How I Met My Wife


How I Met My WifeBeing a Civil Engineer, graduated 1 and half years ago from university I was working my ass off to climb up in the professional ladder. I’m not saying that my salary is insufficient. It was more than enough for me. But still I was desperate for a better salary and that made my social life almost non-existent. I had my share of girls in high school and the university, but since then my sex life was drying up along with my social life. I didn’t have much time for female company and to add to the agony, there weren’t much women in our firm too.I dated very rarely. But no one looked appealing to me. So there weren’t many 2nd or 3rd dates. If I was lucky, I got laid with one of them. Most of them weren’t satisfying to me. Girls never cared for my needs. All they did was to satisfy themselves and finally make me cum like some sort of a sex toy. I never spent the night with any of them. Everything seemed empty. Eventually I got bored with all those one night stands.One of my friends gave me the details of one of the brothels in the city. He told me that the sex workers do their best to please the client rather than pleasing themselves. Also he said that all those girls worth the money.I went there on the following weekend. It was located at a far corner of the city , but most of its clients were high class professionals. I went in and checked the list of the girls. I was searching through their directory when my eyes stopped at a photo of a girl. Maria, a pretty girl with a plump face and black hair. She had blue eyes and in one of the photos she was wearing a pair of spectacles. She looked so hot in that. She had a nice pair of tits, probably 36D, I guessed. All the photos were of her bust. So I couldn’t tell see other than that. There was something alluring in her eyes. She didn’t look super sexy like some of the other girls in the catalog. But I decided to pay for her and have her tonight.I paid for the girl immediately for the whole night. Luckily she was available. But there was a slight problem. “We are sorry sir. Maria isn’t available for the whole night,” the man whom I gave money said.”Why? Does she has another client tonight?” I asked.”No sir. She never stays the whole night with a client. Even we don’t know the reason. And sir she won’t do anal. We can give you another girl if you want.”I was so infatuated with her just by seeing her photo. So I said, “No no, She’ll do just fine.”Then I gave them my address and told them to send her to my apartment by 9 o’clock. I was really excited, not because I was going to fuck a whore for the first time. But that alluring thing in her that I couldn’t pin point.I opened a bottle of wine and I ordered dinner for two. it’s true that the woman is a sex worker. But my mother had always told me to respect women, no matter what their job or social status is.I wore a pair of quite long shorts and a polo shirt. I had dinner early in case she didn’t want to have dinner and wanted to get to work straight away. My doorbell rang sharp at 9 o’clock. I opened the door of my apartment to see a beautiful angel of a woman standing in front of me. She was about 4 inches shorter than my 5′ 10” frame. She was wearing a shoulderless, knee length dress and a leather jacket. She had applied a little bit of make up, but her natural beauty looked prominent. She was wearing a pair of half framed spectacles. Simply, she was absolutely stunning.I must’ve been looking at her for some time. I was snapped out of the trance when she said, “Hi, I’m Maria. And you should be Mr.Shaun McKenzie.””Oh… Ummm… Yes. I’m Shaun. Please do come in,” I invited her in.She walked in and I followed her to the couch after locking the door. My eyes were fixed on her ass. It was neither flat nor too much fleshy. It was the perfect size for a woman of her proportions. She removed her jacket and sat on the couch. I asked her, “Did you have your dinner?””Yes I had it at home. Thank you,” She said politely.”I think you’d have some wine then.””That won’t be bad.”I offered her a glass and poured one for me. We sipped them quietly and I was the one to break the silence. “Maria, how long have you been wearing specs?””I’m suffering from short-sightedness. I’m wearing specs since I was 12,” She said.”You look beautiful in them. Actually, I’m more in to the women with specs. I think it’s so hot and I want you to put them on throughout the night.””Wow, you’re my first client to tell me that he loves specs. All of my other clients wanted me to remove them,” She said in surprise.I had only one glass as I wanted to be sober when I fucked this gorgeous woman. She too had only one. She came closer to me on the couch. “Shall we start?” she asked seductively.”We better start with a kiss,” I said and pulled her for a hungry, sensual kiss. She responded immediately. She was a great kisser and her lips felt so soft on mine. I groped her tits while she rubbed the growing bulge on my shorts. She broke the kiss tried to pull my shorts down. “Let me see that beautiful cock of yours.” I lifted my body off the couch and my 6 and half inch cock stood up proudly.”That is impressive,” said Maria and planted a kiss on its head.She knelt before me and took hold of my cock with both hands. Then she lowered her head slowly and took the cock in her mouth inch by inch. She gagged at the end, but somehow managed to take it all in. I can guarantee you hat her mouth was really made for kisses and blowjobs. I had never felt such a comfortable feeling inside a mouth. I ran my fingers through her soft hair while she deep throated me. Then she started to bob her head up and down slowly. I could’ve taken a handful of her hair and fucked her face with no mercy. But I wasn’t that kind of a man. As I said earlier my mom had taught me to respect women, no matter if she is the president or a whore. Also there was this feeling in me that there should be something really wrong for such a beautiful woman to become a sex worker. I noted that in mind to ask about later. Sometimes she may not tell me. But if I treat her better, then she might open up with me. That’s why I let her manipulate the blowjob.By the time I came back to this world from my own world Maria had been sucking my cock at least for 5 minutes. I looked at her. “You were lost in another world. I hope I hadn’t distracted you,” She said.”Oh no, I was thinking about something else,” I said and pushed her away. “I think we should continue this in bedroom.”I took her hand and went to the bedroom. She undressed while I got rid of my t shirt. Maria was only wearing a black thong under her dress. She removed it too and I saw that she had totally shaven her pubes. “You are so beautiful,” I said. She blushed like a school girl after hearing that.I laid on my queen sized bed and signaled her to come over to me. She crawled beside me and said, “I think we should start from where we left off.” Then she took my cock back in her mouth.She was doing wonders on my cock with her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the knob to add to the sensation of her soft lips and warm mouth. I touched her ass and ran my hands on her back as much as I could reach. Then I touched her tits and tweaked the nipples making them hard like diamonds.Maria showed her full repertoire of oral talents when she vacuumed my balls in her mouth. That was being too much for me, “Maria, I’m going to cum and I need to cum in your mouth,” I warned her. “Give it to me,” She said while jerking off my cock. She started to bob her head frantically as I warned. I could feel my balls tighten and cum rising through the ducts. “Here it comes. Oh god I’m cumming………” I groaned and I came spurt after spurt of thick semen in Maria’s mouth.She sealed her lips around my cock as I came and took every last bit of my cum in her mouth. I was weak after that thunderous orgasm. But my cock didn’t go fully flaccid and it stayed in semi hard state. “Your cum taste so good,” She said licking her lips.I motioned Maria to lay on the bed beside me. Then I parted her legs and moved between them. Her pussy was dripping from all the action just happened. I kissed her bald mound gently. She shuddered a bit from the excitement but pushed me away quickly. I looked at her. “Please don’t do it Mr.McKenzie. Clients don’t go down on whores.””You are not a whore. You are just a beautiful woman laying on my bed. And please call me Shaun,” I said.”But….” She tried to protest. I said, “Shhhh…. a pretty woman like you should deserve this,” and kissed her clit this time. Her pussy lips were so puffy, just the way I loved in women. I licked it as she began to moan. Then I inserted 2 fingers in while sucking her clit. This was driving her wild. She was driving her pussy to my face while holding my