How I Became a Breeding Bull Ch. 05


In this chapter, the trip to San Francisco concludes, and Laura misbehaves when Brick gets back. Brick adds another married woman to his conquests, also not a cuckold relationship. This chapter contains, oral, anal, group, public, lesbian, and interracial sex. It includes a spit roasting and a spanking. There is no COVID in this fantasy. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editorial assistance. He always makes it slightly better.

How I Became a Breeding Bull, Ch 5

San Francisco, Part 2

That night, I fucked all three of them at the hotel, Becca first as I didn’t have to use a condom, and I wanted to feel wet, slick flesh against my cock, then Diana, since I’d fucked Roxanne in the limo. Since it was ten when we got back, I gave them each a half hour. Roxanne was licking both of their pussies as I fucked them, surrendering completely to her sexuality.

I fucked Roxanne for an hour, by herself, so the other two could play together. It was intense. I used every trick in my not inconsequential repertoire to drive her crazy with lust; to fuck her senseless, in other words. By the time I was finished, so was she, exhausted and ready to sleep, her pussy gaping from the pounding she’d taken.

“Just once, I’d like to be fucked like that,” Diana said. She and Becca were snuggled up against me, letting Roxanne sleep, a satisfied smile on her face.

“When do you have to leave?” I asked.

“Three tomorrow afternoon, I have a flight back to Seattle.”

“Do you live there?” Becca asked.

“No, I live in San Diego, but my next flight is from Seattle back to San Francisco on Sunday. I’m essentially getting back on the schedule I interrupted with my impromptu vacation. My flight on Monday will be back to San Diego.”

“If you’re going to be coming back to San Francisco on Sunday, you could stay with us again Sunday night,” Becca said. “We’re not leaving until Monday.”

“As much as I’d like to, I almost feel as if I’ve cheated on my husband by taking three days with you. He knows I did and it was okay with him, but it was three days less vacation time that I’ll have to spend with him. I’m not going to make him worry I’m getting hung up on some other guy or couple, by spending another night with you. It was fun while it lasted. I’m going to text him tomorrow and tell him what a slut I was by fucking D’Jon in the limo with everyone watching. That might actually make him feel a little better, because it wasn’t you two. Too much sex with any one person, and you start to feel like an emotional attachment may be forming. It’s all supposed to be fun and games, you know.”

“I’ll fuck you like that before you leave. We can do it first thing tomorrow morning. The other two can entertain themselves. Then we need to leave to sign all of our paperwork, which I imagine will take about 45-60 minutes, after which I’ll feed you. I have the rest of the day to play with them.”

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll take you up on that offer. I’d like to thank both of you. It’s been an eye opening and fun filled experience. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard. I’ll have a lot of fond memories of this trip.”

“So will we,” I said. “I have to say, I didn’t expect you to be in our room when we got back Thursday night. That was a shocker, but a very pleasant one.”

“I don’t regret it, I just don’t think I should repeat it.” She kissed us both. “Good night.”

Becca turned out the light. I lay back on my arm, staring up at the ceiling. Diana was the second woman I’d fucked, I knew for sure was married. She wouldn’t be the last. Ethical Non-Monogamy. Could I find a woman who was otherwise compatible to me, who’d agree to an ENM marriage? Let me continue my womanizing ways, and not be upset or hurt by it. It was a big ask for most people, I think. Maybe more so for women. They were the nesters, the ones who appreciated stability in their lives on the whole. The way I’d practice ENM would not be much like a marriage at all, different women every day. Let’s face it, I was bad news for most women.


The rest of our trip went well. I gave Diana the good fucking she craved the next morning after our breakfast. Three of us showered and dressed for our contract signing. Phillip sent us our finished product at nine and Becca was going over it for any mistakes or errors in comparison to her notes. Roxanne went to her room at ten, (she’d really gotten one) to dress for the meeting and went down at eleven to go over their copies of the contract. Becca and I showed up at 11:30.

“Ms. Martinez,” I said, “how did you enjoy your dinner at Quince? I really didn’t have an opportunity to discuss it after the meal, since so much was going on.”

“It was everything I expected and more, Mr. Harmon. Thank you for taking me.”

“Am I forgiven now?”

“I’m definitely thinking about it.”

