure what that was, but amazing was passed light years back.” I groan out.

“Good.” He grins brightly.

And then, with all pretenses of cleaning thrown right out the window, Coby starts truly masturbating me, his gloriously soft hands are doing a superb job. One is busy stroking my erection, while the other is tenderly playing with my balls, but he would switch it up every few seconds or so, and change hands. Every so often, the hand that was petting my nuts would sneak down into my crevasse and tickle my hole inside, and that always made me hiss in pleasure. Coby did this for a shocking four more orgasms, and though there was no way I could possibly pump out as much as I did for my first, as well I doubt I could have possibly pumped out that much in total for the next four orgasms, it sure did feel like it, and as Coby went, licking up all his treats any time I produced more, I kept getting hazier and hazier, until, after my fifth orgasm, I just went blank.

When I came to again, finally, I can feel that I am diapered good and proper now, just the way I deserve to be, and Coby is laying practically on top of me, cuddling me, and tickling my chest so very lovingly.

“Ah, there you are.” Coby giggled cutely.

“Fuck me, that”s not even supposed to be possible, what you just did to me.”

“Then you”re impossible.” He giggled again.

“So are you. I”ve never felt so drained as I do right now, though, my balls feel like they were vacuumed out, excessively I might add.”

“Good.” He giggles again.

“Not sure about so good right now. Never felt like that before. Now, even though I know it really isn”t a good idea, I just gotta change you now Baby, so, into soggy baby bum change position.”

“Yippee.” He said, and then jumped, rotated in mid air, and landed on his back already in soggy baby bum change position.

Because I can stand to do his change, though, as soon as I got out of bed, I pulled him so that he is facing the right direction for me to do my job. This, however is a job that I will happily do all day, every day, until the day I die. I will never feel overworked, and I will never ask for a penny in wages to do so.

The lump that I had seen before in Coby”s seriously sexy soggy diaper is still there, he is so fucking hard right now. I did possibly the most evil thing I think I have ever done, I patted it, and then rubbed it, for not even a whole second, and I was right, that was more than enough to cause him to cum, possibly his very best ever. I was watching his eyes, and while he did not pass out, entirely, all there he absolutely is not. I wait, though, until that I can see that he is back with me.

“Wow, that was the most intense fucking cum ever.” He groaned.

“Good Baby.”

I release the tapes to his diaper, folding them back onto their pads, same as he had done for me, and then, when I lower the front of his diaper, I expose him very nicely. With that being said, though, I actually prefer seeing him ultra hard in his soggy baby diaper, that, to me, is when he is sexiest. I had kind of gotten a vision of him naked and hard the one day, but I purposely really did not look then, even though I did see him, I am looking now, and oh yeah, he is amazing.

“I think, Baby, that you”re actually bigger than most baby boys your age. Like I said before, I can”t remember that far back how big I was exactly, but I don”t recall being this size “til I was about twelve. That doesn”t necessarily mean anything either, though, mind you, you could grow to be bigger than me, or smaller than me, or exactly the same size, you just might”ve started growing early is all.”


“And fuck do you have a nice package.” I groaned.

And he does, he is probably just a bit better than ten centimeters long, about the same size as my thumb around, so approximately eight centimeters, he is almost perfectly straight with only the slightest upwards curve and left side pull. He is of course perfectly bare still, and his hot little balls will be a nice tasty little treat when it comes time to suck them, which, trust me, I cannot wait for at all. I cannot wait to suck his amazing little dick either mind you, or slip my tongue inside his hot little hole. Speaking of his hot little hole, in the position he is laying, it is staring right at me, winking enticingly, and it is even open a little, probably in eager anticipation of what is to come.

My first chore, should you wish to call it that, of course, is to remove Coby”s sexy soggy baby diaper, and then sniff and suck it, and I do so exuberantly. He smells and tastes so fucking good, that I am not satisfied until I can get no more from it, taking what has to be at least five, but likely ten minutes to do so.

When I finally lower Coby”s diaper, he grins brightly to me, and points to the front of my diaper.

“Looks like you enjoyed that.”

I look down, and sure enough, somehow I am hard again, though how would be anyone”s guess.

“Not sure how I could possibly be hard again, but that just does something to me.”

“Oh yeah, watching you do that definitely does something to me as well.” He said, hunching his hips up and showing off that he is even harder than before, and is now a very angry purple in colour.

“Yeah, know how you feel.”


Also foregoing the wipes, because they are neither needed nor wanted at the moment, I reach in and start stroking Coby softly, one hand taking his hot little erection, the other his little baby balls. Three seconds he lasts this time, but I do not stop, and continue going, just like Coby had done for me, only he lasts an amazing five more orgasms before he finally just disappears, and his little erection started shrinking down.

Fully flaccid, Coby is so cute, not tiny, but smaller, and so very cute. I clean, lotion, and cream him up like he deserves, and then pull up and tape closed his nice fresh baby diaper. Once he is ready, I crawled onto the bed, pulling Coby so that he is laying properly as well, and cuddle up to him, and tenderly tickle his small chest and tummy. It took fully ten minutes for him to come to again, and when he did, he reached up and pressed his lips to mine, and gave me a shockingly deep and tender kiss. He did not introduce his tongue, nor did I, but I did join in on the kiss as well, and as new lovers, we kissed like that for easily ten minutes.

“Wow, diaper change time”s never been so amazing, but just kissing like that after was actually even better.” Coby sighed far deeper than his still very boyish sounding voice should have been capable of. He sounded very sexually satisfied, and so very sexy too.

“Mmmhmm, I agree, Baby.”

For the rest of the evening, we went and sat on the couch, all cuddled up together, and just talked. Never before have I talked so much with one person, but Coby and I are truly so much alike, and I just love hearing him talk. When it was bed time, our diapers were deemed more than thirsty enough, and so, we leave them. Neither of us asked the other, yet Coby ended up in bed with me, curled right into me, and I holding him for all my worth.

I have never in my life slept with another, and honestly never thought that I would either, but for some reason, this brings me a deep peace, instead of anxiety, wondering if I will sleep. Somehow I just know that I am about to experience my best sleep ever.

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