ARCH HUNTER Lukas – My Best Mistake Here comes chapter three. I”m humbeled by your awesome feedback. You”re always welcome to let me know what you think about the story so far! ail Chapter 3 – Home ***
So that was it. It looked like Lukas might be gay. Or bi. Or curious. Or just a little perverted. Or a combination of the above and more but it scared me too much to even think about it. And while all of that was completely fine without context, the context was that he tried to feel my dick and who knows what else. And the context of the context was that I wanted it badly and even thinking about his small hand touching me was enough to get me hard and oozing. And since the context of the context of the context was that we”re talking about an underage runaway orphan, this was all starting to sound like bad news. So the breakfast was awkward, more for him than for me. There was no stream of consciousness coming out of his mouth and he barely looked at me. I could sympathise because in his eyes he has done something very naughty and perverted and was “almost” caught to top it. And now he probably had a guilty conscience and regretted the whole thing. On my side, I was doing whatever I could to act normally as if nothing happened. I sent an instant message to my boss asking for a few more days of remote work. There were a few last things I wanted to do for Lukas before we parted ways and I didn”t really want to leave him alone for eight hours. “We”re going to go get your hair fixed after we eat, okay?” “…okay.” “How often did you have your hair cut?” “Every few months or so.” “It looks like it”s been at least a few months. You look like Robinson Crusoe”s lost son.” He just shrugged at my attempt. I planned on asking him more about his past but he clearly wasn”t in the mood for talking so I backed out. “Did you sleep well?” “Uhm,” he nodded, biting into his bun. “Me too, we can do something fun today after I finish my work.” Lukas shrugged again. I didn”t blame him and it was probably not the best timing to force myself on him. Just as we were getting dressed to go, I got a phone call from my boss who said there was an emergency in the security system we were maintaining and they needed me in the office pronto. Just great. When we were in the car, I broke the news to the boy. “They need me at the office.” He didn”t react but his eyes went a little wider. “I”ll drop you by the hair salon nearby, you”ll do fine by yourself, right?” “Sure,” he said but his mind was elsewhere. “Here,” I gave him the spare keys to my house, “you know the way, right?” He nodded but kept staring at the road. I parked by a general electronics store. “Lukas, can you look at me?” He did. “I trust you okay? Even if I shouldn”t. You”re a great guy and I trust you. Can I trust you?” This time he seemed a little more sincere when he nodded. “I knew I could. Now wait for me, I need 5 minutes.” I left him in the car and entered the store. I bought a cheap cell phone and a prepaid card. I activated it, stored my number in it and called myself. “If you need anything or there”s something wrong, call me, ok?” I said as I handed him the phone back in the car. A nod in return. “And if you don”t need me and everything is fine, then call me anyway in a few hours, just so I”m not worried. Get yourself a haircut and something to eat. Or just heat up yesterday”s dinner if you”re not sick of it.” I gave him some money and left him by the hairdresser. “When will you be home?” He looked at me with sad eyes standing there on the sidewalk. “I don”t know buddy, there”s some emergency at work. Hopefully not too late. I”ll call you when I know exactly.” “Okay, I”ll be fine.” “I know.” I drove away, leaving the boy with a heavy heart. The boy was so elusive I was afraid I would lose him every time I blinked and now I had to leave him for God knows how long. Actually I had no idea if he”d wait for me slowly emptying my fridge or just hop on a train and be 500 kilometres away by the time I”m back home. So at work it turned out it was pretty bad. An exploit was discovered that compromised users” data and we had to hotfix it within 24 hours and then work on a proper patch. So luckily we managed to push the hotfix live in just 4 hours which meant we didn”t have to stay overnight. We were just deploying the fix when I felt my phone buzz and it was Lukas. “Matt?” “What”s up Lukas?” “I got me a haircut.” “Nice. Do you like it?” “Yeah. Are you still at work?” “Yeah buddy, gonna need a few more hours. How about a movie when I”m back?” “Yeah! Oh and I went to KFC.” “Fair” “I liked your food but it was strange.” “Fair, I told you you didn”t have to eat it.” “I”m going home now.” My heart skipped a beat. Home. I knew I was deliberately and irreversibly hurting this kid. “Okay man,” I said with a breaking voice, “I”ll see you there in a few hours. You can get some snacks for us if you have some cash left.” “Okay.” “So see ya. Anything happens, call me okay?” “Okay. See ya Matt.” I hung