“Rebecca told me she’s not really into the Forty-niners. Would you care to accompany bahis şirketleri me to the game?”

“If you can manage to behave yourself again.”

“It will be difficult, Ms. Martinez. You’re an exceptionally attractive woman, but it is a football game, so I suppose I’ll manage. Will you still be at the hotel?”

“Yes, I was planning to go to the spa this afternoon.”

“Have a pleasant afternoon. I’ll talk to you later to confirm times. Let’s get down to business. Here’s what we have, check it over to see if you agree.”

I took possession of their document and Becca and I read it over and compared it to ours.

“It looks the same, Mr. Harmon, except for some insignificant word differences. I think you’ve got a new company,” Becca said.

“I believe the same.” I signed the document and they signed it as well. We had a copy machine in the meeting room and made copies.

“Here is a certified bank draft for the down payment. Ms. Martinez, will you please see these are sent to the appropriate agencies. I’ll be back in six weeks to meet with the current management. Obviously, there will have to be some changes. The company is underperforming. I’d like everyone to bring suggestions to the meeting for how to turn it around. I’ll send you a memo with the date and time I intend to be here. Anyone who doesn’t proffer suggestions for changes will be allowed to resign. Would you like to remain as lead counsel for the company, Ms. Martinez?”

“For now.”

“Since you reside here, that would be preferable to bringing someone else in from the outside. Any input you might have as to changes to be made would be welcomed.”

“Thank you, Mr. Harmon.”

“It’s been a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll see some of you in six weeks.”

I called Diana and told her to meet us at the Grill. Roxanne ate with her side, and it appeared some of them were nervous about the changes I might bring about. Most of them might survive. The company’s main problem was lack of imagination, poor marketing and lack of direction or focus. They were inefficient in many ways. It could be streamlined, and some deadwood would have to go. The question was where the problems were occurring. I wanted to turn this company around in roughly a year, then sell it again. I didn’t want to manage it, but I could bring in managers I trusted, including those from some of my previous efforts.

Roxanne’s idea of the spa, was a good one. Rather than going to the hotel spa, I thought we could get a mobile masseur or masseuse to provide massages in our room. That way, if we got into any hanky-panky, there was no risk. Let’s face it, hanky-panky was my middle name.

I found a mobile massage company while we were waiting for Diana to come down and ordered massages for one man and three women beginning at 1:30, so Diana could get one before she left. They didn’t specify if it would be a man or woman, as it depended on when other jobs ended and who was closest.

I did send a text to Laura. If you haven’t had your anal plug in for a few days, you need to put it in the next couple nights. I intend to fuck your ass Monday night.

She responded, Even if Phillip has been fucking my ass every day?

He’s not big enough to get you properly stretched. Do as you’re told. I’m trying to protect you.

Your wish is my command, sir.

For some reason, that seemed sarcastic to me, even without any voice inflection. Perhaps it was time to bring some bondage into the picture, perhaps a little spanking? She could have said something as simple as okay, or I’ll do it, but no, she had to get snippy. My dick hardened thinking of what I might do to the lovely Laura.

“Diana,” I said after she joined us, “I’ve scheduled someone to come into our rooms and give us massages with yours starting at 1:30, so you can get one before you leave.”

“Lovely. Do I need to suck any cocks or lick any cunts?”

“I don’t think so. Do you want to?”

“When my husband gives me a massage, as infrequently as that is, he usually fucks me afterward.”

“If the masseuse or masseur doesn’t fuck you, I will,” I laughed. “Do you want me to fuck you as they watch?”

“Fuck, I don’t know what it is about you, but the second you said that, I could feel my pussy gush.”

“Do you want Becca to take a video of you getting fucked to send to your husband?”

“Don’t you dare. We may have an unusual sex life, but he is not a cuckold. He doesn’t need to see me fucking some big dicked barbarian like you.”

“Did you tell him about D’Jon?”

“I did.”

“What did he say?”

She opened her phone and handed it to me with the message app opened.

Honey, on the way back from the restaurant where we ate last night, I fucked the limo driver in the back after he’d fucked the other woman I’ve been having sex with. He wore a condom, so no worries there.

That sounds a little wild.

It was, no question.

Are you okay?