head with her hands. I did this until she experienced a mammoth orgasm. She was shuddering with the after shocks of her orgasm as I laid beside her. She looked at me and weakly whispered, “Thank you.” I just smiled and rubbed her cheek.My cock was hard again and ready for some action. I mounted her in missionary position and said, “I need you now.”Maria hurriedly pushed me away and ran out of the bed room. I laid on my bed while I couldn’t understand anything. But she returned a moment later with a packet of condoms in her hand. She sat on the bed and took a condom out of the packet. “I’ve never had sex with a client without a condom. I don’t want to take any risk,” She said and rolled the condom on my cock.I got what she said. It was totally understandable on her side and besides I too always used condoms when having sex. But actually I forgot everything when I saw this beauty who happened to be a sex worker. She laid on the bed and parted her legs. I positioned myself over her and guided the cock into her moist vagina in a slow single motion. She was quite tight considering her job. I thrust it in slow long motions and I increased the speed by every push. She was contracting her vaginal muscles and trying to milk my cock.Both of us were moaning as I fucked her harder and she responded by pushing her hips up matching my downward thrusts. Then her body stiffened and her mouth opened. Suddenly she came with a loud cry as her pussy clamped around my cock. It was enough to take me over the edge. “I’m cumminggg……….” I cried and released another load of hot sperm, but this time into the condom.I kept fucking her through the orgasm and it was like she had a chain of orgasms lasting for so long. Eventually our orgasms subsided and my cock went limp as well as her body. I rolled away from her and laid on he bed panting. Then I put away the condom. Maria was the first to speak as we were laying there regaining our drained strength. “Wow, that was really good. I can’t remember the last time I came that much in one fuck. I think I should be the one who should be paying,” She laughed. She was even more beautiful when laughing.”I’m glad you liked it,” I said. I shouldn’t have been thinking about whether she liked it or not. She is just a whore who got paid to fuck me. But it was like I was under some sort of spell during the whole evening.I got another condom and rolled it on my hard cock. “I need to fuck you from behind,” I said kneeling on the bed. She was quick to position and I was quick to insert my cock in her vagina. As I had cum moments ago, I fucked her for so long that she came at least 3 times before I unloaded in that condom.We went for another round as she went frenzy from her orgasms. I came for the 3rd and final time for the night. Covered in sweat, both of us were exhausted from that marathon fuck and we just tried to catch our breaths laying still on the bed. Finally she turned her head towards me. “I can’t believe what just happened. I’ve never been fucked like that. Oh my god, I’m still shaking,” She said looking at her body.”Same for me. You are the best fuck I ever had,” I said.We laid there in silence for some time and she got up and went to the bathroom. Then she started to get dressed. “Can’t you stay the night? We can sleep here and have some fun in the morning. Then you can go home,” I asked.”I’d love to. But sorry, I can’t. I have to go home now,” She said.”Did you come by your car?””No. I’ll catch a taxi,” She said.It was about 12 mid night. “This isn’t a good time for a woman to go alone. Please let me drive you home at least,” I looked at her pleadingly.”You were a special client to me. You did somethings that other clients had never done. So please don’t take more trouble for me,” She said in concern.”It’s no trouble at all. My mother had told me that all the women should be treated properly.”Finally she had to agree with me and I drove her home. She lived in an apartment about 20 kilometers from mine. I asked as she got off the car, “Are you available tonight?””No any appointments yet.””Great. Then most probably we’ll be meeting again, tonight.” I said tonight as it had passed the midnight. She smiled and I winked at her as I drove past her.We had sex in quite a few times during the following weeks and she went home around midnight each day.I drove her home most days like a good gentleman. I paid the brothel owner for a full night on each and every time. She got friendlier with me as the days passed. She gave me her personal number and we became quite good friends. But I started to have feelings for this beautiful woman. This might be little strange. Yes, I was falling for a whore. But I didn’t have the guts to tell her about it.She was opening up with me little by little. She was 28 and her husband had divorced her a few years ago.I knew that Maria wasn’t her real name and she didn’t tell me about it. But something in my mind was telling me that she was hiding something much bigger.But all changed on a Friday morning when I called her mobile phone to check whether she was available that night. “Hello Maria. How are you doing?” I asked as she picked up the phone.”Hello, who is this?” I heard a voice of a little girl.I was confused to hear the voice of a c***d on Maria’s number. “I’m Shaun. I want to talk to Maria. Who is this?””I’m Sara. This is my mommy’s phone. She is Melinda, not Maria,” I heard that cute voice again.”Umm….. Sorry for….. disturbing,” I stammered and ended the call.I was shocked to the core. Maria’s real name was Melinda and she had a little daughter. Then it dawned to me that she should be the reason why Maria goes home at midnight. May be she wanted to stay by her daughter’s side when she woke up in the morning. I could imagine her life story, if what she had told me about her husband were true. A single mother turned to be a whore in order to build a good future for her daughter.I was having a conflict within my mind whether to call her again or not. Finally I decided to call her and get to know the truth. I called her again in about an hour. She picked up the phone and I didn’t tell her about Sara. Probably Sara hadn’t told Maria either. She wasn’t available that night. But she was available on Saturday night. So I called the brothel and ordered her for the Saturday night.Friday I was busy with my job and Saturday I tidied up my apartment which had been a mess. But I couldn’t take my mind away from the fact that Maria had a daughter and who knows how much secrets she was hiding.We were laying on the bed after a steamy fuck on Saturday night. I thought that it was the best time to pull out the topic. “Melinda, how is Sara doing?” I asked her.Maria looked at me in total shock. Just like she saw a ghost. “What….. How d……….” She was stammering.”Shh…….. Don’t be afraid. I can put together the story. But I need to fill in some blanks,” I consoled her.She covered her face with both the hands and started to cry. I couldn’t watch her cry like that. So I pulled her to me and hugged tightly. She cried and cried until she felt it was enough. I rubbed her soft hair for the whole time letting her calm down.She cried for a while, then composed herself and sat on the bed resting her back on the head board. I too did the same. “You know about my daughter and I don’t think there’s anything I should hide from you. But I have one question. How do you know about Sara?” She asked me.”Well, do you remember I called you yesterday morning?”I asked.”Yes. That’s when you asked if I was available yesterday.””Yes. But I called you about half an hour earlier and it was Sara who answered the phone. To tell you the truth, I was shocked to hear a little girl’s voice on your end. But then she was the one who told me her name and your name. Then I ended the call.””Hmm…” She was thinking. “I was in the bathroom. But she didn’t tell me about anything,” Maria said.”So, will you tell me your story? Only if you want. Just for your knowledge, I’m a good listener,” I said.”I’ve never told this to anyone. I didn’t have to. I didn’t have any friends since I moved here. Who wants to be a friend of a whore?” Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she remembered her past. “Even the girls in brothel didn’t care about me. I was the only parent there. So I just stayed alone not bothering any of them.””I was pushed away by everyone just like a garbage bin. Some of my clients even spit on me and some live out their most perverse fantasies on me. But I bear every pain for my little Sara. You are the only person that’s been kind to me and you are the closest person to a friend that I have. So please don’t push me away,” She started to cry again.I don’t know what came over me. I really wanted to share her sorrow, console her. That’s probably because I was falling in love with this woman. She being a mother didn’t bother me at all. Her love towards her c***d only made me love her more. So, I wrapped my arms around her and I embraced her. Then I kissed her head while she cried hiding her face on my chest. “Please don’t cry Melinda. I want you to know that I wouldn’t even think to push you away.” I held her face with my hands. “Now please stop crying and smile.” She smiled with much effort as I wiped her tears away with my thumbs.We settled back and she started her life story. “As you know, my name is Melinda, Melinda Jones. My father died when I was 14. Then it was just mom and me. I had a relationship with a high school teacher. He was about 15 years older than me and I still curse myself for falling to that man. Actually he was the one to make advances on me and I couldn’t say no. I got pregnant when I was 18 and then we married just as I turned 18. I couldn’t even finish high school properly. But it was a still birth. I was devastated after hearing that my c***d was dead even before his birth. Then I got pregnant again 3 years later. That time my mom came to stay with us to take care of me during pregnancy.””Sara was born after 9 months and I thought he’d be so happy to have a c***d. But he acted like he wasn’t interested in her or me. Even our sex life became almost non existent. Then on one weekend I went to the town to buy some groceries keeping Sara with my mom and my husband. I returned home about an hour later but I didn’t see anyone in the living room. I put the groceries on kitchen counter and I went to Sara’s room. She was sleeping on the bed. Then I heard some noise from our bed room. I went there and opened the unlocked door. I couldn’t believe what was going on in my bed.” Melinda’s expression turned into a pure anger. “My husband was fucking my mom,” She said shaking with anger. “How can she do that to me. She was fucking with her daughter’s husband and god only knows for how long they’ve been doing it behind my back.””I was standing there shaking with anger. Then mom saw me and she pushed him away. I ran to Sara’s room before she could say anything and locked the door from inside. Then I cried until night and I made up my mind to divorce him and let mom have what she wanted. I stayed the night in Sara’s room and packed my belongings on next day morning and left with my one year old daughter. I stole some of my husband’s money before I left. I stayed at one of my friends’ apartment until I rented an apartment. The divorce was over pretty quickly and I got a substantial sum as the settlement. Then I moved here and tried to find a job. It wasn’t easy for me without having at least high school graduation. Finally I got a job as a waitress at a local bar, but my salary wasn’t enough for me and my daughter to live.”I had questions but didn’t interfere. ” Then I met a lady at the bar who became friendly with me and she introduced me to a man who said that he’d offer me a job better paid than this one. I agreed without thinking twice and quit the job at the bar. First I thought he was giving me a waitress job. But it was too late when I knew that he was selling me.”Once again a drop of tears ran down her cheek. I wiped it away. “I was having sex after 4 years and I was getting paid much better for it. I should’ve been happy, but I wasn’t. I hate myself for falling in the trap of that man. But I endured all the pain and everything for my little girl. I don’t want to her to be like me when she gets older.””Sara doesn’t know about any of this. Does she?” I asked. “Oh my god no. I’ve told her that I’m a waitress. I always put her to sleep and leave the home. I know she’ll hate me and loathe me when she gets to know the truth. But she will be having a good life by then and I can die with so much satisfaction thinking that my daughter hasn’t made the bad choices that I made,” She said almost ready to cry.I lifted her face by her chin and looked at her eyes. They were filled with shame and guilt. “I will never push you away and Sara will never hate you or loathe you. She would be proud that her mother has made so many sacrifices for her and she’ll only love you more.”I took a deep breath. “Speaking about me, every word you spoke doubled my love for you. All the sacrifices you made for your daughter and everything, only a woman with a heart can do them. I know this isn’t the best time to tell you about this. But I can’t hide it within me anymore. Melinda Jones, I love you. I’m madly in love with you. I’ve never felt like this before. But I’m sure this is love. Pure love.” I kissed her soft lips gently. She didn’t respond first but then I her lips were moving on mine and reciprocating the kiss. But suddenly she pushed me away before the kiss went deep.”I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I got too carried away. But I shouldn’t have. I know we are friends. Right? But I haven’t thought like that. I’m the whore and you’re the client. This thing should’ve ended in that level. I was hurt once and I don’t want to suffer that pain again. So please don’t make things complicated,” She said and tried to get up from the bed.But I held her hand with a firm grip not letting her get away. “You can go. But you have to listen to me first. Then you can decide what to do,” I said with a stern voice. She nodded and sat on the bed again.”When I went to the brothel and looked at their catalog, I saw different women. Young and old, slim and fat. But there was this one photo which made it like my heart skip a beat when I was running through them. That was yours. Then I reserved you without any second thought and that night you proved that my choice was right. You looked absolutely stunning when we first met and I was speechless for a little while. You were a real tigress in the bed. At first it was just an attraction to a beautiful woman. I could’ve fucked any woman on your brothel or any girl I picked at a bar or a night club. But my body craved for your touch and that’s why it was you that I always ordered.”Melinda was looking at me with a shocking expression. “I always wondered about why such a beautiful woman like you chose this profession. I just thought that you’d have some financial problems. So I always paid for the full night instead of the time we are together. But I never thought that your problem would be complicated. When you told me that someone had paid for you before me, there was this peculiar feeling which I couldn’t tell exactly what. But now I realize it was jealousy to hear that the woman I loved was having sex with someone else,” I sighed. “Melinda, I don’t know what your response would be. But I want you to remember that I will always love you and I’ll always be there for you no matter whether you are a whore or not,” I said at last.She didn’t tell anything for a long time. She was thinking probably playing everything again and again in her head. Finally she spoke. “Shaun, I know that you are a really good man. You always treated me differently than others. I respect you as a gentleman. You know how to treat a woman and you’d be the dream husband of each and every woman. But everything you just said are too much for me to digest in such a short time. I have to think long and clear after I go home. Are you OK with that?” I nodded my head in approval. “I’ll wait for until eternity for you,” I said.”But Shaun there are some things you should consider. First, I’m a divorced single mother as you already know and I’m 4 years older than you. What would your parents say about it? Second, I’m a whore and there aren’t many but a considerable amount of men who had fucked me during past 6 months. I’m ready to give up anything for the man I love. But the problem is some of the men that I’ve fucked hold key positions in some big companies. May be your boss is one of them. If and only if we are going to have a relationship you have to take me to the parties and anniversaries. If we meet any of my previous clients I’m sure that they’ll recognize me. Then you’ll be humiliated for marrying a whore and I won’t be able to bear the feeling that my husband being humiliated because of me,” She said.I said, “Melinda, there’s no age barrier for love and I don’t care what others think about you. The only thing that matters is you and me. If you love me and I love you then we don’t have to worry about others. Then this thing about my boss and the others, I’d be so proud to introduce a beautiful woman like you as my wife. If anyone has questions about your past then they’ll have to suffer the consequences.”She nodded her head and looked at the clock. It was almost 1 a.m. in the morning. She hurriedly got up and got dressed. “I want to be with Sara when she awakes. That’s why I never stay whole night with anyone,” Melinda said while dressing up.”I figured it out after I knew that you have a daughter. That should be the only reason keeping you from staying whole night and earning more money.” I too got dressed. “I’ll drop you at your home. You won’t find any taxis around this time.”She agreed and I drove her to the apartment. As she opened the door to get off I asked, “Can I meet Sara. I’d love to see her. May be tomorrow if you are free.”She said, “We rarely have visitors to our home. But you are mostly welcome. How about tomorrow afternoon?””That would be great,” I said.”All right then. See you tomorrow. But I’m warning you. She is really friendly and if she gets along with you, her mouth is unstoppable,” Melinda laughed and got off.I didn’t want to talk about starting a relationship. But I really wanted to meet her daughter, Sara. If I could be friendly with Sara, then may be it would be a better way to get to the mother.