His Teen Consort Ch. 01



This is a pure fantasy series about the experiences of a middle-aged man schooling an EIGHTEEN year old girl in the ways of eros. Any similarities between the characters portrayed here and real people is purely coincidental. Hope you enjoy!

His Teen Consort — Chapter 1

Jack had an arrangement with his wonderful wife. Ever since her accident had left her paraplegic and nearly paralyzed from the waist down she’d not been terribly interested in sex. She would give him oral pleasure every once in a while; but it was only because he practically begged. Being the loving wife, she agreed that he should have access to sexual satisfaction, and that she would allow it as long as his ‘exploits’ remained private. She preferred that they occur within their own home.

Two years after that agreement they took in a young teen who was both curious and impressionable, and who had an eye for Jack in particular. She was virginal in every way, having zero experience with sex of any kind, and no contact with sexual organs of either sex. Susanne had a discreet conversation with her, and suggested that she and Jack could ‘get closer’ if she wanted it. The girl was practically giddy with anticipation, as was Jack when Susanne made the suggestion.

Leslie was attractive, pretty while not quite beautiful, with a body that drove boys her age mad with hormone-driven lust. Long legs, perfectly firm breasts, and a derriere that made the simplest clothes sexy. When his wife suggested that he put his bedroom expertise to good use by training the girl, his erection was immediate. Then he realized what this meant and asked a lot of questions. How would this ‘training’ be carried out? Would she be open to uninhibited sex acts? Was there a form of contraception in place or were condoms needed? Were oral and anal acts a part of the curriculum? So many questions. All Susanne could tell him was that all the details were between him and Leslie, and that the girl seemed eager to ‘try things’ with him.

The first ‘session’ would be interesting. Susanne had made arrangements to be out of the house for the evening after first bringing Leslie over to the house. “Have fun you two.” she said as she departed. “I’ll be back about eleven.” she added, locking the door behind her. Five hours should give them enough time for a first ‘class’.

Jack sipped his bourbon while Leslie thumbed through the illustrated Kama Sutra. He and Susanne had decided that would be a good way to get her started, and it appeared to be working. She was next to him on the couch, getting closer each time she came upon a ‘position’ she found interesting. It didn’t take much time before her thigh was pressed against his, her hand resting on his leg when it wasn’t turning pages. The bourbon helped him maintain some level of control as his libido kept telling him to take this girl then and there.

She turned the last page and closed the book, placing it on the table and turning to him. “So… um… Mister Fa..”

“Jack.” he said. “Call me Jack when we’re here.” he told her.

“Oh.. okay.. so Jack, lots of that stuff looked like it might be fun.” Leslie began, squirming her backside on the sofa as her fingers gripped his leg. “But… um… I don’t know… you know… anything… at all…”

Jack smiled. “Don’t worry Leslie. I will do my best to show you what you want to know about… well…”

“Sex?” she finished his sentence.

“Yes, sex.” Jack said. “So you’ve looked through the big book. Do you have any specific questions?” he asked her.

Leslie thought about it for a few moments. “Um… well yeah; but… um… what does it feel like?” she asked, unsure of the words to use. “I mean, you know.. an orgasm or whatever.”

Jack chuckled. Perfect he thought. “That is a perfect place to start Leslie. I can show you how an orgasm feels and you don’t really have to do anything.” he replied. “Why don’t you take your shirt and pants off and we can begin.” he said, licking his lips out of necessity.

“Oh. Okay.” she responded, standing up in front of him. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head revealing her pert boobs in a plain white bra, then quickly unfastened the waist snap on her jeans and unzipped the fly. She turned around to face away from him, thinking that was more modest…

Jack watched as she tugged the jeans down over her pantie-clad bottom, suppressing the desire to reach out and fondle the firm orbs of her butt. The jeans were tight enough that they took the panties down below her cheeks and she bent forward slightly to make that adjustment, giving him a very brief look at her wrinkled anal port before üsküdar escort the panties were back in place. He would get there in time. Leslie stepped out of the jeans and turned to face him. Jack held up his hands. “Okay, that’s enough for now. Why don’t you come sit by me and let’s work on our kissing.” he told her.