up and covered my face with my hands, elbows resting on the desk. Do you know the feeling that you are doing the best and the worst thing possible at the same time? That was it and it was extreme. In the perfect scenario, I could end up being in heaven. In the worst one, I could be going to prison, leaving Lukas homeless and potentially heartbroken. Just great. And how often does life go in the best possible way? You guessed it – never. It rather punches you in the nose at first opportunity and laughs at you while you lay on the floor bleeding. It was already Thursday and I knew I had to make arrangements for him to return to the facility the very next day. I was allowed to go home at 5pm sharp because we”d managed to publish the hotfix. Before I left, the guys reminded me about the Friday party the next day. I forgot to tell you there were like 30 people in total working for that company. Not a big corporation by all means. Well, I decided I would definitely need some distraction after Lukas is gone. Yeah, I”ll be there for sure, I said. On my way home I grabbed some coke and juice. When I entered the flat, Lukas was resting on the couch just in his underwear. The TV was on but he was playing a game on his phone. kayseri escort He turned his head to look at me and gave me a little smile. “Hey,” he said. “Hey handsome! Nice haircut.” His hair was a little shorter now but not too short. By then I was probably a little biased but I thought he looked amazing. And it didn”t bother me one thing that he liked to hang around just in his briefs. I got closer to bump his fist and ruffle his new hair. They were soft and a little wet. “Did you take a shower?” “Yeah, add it to my bill.” I laughed. He seemed to be picking up on my sense of humour after all. “I will, buddy. Give me a few minutes to get on with my stuff and I”ll be right there.” “Matt, can I go outside?” I paused, thinking what should I reply. “Sure,” I said finally, “just don”t be long, we”ve got a movie to watch.” After he dressed up and left, I took a shower, cleaned up the place a little and ate my dinner, watching the TV absentmindedly. I noticed Lukas” phone on the couch and made a wish the boy didn”t make a run for it. After I was done with the dishes, I looked through the kitchen window and there he was. Hanging out in the small park with a few boys and girls about his age, maybe older. I recognized them because they were always occupying the same bench everyday and I was pretty sure I could smell pot every now and then when passing them. My mind started running different scenarios about what he was telling them and whether or not he”ll be getting stoned. And again, I liked getting high from time to time but didn”t want his youth to look like that. I guess I could become a control freak one day eventually. I decided to play on my computer for a little to kill time and after an hour or so, he was back. I looked him attentively in the eyes to see if he was smoking, feeling like mama bear, protective of her cub. “What?” He said, giving me a questioning smile. “Nothing. Did you like the neighborhood?” “It”s alright,” he said casually, taking off his shoes. “We can watch something now.” We went through my pirate dvd copies collection, and uncannily we picked the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I”ve already seen it once or twice but Lukas enjoyed it very much and that was enough for me. Thankfully, he wasn”t being awkward around me anymore and it seemed he”d gone through his guilt conscience. When it ended, it was already late but we sat there on the couch, chatting. I fell in love with his smile and it felt so good to see him happy. But then, out of nowhere, he asked in a low voice, “Did you make the phone call?” “What pho… ah shit! I forgot. I”m sorry, I”ll do it tomorrow, okay?” “Okay,” he said but he didn”t seem so joyful anymore. “I will have to tell them I just found you, okay? And you”ll need to say the same thing. That you went homeless for a few days or something.” “Yeah.” “Can you do that? It”s important.” “Yeah, I think so.” “Will you be alright?” “Yeah.” “We”ll talk about it tomorrow, it looks like I can work from home again.” “Okay.” I could go on asking him to reassure me but that was as far as we could get that evening. We just washed our teeth together in the bathroom and went to sleep, each in his own bed. Needless to say, I immediately got a strong déjà vu and got semi-hard wondering if I”d have a visitor tonight. While I knew it was bad, I wanted it to happen. I begged for it. I uncovered and positioned myself for easy access feeling a growing bulge in my boxer briefs. But he didn”t come that night and finally I gave up and rolled on my side and fell asleep. *** “… and he has a twin brother Chris who looks exactly like him and they even share their clothes so only a few people who knew them very well are able to tell them apart. On some days I thought I could but mostly I couldn”t. And they are some of the biggest ones