****************I went to the mall in the morning and bought some gifts for Sara and Melinda. I really wanted to give them a good impression on my first meeting with Sara and first out of business meeting with Melinda. I bought a beautiful doll for Sara. Of course every little girl loves dolls. But I couldn’t decide what to buy for Melinda. I thought of buying her some lingerie, but it was too intimate as we weren’t a couple yet. Then I thought to buy a blouse or a skirt. But I didn’t know her dress size. Finally I decided to buy her a watch. After going through the watch sellers whole collection, I bought an elegant little watch for her. I wasn’t an expert in buying gifts for women. But I bought what I thought was the best.I was at Melinda’s doorstep sharp at 4 p.m. and the door opened as soon as I rang the bell.Melinda looked as beautiful as ever right in front of me, dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt. “Hi Shaun,” She hugged me.”Hi Melinda. You look gorgeous,” I said hugging her back. She blushed after hearing that.Then she turned to the living room. “Sara honey, come over here. There’s someone to see you,” She shouted.A pretty little girl emerged from a room and she was turning her head down shyly. I can tell you with no doubt that Sara was as beautiful as her mother. She slowly walked towards me and she hid behind Melinda and peeked at me. “Sara, say hi to Mr. McKenzie,” Said Melinda. “Hi Mr.McKenzie, How are you?” She asked in a really cute voice.I knelt to get at her level. “Hi Sara, I’m doing fine. How are you doing?” I asked. “Good,” She said and hid behind her mother again.”Please come in,” Said Melinda. “We don’t have many visitors. So she is quite shy around strangers.”Then I gave them the presents I brought. Sara looked so happy after seeing her doll and she said, “Thank you Mr.McKenzie, she is so pretty.” I touched her cheek and said, “But not pretty like you.” She smiled.Then I gave the watch to Melinda. It was neatly wrapped, so she kept it on the table. But didn’t open it. “Don’t you open it?” I asked. “It’s not good to open gifts in front of the presenter,” She said.”But I want you to open it and I’d love to see you with it.”She unwrapped the cover and opened the box. “Oh my god, this looks so beautiful and expensive,” Melinda covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief.”That’s not that much expensive. Yes, it’s beautiful. But it’ll look more beautiful on your wrist. So please let me,” I took the watch and put it on her wrist. That looked really beautiful on her wrist and she kissed my cheek. “Thank you, this is the best gift I’ve ever got.”We had some tea in the evening and chatted some more. Sara got friendly with me slowly and like Melinda warned me, her mouth was unstoppable. She told me stories, poems, about her friends and what she saw on TV. Then we played snake and ladder. Sara loved that game and she was lucky. She won most of the games, Melinda and I won the rest equally. I didn’t feel the time pass until it was night. They wanted me to stay for the dinner. But I kindly rejected the offer and headed back.Next Sunday I invited them to my place. We had so much fun. Just being with Sara and Melinda made me forget all the trouble at least for some time. We watched a k**s’ movie, played snakes and ladders, and then they stayed for the dinner. Then I dropped them at their home late that night. Sara became so friendly with me that she hugged me before getting off the car.The special thing is Melinda and I didn’t have sex since the day she told me the truth. Neither of us asked the other about it. But there was this tension around us, but being with Sara made me forget all of that.This went on for about 4 Sundays and some week days. One day Sara asked me, “Mr. McKenzie, can I call you ‘Uncle Shaun’?” That was a sign of that I was special in Sara’s life. “Of course honey. You can,” I replied. But there was no response from her mother for what I asked weeks ago.It was a Wednesday, shortly after this incident, I visited Melinda’s place in the evening, about quarter past 8. I rang the bell and a voice came from inside. “Who is this?” It was Sara. “It’s me Sara. Uncle Shaun.”The door opened and only Sara was there with a book in her hand. “Hi uncle Shaun,” She greeted. “Hi Sara. Where’s your mommy?” I asked.”She’s at work.””Oh, I forgot to tell her that I’ll be visiting here tonight.” But suddenly I remembered about Melinda telling to me that she puts her daughter to sleep before going out. “Hey, don’t your mommy put you to sleep before she goes out?””Yes. But I can’t sleep that much early. So I just close my eyes until she leaves and then I read read the books,” She said. Sara had a large collection of c***dren’s books which I also helped by gifting some books.I felt really sad for her. Poor c***d suffering from her father’s actions. So I decided to wait until Melinda returns. “Sara, how about I tell you a story and then I put you to sleep?” I asked.”Yeah….” She jumped happily and then hugged me. “I love you uncle Shaun.””I love you too sweetie.”We went to her bedroom and she laid on the bed. I started to tell her a story and I had to tell another as she didn’t sleep. Eventually she fell asleep about halfway of the 3rd story. But I didn’t leave the room. I sat there rubbing her soft hair, giving her the love she hadn’t got from her father. I got close to her for one reason. But now I really loved her as my daughter.I too might have dozed off as I don’t remember the time passing. I woke up to the faint sound of a door closing, just after the midnight. Then I heard the foot steps approaching the room and the door opened slowly. Melinda stepped in and switched on the dim light of the light bulb. Then she saw me and she was shocked. “Oh my god Shaun. I almost got frightened to death. When did you come here?” She asked.”A few minutes after you left,” I said and I wanted to discus about Sara with her. “Melinda, there’s something that I need to talk with you,” I said and dragged her to the living room and sat on the couch. She looked frightened. I held her hand tightly and looked straight into her eyes.”Where did you go?” I asked. I knew what she was doing during the past few hours. But I wanted to get the words straight from her mouth.” I… I… I was with.. a client,” She stammered.”All right. What was Sara doing when you left?””Umm.. She was sleeping. I always put her to sleep before I leave. You know that,” Said Melinda.”Then how did she open the door when I rang the bell if she was sleeping?” I asked.”What? Oh my god!” She covered her mouth with both her hands in disbelief.”Do you know that she never sleeps when you put her to sleep. She just acts like shes sleeping until you sleep and she reads her books when after you leave until she gets sleepy. She was reading when I came here and then I had to relate her 3 stories until she slept. I can’t even imagine what’s going through her little mind when she stays alone at night,” I sighed.Tears were rolling down her cheeks while I was talking. She started to cry and I hugged her trying to console her. “I’m a terrible mother, Shaun. I’m a terrible mother. I didn’t understand my little daughter’s feelings until you told me,” She cried and cried for more than 10 minutes.I rubbed her head to soothe her. “Sshh… Melinda, please don’t cry. You are a great mother. You always do what’s best for your daughter and I’m sure, she’ll understand it some day.” I said.”Come on. Let’s go to the bed room and I’ll put you to sleep before I go.”I stood up and pulled her up.We went to her bedroom and I laid her there. Then I sat beside her and rubbed her soft black hair. She snuggled and put an arm over my legs. This woman laying beside me was really hot and I had a really hard time in controlling myself.”Please don’t go,” She whispered. “Never,” I said.She turned her head towards