Helen, the following day


Helen, the following dayWoke to smelling fresh coffee the following morning and went to the kitchen for a cup. Joyce had just finished pouring a cup and offered it to me. My wife (ex) and I lived with Joyce in her house after her husband died to help with costs for both of us. Standing there in just my pj bottoms (and no underwear…..hoping Joyce might notice) I drank my coffee and enjoyed her in her nightie…….ALWAYS wished that we had becum lovers but sadly never did she always told me it was too riskyWe sat at the table after refilling our cups and had small talk until she asked me if I had enjoyed last night….my smile said it all and she smiled back and said good. She actually disliked her step-daughter( my wife) and had told me often I should have married HER daughter ( what she didn’t know is that we were secretly fucking and had been ever since her husband left her)Helen had called her and shared EVERY detail of our fucking experience. Joyce asked me if I intended to see Helen that after noon like she had invited me and I said yes. Sliding kaçak iddaa a key across the table she said Helen had asked Joyce to share her key and to tell me she’d already be in bed waiting. Joyce simply smiled a shit eating grin and said that she was glad for the both of us and to just be careful.Time came…I slid the key in and locked the door behind me as I went towards her bedroom.I found Helen spread wide…her cunt freshly shaven and smiling….hurry to me baby……It was only seconds and I was naked and in bed.We were in NO hurry this time….my wife was out of town and her hubby was back playing cards…all weekend like EVERY weekend. Seldom came home until very early Monday AM.I felt every inch of her…tasted EVERY inch of her over and over, Tongued her to almost non stop cums…rimmed and tongue fucked her ass ( which I found out she had always loved but couldn’t get him to do it)I found out that she simply can’t suck enough cock….LOVE the feel of a cock in her mouth and savors the taste of cum.I fucked her….she fucked me…it was an INCREDIBLE kaçak bahis afternoon. her last gift to me after we had rested a bit and were enjoying a drink she rolled over and kissed me softly and asked if I was still horney enough to fuck her ass. Smiling and kissing her back I told her fuck yesssssssssssssShe reached into her nightstand ( where I saw a drawer full of dildoes and toys which we put to full uses in other visits) and got a tube of KY and applied it to my eager cock. Helen said she wanted to be fucked HARD and was I willing to do that…..of course. She had me stand on the floor and she shifted doggie style to the end of the bed…spread her legsReaching behind, she spread her ass cheeks and invited me inI push my cockhead to her puckered asshole and slowly pushed. I felt her pushing her ass backwards to take my cock until my cockhead slipped in…..she was fucking tight. We waited for a short time to get use to me…and I pushed forward…slowly but not stopping until I felt my balls resting on her cuntlips.MY hands now controlled illegal bahis her ass and hips…I was was ready to fuck and I found out just how filthy a mouth Helen had….and I loved EVERY single dirty filthy word that poured from it with every HARD DEEP POUNDING stroke of my cock in her ass. We were bareback…and would continue that each time we fucked…I felt her ass milk my cock like her cunt did. When I slammed my final stroke deep in her ass and came in her we both simply feel forward, me on top breathing heavy sweaty and drained.We were never going to stop this….never.We showered, enjoyed a couple more drinks and small talk as well as plans. I dressed and went home knowing that by the time I got there Joyce would know EVERY detail I wasn’t disappointed Joyce smiled and said she was glad…that now I knew how much Helen missed being fucked…especially in her ass. She also knew that I wasn’t getting fucked by my wife. Just don’t hurt my friend she said. I promised not to.Joyce told me that in time she’d share some stories of what they both did….I kissed Joyce and thanked her…we shared a drink where she asked me for details of my afternoon which I gladly shared. Then off to bed….to rest….I had an early morning meeting with Helen for breakfast.

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