How I Became a Ponygirl


Note from the authoress — This story is a little different than the ones I normally write and I therefore feel there is some explanation and comments that need to be made at the start. For those of you who are not familiar with what a pony girl is, or would like to find out more, I would suggest you visit a specialist site.

For those of my readers who are into this arena I apologise if I have got anything inaccurate as I am relying on what I have read and talked about rather than what I have experienced.

It isn’t a true story (as far as I know) but hopefully it is an enjoyable one. Your feedback would really be appreciated whatever perspective of this subject you come from.

Finally, this story is dedicated to Met and jade, a D/s couple I have come to look on as part of my family and love as my sisters.

* * * * * * * *

Jade sat at the kitchen table, her normally pretty face was puffy from the crying she had been doing since late last night. It had started badly when she was sacked from the local bar where she worked to make ends meet between modelling jobs for objecting to the owner feeling her ass. That wouldn’t have been so bad except that morning in the post she had received a letter advising her that the modelling job she was relying on had been cancelled. To make matters worse she was two weeks behind on the rent and overdrawn at the bank.

Big tears of self-pity ran down her face when her mobile began to ring. Looking at the name that appeared on the screen she sighed with resignation and answered to her modelling agent. “Hi Vernon” Jade sighed into the phone, “got any more bad news for me?”

“Hey pretty girl, might just have some good news for you” Vernon’s voice reflected his personality, oily and slimy.

“What would that be? Another offer of soft core porn?” Jade said with resignation. Although the thought appalled her she was getting to the point of desperation.

“Noooooooo” laughed Vernon, “although if you are interested,” His voice tailed off and Jade could almost hear him leering down the phone.

“Just tell me Vernon,” Jade said as her finger hovered over the disconnect button.

“Well” said Vernon, “This morning a very sophisticated lady came into my office looking for models for a long term project.” “Really? And?” Jades voice brightened considerably.

“You should have seen her face when she saw your portfolio. Positively licking her lips she was” Vernon leered into the phone. “Gave me her number and insisted that you call her as soon as possible. You turned into a rug muncher now have you?”

“Give it a rest Vernon. Just give me the number and what I do in private is my affair”

After the call had finished Jade sat and stared at the number she had scrawled on the paper. Vernon’s comments had stung, not that Jade minded as she swung both ways although in the last few months her sex life had been confined to the vibrator she kept by the bed.

“Oh well, needs drive as the devil must” Jade said to herself as she dialled the number. The phone seemed to ring for ages and Jade was just about to disconnect when a voice that sounded like pure honey tumbling over rocks answered.

“Hello” said a woman’s voice.

Jade felt her tummy flip at the pure sexuality in the voice and for a second couldn’t speak then stammering all she could say is “Jade.”

“Ah” the voice replied, “The precious jewel with an even more precious face and body.”

Jade felt herself blush deeply and found her mouth dry and unable to speak.

“How would you about a karabük escort long term …………errrrrrrr……..engagement” the voice purred. “I feel it would be better if we met to discuss the arrangements and the…..errr…… duties in person. If you like the idea we can go from there, if you don’t then I will pay you £500, no questions asked.”

Trying desperately to keep the excitement out of her voice Jade nodded vigorously into the phone before realising that the woman couldn’t see her and blurted out, “Oh yes please.”

“Good. A car will pick you up in 60 minutes.” And with that the phone went dead.

“Oh my fucking GOD” Jade shouted and danced around the room before coming to a halt as she caught sight of herself in the mirror and dived into the shower, As the water tumbled down Jade recalled the voice on the phone and felt herself getting turned on. Touching her nipples Jade imagined her speaking and as she recalled each syllable found herself twisting her nipples slowly. Then as she started to imagine what a wonderful face must sit behind the voice her hands slid lower down her body and leaning back against the wall Jade opened her legs. Alternating between rolling her clit between her finger and thumb and sliding a finger deep into her soaking pussy Jade bought herself to a wonderful orgasm.

