Hot Tub Private Game -2


Saturday morning, the young couple sleeps in. Mike brews a pot of coffee and brings Lynn a cup.“Thank you sweetie.”Her husband says, “This has been some week.”“I know. I got it every day.”Every day! Who did she fuck on Monday?He takes a sip of coffee and laughs.“What is it?”“I was thinking about the look on Eric’s face when I opened the door yesterday.  God, you should have seen it. He didn’t know whether to shit or go blind when I told him you were downstairs waiting for him.”“I know. He was still flustered when he joined me,” she laughs. “He practically jumped out of his skin when you came to the top of the stairs to tell me you were going out. That was a good touch.”“Just imagine if I had gone all the way down. That would have really freaked him out.”“Particularly since I was on knees blowing him.”Talking about yesterday’s session with the personal trainer arouses them both.  Lynn mounts her husband for a leisurely morning fuck.Reveling in the sensation of his adulterous wife’s cunt he says, “I was thinking about you teasing me how were on your way to get a hotel quickie with a stranger.”“When did I do that?”“On Wednesday when I called you to tell you about going to William’s room.”“I remember now. And that turned you on?”“It did. If you were going to do something like that, how would you go about it?”“That is one of my fantasies but haven’t given it much thought how I’d arrange it.” She thinks, “Let’s see. I dress in a pair of slacks and a knit top with a Chico’s jacket. I don’t go to the Ritz, probably the Hilton or the Sheraton. I go in the afternoon after lunch, say around two when it’s not crowded.  I sit at the bar and order a wine.”“This is so hot. I love your fantasies. And then what?”“I look in the mirror behind the bar and see the reflection of a man approaching me. He sits on the next stool. We introduce ourselves. I open my jacket to show him the outline of my breasts.”“You project your availability.”“That’s right. We chat for a few minutes and he tells me one of his appointments canceled and he’s just hanging out. I tell him I also have time on my hands.  He offers to buy me another drink and I suggest we go to his room instead.”“Your fantasies are so real. I can picture you doing that. What happens in his room?”“We kiss as soon as he closes the door. We undress and make out on the bed. There’s not a lot of foreplay. You can imagine how wet I am. I suck him hard and lie on my back with my legs wrapped around my new lover and match his strokes and talk dirty about him fucking my married pussy. I grip his ass with both hands pulling him into my cunt as we cum.”“Then you relax and leave?”“Not at all. Since the first time was quick, we have time for another. I suck him back to hardness and he finishes fucking me doggy. We relax in bed for a few minutes and I get dressed and leave.”“As good as you are, I’m sure he wants to see you again.”“He does. He tells me how great it was and he wants to see me again. He gives me his business card and on the way to the car I throw it in a trash can.”“What about his size?”“This fantasy is not about size. He’s not big, maybe around six inches, a little longer than you, and the same thickness. The thrill is the illicit nature of fucking a stranger.”“That’s almanbahis more than a quickie. I can’t think of the phrase.”“Some of my promiscuous friends in college call it, ‘a zipless fuck’.”“I remember it now. Some author coined the term. Erica Jong or somebody.”“And when I get home you spread your legs and tell me to eat your pussy and taste his cum.”“Not this fantasy. This is one you don’t know about. I have time to shower to clean the remnants. When you arrive home I’m in my robe relaxing. I spread my legs, but before you eat me I tell you I want your dick. That way you never know.”“This fantasy is so real.”“I can make it happen. Would you like that?”“I would.”“And if you find out will you get pissed off?”“No. If I find out I won’t say anything.”They reach mutual satisfying climaxes.In the afterglow of sex, Mike asks, “When you’re with other guys, what’s with the details?” When you were having sex with Chris, you gave him pretty explicit details about fucking Chuck.”“I don’t know. You tell me. You guys seem to get turned on when a woman tells you about fucking someone else. You want me to tell you details about other guys.  