me after some time. “I made my decision,” She said.”What decision?”She got up and sat knelt on the bed facing me. “Remember you told me that you loved me and I said I wanted to think about it?” I nodded. “Well, I made my decision. Shaun, you know my daughter is the most precious thing on earth to me. I love her more than my life and I’ll do anything for her. I want to make her la good woman unlike me.” She paused for a while.”I knew that I couldn’t do this job for long and I too wanted to settle down with a man. I wanted to be loved and feel protected. Then you came to my life. I knew that you were different than all other clients. You treated me like a lady while all others treated me like a cheap slutty whore. You offered to take me home while all others threw me out after the fuck. You went down on me, an experience that I haven’t had in years. You touched my body so lovingly while the others left scars and sore spots on me. You were giving me exactly what I needed, love and protection.I was falling for you, even unknowing to myself. I knew it was wrong for a whore to fall for her client. But I couldn’t help it. This went so far that I was imagining it was you when I was with other clients,” Melinda wiped away her tears with the back of her hand.”Then you told me that you loved me. But no matter how much I loved you, I didn’t know how you’d react with Sara. I didn’t want anyone to come between us. I was ready to be single for my whole life rather than having a man at the expense of my daughter. But my problem started to solve when you first visited our home and Sara got friendly with you. Today you proved that you loved my daughter like a father. Shaun, it means that all my problems are solved. Now I only have to tell you these magical words.” She touched my cheeks with both hands, “Shaun McKenzie, I LOVE YOU TOO. I love you with all my heart. I’m yours, forever.”I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “Please Melinda, can you tell it again. I just want to make sure that I’m not dreaming,” I said looking at her beautiful eyes.She didn’t speak a word. But instead, she planted a soft kiss on my lips. It lasted for about 5 seconds before she pulled away. It wasn’t a passionate kiss. But it wasn’t just a kiss either. “Now you can believe it. Can’t you?”I was out of words to describe my happiness and joy. This beautiful woman just said that she loved me. Only me. I wanted to fuck her so badly. But somehow I restrained myself. I wanted to make our first time as a couple really special and I wanted to take it slow for the enjoyment of both of us. “Come here baby,” I said patting my lap.She straddled my lap and there we were with our faces inches apart. We looked in to each others’ eyes with so much love. I totally got lost in her and I even lost the track of time.Then I slowly brought my face to hers and held her face with my hands around halfway. She too was bringing her face forward. Our lips were trembling as they met for our very first kiss as lovers. It was very slow at the start just brushing my lips over hers. Then it got deeper and more sensual as the lips touched with much passion. Her hands were around my neck while mine were on her back. I parted my lips and pushed my tongue out. Melinda showed some resistance at first. But opened her lips and accepted my searching tongue. I pushed it around each and every corner of her mouth while she did me the same with her tongue. Suddenly our slow kiss became a heavy make out session, swapping saliva and rubbing each others’ backs. My cock was rock hard and I knew that her pussy was dripping.Melinda pulled away. “Make love to me Shaun,” She whispered. But I had other plans as I said before.”Babe just listen. I want our first time as a couple to be a really special one. I want us to remember it until our death. Now you are tired. Aren’t you?” She quietly nodded. “How about we go out for a date tomorrow night and then we can make love. I promise you, it’ll be an unforgettable night,” I said.”Anything you want, my love,” She said. But she looked disappointed. I kissed her again. “At least can you stay here with me tonight?” She asked.”Of course baby. I’ll sleep with you. How about you get refreshed now and change to a more comfortable dress?”She got off me and went to the bathroom. I went to the car and took the pair of shorts, t-shirt and the tooth brush which was there in case of an emergency. Oh, finally they became useful.I went to the bathroom after her and had a shower. She was wearing a almost see through night gown and a pair of panties. My cock which had become soft after the shower became a steel rod instantly just by seeing her. “Hon, you are testing my limits,” I said walking to her.She noticed my erection and grinned. “Am I? Let’s see if you can stay in your limit until morning.” She winked me and got on to the bed.I spooned behind her and pulled the covers up. My hard cock was perfectly laid between her buttocks. I put one arm over Melinda and pulled her closer. “Mmmm…. It’s been so long,” She said and placed her hand on my hand which was on her belly. She had fallen asleep before me and I too fell asleep quickly. It was one of the most peaceful sleeps I ever had.******************I woke up next morning when Melinda woke up and left the bed. But she saw that I was awake and she smiled at me. “Good morning handsome,” She greeted. “Good morning beautiful,” I greeted back.”I’m going to wake up Sara. Care to join me if you aren’t getting late,” She asked. I looked at the clock and I had a little time before I had to leave to my apartment. So I got up, just splashed my face with some water and joined her.6 year old Sara was sleeping peacefully on her bed. Melinda shook her gently. “Sweetie, it’s time to wake up.”Sara opened her sleepy kaçak iddaa eyes and mumbled, “Good morning mommy, can’t I sleep some more?””You’ll get late for your school honey. So be a good girl and get up. And look who is here.”Sara turned her head and she opened her eyes wide in surprise. “Uncle Shaun.””Good morning Sara, now be a good girl and get up,” I said. Then I lifted her from the bed and carried her to the kitchen. I sat her on a chair and Melinda started to prepare coffee. Meanwhile, I went to the bathroom and had a shower, so I only had to change the clothes at my place. We had a quick breakfast and I left the place, but not before giving Melinda another passionate kiss while Sara went to the bathroom.I changed quickly and rushed to work. I was there right at the time. Even though my body was there, I was making plans in my mind for our date. I called to one of the most expensive restaurants in town and reserved a table for us. Then I called Melinda and informed her to be ready at 7 o’clock. She was so happy to hear about that.I went home as fast as I could and got dressed in a tuxedo suit and sprayed some perfume. I bought a bunch of roses on my way.There I was standing at her doorstep just before 7 p.m. Melinda opened the door and Oh my god, didn’t she look gorgeous. Any man from a teenager to an old man laying on his death bed will surely be turning their heads at her. She was wearing a black V-neck dress showing off her bountiful cleavage. She looked real elegant not being slutty. I was staring at her for a long time not being able to pull my eyes off her beauty. But somehow I managed to mutter, “Hi Melinda, You look so beautiful today,” and I gave her the bunch of roses. Melinda said, “Thanks Shaun, you look handsome too.” I gave her a brief kiss.”You can come in if we are not too late. Sara is waiting to see you.”We went in and Sara ran to me. “Hi uncle Shaun,” and hugged me. “Hey Sara,” I said, “Be a good girl and read your books until mommy and uncle return.Right? We won’t be too late.”She hugged he and I hugged her back. Then we left.It was about a 30 minute drive to the restaurant and we were escorted to our table. She was easily the most beautiful woman in the place. All the admiring glances from the men and some envious looks from women confirmed that. I was so proud to be seen with such a beauty as the envious glances from some men targeted me.We had a nice meal and Melinda seemed to be really happy. We chatted about different things. We had some wine after the dinner but not much enough to get tipsy. I wanted to stay sober for our special occasion. So was she. Melinda wanted to go home quickly as we promised Sara to return quickly. So we went home and Sara was still awake reading her books.We put her to sleep and made sure that she was sleeping unlike Melinda did when she went to work. Sara looked so happy when we took her to her room. We left the room carefully not making any noise. I swiped Melinda’s feet off the floor and carried her to the bedroom. “Oh honey, what are you doing?” She giggled.”This