still in the juvie and they are almost 17. And the best part is that they were hitting on the same girl and got in a fight. So after a few punches they both were bloody and even Lukas couldn”t tell who was winning. Lukas is like their best friend. I mean the other Lukas, not me. So they beat the crap out of each other and then the guy from the store that…” “Lukas?” “Yeah?” “I”m trying to concentrate.” “Whatcha doing?” “Working. Like I told you 5 minutes ago.” “But no one can see you here. You can just tell them you”re working and talk to me, right?” “Yes I could but they would find out.” “How?” “Just trust me they would, okay? Now go do something else.” “But I”m bored!” Damn why was he talking so loudly whenever he was excited. “So go outside and find something to do.” “I already did and I didn”t see anyone. And you don”t let me watch TV.” Yeah, everyone his age was at school, probably. And Lukas was having his adrenaline rush again. He was jumping on the floor and furniture in just his briefs, not shutting his mouth for even a second. What do I do, take him out on a leash to exhaust him? He was cute and meant a lot to me but damn was he annoying sometimes. “Why don”t you read a book?” He finally stopped by just to give me a look of disgust. “A book, Matt? Are you serious?” “I”m beginning to doubt I am. You can read though, can”t you?” “Sure I can. But books are boring! Just like you!” And he hopped on the couch again and went on to destroy it. I had enough. I jumped over to him and with one move I pinned him down to the couch. I realised he was quite strong as he tried to release his almost naked body from my clutch growling like a little dog. Eventually, his muscles relaxed and he collapsed underneath me, panting. “Will you be quiet now?” I asked calmly. He was exhausted but smiled at me and winked. “Oh you little sh…” I said and rolled him on his belly. I twisted his arm and pinned him again, sitting on his butt. I made sure I only immobilised him and didn”t cause any real pain. “You still think you”re funny?” I asked. “Yeah.” His answer was muffled as his face was buried in the coarse couch fabric. “Good, I can do it all day.” “Me too,” he said but after two minutes he started struggling again. “Matt?” “You were saying?” “Yeah, could you let me go now? It”s starting to hurt.” “Oh I thought you were comfortable.” “Not really… I lied, I”m sorry.” keçiören escort “What was that, near the end?” “I”m sorry!” I let him go and prepared for an attack but he didn”t move an inch. “Thank you, Matt,” he just said with his eyes closed. “No problem, Lukas. I”m here to help.” I got back to work and when I looked back at him again after a few minutes, he was fast asleep, just like I left him. *** “Can I go with you?” “No, you can”t.” “Can I have a beer while I stay here at least? I”ve nothing to do!” “You promised me you won”t mention it again.” “Yes but please, just today!” “No. You have coke and a ton of snacks. Watch a movie. I won”t be long, I promise.” I really hoped the party wouldn”t go out of control as I knew it could. I left him with a sullen face. I decided not to hide the booze or lock him inside. I still wasn”t sure if he could be trusted but I preferred to give him the benefit of doubt. I felt actual bliss as I downed my first beer and started talking to the guys at the party. Finally I had a moment to myself even though I wasn”t alone. Three hours later it was my fourth beer and I decided I”d go to the garden and call Lukas. But when I took out the phone I saw that he texted me over an hour earlier: “pls don”t be long.” I sighed. I was already totally hooked on the party and wanted to stay till early morning. I tried to call the boy but there was no answer. After a third and fifth try he didn”t pick up either. I squeezed the phone in my hand because I knew I couldn”t enjoy being here any longer. He had probably silenced his phone or went out without it but I was worried anyway. So that”s how you become boring and paranoid when you become a parent. I collected a round of strange looks as I told people I wasn”t feeling too well and had to go home. Usually, I would be the first to come and last to leave. But I did have to drink a farewell vodka shot before they let me out. Some people I met, especially from Western Europe or US thought in Poland we only drink vodka – in horrendous amounts and with a bite of pickle after every shot. Then, after everyone downs at least four bottles, we ride polar bears towards the sunrise, singing war songs and shooting our Kalashnikovs. While there was a point in time when such situations could take place (except for the polar bears. We don”t have polar bears. Never have. We have regular bears, though), this “farewell shot” was one of the very few surviving relics of the past. With every new generation, young Poles were drinking less and less vodka and more beer and wine. And oh god, some didn”t drink at all. Our ancestors wouldn”t be proud. But as I sat on the back seat of the cab