After some frantic restoration of her face she was ready in just under the hour and sat nervously smoothing the non-existent wrinkles out of her short mini-dress and touching her blonde hair to check the straight bob was still in place.

* * * * *

A few minutes later Jade sat in the back of a Rolls Royce that purred silently through the traffic. Feeling like a film star Jade scanned the streets desperate for a face that might recognise her. Disappointed that she didn’t see anyone she knew Jade settled back into the luxury leather seat and allowed the countryside to drift by as she still tried to put a face to that wonderful voice.

The car stopped briefly as electric gates opened up and Jade could only stare open mouthed as it drove slowly up a long and winding drive before pulling up outside a huge set of double doors. Jade crunched across the gravel as the car slid quietly away leaving her alone at the door. Jade rang on the door and waited breathlessly.

Jade could only stare at the vision that answered the door. There stood a tall Afro-Caribbean woman clothed in a long white flowing dress that seemed to shimmer and become almost see-through in the sunlight. “You must be Jade ” she purred, “My name is Marianne Escobar Travis, but you can call me Met.”

Jade just nodded her head dumbly, and stood rooted to the spot, the voice penetrated to the very depths of her soul and when she smiled Jade thought she would go blind from the brilliance.

Chuckling Met turned and leaving the door open headed into the house, “Well at least you have learnt the first thing you need………….silence.”

The two women sat in a luxurious room, Met cool and calm while Jade could feel herself nervous and tongue-tied like a love struck teenager.

“Maybe it would be easier if I showed you what I am looking for” Met purred and with that clicked on a remote control and the television sprang into life.

Jade watched open mouthed as the scene unfolded before her eyes. On the screen a young girl dressed in what could only be described as bondage gear paraded around a covered horse ring. From a bit in her mouth a long rope led to the hand of another woman dressed in riding gear. In the one hand karaman escort she held the rope and in the other she held a long whip. Every so often she would crack the whip and the girl would lift her knees up to her chest.

Once the short video had finished the silence hung in the room and Met studied Jade as she sat silently and breathlessly. Jade’s mind was spinning as she tried to make sense of what she had seen. Jade had dabbled in bondage before but never anything so formal as what she had seen. In some ways the thought frightened her but on the other hand she could feel a degree of excitement within her at the thought of this wondrous woman holding the other end of the rope.

“Would it help if you saw what she was wearing in more detail?” Met enquired in a low but firm voice.

“Yes……….Ma’am” Jade whispered in reply.

Met stood and Jade followed her into another room where laid out on a bench was the garb the young woman was dressed in. Jade stood and stared at the highly polished leather and felt her body respond to the thought of wearing it.

As if she had read her mind Met softly said, “Maybe it would be easier if you tried it on to see how it feels.”

Jade nodded and silently stripped and without any form of embarrassment stood naked in front of Met. Jade knew that Met was admiring her body and felt proud that she found her attractive.

“This is the main bodice,” Met purred as she fastened the leather bodice around Jade. Jade’s breasts were unfettered and the leather bodice held her tightly. Jade couldn’t help letting out a low moan as nipple clamps were attached causing the sensations to run through her.

Under the bodice was a thin strap and Jade could see that there was the ability to attach something to the inside. Met selected form the table a dildo that was covered in small knobs.

“This is inserted and held in place,” Met murmured as she attached the dildo to the strap before pushing it into Jade’s soaking pussy. Jade couldn’t hold back a moan as she felt the knobbly dildo slide deep into her and the strap under held the dildo in place.

“You will notice your ass is free” Met said as she ran her hands across Jade’s flanks admiring the way she shivered at her touch. Met then picked up a butt plug with a two foot strand of nylon hair hanging down. “This will be your tail, if you agree then the nylon hair will be replaced with your own hair.” Jade could only nod and bent forward unbidden to allow the butt plug to be pushed into her ass. Jade felt the familiar pressure followed by relief as the head pushed in and then as it narrowed her ass clamped to grip it in place.