is what you deserve, my queen. You deserve to be treated better than this,” I said and kissed her.I laid her on the bed and I too lied by her side. I turned to her side and I saw that she was looking at me. We kept looking into each others’ eyes for some time. Then I touched her soft cheeks as she pouted her lips and kissed my hand. “You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. “You are so handsome yourself,” She said. I bent my head down and kissed her lips very gently. She too responded accordingly. I was propped on one elbow while my other hand was on her cheek. She was running her hands all over my back and head.Our kiss got more intimate as we were getting warmed up. “I love you Melinda,” I said between kisses. “I know baby, I know. I love you too. Show me your love, my darling. Show me how much you love me,” She said.I broke the kiss, knelt on the bed and removed my jacket and the bow tie. She too got on to her knees and started to unbutton my shirt. We engaged in another passionate kiss while she was unbuttoning me. She paused for a moment to examine my body and she gently ran her fingers over my chest and belly sending shivers through my spine. I closed my eyes and moaned enjoying her touch. “Come here baby,” I said and sat on the bed resting my back on the head board. She straddled me and we were making out again. But this time we weren’t innocent as the previous night. My hands were squeezing her big tits while her hands were roaming over my chest, belly and sometimes they ran over my crotch making my already erect cock even harder.I started to move down and I kissed her chin and the neck. Melinda moaned, “Oh baby, please,” as I played around her neck. But I couldn’t figure out whether that was a protest or an encouragement. Her head turned up giving me better access to that sensitive skin. I took her neck flesh between my lips and playfully bit it. “This is wonderful,” She moaned.I proceeded from her neck towards her tits. Most of her tit flesh were covered with the fabric. So I kissed her cleavage and exposed parts with so much love. She held the back of my head with her hands as she moaned in pure joy. Then once again I moved up and kissed her. I took off her specs myself and placed them on the night stand. I pulled her dress to the edge of her shoulders while making out. Then I broke the kiss and looked at her eyes. “May I?” I asked ready to drop her dress from shoulders. “Please,” was her only response.I pulled her dress from the shoulders and it fell on her lap exposing her big breasts. It wasn’t that I was seeing her breasts for the first time. But it was the first time that I saw them as my girlfriend’s breasts. They looked so beautiful than before with a very slight sag and just below horizontal nipples surrounded with dark areola. Her nipples had got hard just because of her arousal. I admired them for some time and held them with both my hands like they were objects of reverence. Then started to kiss all over that gorgeous breasts. “Oh baby,” She was moaning repeatedly as I kissed them.Finally, I opened my mouth and took a nipple along with its areola into my mouth. I sucked it while occasionally flicking the nipple with my tongue. Melinda’s hands were on the back of my head holding me to her breast. I squeezed and played with her free breast with my hand. “Yes baby, suck my tit and play with it. I really love to get my tits sucked,” said Melinda.Then I switched tits and did the same for another 10-15 minutes. Melinda pulled me up and kissed me again. Then I lifted her and laid her on the bed. I pulled her dress down as she lifted her hips to help me, leaving only her thong to cover her nudity. I too got rid of my pants and boxer. I knelt at her legs admiring the perfect view of her sexy body. “God, I’m feeling so shy,” Melinda covered her face.”Babe, you are the sexiest woman on earth.”I sucked her nipples briefly and moved my way down. I kissed her belly and I spent some time tonguing her belly button. Then I ignored her pussy intentionally and moved to her thighs. I kissed them all around, I even moved dangerously close to her thong covered pussy. But still I ignored it frustrating her more and more. “Honey please, you are torturing me,” Melinda whined.”Just wait. The more you wait, the pleasure is more,” I said.I continued to kiss my way down her legs until her delicate toes. Then I lifted on foot with both my hands and sucked the first toe. I did this to both legs and all toes. I sucked them separately making her squirm and moan. I licked her soles and kissed her whole feet. Melinda was really enjoying my oral service to her feet. It was confirmed by her moans of pleasure. “Shaun, you are spoiling me honey,” She said as I was licking her feet.”No babe, I’m worshiping the body of my sex goddess.”It was time for me to move to the precious gift, her pussy. I kissed my way up and planted a kiss on her pussy over the thong. Even her thong was drenched with her juices. I pulled it down and there it was, her cleanly waxed pussy oozing juices for me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her plump labia. Melinda parted her legs some more and asked, “Do you like what you see, my love?””God, they are beautiful.” That was all I could mutter.Not more than 5 seconds later I was laying between her legs and my lips and tongue were latched on to her pussy. “Oh my god Shaun, you are going to make me cum,” She moaned as she squeezed her tits with her hands.”Yes baby. Cum for me. Cum all over my face,” I said just taking my mouth away from her pussy for a moment. But I pushed my middle finger inside her not letting her pussy get vacant even for a second. Then I attacked her clit with my mouth. I took her little bud between my lips and sucked it while my fingers did the magic in her.Her breathing got heavier and her pussy started to clench around my fingers. Melinda’s legs wrapped around my head not letting me get away. I could barely breathe and hear anything. I knew my only way out was to make her cum. So I fucked her with fingers vigorously while my lips sucked her pleasure bud like a vacuum. “Oh my god Shaun you are making me Cummmm………” Melinda cried as she succumbed to her orgasm.I sealed her pussy with my mouth as she squirted huge amount of her juices straight into my waiting mouth. It tasted better than I expected. To be honest I never expected her to squirt that much. I haven’t seen her squirt before and I expected it to be the first of many squirts she has in store for me in the future. They were too much for me to gulp and some of it poured on to the bed through the corners of my mouth.Her orgasm was so intense that her hips lifted off the bed and she almost crushed my skull with her thighs. She rode her orgasm for so long and I having difficulties in breathing as my face was stuck on her crotch.Finally her orgasm subsided and her body went limp. Her legs which were locked around my head dropped to the bed. I came up for air as soon as her legs loosened the grip and filled my lungs with a deep breath. I looked at Melinda. She was struggling to catch her breath. I laid beside her and pulled her closer to me. She snuggled to me and I wrapped my arms around her.Her breathing steadied and she said, “That was the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Shaun,” Without bothering to move.”Anything for my goddess,” I kissed her head.She lifted her head from my chest and rubbed my cheeks which were smeared with her cum. “I’ve made such a mess on your face. I’m sorry my love.””I don’t care about it as long as you get satisfied.” I kissed her letting her taste her own juices. Our tongues danced and hands roamed. I broke the kiss and asked, “Hon, have you ever squirted before? You haven’t with me. But with the others?””Baby, that was my first and I’m so glad it was with you. No man has made me feel so special and you haven’t even made love to me yet. And Shaun, can I ask you something?””Of course honey.””Baby, can we please remember today as our first time? I’m really ashamed about my past and I want to start a new life, with you,” She asked almost dropping down into tears.”Honey, I had sex with Maria before. But from today I’m making love to Melinda Jones. So this indeed is our first time,” I reassured her.”So, why are you waiting? Make love to me and make me yours.”I needed no second invitation. I quickly mounted her as she parted her legs and my cock was lying on her slit. I held my cock with one hand and guided it to the opening. But I got a feeling like she was hesitating for a moment. I looked at her face. She looked scared. “What’s wrong my love?” I asked.”Won’t you wear a condom?” She questioned me back.”Trust me darling. I’ll never let you down. I promise,” I said and rubbed her cheek lovingly.”There’s