His First Time


This story is true, it is my story about my first time. Let me know what you think. All characters were 18 years old at the time and there was no underage involvement.

He told her about his fantasy in the car one day. She was a little shocked. “Are you gay?” she asked him and he replied no. It was just something that he wanted to try. He had already started the process by himself. He told her how he had snooped through his mom’s closet and in a shoe box found several sex toys: a vibrating dildo, a plain rubber dildo shorter and fatter than the first, and a strand of yellow anal beads. He had tried them all and several other objects to try and get the feeling of a real person, but it just didn’t seem the same. Even when he rigged a dildo to the wall and got on all fours to impale himself on it, it still wasn’t the same. So they decided they would give it a try.


He sat in the car and waited for her to come out of the store. She finally did after what seemed ages and had a brown paper bag in hand. When she got in the car she told him it was all they had and hoped it worked. He pulled out the box, gazing at it with a mystified stare: the Slip on Harness- For the gal who’s willing to take charge. He was excited and anxious to open up the box. When he did he could feel his pants begin to push out, his member becoming increasingly hard and erect. They left and headed towards his house, where his bed was waiting.

They arrived at the house and once inside went straight for his room. Door shut, blinds closed, and everything they needed right next to the mattress. They began to make out, pulling each other close and groping each other. He pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top, still exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. He almanbahis pushed against her, making her feel how hard he was, making her moan in anticipation. Finally they pulled away from each other and stood up. First it was his shirt to be removed and finally his pants and boxers. Standing there naked, knowing what was to come was a thrill like no other to him. She stared at his cock, protruding from his body, dancing in excitement. She pulled her shirt off exposing her DD breasts in the comfort of their silk black bra. Next she slipped her pants off to reveal matching silk panties. They gazed at each other for a moment, so many naughty thoughts running through their heads.

“Get on the bed.” She instructed.

He did as he was told, watching her every movement. She pulled out their new toy. Out of the box it came, the flesh colored panty-like shorts with a six inch rubber dong attached. He could feel his heart beat faster as she pulled up the strap-on. Her cock sticking out from her body made his cock solidify to an even harder state and made him want to explode right then. She climbed onto the bed with him and reached down to her cock.

“Is this what you want? Tell me what you want me to do exactly.” Came more orders from her.

“Yes, I want your cock,” he replied. “I want you to fuck me” was all he could think to say.

“Well, you don’t sound like you want it enough” she taunted. “I think you should ask nicer and make me believe that you really want it.”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass, to make me your bitch and to fuck me as hard as you want, in any direction you want. I want you to fuck me till I cum so hard. Please fuck me like a little bitch.” he pleaded with her. The words seemed to please her enough.

“Get on all fours!” She commanded.

Quickly almanbahis yeni giriş he obeyed and got on his hands and knees. She took the tube of KY jelly and took a few dabs on her fingers. Slowly she rubbed the lubed on the cock, making it slick and slimy. She pushed him down more, making his ass level with her tool. He felt the tip of it press against his tight hole, making him jump from the touch of the cold lube. Slowly she pushed into him. The pain started and he knew this wasn’t right.

“More lube” he whimpered as he tried to pull away from the invading dong.

She pulled out and put more lube on it and took a few extra blobs and smeared them around his hole. Again, she pushed the tip against him and began to slowly press into him. He moaned as her cock filled his ass, making his cock jump more and more, begging for release. Inch by inch, the dong plowed into him and finally he felt her thighs pressing against him, felt her push all the way into him. She let him get adjusted to the new object inside of him before continuing.

“Are you okay?” She asked, holding her position.

“Mhmmm.. very good, feels amazing.” Was all he could say before he began to whimper and moan again.

Slowly she pulled out slowly, leaving only the tip of her cock inside and then pushed back in. Her pace quickened and was smooth and steady. His moans were filling the room and he wanted more. He bucked back, meeting her thrusts and moaned as his ass was being pounded harder and harder. She pulled back and began to push into him more and more. Her hands grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto her. She pulled her body away and then slammed her cock back into his hungry ass, each time with him moaning louder and louder into the pillow. The more she fucked him, the more almanbahis giriş he wanted it, the more he wanted to be her slut to be used.

“I want to try something else,” he said. “Here, take this pillow.”

Her cock fell out of his ass with a slight pop, and he took the pillow and put it down on the bed. Lying down on his back, he lifted his ass and put the pillow underneath. She edged towards him and tried to guide her cock back to his waiting hole. With no success, he grabbed the end of it and placed it against his slick hole. Again moans escaped his mouth as she entered him. His hands held onto the headboard as she began to fuck him like a true man would fuck his woman, making a bitch out of him. Harder and harder she plowed into him, making him want to explode right then. He lifted his legs and lifted them into the air and then placed them on her shoulders. This encouraged her more to treat him like a slut and fuck him harder. His legs eventually fell down and wrapped around her. As her cock slammed into him, he grabbed his own rock hard cock and jerked it up and down in synch with her motions. Soon he could feel himself getting ready to cum, building up deep down and ready to go. His hand moved faster on his cock.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum!” He moaned as she pumped faster and faster.

“Cum for me! I want my slut to cum for me!” She said increasing her pace faster and faster.

“OH GOD, IM CUMMING!” He shouted as cum flew from his cock, covering his hand and stomach. His breaths were turned to gasps as cum kept flowing and she pounded into him, hard slams, with a pulling out to repeat it again. They lay for a moment, his cum dripping off his hand and him trying to regain his breath. She pulled out her member, still hard even after orgasm. Lying down next to him, she turned to him.

“So your first time was good? You enjoy being me bitch?”

“Yeah, it was incredible. Like nothing else.” He said quietly

“Well guess what? I have an idea for next time. It involves my cock, your ass, and a corset.”

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