Honey, Can I Watch? Part 2


I did a little digging about big-cock Carl. I found out that he’s only been married for a year. He just bought his house and he works in sales with a part-time gig at a restaurant. The day of the, ah, event, my wife seemed a little on edge.“It’s such an exciting day, isn’t it?”“Shutup! You don’t have to remind me.”“Aren’t you looking forward to having his big cock in you?”“I was. Just not with you giving a blow-by-blow description.”“Nice choice of words. Maybe you should have made a better decision about fucking big cock. Although, the birthday gift idea was a good one.”She stormed out of the room, and the next thing I heard was the shower. I wondered what she was going to wear for him, me, ah, us. I went to get a beer and wait.Seven-thirty. I put a porn movie on just for giggles. She came down wearing a black dress: Tight, and short at both ends, black stockings with the lace top half exposed.“You look good. If I didn’t know you were going to get fucked, I would fuck you right now.“Well, I am going to get fucked, and no, you can’t fuck me now.”She went into güvenilir bahis the kitchen and by the sounds of things hitting other things, she wasn’t a happy camper. Right at eight, the doorbell rang. I told her to get the door and went to sit at our bar. I had seen pictures of him, but I didn’t think he was that tall. He must have been six-eight or so.“Hello, Carl. We finally meet. Babe, get Carl a drink before we go to dinner.”“What? Dinner? Why would we go out for dinner?”“Well, I thought I’d treat you two on this special night.”“You’re nuts. We’re not going out.”Just then the doorbell went off. I told them to sit down while I answered it.I walked back into the living room.“WHAT THE FUCK! What is she doing here?” That was Carl yelling at the top of his lungs. I just brought his wife into the room. Mine just stood there with her mouth open.Now let me describe Deb to you. She’s five foot seven, slim, small chested, with brown shoulder-length hair. She was all twenty-one years old.“Deb honey. What’s this all about?”“I know what it’s all about, thanks to güvenilir bahis siteleri Chuck.”“Alright, gang. Let’s get going. I’m starved. How about you Deb?”“I haven’t had lunch, so I’m ready.”“Hun, you and big, ah, Carl, sit in the back.”Deb got in the front with me, and the first thing she did was raise the center console and sit on my right hip. I looked in the rearview and saw both of them looking at each other.It was a little quiet but we got to the restaurant. We were seated and ordered when Deb cracked the ice.“So, I hear you had a fling with my husband. He must have been good when he was younger. He seems to be losing it now. I can’t get him to fuck me as much as I’d like.”Deb was turning me on like nothing else. She was getting into this big time. My wife had to do her usual and slip up big time.“Wait, what’s this? You told me that she didn’t like sex.”“I think Carl used a story about me to get in your pants honey. He could never keep up with me in bed.”My wife was giving Carl daggers, but she held her tongue. Things lightened up a little iddaa siteleri and Deb even asked my wife where she bought her dress. Then they talked tans. I thought they were going to strip right there to see who had the best all-over tan.”So we made it home with full bellies. My wife was feeling no pain. She even started to unzip her dress walking to the door.I made everyone a drink and I told them to head for the bedroom. I told them to sit on the bed while Deb and I sat on chairs.“Well, here we are. So let’s just get with it. Why don’t you two get your clothes off.”They didn’t say or look at each other. Slowly the clothes came off and when I saw Carl’s cock, I kind of knew why my wife wanted it. Let’s just say that he was well endowed. My wife didn’t go the whole hog with her lingerie. She just had on her thigh-highs and heels.They were both standing there naked while we sat staring at them. My wife asked, “Well, if you’ve had your fill of our naked bodies, can we get on with this?”They got on the bed and started to kiss.“Hold on, stop the action!” They stopped and looked at me. I got up and was standing at the foot of the bed. “I don’t think Deb and I want to see this.”That’s when Deb got up.“Yeah, I don’t need to see you guys. I know what’s coming.”My wife said, “What do you mean, you know?”

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