no man I trust more than you baby. Take me now. Make me yours.” She was looking into my eyes.I entered her slick vagina in a very slow stroke. I took my time and bottomed out my whole 6 and half inches of man meat into her vagina. It was my first time without a condom with her and second time over all. That skin to skin contact felt so much better than using a condom. “Aaahhh……” We moaned in unison as I entered all the way. I kissed her as I waited in the position for a while and our lips remained locked for the whole time.”Please love me darling,” Melinda pleaded.I pulled my cock out until only the head remained in and glided it smoothly in. Her pussy felt like a hot oven warming up to bake a cake. I started very slowly and picked up the pace as we made love. Melinda wrapped her legs around my waist helping me to push in much harder. She closed her eyes enjoying our love making and her lips parted slightly eliciting low moans.We fell to a steady rhythm we both could enjoy ourselves. Melinda wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for another kiss. I felt her hard nipples poking on my chest as we kissed. They were making me rush towards my orgasm. Usually I lasted longer than this. But more than a month without sex and making love to my dream woman made my first orgasm really quick. I whispered, “I’m going to cum soon babe. Will you cum with me?”Melinda started to rub her clit as soon as she heard it and sh said, “Yes baby. We are going to cum together and really hard.”I bent my head down and sucked a nipple. “Oh baby, suck it and bite it,” She moaned.I gently bit her nipple and her moans got louder. I was getting so close to my orgasm and I was fucking her in abandon. Suddenly she screamed, “I’m cumminngggggggg….” and her pussy started to tighten around my cock. That powerful vaginal contractions were more than enough to take me over the line and I too climaxed with a loud cry, “Melinda……….”I don’t know how much I came in her. But I’m sure as hell that it was the biggest orgasm of my life. I ejaculated rope after rope of my hot sperm into her unprotected, very fertile womb. She hugged me tightly as we both we flew in our orgasmic skies and for the first time in life I felt satisfied after sex. Never in my life before I felt so much high in my orgasm. In that very instance I knew for sure that Melinda was the woman for me. I needed to spend the rest of my life with her.My body went limp after that gigantic orgasm. I had to put some effort to roll away from her. Melinda was still settling down breathing heavily. I just kept watching her beauty even when she was a mess after 2 mammoth orgasms. Her hair was disheveled, mascara had smeared around her eyes, her make up had gone with her sweat and my kisses and down there at her crotch, her pussy was leaking our combined juices on to the bed clothes. But still she looked really gorgeous.She turned to me as her orgasm subsided. “What are you looking at?” She asked.”I’m just looking at your beauty.””Oh honey, I’m a total mess right now,” She said looking at her body.”The afterglow of our love makes you beautiful more than ever,” I said and kissed her.”Baby, that’s too much of a complement. But I can tell you that was even better than the last one,” said Melinda.”Yeah. That was the best for me too. I guess it does happen when you are with the right person.””Then I suppose we are the best match,” She said and we rolled while kissing to have her on top of me.My cock had become hard again and it was ready for a long action packed night. “Can you go again, love?” I asked.”Of course yes baby. I wan to remember this night until the day I die,” She said. “Then I hope you don’t mind riding me, my cow girl?” I asked.She straddled me in an instance and she impaled herself on my cock. Her cum soaked pussy gave away no friction and my cock slid in easily. Melinda wasted no time and she started to rock up and down on my cock. I just laid there resting my head on a pillow watching her tits move up and down to the rhythm of her body. I cupped her tits with my hands. “Tweak my nipples baby,” She moaned.I squeezed those beautiful 36D tits with both my hands tweaked her nipples as she wanted. She closed her eyes and her mouth slightly opened. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum,” She was muttering like she was in a trance.I wasn’t going to cum that fast as I had climaxed a few moments ago. So I kept playing with her tits and suddenly she gave out a loud cry, “Fuuuuck……”, she climaxed. She was riding me in a frenzy as her orgasm washed over her. It was good 2-3 minutes she was experiencing her orgasm and finally she fell on me.I held her tightly, not letting her fall. I could feel her heart beat still racing and her pussy was still contracting around my cock. She breathed hard and she finally spoke as she caught her breath. “That was true heaven darling. I never imagined it would be so satisfying to climax with the right man,” She said still laying her head on my chest.I bent my knees and got ready to get the leverage to love her once more. I said, “So I hope you won’t mind another trip to the heaven?” and pushed my hips up driving my still hard cock once again into her moist vagina.She looked surprised for a while and she too responded by pushing her hips down matching with my upward thrusts. “Oh baby I love you so much,” She said and kissed passionately.She lifted her torso up a bit and her big tits started to sway as she was getting fucked. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently. Meanwhile my hands were busy rubbing her plump buttocks. They were so sot that I didn’t want to take my hands off of it. They were shaking because of the pounding that I was giving her. I slowly moved my hands closer to her ass hole and Melinda didn’t mind it. So I moved my right hand dangerously close to her virgin ass and I slowly circled my index finger around her puckered hole.Suddenly I got an idea and I brought it to my mouth. Then sucked it and coated it with a copious amount of my saliva. Melinda didn’t notice this as she was enjoying the fuck of her life to its full extent. I placed my finger at her sphincter and applied enough force to just get the tight hole to open. Melinda opened her eyes and looked back to see the tip of my finger was almost in her ass. “No baby please don’t,” She begged me. But I pushed it a little more and her begging turned into a loud cry. “Noooo… baby please. oh my god, yes.. please don’t stop. God I’m cumming again. Aaahhh……..”She came on my cock with a loud cry. I kept my finger at her sphincter just moving in and out, only in millimeters. She was convulsing on me and her pussy was gripping my cock like a vise. I think she was experiencing a train of orgasms as she was shaking for a really long time. Finally, I released my sperm into her fertile womb for the second time in the night with a loud groan. I didn’t have much cum left as I unloaded most of it inside her during my first orgasm. But there were enough for the second time. We went high and high, probably higher than you go when you do d**gs. I’m so glad I’m not addicted to d**gs but this beautiful woman lying on top of me. She always gets me higher than d**gs.Both of us had run out of energy as we came down from our own climaxes. Melinda rolled down from me and fell on to the mattress. I didn’t even have the energy to hold her. My limp cock was hanging between my legs while Melinda’s pussy was leaking our cum on to the covers. We laid there breathing heavily, recovering from our climaxes.Melinda was the first to speak. “Baby, that was great. I’ve never been satisfied like this. I still can’t believe what we just did. It feels so surreal.””I’m sure, sex can never be better than this. Sex is best when it’s done with love, like we just did. I want to do this with you at every moment. And I want you to know that you are the best thing that has happened to me. I love you, my darling,” I said cuddling with her and rubbing her soft hair.”I love you too,” She said and we kissed until we felt sleepy. Then she spooned with me and drifted off to a peaceful sleep. The last thing I remember from that night is that I pulled the covers and I wrapped an arm around her not wanting to let her go even in my dreams.We woke up early in the next morning and made Sara ready for the school. I was getting a fatherly feeling for the first time in my life. That felt really good to feel responsible about a c***d unlike it’s with work. I took Sara to the school which was at a 15 minute driving distance from her home.When I returned to Melinda’s place, she was having a shower. I took off my clothes and joined her. She was turning her back to the door and she turned towards me as I stepped in. “I thought you had gone to work after dropping