How I Became a Cumslut


I have thought about telling my story for some time and have finally taken the plunge.

First, a little about me. My name’s Jenna, I’m now 25 years old (but was 24 when this happened). I’m told I’m very attractive, I’m brunette, 5’4″, slim, quite leggy, 34c 23 32. I work as an estate agent in south London.

Just over a year ago (October 2015), I had arranged to meet a girlfriend of mine on a Friday night for a few drinks. I’d known Gemma for about 18 months through a mutual friend at work. She is in the same line of business as me (selling and renting out property in south London). She is a really attractive, bubbly brunette and just a year older than me. So, overall, I knew her quite well but not brilliantly, we’d been out for drinks 3 or 4 times and had maybe met at parties a few times too.

After a couple of drinks, I asked her a question which I hoped wasn’t too forward, “Gemma, you are a really attractive and eligible woman, why haven’t I ever known you to have a boyfriend?”

She smiled and winked at me, “Truth is that it doesn’t suit my lifestyle, hun.”

“Ah, okay,” I replied, now a little embarrassed, “are you saying you’re gay?”

She burst out into a laugh. “No, no, I’m not gay…quite the opposite”.

There was a short silence.

“If you must know, Jen,” she continued very mater-of-factly, “I’m a very active cumslut. I love sucking off loads of different men.”

My jaw hit the floor. “Fucking hell, Gemma, are you serious???”

She smiled at me. “100% serious, babe, I got into sucking off random men a couple of years ago and I’m really loving it”

My eyes were on stalks, my ears were burning and my jaw was still on the floor. I listened intently (and started drinking intensely) as she talked me through what she did.

She’d get home from work most nights (or put a day aside at the weekend), get herself “glammed up” (she said she’d dress up like a cross between a whore and a pornstar), go online, log in to various sex sites she was a member of and invite random men to come over to her flat and have her suck them off.

It would be a quick meet deal. They’d turn up, she’d usher them into the hallway, get straight down on her knees and blow them off there and then. She’d often do 4 or 5 meets in a single night and maybe more at weekends.

I was shocked, even appalled but also amazed and intrigued as I listened.

“I mainly go for regular older guys, in their 40s or 50s,” she told me, “they seem more reliable and also more grateful to empty their jizz down a young girl’s throat”

I was stunned into silence, but hanging on her every word.

She explained the security steps she would go through (making sure she had the guy’s full name and phone number and being very plain she would go to the cops if anything untoward happened). She had a number of regulars, but mainly did one-offs. She didn’t keep an exact count, but reckoned she sucked off about 20 or so men a week, maybe a little more. She’d sometimes fuck the guys if she was in the mood, but mainly just dished out blowjobs. That said, three of her regulars – all married men in their 50s – were now screwing her on a very frequent basis.

I was still nearly speechless, but just about able to offer up the occasional “wow” or “gees” or kadıköy escort “fucking hell”.

She went to the bar to get us (yet another) round of vodka martinis and I was just reeling – thinking how crazy and insane and incredible this all was.

When she came back, she passed me my drink and smiled at me. “So, Jenna, want to give it a try?”


“Come back to my flat, you can borrow some of my lingerie and a pair of my stockings, get yourself tarted up. I’ll go online and find a guy for you.”

My jaw hit the floor again. What the fuck???!

She leant forward, “Come on, baby, you are a very sexy girl. There will be plenty of demand. Why don’t we get a nice juicy, throbbing, middle aged cock in your face and see if you enjoy it?”

I was feeling a little tipsy. My mind was racing. This all sounded so mad, but I couldn’t help but admit I was very intrigued.

“Come on, Jen,” she said again, “give it a go”.

Almost without intending to, I found myself saying, “Yes, okay then”.

“Great,” she chirped, “let’s finish our drinks and go back to my flat”.

On the short walk back to her flat, I was trembling with nerves. She seemed really glad and excited that I was up for this. She said she would need a pic of me posing in sexy lingerie that she could post on some of the websites she was a member of. She told me there would be “plenty of action” available as it was 10pm on a Friday night. She also said I shouldn’t expect a Brad Pitt or David Beckham lookalike, I’d most likely be getting my mouth round a very average, much older guy, but I should see that as part of the fun.

My heart was racing, but I was also feeling so turned on.

As we got to her flat, she led me to her bedroom and told me to pick some lingerie out to wear as she went and booted up her PC. “Remember, relax and try to look like a keen, slutty pornstar…guys just love that”.

She left the room and I got out of my casual clothes and picked some clothing to wear. I selected a really elegant pair of tan stockings with a black garter belt/suspenders and a truly sexy black bra and knickers.

I was trembling as I got changed into them. It took me a couple of minutes and I looked at myself in the full length mirror and admitted to myself I did look pretty fucking desirable dressed like this.

I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, where Gemma was already typing away on her PC. She looked up.

“Wow, you look fantastic, Jen. This is going to be so easy. I’ve already posted saying I have a hot friend aged 24 up for sucking some cock and have had several replies already. Let’s send out a photo of you too”

I did feel I looked sexy and was really boosted by Gemma’s flattery. I posed jauntily as Gemma took a few snaps of me on her phone. (I have kept copies of those photos to this very day, by the way!)

“Go and fix us some drinks, sweetie, while I load this up and send them out,” she smiled, “I think this is going to be like bees to a honey pot.”

I wandered into the kitchen, trembling, and poured myself a large gin and tonic to steady my nerves. Gemma called out that she wanted a vodka and coke, so I made her one of those and also topped up my own G & T.

I walked kartal escort back into the living room and handed Gemma her drink.