I’m good. bahis firmaları Are you okay?

Yeah. I had sex with one of the other flight attendants on my flight, Barb, I think you met her before. Nothing as wild as what you’re doing.

I know. It has gotten somewhat crazy, but having a good time and looking forward to the next time we’re together. Maybe we could try a threesome with Barb some day.

You sure?

I shouldn’t be the only one doing crazy, honey. You deserve a little crazy too. My cunt licking skills have seriously improved.

How about your cock sucking skills?

Sorry, he’s too big to get in my mouth, so not much sucking has occurred.


It’s fun, no question, but I’m sharing him with two other women, so no biggie, right?


An attorney they’ve been working with. She joined us Thursday and Friday.

Almost sounds like an orgy.

Almost. No gang bangs though – Ha ha. I’m heading back to Seattle this afternoon. Should be home on Monday.

You’ll miss me. I’m leaving on Sunday.

I know. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you when I can. Love U.

Love U 2.

I handed back the phone. “He didn’t say he was worried, but he seems a little worried,” Diana said. “I’m not usually this wild. Just a little overnighter to grease the wheels once in awhile. I think I’ve gone as far up the Slut ladder as I’m willing to go. He may already think I left the reservation, so no fucking movies.”

“I would never do that without your permission. Do you want me to fuck you in front of whoever the massager is? I won’t do that without your permission either.”

“God help me, but I would like you to fuck me in front of them. How sick have I become?”

“Not sick, exploring your sexuality.”

“Except my sexuality at the moment includes group sex and exhibitionism. I may need to see a shrink.”

We had another good meal, though I was feeling the effects of good food and not enough exercise. The sex was giving me plenty of cardio, but I usually did weight work as well. I’d need to hit the gym either tonight or tomorrow morning.


The masseuse who showed up for our massages was an Amazon, taller than I was. She looked strong, not quite a body builder, but with defined muscles and tone. She reminded me of the actress, Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones. Her name was Klara. I detected a slight accent, more by inflection, than pronunciation, perhaps German although her English was impeccable. She had a portable massage table in one hand, and a bag with her other supplies in her left. She was wearing white slacks with a white polo shirt with her company emblem stitched on it. She was well put together, curves in all the right places, just tall and sturdy looking. Based on height alone, I’d guess 170 pounds, but they weren’t bad pounds, just tall pounds.

“Where would you like me to set up?”

“Over by the window, please,” I said. “I’ll be paying for everyone.”

“Of course, Mr. Harmon.

She headed to the open space by the window and opened the table, then put a clean sheet over it with a face pillow.

“Who will be the first?”

“That would be Diana, the lovely brunette in the bathrobe,” I said.

“I like to use scented oils for the massage. Is there a particular scent you would be partial to, Diana? I have got floral, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, or citrus, or I do have an unscented if that is what you would prefer.”

“Musk sounds nice,” Dianna replied.

“Would you like a towel to cover you?”

“We’re all friends here,” Diana said, “unless you prefer it, I can do without.”

“No, that is fine. I like to set a mood with music. Does anyone object?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied. The others nodded in agreement.

Klara pulled out a small speaker set up to plug into her phone. She put on what I would call New Age, soft, instrumental, relaxing. She patted the table.

“Lie here and I will get started.”

Diana shed her robe and got on the table on her stomach. Adding some massage oil in Diana’s preferred scent, Klara started with Diana’s neck, then her shoulders and arms, then her back. Diana seemed to be enjoying the massage, grunting or groaning at various points when Klara exerted a lot of pressure in specific areas. She did not ignore Diana’s buttocks, kneading them before going down the legs, even rubbing the feet.

“Would you like me to get the front side now, Miss.”

“That sounds lovely,” Diana said.

Diana turned over, her legs slightly parted, and I felt myself become aroused. She looked magnificent lying there as this female warrior rubbed her. Klara did everything but pinch her nipples and penetrate her. It was erotic and stimulating, both to me and Diana. I could see the moisture glistening on her sex. I’d have no trouble fucking her when the massage was over.

I could see Diana was loose and relaxed when Klara is finished, and I smelled her arousal. She probably kaçak bahis siteleri wanted to be fucked as much as I wanted to fuck her. Best to check on it though. I go to her as she lay there, right after Klara finishes, given those last few seconds of complete relaxation, not to have to exert yourself.

