Helen’s Raincoats

Female Ejaculation

Clair and Helen were best friends at University studying economics and commerce. They worked hard and played equally hard enjoying the party lifestyle and the boys whenever the chance presented itself, which was mostly on a weekly basis. They enjoyed each others company and occasionally slept together if no boys were available. Helen liked to make love to Clair and looked forward to it almost to the point of preferring her to any of the boys.

Fast forward 8 years and now Clair was just turning 30 and was successfully employed as a financial advisor with a superannuation company just north of London near Camden. She still kept in touch with Helen who was widowed (her husband, Peter died in an industrial accident a couple of years earlier) and living in Portsmouth, with her own business advising local government on investments.

One spring weekend Clair drove down to visit Helen at her home and they planned to do a little sailing weather permitting. Helen put Clair into the spare bedroom telling her to make herself at home and she would start lunch in the kitchen.

Clair unpacked her suitcase and placed her small things in one of the dresser draws and hung her slacks and skirts in the wardrobe and as she was just closing the robe door she smelt a strange aroma. She opened the second robe door and saw an array of raincoats hanging there, about 6 or 7 of them in different colours but all of them were shiny and glistening. She was intrigued and looked closer to discover that couple were plastic or PVC and what seemed like rubber and closed the door on them and finished putting her things away, but thinking why Helen would need so many raincoats.

Over lunch the girls brought each other up to speed on their lives and loves and latest fashion trends and who was screwing who in the land of glamour and social scenes. Helen suggested that tomorrow looks like the best chance to go sailing according to the weather man on the news that morning, with just a small chance of light rain.

“I have a spare raincoat for you just in case it does rain.” Helen told Clair.

Clair replied, “Yes I saw them in the wardrobe earlier, why do you have so many?”

“Oh Ok, the secret is out, though it is not really a secret as I expected you to see them and give me the chance to talk to you about something I have been thinking on for some time now.”

Helen continued, “Peter and I had a good life together and he was kind and very comforting to me during that time I was depressed and through his love and caring he brought me out of it. I wanted to give something back but could not think of anything other than just buying a gift which did not seem right after all the time and effort ankara grup escort he put into me.

One evening he asked me if we could talk freely about something that was worrying him, I panicked then thinking the worst about our relationship. Peter looked me straight in the eye and said that he had a fetish for shiny raincoats and had had for a long time but keep it secret from me. I was speechless not knowing where this was going, how do you mean a fetish for raincoats? Other women wearing them or what? I was getting a little angry by now thinking he may have someone else.”

Helen could see Clair was looking interested but puzzled and about to ask a question but Helen held her hand up and said,

“Hear me out first Clair, Peter carried on and explained that they were just very sexy looking when worn by women and he imagined making love to them with them wearing a shiny raincoat. He said that it would be wonderful to make love to me dressed in a raincoat. At first I didn’t know just what to think, this was mind blowing stuff, how long was this going on I asked him?

He told me from when he was about 15, he saw a girl on a railway station wearing a very shiny black raincoat tightly belted at the waist and he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked so very sexy with her long hair cascading over her coat and long leather boots for good measure. Peter said if it disgusted me then he would never mention it again, but I told him if that was what he liked then I was willing to give it a try. He was so very thankful for my understanding, which I wasn’t really understanding at all at that time, and that he did have a raincoat to show me if that was OK.”

At this stage Clair said “I think we had better have a coffee Helen as this looks like quite a story.”

Helen put the kettle on and continued with her tale. “Peter went to the garage and brought back this blue rubber raincoat with attached hood and belt. It was glistening in the lights and was very smooth and soft, quite pleasant to touch in fact, he let me try it on and I felt somewhat funny as he pulled the hood over my head and fastened the belt. He hugged me and kissed very passionately whilst feeling me through the rubber, actually latex as he explained, he squeezed my bum and buried his head in by breasts and purred like a cat. He led me upstairs to the bed room and asked me to undress and put the raincoat back on, it felt quite cold at first but then soon warmed up. He got undress too and we made the best love ever for over an hour until we were both exhausted and then showered together.