When I told you I gave Chuck a blowjob, you wanted the details. Chuck wanted to know if I had fucked anyone else, and Chris told me to give explicit details about fucking Chuck. It’s just the way you guys are wired.”“I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I guess we are.”“After this afternoon’s cookout, it will be just the two of us. We can relax and watch the new videos I bought with Chris.”“You did a good job with the videos.  That ‘Screw My Wife, Please’ is pretty hot.”“This will be a good relaxing weekend. I’m kind of glad Mark canceled. That leaves us open.Mid-afternoon they attend a cookout at their friends Doug and Robin’s house along with three other couples. They congratulate Lynn on her new job and enjoy the late summer weather. Lynn’s drinking white wine. Mike watches his alcohol intake since he is the designated driver. She doesn’t have the same concern. Like a lot of gatherings among friends, after their meal the men and women self-segregate with the men staying on the deck and women congregating in the kitchen. Lynn refreshes her wine glass. Robin asks, “What have you been doing Lynn? You must have had some time on your hands waiting to start your new job.”“I have. It’s nice to not have any obligations for a couple of weeks. Other than shopping, I’ve just been hanging around.”That and I’ve lost track of how many guys I’ve fucked. I even invited a guy to fuck me in our bedroom and Mike walked in and caught us. Mike watched a couple of more times.Janey asks her, “Tell us more about Mike’s friend.”“You mean Chuck?”“Yeah, him. You said he stayed at your house and you had a good time. I’m just curious what he’s like.”“I already told you.”Robin says, “This sounds interesting. Tell us.”She describes Chuck, “He’s a service buddy Mike hadn’t seen in a while. He’s from Texas. They were stationed together in the Philippines.”“He sounds like a lot of fun.”“He is very engaging, a real alpha.”Robin pipes in, “That’s all? Come on Lynn there must be something else.”The wine takes over, “Well there is one other thing; he has a big dick.”Janey gasps, “Lynn! A big almanbahis yeni giriş dick? You didn’t tell me that. How could you tell?”“I couldn’t tell you in front of Mike and Roger. Anyway, how do you think? I told you he’s a Texan, he was wearing tight jeans. It wasn’t hard to miss.  I heard Texans are proud of their big dicks and now I know.”“This sounds so hot. What did you think?”“I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.”“Where was Mike?”“He was there. We were just lounging around. They both had meetings in the morning so we didn’t go out.”“Let me get this straight. You guys were hanging out and you were checking out this guy’s dick right in front of Mike.”“Something like that. I have to admit it turned me on. Mike didn’t mind me looking.”There’s a jumble of questions, “Don’t’ hold out Lynn, tell us what happened. Did you have sex with him? How was it? Where was Mike?”Lynn doesn’t miss a beat, “How could I have sex with him? Mike was right there. What was I going to say, ‘Honey, why don’t you sit in your favorite chair with a drink and watch us fuck.’ Of course not.”They laugh, “I guess not. But he was there for a couple of days, you must have seen it. How big was he.”Lynn hesitates, “OK. But don’t tell anyone. I saw him coming out of the bathroom nude. I thought he looked big in his jeans, but he was really hung. He was soft but still pretty big.”“Where was Mike?”“He had left for work. I fixed Chuck breakfast and took him to his meeting.”“That’s all? Big deal. You saw a guy’s dick. Now if you fucked him after you saw his cock while Mike was at work, that would be different.”“I have to admit the thought crossed my mind but I couldn’t do anything like that.”Laura says, “That’s bullshit. You don’t have to tell us anything, but there’s no way nothing happened, especially if you were alone with him after Mike left for work.”The conversation continues and Janey interjects, “There’s something to be said about a big dick. It’s too bad Jim and I weren’t more compatible.”“That’s right, you told us he was hung.”“Was he ever.”“How big is Roger?”“Not as big as Jim that’s for sure, about six inches.”From there the conversation degenerates into the women discussing dick sizes.Donna says, “I get all the dick I want at home. There’s a reason they call him ‘big’ Burt.”Janey asks Lynn, “Speaking of hung, does Scott still hit on you.”Lynn, laughs, “Of course he does. Who doesn’t he hit on? He wouldn’t be Scott if he didn’t.”