Hidden Acres Ch. 05


All characters over the age of eighteen.

* * * * *

Hidden Acres, a seemingly sleepy town sequestered in the hills, was a world apart in the ways of love. The boundaries that held society together in the outside world were too confining for the folks of this quant place. Families here are freer, eager to love in more than conventional ways.

* * * * *

Jordan came into the house laughing loudly with his friend Kyle. Dot smiled sweetly as they both looked at her with wide, appreciative eyes. She hadn’t expected Kyle to tag along, but she wasn’t disappointed to have another handsome young man in the house.

“Please let me know when you are bringing guests over,” she admonished Jordan lightly. “I’d like to make sure I’m presentable when you have company.”

“But you always look great,” Jordan answered honestly.

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed, his eyes eagerly devouring her. “You look amazing.”

Dorothy smoothed her top over her tummy, pulling it tight against her skin and emphasizing her sensuous curves, mesmerizing both young men. She’d worn a translucent white silk blouse over a white bra, the lace edges visible up close, a flowing skirt that hinted at her rounded bottom, and a pair of low rise heels. Much too fancy for normal wear around the house, but she liked the way Jordan looked at her, so she decided to give him something to look at. .

“Well, thank you both,” she replied with a genuine smile. She turned to Jordan and continued in a serious tone, “But there may be occasions when I’m not, so please, let me know in the future if you are not coming home alone.”

“Certainly,” Jordan said solemnly.

Smiling, she moved to the refrigerator as the boys sat at the small dining table. She served them some watermelon she’d sliced up earlier and watched them eat the cool treat. Both boys were covered in a light sheen of sweat as the days had turned hot as of late. Summer was quickly approaching and the dog days would be upon them too soon.

“What have you two scoundrels been up to today?” she asked, taking a seat herself.

“We shot some hoops and Kyle showed me a swimming hole.”

“Becky’s creek,” Kyle answered when Dot looked his way for explanation.

“Oh, that must have been fun! I remember going there a lot when I was growing up.”

“Yeah, seems it’s still a popular place,” Jordan said between bites and then he and Kyle laughed loudly, sharing some inside joke.

“Oooh,” Dorothy said, remembering the kinds of activities that she had seen and had done herself down at Becky’s creek. “Well, it seems like nothing has changed then. Did you two happen to meet some young ladies?”

“No,” Kyle said, though his mischievous smile remained. “We just happened to catch a glimpse of someone else’s fun is all.”

Dorothy gasped in feigned shock. “Well I hope you were discreet and did not embarrass them.”

“We were polite voyeurs, Dot, I assure you,” Jordan offered formally, making them all laugh.

Jordan was stealing glances at her legs and she rubbed them together for his benefit. That she should get such satisfaction from his gaze still amused her. She’d been the object of many men’s desires throughout her life, but very few had given her such pleasure to tease. Perhaps because this was her friend’s son, or maybe it was the secret Tracy had told her when she’d brought her son to stay with her.

“Will you be staying casino siteleri for dinner Kyle?” she asked as the boys finished their snack.

“No, thank you, though,” he answered, wiping his face clean. “Mom is expecting me home for dinner. In fact, I need to be running along if I’m going to get a shower beforehand.”

“Ahh, well maybe some other time,” Dorothy smiled. She turned to Jordan, “Just make sure you tell me before you invite him.”

With a laugh, they bid Kyle goodbye. Dot noticed that Jordan’s eyes never drifted from her for very long, he would look away, but his gaze would quickly return. He never seemed to tire of looking at her, something she found titillating.

“I need a shower as well,” Jordan announced and stood up from his chair. Dorothy noticed the lump in his shorts and then looked up to his face as he stood there quietly. He bit his lip, as if nervous and she noticed that his right heel was twitching.

“Is there something else?” she asked sweetly, examining her nails in her lap.

“Maybe later, if you don’t mind that is,” he began slowly, his voice tremulous, “I’d like your underwear.”

Dot felt a drop of honey slide from between her unfolding flower. To hear him ask out loud for her panties was an incredible turn on. Her heart raced a bit quicker as an image of him abusing her silken frillies leapt into her mind instantly.

“I’ll bring them to you,” she said after catching her breath. Swiping her tongue over her bottom lip, she looked up at him in a heady daze and then he nodded, a grateful smile upon his lips as he left for his shower.

After the bathroom door closed and she heard the water running, Dorothy pulled her skirt up and rubbed her hungry pussy through her panties. She had been caught off guard by his request, even though she’d jokingly told him to that exact thing. She’d never had a man come out and explicitly ask for her panties, though she’d had a lover or two with the same fetish as her dear Jordan.

Her father had been a panty lover as well, she recalled with a soft sigh. After she had moved out as a young woman, her mother had shared some of her frustrations of having to wash her underwear twice, even though she’d only worn them once! Dorothy had found the idea exciting back then, later making her open to the desires of some men in her life. She knew that was why she readily accepted Jordan into her home after Tracy had revealed his first secret.

Dot pinched her clit lightly through the silk fabric, drawing more of her nectar out of her slick passage. Dark stains were beginning to show and she felt satisfaction in making them extra spicy for her young man. Knowing that he was going to sniff and lick them made her hot and she wanted to make him just as hot!

When she heard the water stop in the shower, she lowered her skirt and set about making dinner. Jordan appeared a while later in a fresh t-shirt and shorts and joined her for a light meal. She could see his eagerness and enjoyed drawing out his desire. Afterwards she left him in the kitchen to clean up while she changed.

That evening they sat up and read in the lounge as they did most evenings and then with an exaggerated yawn, Jordan stood up and announced he was heading to bed. Without a look, she bid him good night and kept herself from laughing as he stood there dumbfounded for a minute. At last he shuffled off to güvenilir casino his bedroom, climbing the stairs to his room on the third floor.