Leslie laughed. “Kissing? Seriously? Why?”

“Oh my dear girl, kissing is a very important part of passion and lovemaking. Done right it can raise your passion in minutes. Do it wrong and it can end any chance of physical intimacy.” Jack told her. He smiled at the puzzled look on her cute face. “Really sweetie.”

She sat down next to him, allowing his arm to reach behind her shoulders. His lips nibbled at her forehead, her ears, and down to her neck. When they found hers she was ready, and a very nice extended kiss was enjoyed by both of them. Jack pulled back, noting that her eyes were closed – a good sign. “Nice?” he asked politely.

“Yes… very nice..” Leslie replied.

Their lips met again, and this time Jack introduced his tongue. It shocked her at first; but she caught on quickly and before too much time had passed the two were in a lusty embrace, their tongues dueling in a passionate oral dance. Jack found the clasp of her bra and opened it, giving his fingers access to the most perfect little titties he’d felt in a very long time. Her nipples responded instantly to his caress, growing stiff and sensitive as he pulled away from their kiss again.

“J-Jack…. I-I….” Leslie stammered.

“Relax sweetie. I’m just going to show you what a real orgasm feels like.” Jack told her, lowering his head to nibble his way down her neck toward her breasts.

“J-Jack… I’m a…”

“A virgin, yes I know sweetie. I’m not going to do anything to disturb that until you say.” he told her. “And not tonight for sure.” he added, realizing what he’d suggested. That seemed to quell any resistance, and he captured a nipple between his lips and began to flick across the sensitive tip with his tongue. His fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her breast, squeezing and massaging the peach-sized orb as he sucked on her nipple. She began to moan softly, her hands reaching for his head to pull him closer. Jack could already sense the musky emanating from her young pussy, and knew she would be an excellent ‘student’.

“Ohhhhh Jack… I’m feeling… um…” Leslie stammered, her lithe form shuddering in response to his expert ministrations.

“Hot?” Jack suggested.

“Uh… yeah… hot… I guess…”

“That’s good Leslie. Just relax and don’t worry about anything you might feel. A lot of it will be new; but you have to trust me.” Jack told her. He tugged at her bra, pulling the already unfastened garment over her arms. “You have such perfect, beautiful breasts Leslie.” he told her, fondling one in each hand. He noted that her eyes closed once again when he made that contact. Her scent became stronger with each passing moment. Jack let one hand roam down over her belly, sensing her body tensing as he got closer to her crotch. He ran a finger lightly over her mound to find the wetness between her legs. “Oh my sweetie, your pussy is very wet and hot.” he told her, gently rubbing her lips through the thin fabric.

“Oh my god Jack… that feels… so good…” Leslie stammered, letting her legs part to give him better access. She squealed at first when his hand snuck down the front of her panties and she felt the skin of his finger in her wet lips. “Ohhhhhhhhhgodddd…” came her gutteral groan.

Jack refrained from pushing his finger into her cunt. He didn’t want to go that far just yet. But Leslie’s pussy was hot, and he would have to do something so she wouldn’t be disappointed. He put his mouth next to her ear and whispered “Now I’ll show you what it’s like to have your pussy eaten.” She moaned as he slithered down to the floor and gently pulled her legs apart, pushing her knees up to splay open her wet crotch. His fingers deftly pulled the panties aside and he was inches away from her eighteen year old virgin pussy. Her scent was intense, drawing his tongue to her labia and his lips to her clit.

Leslie had no idea sex would feel like this. Her loins were on fire as her ‘uncle Jack’ worked on her private parts with his mouth. Her hands reached down to grab his head, pulling him harder against her cunt. “OhgodohgodDDDOHGODDD…” she cried as Jack’s tongue whipped around the sensitive little nubbin she hadn’t known about until now.