“Diana, how are you doing?”


“Do you still want to have sex?”

“Yes, please. I want to feel you fill me one last time.”

“You got it, Diana.”

I picked Diana up and carried her to the bed. Her arms were around my neck and her head rested against my shoulder. I laid her on the bed. I took off my own bathrobe, my cock hard and demanding. I’m vaguely aware of Roxanne getting on the table next, forgoing a towel, but I’ve parted Diana’s legs and put a condom over my erection. I aimed for her core and find it, and plunged in, her cunt wet enough to present no resistance to my lunge. She moaned in climax, responding, arched her hips into mine, collaborating on her fucking, soft gasps of pleasure accompany each thrust.

At some point, I roll her over until she’s riding me, eagerly moving up and down my shaft, now coated in her juices, leaning forward, resting her arms on my chest as I played with her breasts. I knew she was leaving in less than an hour and still needed to shower and dress, so I don’t fuck her too long, perhaps thirty minutes. Long enough for her to cum several times, to ensure she’ll feel the pleasant soreness in her pussy on the plane ride back to Seattle. Something to remember me by, even if she’d rather forget.

When I finished, I helped her off the bed, not bothering to cover myself, and led her to the shower, where she began her preparations to leave.


Packed and ready, she said, “There’s a taxi waiting outside. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful time. I can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed myself more. Goodbye.”

We respond in kind and I give her a hundred. “For the taxi, and something good to eat before you get on the plane. You know the airline food is for shit.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. “Thanks, Brick. Be a good boy.”

“I’m afraid that’s beyond my capabilities.”

She blows the two ladies a kiss and is gone. She doesn’t look back.

Roxanne’s massage had ended while Diana showered. She’d put her robe back on and sitting in the chair by the bed. Becca was on the table, perhaps halfway through her massage. I sat on the bed beside Roxanne.

“Are you ever unhappy when someone walks out of your life like that?” Roxanne asked softly.

“A little, but if they didn’t leave, I wouldn’t meet the next person. Diana is in a relationship that works for her. Should I fuck that relationship up, when I have nothing better to offer her? That person may be just what I needed at that moment, but I’m not what anyone needs in all moments. I’m not a good risk. They’re better off having a good time with some pleasant memories, then live a life of regrets with me.”

“You sell yourself short.”

“I don’t think so. Would you want to be tied to someone always on the search for the next fuck? This is who I am and how I live. I don’t believe I’m capable of real change. I’m looking at Klara, and I want to have sex with her. I’ve essentially had three women for two days, one of them left, and I’m hoping Klara is the next one. When I leave here, I’m going back to Seattle, hoping to get another man’s wife pregnant, and I hope they have pleasant memories of our relationship, but neither one should want me in their life. Hopefully, with their help, I’ll find another, and another after that. I don’t see that changing, nor do I want to change. If I did, perhaps there’d be some hope for me. I’m good for fun and games, not anything more than that.”

“It seems sad.”

“What you’re really saying, is you made me sad, because I’ve been enjoying you.”

“Not just the last three days, but that existence. Do you enjoy human connection?”

“I enjoy a lot of human connections, several times a day. What could be more personal than that?”

“You’re impossible.”

“I’m glad you recognize my impossible nature. You’ll never be disappointed if you realize what I am. ‘That’s just Brick. Ignore him, he’s always like that’, is what you should say to anyone who asks.”

Roxanne smiled. “Someday you’ll realize all the things in life you are missing, while chasing the inconsequential things you are.”

“Everyone misses something in their life. No one gets it all.”

“Mr. Harmon,” Klara said, “I am finishing up with Rebecca now. Are you ready for your massage?”


I’d never put on a robe again after fucking Diana. My cock wasn’t erect, but I definitely had an interest in the woman who’d be rubbing me. I climbed on the table and Klara asked if there was a scent I preferred.

“Sandalwood sounds nice.”

She prepared the oils and started rubbing my neck and shoulders. “You are very fit,” Klara commented.

“I work out frequently. Not much in the last couple days, but generally. Not enough free time, lately.”

“You have had sex with all three of the women here?”

“I have, many times.”

“There is no jealousy among them.”

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