Once he was out of sight she rushed to her bedroom and pulled off her robe. She shucked the pyjama bottoms and top and slipped into her black lace baby doll nighty. Dot still wore the white panties, which were getting even wetter as her anticipation grew as she dressed. Looking in her mirror, she adjusted the girls beneath the sheer material before she headed up the stairs.

Just outside of his door, she paused and pushed her panties off of her hips and down her smooth legs. Looking at them in her hand, she couldn’t help but take a whiff of them, just to know what Jordan would soon be smelling. The scent, familiar to her, was strong and heady, causing another small trickle to escape her flower. Wiping her petals with the underwear, she thought, ‘Waste not, want not!’

Jordan sat up in surprise when she opened the door and stepped in without a knock. His forlorn look just a few minutes earlier was erased by an expression of awe and bewilderment. In the soft light of a lamp by his bedside, she strolled in and smiled at his happy expression.

“I thought you forgot,” he stammered, reaching out to take the garment she offered.

“No, I most certainly didn’t forget, but I did have a bit of fun at your expense.” His feigned look of pain brought a giggle out of her. “I think the wait was worth it though,” she said. She nodded to the panties he was now holding gently and then he lifted them to his face. “Like that?” she asked as he took a deep breath with his nose pressed against the silken material.

Jordan’s eyes rolled back in his head in an intoxicated haze. Glancing down, Dot could clearly see the tent he was pitching as it grew in front of her eyes. She could not stop her own reaction at the sight of him becoming so aroused by her scent and she wondered if she would perfume his entire room just by being in it for very long.

He let out a long moan, as if he’d taken a hit of an addictive drug that he’d been jonesing for. Did my father react this way? She thought absently. Did Jordan do the same at home, with his mother’s underwear? Or was his reaction to Tracy’s scent even stronger?

“Can I watch?” she asked, staring down at him intently. Her body was tense with need, her chest tight and her stomach fluttering with desire.

“You don’t want to-?” his question drifted off and she shook her head.

“I’d like to watch you, if you don’t mind.”

Jordan nodded his assent and she moved to the foot of the bed and pulled up a chair that had his jacket hung over the back. He watched her sit down, his eyes following her like a predator. Dorothy kept her legs pressed closely together and fought to keep her hands in her lap, not wanting to disturb his routine anymore than she already had.

“Please,” she cooed, encouraging him.

Jordan lay back on the bed and pulled the sheet off his body, revealing that he was naked underneath, his penis already hard and reaching across his stomach. He brought her panties to his face and he inhaled deeply while his other hand began to stroke his flesh. She watched as he expertly teased the tender spots, pulled down hard to make himself as long as possible as if he were driving into some unseen woman.

Marvelling at the sight, she felt her arousal build canlı casino as he worked himself towards his release. The sound of his breathing, at times deep when he inhaled her scent, other times erratic as his fantasy brought him closer to the edge. Jordan’s stomach would twitch and convulse, his hips lifting his ass up off the bed as his pace increased.

His hand was a blur now and Dot’s breathing was erratic, caught up in the moment, his excitement becoming hers. Jordan moaned and whined as he tried to hold off his impending orgasm, savoring the exquisite torture of balancing on the edge of cliff, knowing that at any moment sweet release would send him plunging over into the darkness.

With a gasp he came, his chest thrashing as each stroke of his hand brought more and more of the pearly white seed gushing from the head of his cock. Dot felt her pussy spasm at the sight of his climax, triggering her own. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, but she felt the warm wetness between her thighs as the convulsions of her pussy forced her eyes closed as she rode her own lightning filled storm.

The room was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing and the combined scent of their sexes. Had anyone walked in the room at that moment they’d be certain that the pair had been making love. And they had, but not in the conventional way.

Dot, whose orgasm was not nearly as draining as Jordan’s, recovered first. She got up from her chair and walked to the side of the bed. She took her panties from his limp hand and wiped his chest and stomach clean of his spent load. Jordan let go of himself and she tenderly wiped up as much of the sticky mess as she could manage with the small piece of fabric.

Jordan was gazing at her with a silly grin on his face when she looked back at him. He took hold of her free hand and squeezed. Leaning over, she kissed him tenderly, teasing his lips with her tongue. Then she planted another kiss on his forehead and headed towards the door. With a look back, she saw his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm.

“Sleep well,” she whispered before leaving his room and closing the door.

In her own room, Dot lay in her bed, the panties now held close to her face as she breathed in the scent of his seed. Her fingers slowly played between her legs as she worked herself at a more controlled pace compared to Jordan. She replayed the sight of him pleasuring himself, memorizing every nuance she could recall.

She knew it was odd, the boy had already gone down on her and she had done the same for him, but tonight this had felt more intimate. He had made himself vulnerable. This was a part of him that he had been ashamed of, embarrassed by and she could have destroyed him by acting like there was something wrong with his desires. That she could witness such an erotic performance and that it had been her underwear that had brought about such excitement in him, sent her spirits flying into the sky.

Her fingers strummed her kitty as she brought the semen stained cloth to her face, pressing it against her skin and tasting his seed on her tongue and lips. Dot’s eyes shut tightly as a loud rush of noise filled her ears as the big one overtook her.

* * * * *

Hours later, after she had calmed down and cleaned up, Dorothy made a call to Tracy. It was the middle of the night, she knew, but she couldn’t wait another minute.

“He did it for me,” she said breathlessly.

“Oh my,” Tracy’s voice was barely a whisper, full of excitement and tinged with jealousy.

“I wish I could have recorded it for you,” Dot admitted. “Don’t worry, you’ll see for yourself. Just be patient.”

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