I do confess that I did feel something extra wearing the latex coat and it was not unpleasant gümüşhane escort at all and thought this can be my gift to Peter that I can enjoy too. Peter then told me he had more coats to show me and he brought an armful out of the garage, he had a trunk in there with a false bottom with just car magazines on top so I never suspected anything. The other coats were the ones you saw in the bedroom wardrobe upstairs. The latex ones were his favourite but often had me wear the PVC and clear plastic ones too. Later on he would wear one as well as me when making love and once we slept wearing them but that was a bit over the top as we were both soaking in sweat in the middle of the night and had to get up and shower.

After Peter’s accident I was going to get rid of them all but then one night I couldn’t sleep and was thinking of him making love to me in his favourite raincoat and went to the wardrobe and put it on and went back to bed. I could feel Peter with me as I massaged myself to fulfillment; I stayed in the coat for an hour or so before taking it off and finally getting some sleep. I started doing this more often to where I am now just loving Peter’s raincoats more and more, I even go out in one when it is raining, not the latex one, but the blue PVC number with raglan sleeves. It just feels nice and I have caught a couple of men giving me a long look and even a lady or too.”

“That is some story Helen; thankyou for being so frank with me and it does explain all the coats in the wardrobe. Maybe I too should try one on to see if I get horny, just joking Helen, but seriously I would like to see how they feel.”

“I would be pleased if you would Clair, as I have longed to share my feelings with you for quite some time, Peter left such a big hole in my life.”

The girls finished their coffees and went upstairs to the spare bedroom where Helen took out all the raincoats from the wardrobe and laid the out on the bed.

“Which one would you like Clair?” asked Helen,

“They all look good to me, you choose one for me” and Helen picked out the black latex one that she had first worn with Peter. She held it up to Clair’s body and said,

“This should fit you nicely and it is my favourite.” She helped it onto Clair and pulled the hood over her head fastened the belt around her waist and smoothed it all down before stepping back to get a good look.

“Yes you sure do look sexy, how do you feel in it?”

“Well it is different all right and I think I could get used to wearing one, maybe it is the latex I am not too sure about, it is so new to me, I once had a PVC jacket many years ago but did not associate it with a fetish.”

“What halkalı escort do we do now Helen?” and with that Helen moved back to Clair and kissed her full on the mouth and stroked the latex hood at the back of her head. Clair responded by pulling her closer into herself and wrapped her arms around her waist. The kiss lasted a full minute before Helen pulled away and said,

“Thank you Clair, you look lovely and I am feeling hot for you.”

“Well we may as well go all the way and get naked under these coats, which one will you wear then?”

Helen chose a red PVC coat with small belts and buckles on the sleeves as well as a hood and belted collar.

“This is my favourite one and Peter would wear it for me when I had on the one you are wearing so this is a sort of déjà vu for me.”

They put away the remaining raincoats and started to undress each other saying nothing but giving each other a kiss and cuddle as each piece of clothing fell to the floor.

Helen helped Clair put on the black latex raincoat easing her arms into the slender sleeves and then buttoning up the fasteners all the way to her neck, she then eased the hood over her head and smoothed it around her The belt was next fixed tightly round Clair’s waist. Clair then assisted Helen with her red PVC coat also fastening it up to her chin and fastening the belt buckle around her neck, followed by the waist belt and the small sleeve belts and buckles. This raincoat also had a nice hood which covered her head with the glistening red PVC. The two girls now enveloped in their raincoats were a sight to behold and for a moment or two just stood and admired each other and then embraced tightly followed by a passionate kiss.

Helen manoeuvred the two of them to the bed and eased Clair down on the sheets and whispered.

“Tell me if I am going too fast or too far Helen, but I just love you like this and remember the days in uni together.”

Clair replied, “I too am enjoying you like this so do your worst,” and with that Clair very softly fondled Helen’s breasts through the PVC, she could feel her engorged nipples through the shiny material and moved lower to allow her to such them and arouse them more with her tongue. Helen caressed Clair’s breasts through the soft latex gently rotating her fingers around the nipples and squeezing very softly feeling them enlarge and firm up from the stimulation, she then placed her hand between the buttons of the front opening and onto her groin ever so caringly massaging the love lips and feeling the moisture seeping through them. She eased one finger into Clair’s vagina and quickly found the clitoris where she rubbed the tip very slowly as Clair hugged Helen through the red PVC raincoat and moaned as she orgasmed.

The two girls hugged and kissed as they lay on the bed enjoying the feeling of each others coats and bodies within.

“Thank you Helen for introducing me to the world of rainwear sex with you, we should do this much more often.”

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