“Even before you and Mike were married, didn’t you think what he would be like?”“You mean in bed? Well sure, but we never did anything.”“Maybe you should have. Sara said he’s the best fuck she’s ever had.”Robin asks, “What did she say?”“Let’s just say he’s very energetic.”Mike enters the room. The women’s conversation suddenly hushes.“What’s all that racket about?”The women give him strange looks. What’s going on?Lynn was just telling us about flashing your big-dicked friend.Robin answers, “Just girl talk. You wouldn’t be interested.”“I’m sure. I know how raunchy you girls can be.”He joins the conversation for a few minutes, noticing the women are a little subdued. He grabs a couple of beers and rejoins the guys on the deck.When Mike went to the kitchen for some more beer the conversation almanbahis giriş on the deck switched.“Lynn’s looking hot today and I don’t mean the temperature.”“That’s for sure. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something different. She’s carrying herself a little different. She has a more confident expression.”“She just got that new job. It sounds pretty good. Getting a new job is always a confidence builder.”“True. But I still think it’s something else.”Burt asks, “Speaking of hot, she’s quite the exhibitionist. Do you think she’s fucking anybody?”“She does like to show her boobs but I don’t think so.”“Donna and I didn’t know Mike and Lynn before they were married. I was just curious if she did anything.”Richard says, “My boss came pretty close one time.”Doug says, “That’s right he almost got lucky.”Burt says, “Tell me about it.”Richard narrates, “My boss was always trying to fuck her. He was married but that didn’t stop him. I would invite Lynn out for drinks when Mike was out of town. But she usually didn’t want to.”He continues, “This time she agreed. I told my boss she would be there We had a couple of drinks. She was more flirtatious than usual. She had a couple of buttons undone on her blouse showing her tits down to her bra. When we left, he walked her to her car. I hung back to see what would happen.”“And then what?”“He got in the car with her and they started making out. The next day at work I asked him if he got any. He said they were making out and he unbuttoned her blouse all the way and played with her tits. She didn’t stop him so he went farther.”Burt asks, “How far did he get? Did she put out?”“He put his hand up her skirt and rubbed her thigh. She opened up her legs a little. She even felt his cock. He thought he was home free until he got to her pussy. As soon as he touched her, she freaked out. She pulled his mouth off her nipple and said they couldn’t do anything. He tried to talk her into going back to her place so they could fuck, but she wouldn’t budge. So that was that.”“Did Mike find out?”“We didn’t tell him. He doesn’t know unless she told him and I don’t think that happened. Right after that, they got engaged.”Burt says, “That doesn’t count.  It was just that once and she didn’t fuck him. He didn’t even play with her pussy. Now if she were pulling shit like that now they’re married that would be hot. Besides, maybe Mike was fooling around.”“I don’t think so. He fell for her right away. He’s pretty social but doesn’t like his business in the street.”“Hey Rich, you set it up one time, maybe you should try and get them together again and see what happens. She and Mike have been together for a while maybe she’s restless.” “Man, I couldn’t do that.”“Come on Rich, that would be hot.”Mike rejoins the guys on the deck. The men’s conversation stops. “What’s going on?”“Nothing. We’re just shootin’ the shit about the new football season.”A few minutes later the women rejoin the men. It’s dusk. Lynn has definitely had enough wine. Everyone thanks Robin and Doug for the cookout.Mike and Lynn get in their car for the short trip home.He drives a short distance when Lynn suddenly laughs. Mike asks, “What’s so funny?”“Oh nothing.”“It can’t be nothing, it must be something for you to laugh like that.”Still laughing she says, “I told them about Chuck’s big dick.”She recaps part of her conversation.“Fuck! I can’t believe you told them that! You actually told them you looked at his dick in front of me?”

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