Homecoming meal

Big Dicks

Jenny stood at the station waiting for the train; her life had felt so empty these last three weeks spending each night alone and then she heard the train pull into the station. As the passengers disembarked she eagerly searched the throng of people looking for Cassie and there at the back was her beloved Cassie and her heart skipped a beat. Cassie was wearing the dress that Jenny loved, a short flowery summer dress she had bought her when they first met four months ago. She herself was wearing a tight blouse with a tight knee length skirt. As they saw one another they ran towards each other and embraced, they kissed passionately their tongues searching each other’s mouths, finally they broke away from their passionate kiss.”God I’ve missed you,” Jenny said as they walked off the platform. “Let’s get something to eat and then we can get home and spend some time catching up!””Sounds like a good idea to me.”And with that they set off to their favourite restaurant, a small rather intimate traditional place.They managed to get a table in the far corner of the restaurant they were both seated by the waitress who took their order for food and they ordered a bottle of wine.They made small bahis şirketleri talk all the way through the starter and by the time the main course arrived they had finished off half the bottle of wine. It was then that the conversation moved onto a more sexual content.”I’ve missed waking up with you cuddling me, holding me. I’ve missed the feel of your skin next to mine,” Jenny said gazing into the deep blue eyes of Cassie. They held hands over the table.”God Jenny, I don’t think I can wait until we get home.””Well you’ll have to.” Jenny laughed.As she said this they moved their chairs closer together and across the table they gave each other a small kiss.Jenny then extended her leg and rubbed her calf up and down Cassie’s lower leg. Cassie closed her eyes and let out a low moan.”Please Jenny, don’t, I won’t be able to last, you’re beginning to get me hot now.”Jenny paid no attention and just smiled as her leg started to rub a bit further up Cassie’s legs. Cassie involuntarily opened her legs a bit allowing Jenny further access. Jenny was staring lustfully into Cassie’s eyes as she kicked off her shoe and placed her foot on Cassie’s chair between her thighs and slowly bahis firmaları she pushed her foot up forcing Cassie’s thighs to open, her foot was now resting against Cassie’s warm thighs.Jenny smiled and licked her lips as her foot continued its journey, she curled her toes and they found the material of Cassie’s panties, as gently as she could she rubbed her toes over Cassie’s covered mound.Cassie edged her chair closer to the table so no one could see and then hitched her skirt up she then slowly eased her panties to one side giving Jenny’s foot unrestricted access to her pussy.Jenny could feel that Cassie’s pussy was smooth, Cassie had obviously shaved herself knowing that this turned Jenny on. Her foot was now rubbing up and down between Cassie’s thighs with more and more urgency.”Please Jenny, stop, what if someone should see, look the waitress is coming over.”Jenny didn’t stop, and just as the waitress reached the table her toes forced Cassie’s pussy lips apart and her big toe slid up Cassie’s wet slit up to her clit were it stopped.”Is everything okay?” the waitress asked, as she turned to Cassie she added “You look a bit flushed, can I get you anything?” and with that kaçak bahis siteleri Jenny started to wiggle her toes, rubbing Cassie’s clit. Cassie had to bite her tongue as she felt a surge in her wet pussy.”No I’m fine she said, just a little hot.” she said”Well if there is anything I can do to help, please ask,” and off she walked.Jenny laughed and continued her actions on Cassie’s by now very wet slit. Her toe was now inside Cassie and as she curled her toes she could feel how wet Cassie had become, she leant forward and asked her to take her panties off.”I can’t,” Cassie struggled to say, “someone will see.””So!” Jenny replied, staring into Cassie’s eyes.Jenny removed her toes from Cassie’s pussy allowing Cassie to remove her wet panties, she wiggled in her chair slightly allowing her to slide her panties down and onto the floor. Jenny then placed her foot back between her friends spread legs. Her toes searching out Cassie’s wet slit, they easily spread her wet lips and slid into her.”I want you to play with your clit while I fuck you with my toes.” Jenny whispered “I want you to cum, I want to feel you cum on my toes.”Cassie, had her eyes closed, she was grinding herself onto Jenny’s toes and then she slowly slid her hand down between her spread thighs, feeling her wetness that had been spread over her smooth mound by Jenny’s toes, she moved her finger along her wet slit and then up to her throbbing clit.

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