and the middle-aged driver ranted about politics, I only thought about Lukas and what if he was dead and it was all my fault. Unmistakably, I heard his voice coming from the park where I saw him the other day with the local teens. They were having quite a party out there. “Lukas!” I shouted. I would normally be afraid to call him in front of people but the alcohol gave me courage. I barely saw him in the darkness but I heard him say “gotta go,” causing others to chuckle as he trotted to me. “I was bored so I came outside to talk to the guys,” he said as if expecting that I”ll be mad. “Cool, no worries, I was just checking on you. You didn”t answer the phone.” “Oh, I left it at home, sorry.” There it was, “home” again. “Don”t stress, I just wanted to let you know I”m back. You can stay outside if you want.” “Nah, I”ll go with you.” “Then let”s go.” “Are you drunk?” He asked looking at me. “Just a little, I left early.” “Why?” “Dunno, I was getting tired.” At home I saw he opened a bag of chips so I took it, sat on the couch and munched on them when I felt two small hands on my shoulders. “A free massage, how nice,” I said, closing my eyes. “Yeah, it”s free… almost. Now that you”re drunk I thought you”ll let me make us drinks. You said you were only a little drunk, right? Let”s make it very drunk?” I was aware I was losing the battle but I was already softened and was too weak to protest. “Okay but only one. Don”t come begging for more, kid.” “Who do you call a kid?” He asked, shoving his fist into my spine and making me jump. “Alright, alright Mr grown-up man, hurry up with those drinks.” Lukas jumped like a ball to the kitchen, took a chair to reach the top shelf and poured two glasses of Jim and filled them with coke. He was humming one of the songs I put on his player and did some silly dance moves as he got rid of his t-shirt and threw it on the floor. “Hey, you”re gonna pick it up later, right?” “Yea yea,” he dismissed me as he sat on the couch next to me. Like right next to me, touching my left side with his right. The boy gave me my drink and took a sip of his. “It”s awful,” he said. “Told ya.” “You did not!” “Yes I did,” I teased him and he punched me in my shoulder. “Fuck you Matt. Matt?” The boy asked as he picked his phone for the first time since we came home. “What?” “Eleven calls? Did you miss me so much?” “I missed knowing my place isn”t on fire,” I said casually but felt my face go red. “Yea right, I know you missed me. And Matt? You didn”t make the call, did you?” “No, I didn”t. No time… I”ll handle it tomorrow I promise.” “Yeah, sure you will… So did you miss me or not?” “What?” I looked at him and his face was dangerously close. “Was that why you came home so early? Because you missed me?” “Maybe. Did you?” “Nah it was alright. But it”s good you”re home now. Matt?” “What”s that buddy?” “Were there any girls at the party?” “Yeah, a few.” “Did you kiss them?” “Nah.” “Why?” “They are not my type.” “I would never kiss a girl,” he said with disgust. “Why?” “Because they”re ugly and they stink.” “Yeah I get you,” I laughed, “so who would you kiss?” “I don”t know, maybe you?” He said a little slower, looking up at me. “How do you know I don”t stink?” “You do but I like it.” “Oh you piece od shit, that”s the worst pick up line I”ve ever heard.” “Matt? Am I your type?” He asked. You know that feeling when you”re a little drunk and it seems like a good idea to be honest and say your real thoughts to everyone. Deep down you feel ankara kendi evi olan escort you”re gonna regret it later but for now it sounds like the greatest idea ever and the world will become a better place as soon as you reveal all your dirty secrets no one asked about. “I think you”re everyone”s type. You look really good.” “So am I?” “Yes, kiddo, you are.” “Hah!” He shouted with satisfaction and jumped from the couch and disappeared behind the bathroom door to pee. Before I knew it, we had another refill and then another while we talked about life. I was getting more and more relaxed, if a little bit tired. “Matt?” He asked as we were downing our fourth round. “Lukas?” I asked back and burped. “Why are you dressed?” He asked me and I noticed somewhere along the way he lost all his clothes except from the underwear. “I”m not sure, buddy.” There was a moment of silence and I took off my t-shirt and stepped out of my shorts. Lukas waited only for me to sit back down and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back and scratched his beautiful scalp. He purred like a cat. “You are my type, too,” he said and started moving his hand around my belly. I got hard in five seconds and it was super visible in my blue boxer briefs. “Hey!” I hissed when he touched my hard-on through the thin fabric. “Come on!” He giggled, “I know about sex.” Fuck it, I thought and laid back as he was massaging my dick. I gasped when I felt his fingers wrap my boxers” waistline and clumsily pull them down. My hard penis sprang to life and the head was red