“Gee, you sure picked an awfully spooky night to explore the woods, Philip,” Dolly said sounding a bit like Daphne from Scooby-doo, as she looked around nervously.She hadn’t been dating Philip long, just a couple of months. He was one of those typical jock types, the kind she usually loathed but something about him seemed different.”It’ll be fun,” Philip said squeezing her hand tightly as if to reassure her as he continued to lead the way into the dark and twisting forest lit up only by the moonlight.Dolly wondered if she could really trust Philip. She had seen plenty of Unsolved Mysteries episodes to know that this kind of thing could be dangerous. She tried to shake off the feeling of anxiety and dread that grew stronger with each step that took them deeper into the woods.Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of endless walking, Philip stopped.”This looks like the spot,” Philip said his Converses coming to a complete halt.Dolly looked around with a look of bewilderment on her face. Nothing seemed special about this spot. It looked like the rest of the woods they had walked through full of old gnarled trees and weedy overgrowth.”The spot for what exactly?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Philip laughed a little before replying, “The spot for finally getting my dick wet.”Dolly’s jaw dropped. She probably shouldn’t have been surprised. Her mom had told her more times than she could count, “All boys are the same, they just want to stick their dick in you,” but she had thought Philip was different. Something about him seemed soft and kind.”Are you sure we should?” Dolly asked partly hoping that he would change his mind.”Of course I’m fucking sure. I’ve been dating you for months and haven’t gotten more than a measly handjob,” Philip said his voice full of self-assurance that instantly kaçak iddaa caused a change to sweep over her. She suddenly felt herself growing wet with arousal.Something about this was new and exciting for her, but at the same time, she had never felt more scared in her entire life. “These urges are normal, they happen to every girl eventually,” her mother had told her, after finding her dry humping the stuffing out of a Teddy Bear.Her thoughts got interrupted by Philip’s mouth pressing roughly against hers, tongue invading her mouth, saliva mixing as his hands began to fumble and paw at her breasts squeezing them and causing her to moan into his mouth.Her panties were sticking to her now. She couldn’t believe tonight was the night she’d anticipated nervously for so long.She broke their kiss and looked deep into his eyes. “Just go easy on me, please… I’ve never done this before.”She felt herself tremble a little at her own words.”I’ll be as gentle as a lamb,” he whispered lustfully.Dolly flashed a bright white loving smile at him before she began to strip out of her cheerleading uniform and panties until she was standing bare in front of him.Philip gave her a long appreciative look over as if memorizing every soft curve of her teen body before ravishing it.He pushed her against a nearby tree. She could feel the rough scraping feeling of the bark against her cheek and the palms of her hands and the distinct metallic sound of his zipper being tugged down.His hands moved over her body again as he positioned himself against her, the thick head of his throbbing cock pressing against her virginal cunt ready to rip it apart.She moaned softly as his cock pushed and knocked against her hymen causing her lust-filled moan to turn into a pain-filled scream.”That’s it, baby… take my cock like a kaçak bahis good girl,” he said before thrusting all the way into her with a loud grunt ripping away every shred of virginity.His cock hammered deep inside of her, cramming every last inch of horny teen dick meat inside her.Dolly could feel the crackle of electricity in her veins as he plunder-fucked her pussy with raw intensity.With every slam of his cock into her dripping cunt her teeth grew longer and sharper and her eyes began to take on a lime green translucent glow. Her nails growing into long black obsidian daggers perfect for ripping and slashing into flesh.She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her. He wasn’t bad but then again maybe she just felt a bit sentimental towards him because he was her first.She had thought her mother and her sisters to be silly when they told her, “You will always remember your first. There will always be a part of you that will hold you back from completing your transformation.””This is the best cock you are ever going to feel,” Philip whispered his breath warm on her neck.He was so consumed by his need that he hadn’t even noticed a tail was beginning to take form. She could feel him pressing against it.And as she looked up at the full moon she began to shudder and shake as she squirted all over his cock, her pussy hungrily grasping tightly around his cock urging him to cum deep inside her womb.He let out a groan as his cock buried deeper and began to explode inside of her and her moans turned into howls as pointy dew claws sprang out of her flesh and her skin began to rip and tear away as if being shed.”There’s something I forgot to tell you,” Dolly growled as she turned around abruptly grabbing his neck with her big wolf paw, her claws pushing into his throat threateningly.She held illegal bahis him in mid-air with her super strength, glowing hunter eyes penetrating into his terror-stricken eyes.”P, p, p, please let me go, Dolly. I swear I won’t tell anyone,” Phillip sputtered and pleaded desperately in a choked voice.”Poor Philip, afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? What’s the matter? You thought you were the predator but it turns out that you’re nothing but prey?” she taunted.”The moment I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. Of course, I thought you were different then, sweet and nice, but my mom really was right. All guys want the same thing.”Sorry. Fair is fair. I let you use me, now I’m going to use you. But go ahead, run. I’ll even give you a headstart,” she said in her new growly raspy voice.She let him fall to the hard ground with a thump and began to count as he scrambled away. “One little piggy… two little piggies… three little piggies… ready or not here I come.”Phillip screamed as he tried to make his escape. Looking back he saw a primal snarling fur-covered beast launching through the air on all fours lunging at him.It was hard to believe that earlier in the day that monster ready to devour him had been just like any other high school cheerleader, bubbly and bouncing around with pom-poms and looking like your typical everyday piece of hottie fuck meat.She landed on him with a heavy thud, pinning him to the ground on his back, drool streaming out of her mouth and landing on his face, before giving his face a long loving lap with her warm wet tongue.”I’m almost going to miss you,” she said before gashing his throat open and shaking her head about like a dog with a chew toy.Blood and gore spilled out and bathed her furry face in vibrant war paint red as she lapped at the carnage teen hormones had produced.Her mother would be proud, and one thing was for certain, Philip wouldn’t be the last. There were plenty of tasty football players to feed her new insatiable appetite for death and destruction.

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