“These will only be removed by me when required” Met purred and tugged gently on the hair causing tremors to run through Jade’s body. When Met gently slapped the outside of the base of the dildo Jade thought she would orgasm on the spot.

“Next the head gear” Met smiled, as she picked up a series of leather straps that fitted tightly round Jade’s head with blinkers on the side so she could only see forward. The loss of side vision caused Jade to open her mouth to speak but as she did so Met slide the bit, a steel bar coated in rubber into her mouth.

At first Jade felt constricted but as she relaxed and allowed herself to put her trust in this mysterious woman she felt content, for the first time in many years.

They walked together through another door into a small floodlight indoor arena with the floor in sand. “Right lets see how you move,” said Met picking up a long whip and kars escort expertly flicked Jade’s rump.

The sting was like a lightening bolt coursing through Jade and she started to walk round the arena slowly. At first Jade felt a little self-conscious but as Met issued various commands she felt herself wanting to please this woman more and more.

“Lift your knees” Met commanded and Jade responded by bringing each knee up to her chest with each step.

This movement caused the dildo deep inside her pussy to ride in and out and soon Jade felt her juices pouring down the inside of her thighs. As the speed of her movements increased Jade felt the dildo bringing her closer and closer to a climax. The leather harness rubbed and Jade could feel her nipple on fire as the nipple clamps gripped and twisted on her erect nipples. Jade was certain she was about to cum when Met’s voice cut like a whip, “STOP!”

Jade obeyed the command instantly and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she could feel her whole body aflame. She stood patiently as she waited for Met to speak.

“Now you must make a decision,” Met purred, “This isn’t a job, it’s a calling. If you wish to join my stables then you may but understand that I will own you completely. In the meantime you will find the money promised with your clothes,” and with that Met turned and left the indoor arena.

* * * * *

Jade sat in the back of the Rolls Royce and counted the money and unfolded the note written in an elegant flowing script.

‘Should you wish to join then present yourself at my door within 7 days. As you will need for nothing, bring nothing with you. Should you decided this is not for you then I wish you well in whatever life brings you in the future.’

Jade’s mind was still spinning when she got into her small flat but more importantly her body was still a mass of nerve endings and she was sure she would have stained the leather of the car with her juices. Picking up the vibrator from the bedside table Jade nearly ripped of her knickers before plunging it deep inside herself. Standing with her legs apart Jade began to thrust hard and deep into her soaking pussy, roughly fucking herself with one hand while twisting and rubbing her clit with the other.

Just as she felt her orgasm about to rip through her, to her dismay her mobile phone started to shrill. Her concentration broken for a second Jade picked the phoned up and managed to key the answer button despite the slipperiness of her fingers. ” Yes” Jade panted into the phone, slowing the thrusts into her body for a moment.

Met’s voice purred down the phone and penetrated deep into Jade’s brain as she heard her laugh, “So how close are you to cumming then Jade?”

Jade couldn’t help blurting out, “Close”

“You know you should always ask permission before cumming don’t you?” Met said quietly.

“Please Mistress, god please let me cum” Jade begged almost sobbing into the phone.

“Cum hard baby,” Met purred

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssssssss” Jade screamed down the phone and she drove herself up on tiptoes, so hard was she ramming the vibrator into her aching pussy.

After her brain started to come back to earth Jade mumbled into the phone, “Thank you Mistress,” but the phone was already dead.

* * * * *

The following morning Met opened the door and there, backlit by the early morning sun stood Jade, naked as the day she was born.

Eyeing her superb body up and down for a moment Met looked Jade in the eye, locking her gaze with Jade.

Jade felt compelled to break the stare and look at the ground.

“Yes?” Met said in a low but inquisitive voice.

“I am yours, Mistress,” Jade murmured and followed Met into the hall ready and eager to start her new life as a pony girl.

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