Hot Chocolate


Bend her over at the waist and lick her nice smooth peach, Listen to her whimper as your tongue begins to breachHer folds of flesh so hot and slick you’ve been dying for a taste, Sweet like melted chocolate but don’t eat the treat in haste.Tease her slowly, make her moan, and savour every isveçbahis drop until with aching, crazy lust she begs you, “Please don’t stop!”Eat her swollen pussy until her legs begin to shake, Until her fingers grip her ankles and her voice begins to break.Devour her with enthusiasm isveçbahis giriş and an appetite to please, Until she drips onto her thighs and then it trickles to her knees.Suck her clit between your lips and caress it with your tongue, Her desperate gasp for each breath isveçbahis yeni giriş tells you now it won’t be long. Feel her body shudder, watch her muscles clench up tight, Keep your mouth between her thighs but be careful not to bite.Savour her pouting coochie as it rhythmically contracts And she cries your name out loud as her body now reacts.Watch her come with fury, your pretty sweat-slicked ebony queen, Until her heavy laboured breathing hints it’s time to lick her clean. Author’s note: A little fun for a friend…

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