and shining from the excitement. I sobered up momentarily and felt intense tingles and electric jolts passing from my balls to my brain. The brain got the message and kept trying to make my dick even harder but it was impossible, so instead it made it twitch with every heartbeat, almost touching my belly button, bending a little to the left just before reaching it. “It”s awesome,” he whispered. “Thanks,” I whispered back. Now why were we whispering? Anyway, I laid down on the couch and he cuddled into my chest. A moment later, Lukas wrapped his small fingers around my sensitive shaft – and I admit it wasn”t a bad-looking 16-cm piece of meat – and started stroking it gently. The room suddenly got really hot and I felt dizzy. This was an amazing sensation. There was only our breathing and a soft sound of his hands moving up and down. I started oozing more precum and it didn”t take the boy aback at all. Instead, he used it to lube my uncircumcised dick. I moved on the couch and helped Lukas out of his new white briefs. He was hard already and his 13-cm erection was pointing straight up. It was in perfect proportion to the rest of his slim body and there was a cute small bush of light pubic hair just above his dick. Otherwise, he seemed to be hairless down there. I wasted no time and took it in my hand, giving it a gentle massage. Lukas looked me straight in the eyes and moaned, giving me a surprised smile. “You are beautiful, Lukas, I mean it.” “Thanks Matt… but… keep doing it.” “Have you ever done that?” I asked, not stopping for a second. I was stroking him and massaging his tip with my thumb. He closed his eyes and shook his head “no”. “Okay, let”s give you something to remember, then,” I said and knelt on the floor to get better access to his cock. He almost cried when I started licking the tip. I was happy just licking the shaft and the balls just to return to the tip again. This torture lasted for more than ten minutes, I shit you not and only then I started sucking on it. I was genuinely concerned he would alarm the neighbours because he didn”t care to control his moaning. His dick was absolutely delicious and felt wonderful in my mouth and soon there was no spot not explored by my tongue. “Ooh, oooh… I”m close Matt,” he managed but he didn”t need to say it because I already knew it by the way his balls retracted and how strong he was pulling my hair which I only just noticed. But I had something else in store for him. I got up from my knees and sat on his legs, then positioned myself so that I could grab our both dicks in my hand and started jacking us off. Now the warm feeling of his hard boyhood on the underside of mine was the most amazing and I hoped he was getting the same. He probably was because he started cumming only thirty seconds later, with his eyes closed and his mouth open. He shot a few creamy strings, trembling and shaking. I started cumming on his belly just before he shot the last round and I swear it was the most intense orgasm I”ve had in a while. Soon, the boy”s chest and stomach were covered in our mixed fluids and seeing his smile and lovely eyes made me the happiest man alive. “That was the best,” Lukas whispered. “It was,” I said, placing a kiss on his forehead. “It”s like you”re from another planet.” He giggled, spreading his arms on his sides and his dreamy eyes somehow reminded me of the fact that we were drunk. “Let me clean you up,” I said and went to get the paper towels. As I started cleaning him, Lukas giggled as he poked my soft but still engorged dick with his fingers making it sway from left to right. “Come on, what are you, twelve?” “No I”m not!” He shouted, not thinking about stopping having his fun until I finished drying him and stood up. He was laying there naked and beautiful like a picture. But this was a living picture that was horny as hell and wanted to have sex with me. And one that came with a baggage of issues I chose not to think about at this time. “Matt? Can you sleep here with me tonight?” “No can do, you little rascal. Because you”re sleeping with me in the master bedroom.” “Thank you Matt… can you carry me?” I didn”t say anything because I wasn”t sure I could but it turned out that indeed I could. I almost slipped and killed us both when my foot got entangled in the boy”s t-shirt laying on the ground. “Fuck, I asked you to pick it up, you little shit,” I sneered and kissed him again on his forehead to show him I was just joking. “I”m sorry Matt, please don”t yell at me,” he muttered and tightened his embrace around my neck. I thought he was losing it and 10 seconds after I placed him in my double bed I heard subtle snoring. Even his snoring was cute, go figure. I watched his naked body for a while, then got into the bed right next to him and dozed off, hoping the guilt wouldn”t kill me in the morning. *** Thanks for reading. Lukas – My Best Mistake pt 4 is on the way. Let me know your comments: ail.

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