She looked up and said, “Well, honey, I’ve found you some cock. A guy called Terry. He lives 3 miles away and is on his way. He’s 56. No oil painting, I’m afraid. But he seems like a nice guy and has a meaty 7″ cock. He has seen your photo and says he absolutely can’t wait to get his cock in your mouth…and in about ten minutes, that’s exactly what he is going to get, sweetie!”

“Oh fucking hell, Jesus,” I gasped.

My heart was really pounding now. A mixture of overwhelming nerves and growing excitement.

Gemma put her hand on mine, “Relax, baby, you’ll be great. Go and wait by the front door. He will be here any minute. When he arrives, just usher him in, get on your knees right there in the hallway and suck away on his throbbing cock.”

“Oh fuck, this is fucking insane, but so fucking exciting,” I said as I took another sip of my drink.

“Why don’t you glug down that gin and tonic, Jen?” Gemma suggested, “because the next thing you will be drinking will be a nice salty load of middle aged cum!”

Still trembling, I downed my drink.

“Ok, hun, go and wait for him. He’ll be here very soon. I’ll wait here for you,” said Gemma.

I left the living room, went across the landing. My heart beat must have been about 150 per minute.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in my stockings and lingerie and really did think I looked the part of an eager slut.

I headed down the stairs to the hallway and waited by the front door.

I didn’t have long to wait. Within about a minute I heard a car pull up and footsteps approaching the front door.

All that was racing through my mind was that here I was dressed like a total whore. I’d never even sucked off a stranger before or even a guy aged over thirty, but I was on the verge of giving head to some totally random bloke in his mid-50s.

There was a sharp knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat. I almost wondered if I should run and hide. But I felt so excited too.

I opened the door. Standing there was a tall, but slightly overweight guy. A little balding too, but with a big smile on his face.

“Hello, Terry?” I asked.

“Hello you dirty little minx,” he replied.

I ushered him inside and shut the door behind him.

He looked me up and down.

“Fucking hell,” he said, “you look even more of a sexy slut in real life than in your photo”

“Thank you,” I muttered as I dropped to my knees.

My mind was racing again. Fuck! Was I really going to do this?

I looked him straight in the eyes and I reached for his zip. I could feel he was already as hard as a rock.

I tried to remember the porno movies I’d seen and retained eye contact as I seductively and ostentatiously licked my lips.

“God, I love a hot, keen, cock-sucking young whore,” he groaned.

I eased his fat, throbbing, 7″ manhood from his trousers and licked my lips again. Again, keeping eye contact as I held his pulsating chunky cock in my hand.

“Oh my God,” I thought, “I really am going to do this!”

“I hope you’re fucking hungry, bitch,” he moaned, “because I haven’t shot a load kurtköy escort for several days and my balls are absolutely loaded!”

“Yes, I am fucking hungry,” I whispered.

He was already oozing from his glistening bellend. I leant forward, still looking him in the eyes, and with my tongue I gently licked the precum off his cock head.

“OH YES. FUCK YES,” he grunted.

Racing through my mind was how filthy I was being. I had only set eyes on this guy less than a minute ago and already I was swirling my tongue on his fat, meaty cock.

“FUCKING SUCK ME!” he demanded.

I nodded and gently eased his quivering cock into my keen young mouth. Slowly but surely I took his full length in, so that I could feel his heavy, tight balls resting on my chin. Half of me felt so cheap doing this at all, the other half was feeling as horny as hell!

Then I started to suck away at him. All my previous boyfriends have said I give great head. I give soft, gentle suction and plenty of tongue action. I really wanted to show Terry that not only did I look the part of a keen, eager whore, but that I could dish out a fucking incredible blowjob.

He started showing and groaning his appreciation straight away.

“Oh fuck yes,” he grunted, “you fucking know how to eat cock, you dirty little whore!”

Already I could feel his cock twitching feverishly and I knew it would not be long before he dumped his payload right down my throat.

As I bobbed up and down on him, looking him longingly in the eyes, my tongue started working away even more keenly.

His groans got louder.

“FUCK. OH FUCK. FUCCKKK YES!” he shouted.

His cock twitched again in my mouth and I knew a motherload of man juice was about to shoot into me.

“FFFFFFUUCCKKKK!” he screamed as a first big jet of salty cream hit my tonsils.

“OH FUCKING GODDDD!” he yelled, as a second stream of jizz hit the back of my throat.

And he wasn’t done yet. He squirted for a third time, and then a fourth, flooding my mouth with his jizz.

I was determined not to spill a drop. I eased his cock from my mouth and opened wide to show him his semen all over my tongue. I swilled it round eagerly in my mouth and then guzzled it all down in a single gulp.

“Oh, you dirty fucking cumslut,” he sniggered. I have to confess that in the situation I was in, it was an accusation that was pretty hard to rebut!

I leant forward to lick him nice and clean, still craving every last tiny drop of jizz I could possibly get from his cock.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Terry,” I murmured as I licked his manhood clean.

“No, thank you, young lady. We must do this again. Very soon.”

Within seconds he was zipped up, out of the door and into the night. Our whole meeting had probably only lasted three or four minutes.

Still on my knees in the hallway, I paused for a second. I felt a little dazed. I felt a bit dirty and used. But I also felt incredibly liberated. I couldn’t deny that I had found the whole experience amazingly horny and sexy and truly exhilarating.

As I rose to my feet and headed back up the stairs towards Gemma, I felt certain that sucking off random older men was now going to be big part of my sex life in the future.

Now, over one year on, I can tell you that this prediction has turned out to be emphatically, absolutely 100% accurate!


If I can pluck up the courage, I might write more about my adventures since that fateful Friday night, please get in touch with any and all feedback.

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