How Could I Say No?


I hate George Washington. And Ben Franklin. And James Madison. All those old white dudes in wigs. I hate them. I don’t care what this priest in 1728 said to his church and how it affected the political climate in Virginia. American History is the most boring class, and you’d hate it too if you had Mr. Bartley as your teacher. He’s an old fart who speaks in the same tone the whole class period. He might as well be one of those old white dudes in a wig.I have American History as the last class of the day, so I’m already tired and bored out of my mind. Usually it isn’t too bad but today was particularly boring. All his words sounded like mush. “Muah muah muah muah muah,” he mumbled on and on.In order to keep myself awake, I figured I’d might as well daydream about something interesting. First I thought about my favorite TV show and replayed funny scenes in my head. Then I wondered what Mr. Bartley looked like when he was younger. Was he just as boring or was he actually cool? Maybe he was even hot. Who knows. Finally, I settled on sex. When in doubt, think of sex. I’ve never been laid. Masturbated, sure, but never sex. I’ve given a hand job and blow job or two, but those don’t really count ’cause I didn’t get anything out of it.I imagined some nice stud feeling me up. bonus veren siteler I’d want him to first fondle my breasts. Foreplay is important, you know. I would give him a hickey or two. Then he’d take off his shirt and I’d see how he was build like a Greek god. He’d reach down and finger me until I was wet enough to take him. I would undo his pants and slowly pull down his underwear…”Miss Dunok, is there something more interesting you’d like to talk about?” Mr. Bartley interrupted.I was completely pulled out of the daydream. “Oh, no sir. Um, may I be excused?” I conjured out. Mr. Bartley sighed and waved me off. “Wash your face while your at it. Wake yourself up, we still have thirty more minutes of class.”Christ. Thirty more minutes. At least I could escape that hell for a little bit.I made my way to the bathrooms and entered the final stall. Screw thirty minutes, I was going to take my time. I noticed my panties were somewhat wet after the daydream, and my nipples had also become somewhat aroused. I figured since it was my last period, and no one else was here, I’d have some fun of my own. I pulled my pants down and hitched my legs onto the toilet.My hand made it’s way down to between my legs, teasing my clitoris. I softly rubbed the bedava bahis bud, feeling it slowly reveal itself from it’s hood. I moaned softly and quietly, making sure for no one to hear. I held my weight up with one arm and with the other, I began to finger myself. I curved my fingers to stimulate my g-spot and I quickly began seeing stars. Huffing and gasping, I accelerated the pace until I started shaking. “Oh fuck…” I moaned before bringing myself to an orgasm.That’s when I heard footsteps. I immediately paused.”Yo, who in here?” called out some boy.I didn’t move a muscle. I didn’t plan on anyone hearing me. I started thinking of how I could play it off. Tampon got stuck? Dropped my phone in the toilet? What was a boy doing on the girl’s side of the bathroom anyways?Time was running out. I figured if I stayed quiet long enough, he’d leave. The footsteps started getting closer. “Girl, I heard you. What you doin’ in here, huh?” the guy inquired.I kept my mouth closed. I looked down and saw my cum all over my thighs and fingers. God, I was a mess. The guy started hitting open stalls, saying hello. Finally, he got to my stall and we made eye contact through the crack of the stall.There I was, naked from the waist down, cornered in some stall, in deneme bonus some trashy bathroom, in an even trashier school. He had a tall figure, well dressed. He had nice, dark skin and close cropped hair. This was all I could tell through the crack.”Oh… hey,” he smiled.I still didn’t move. I was completely frozen out of embarassement and shock. This was supposed to be a five minute masturbation session and then back to class. I didn’t anticipate another party walking in. He waited for a response before letting out a sly laugh, “You know I saw you, don’t matter if you move or not.””Yeah…” I mumbled. I was still completely exposed. My legs were spread out, open for viewing. Once I realized this, I coyly closed my legs and looked down. The guy cut me off before I could finish closing them.”Hey, no need for that now. You need some help in there, baby?” He looked down and smiled at me through the crack. His hand moved down to his crotch and I can see a small sliver of what looked like a bulge through his pants.My heart was beating super fast. I wasn’t ready for this but at the same time, how could I say no? I shyly opened the stall door and sat back down on the toilet seat. He didn’t enter quite yet. He looked me up and down, and I looked him up and down. He’s wearing a denim jacket with a brown hoodie with a small rose on it underneath. His jeans were well fitting, with a nice brown belt complimenting the whole outfit. His build was tall and certainly muscular to some degree. We sat there for a moment just admiring each other.

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