Jack had gotten her well on the way to her first real climax, and it had only been a few minutes. göztepe escort He wanted just a quick taste of her little browneye, and quickly moved his tongue down to wriggle and tease at her tiny ring before resuming his attention to her pussy. Leslie let out a low mewl, her hands pushing his head back down there. Jack knew he had to continue with the cunnilingus for now. Get her off the first time without too much other activity. She had responded positively to the quick oral probe of her rear, so he knew she wouldn’t mind it the next time.

She had never expected him to put his tongue there; but it felt amazing when he did. She wanted more; but his attention returned to her pussy and was making her feel things that were so intense it was incredible. Wave after wave of intense pleasure began to sweep over her body. “ohhhhhhhhhgoddd… J-Jack… ohGODDDDD… OHGODDDDDD” she squealed as she experienced orgasm for the very first time. Her hands held his head in place as her hips ground her mound against his lips. Jack, in turn, held her hips in place so he could concentrate his tongue on her clitoris. The contact remained as Leslie’s body shook and bounced in a passionate dance of lust.

Jack slowly reduced the intensity of his oral ministrations, letting the girl gradually come down from the peak of her climax. After a couple of minutes he pulled back, kissing her inner thighs as his fingers trailed lightly over her lithe hips. Her fingers tugged on his ears and he looked up. She gave him a warm smile which he returned. “So now you know.” he said softly.

“God that was incredible Jack. I had no idea.” Leslie told him as he joined her on the sofa. “You need a drink?” she offered, slowly standing up. She wriggled her hips before finally pulling her panties down and off. “They’re a little soggy.” she laughed, heading for the bar.

Jack watched her naked butt jiggling across the room. He’d tasted her little back door and knew she liked it. Soon enough he would taste it again, this time for an extended visit. His cock throbbed in his jeans and he licked his lips, loving the taste of fresh young pussy. She was returning with a drink for each of them, her perky titties bouncing just enough as she walked. He could see her juices running down her inner thighs, and knew this was just the first of many sessions with Leslie. She arrived at the sofa and handed him his glass, tipping hers against it. “Here’s to orgasms.” she laughed, taking a long sip of her soda.

“To orgasms.” Jack responded, sipping his bourbon mixer. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetie. They can all be like that with the right partner.” he added.

“Um… okay… but you didn’t… you know…” she stammered.

Jack chuckled. “No. I didn’t; but there’s plenty of time for that.”

Leslie rested her hand on his thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze. She glanced at the clock. “Well it’s only eight. We have plenty of time now, don’t we?” she asked.

Jack wrapped his arm around her shoulder, letting his hand roam down to cup her firm breast. “I suppose we do at that.” he replied. “So what would you like to do now?” he asked.

“Uh… I’ve never seen a p-penis before.” she told him.

“Really? Not even a boys penis?” Jack queried.

“Nope. But I’ll bet you have a nice one. Can I see it?” she asked, letting her hand roam upward along his thigh until she encountered the sizeable bulge. She gave it a squeeze. “Ooooo, Jack… it’s so big!” she squealed, running her fingers along his shaft through his jeans.

“Go ahead then sweetie. You can take him out if you like.” Jack told her. “Just be careful, he’s very sensitive.” he added.

Leslie tugged at his zipper, carefully pulling it down before unsnapping the waistband. Her fingers now traced his cock through his boxers, bringing his organ to full erection in a matter of seconds. “Oh wow…” she said softly. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to accept it. Jack nodded, and her fingers slipped through the fly opening to touch the smooth skin of his dick for the first time. “Oh geez, it’s so smooth and soft… and hard at the same time.” she giggled, stroking his length as if she’d been doing it her whole life.

“You’re a natural Leslie.” Jack told her as she gently worked his meat. “Go ahead and pull him out of there, so you can see what a penis looks like.” he suggested. He watched her fumble a little with his shorts; but she managed to pull his member free. “So what did you see in the book?” he asked, hoping she would suggest a little oral attention.

“Well, I saw a lot of pictures where the woman had the man’s penis in her istanbul pendik escort mouth.” she replied. “But I don’t know about that. He’s kinda big for my mouth.” she added, her fingers absent-mindedly stroking him. “Can I just kiss him?” she asked.

“That’s a perfect way to start honey.” Jack replied.

Leslie dipped her head down, touching her lips to the head of his cock as her fingers wrapped around the shaft. She looked up and he nodded his approval, so she did it again. His cock twitched, and she jumped. “Oh geez… did I hurt him?” she asked.

“No sweetie. He likes what you’re doing. Try licking him like a big lollipop.” Jack suggested.

She stuck out her tongue and lapped at the shaft, accidently brushing across the sensitive underside of his cockhead. Again he twitched. Again she giggled, then began alternating kisses and licks up and down his length. Jack closed his eyes and put his hand on the back of her head, not to pull her down but rather to let her know he was enjoying her actions. His eyes opened when he felt her lips engulfing the head, and he watched as she gently suckled on it. “Mmm… that feels really nice sweetie.” he said hoarsely, trying to resist the temptation to thrust his hips upward.

Leslie’s fingers found his balls by accident and gently squeezed them, her mouth still wrapped around the bulbous head of Jack’s organ. She began to use her tongue, and took about an inch inside her mouth. He seemed to like it, and it made her feel good to know she could make him happy too. His penis did taste kinda good, a little salty maybe; but kinda good. He would occasionally twitch in her mouth, his hips jerking as she sucked. Then he suddenly pulled her head away. “Um… did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“Oh now sweetie. I just didn’t want to surprise you by … uh… ejaculating in your mouth.” Jack told her.

She had a puzzled look again. “W-what is e-ejaculation?”

“Ejaculation is when a man releases his semen at the point of his orgasm.” Jack told her. “That’s what makes babies.” he added.

“I’ll get pregnant if you … ejaculate in my mouth?” she asked innocently.

“No no honey, you’ll only get pregnant if I cum in your vagina.” he replied.

“My pussy?” she queried.

“Yes, your pussy.”

“Okay, so let me taste it.” she told him, lowering her head to resume sucking on his penis.

“Just let him into her mouth a little more honey.” Jack suggested, gently holding her head as his hips moved upward. She was taking a good three inches of his dick now, and it felt wonderful. Within minutes he was back at the point of no return. “I’m going to cum now sweetie. Get rea… AHHHHGAWD… OHYESSSSSS…. OHBABY… SUCKME…” he growled, keeping her mouth on his cock as he splashed his load into her. She quickly pulled away as soon as his hand left her head, spitting the slimy white ooze from her mouth onto his leg.

“I… um.. sorry… I didn’t know…” she stammered, reaching for a tissue to clean him up.

“Don’t worry honey. No need to be sorry. It was your first time, and I understand.” Jack said softly, running his fingers through her hair. “And that was very nice.” he added.

“Nice… .for my first time?” Leslie suggested, wiping around her mouth.

They sat together finishing their drinks, Leslie still naked, Jack with his dick outside of his shorts. “Maybe next time I’ll show you sixty-nine.” he told her.

“What’s that?” Leslie asked.

“Well, you know what we just did to each other?” Jack queried.

“Yeah, you ate my pussy and I sucked your dick.” she responded, matter-of-factly.

“Exactly. Sixty-nine is a position we use to do both of those things at the same time.” he explained.

“Oh my god… how do you… I mean… what happens…” she stammered.

Jack reached over and opened the book, finding an illustration that answered her question and pointing to it. “That is one possibility.” he told her. It happened to be his favorite, with the woman on top.

“That looks like fun Jack. When can we try it?” she asked excitedly.

He smiled and said “Next time sweetie. Next time.” And he couldn’t wait to have that sweet butt just inches from his face, even if all he did was look at it.

They both dressed and Jack took her back to the boarding house where she lived, giving her a hug and accepting a quick kiss on his cheek from her before bidding her good night. He watched her walk up the path to the door, her backside looking a little different now. She turned and waved before opening the door and disappearing through it. Jack drove home slowly, his cock hard the whole way. He was relieved that things had gone as well as they had. She wasn’t freaked out about anything and had even taken his penis in her mouth, something he hadn’t expected until some time later.

He looked forward to their next session, and the thrills that would surely be his…

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