Sara,” She said giving me a kiss.”I called in for a sick leave today. We are going to make love whole day. How does that sound?” I asked.”Only until Sara gets home. You naughty boy,” She said squeezing my cheek.We had a long bath and then I had to brush my teeth. We made love in her bedroom and finally I came in her pussy. She laid there spent with my cum dripping from her pussy. “Babe, I want you to tell you something,” I said.”What’s that my love?” She asked in concern.”I want you and Sara to move in with me. I need to be with my beautiful girls at every moment I can.””Honey, I’d love to. But I don’t know what Sara would think. We can move in if she’s Okay. If not you can move here. Can’t you?”I thought for a moment. That won’t be a bad idea at all. But my apartment was quite larger than hers. But this apartment was enough for 3 people to live. So I agreed. “Okay, but Sara has the choice. In fact I don’t care where we live as long as we live together. That’s how much I love you.””I love you too baby and there’s something that I want to tell you,” She said.”I’m always listening.””When I told you that I love you and I want to be with you, I really meant it. I was ready to do anything for the sake of our love. So I quit my job, honey. I’ll not whore myself around anymore. I’ll find some other job even though it’s less paid. You are the only man in my life and I can’ imagine a life without you,” She said tears falling from her pretty eyes.I was so happy to hear that. I was going to suggest her that any way. But I was glad that she had taken the decision herself. “Babe, I don’t know what to say. It’s your job and your income. But actually speaking, I’m so glad that you quit your job. I’m not ready to share you with anyone. I want you to be a full time mother and always stay with Sara. We won’t have any financial problems, but I’m sure Sara is in lot of pain without her mother. I saw it in her eyes when I was at your place that night. So I think it’s in her best interest if you stay with her all the time.””But I don’t want to be a burden to you,” She whined.I thought about it for a bit. “Okay. You can do a job. But only a day time job. Right?””Okay darling. I love you,” She said and we shared another passionate kiss.Then we slept until it was time to pick up Sara from the school.I picked up Sara from the school. When we asked her about where she want to live,she was okay with any place as long as she was with her mother. Then we decided it’s better for them to move in to my place.They moved in 3 days later and there we were, one happy family. Sara got the smaller bedroom while Melinda settled with me in the master bedroom. That day marked the beginning of a new era of my life. We made love at every opportunity. There weren’t many, except the nights.I had to go to another city for a meeting with some clients about a week after Melinda moved in. I left on Monday and I came back home on Wednesday evening. I couldn’t stop thinking about Melinda all throughout my trip. I knew it was the same for her back in home. We were so much addicted to each other. I called Melinda before I came home. I was tired as hell from driving when I got home. I opened the door and little Sara ran to me and jumped on to me. “Uncle Shaun, I missed you.””I missed you too sweetie. Where’s mommy?” I asked.”She is preparing dinner.”Then I went to the kitchen. Melinda was there preparing the dinner turning her back to me. I tip toed to her and hugged her from her back. She got startled and turned around ready to scream. I kissed her before she had any chance. She didn’t respond but as soon as she saw my face she started to respond. “Oh my god, I missed this so much,” I said breaking the kiss.”I missed you too baby,” She held my face with her hands. “And you made me so scared before.””I’m so sorry love. How about we go to the bedroom and you can punish me there?” I asked.”Hey don’t be naughty,” Melinda playfully slapped my arm. “Sara is at home. But I’m going to punish you as soon as she’s put to sleep. Alright? Now why don’t you have a good shower and we can have an early dinner.””As you wish ma’am.”I had a long refreshing shower and then we had the dinner. We went straight to the bed after putting our daughter to sleep. I kissed Melinda hard as soon as she closed the bedroom door. But she pushed me. “Be a good boy and lay on the bed while I have a shower. I have some surprises for you,” She winked at me and ran to the bathroom.I laid there on our bed as instructed, wondering what her surprises may be. I didn’t have to wait long. She appeared from the bathroom wearing a long night dress. I could see that she hadn’t worn a bra as her tits swayed when she walked. Melinda walked seductively towards me and climbed to the bed. She crawled purring like a kitten and gently brushed her lips with mine. “Baby,” I moaned. “This is a real torture,” I said not knowing what her game was. I wasn’t even sure how to play along.”Sit here,” She said. She straddled me when I sat. That was our favorite position when making out. Then she slowly unbuttoned her dress one by one. Little by little, her big tits came to my view and she let her dress drop from her shoulders. My eyes were transfixed on her beautiful breasts and suddenly I noticed something different. She had a ring on her right nipple. Yes, Melinda had her right nipple pierced. “Do you like what you see?” She asked.”Oh yes. That’s beautiful,” I left the sentence incomplete.”And?” She asked lifting my face which had turned down.”I don’t want to say this word to you. But that was the word which popped into my mind. That’s beautiful and a bit sluttish,” I said embarrassed.”It’s okay baby. I wanted to be a slut for you. I want to be your slut. So I’m glad that you thought like that.””Yes babe. My girlfriend is a slut and she is my slut. May suck it babe?””Of course baby. But please be gentle. It’s still a little bit tender around it,” She said and lifted her right breast to my mouth.I took her nipple between my lips and gently worked on it by sucking and nibbling the nipple. I held that breast with both of my hands letting Melinda to take her hand away. She placed her hands on the back of my head and stared at me worshiping her breast.Her nipple got really hard in no time as I sucked it. It felt somewhat strange in my mouth as I had used to suck the bare nipple without the ring. “Oh baby, I think my nipple is extra sensitive now,” She moaned.I held her ring between my teeth and pulled it playfully without putting much effort. “Ouch…” Melinda screamed. “Baby please don’t. It hurts. You can do all that stuff later. Just be gentle with me for today.”I never intended to hurt my girl and I felt sorry for that. “I’m sorry my love. I never wanted to hurt you. Please don’t be mad at me,” I begged.”How can I get mad at my Mr.Perfect?” She smiled.I got back to my work and this time I took her nipple between my teeth and flicked her ring up and down with my tongue. “Baby…” She moaned and tightened her hands around my head more. “That’s great honey. You are the best lover. Aaahhhh…” She said and moaned.I didn’t neglect her other breast even for a bit. I was squeezing her tit and tweaking her nipple for the whole time. Melinda pulled her breast away from my mouth making me disappointed. “Honey, there’s another thing I want to show you.” Melinda held her dress around her navel and laid on the bed.”Undress me,” She whispered laying on her back.I got rid of my t shirt and shorts, ant then unbuttoned her dress. She didn’t let me to part the dress until I unbuttoned her completely. I opened her dress wondering what other surprises she had for me. I parted her dress and tossed it away. My eyes first directed to her neatly trimmed pubes which looked highlighted against her fair skin. She didn’t wax her pubes since we started our relationship as I wanted her to keep them trimmed, not bald. My eyes scanned her body for my special surprise. There it was, she had a tattoo of 2 beautiful rose flowers with entwined stalks on the left side of her belly and the stalks ran to the upper thigh. “Melinda, I’m out of words to describe my love. It should’ve hurt so much for you when getting this done,” I said gently touching the tattoo.”I just wanted to show our love to everyone. It’s one for you and one for me. And baby, it hurt me a bit while doing this. But I was thinking about you and our love itself was my pain killer. So, don’t think about it,” She said.I kept kissing her tattoo whispering, ” I love you. I love you.”She let me kiss her for sometime and pulled me up. We cuddled up together and stared into each other’s eyes. “There’s one more thing I have to tell you and I hope you’ll like it. But please don’t hate or loathe me even if you don’t like it,” She said nervously.”I’ll never hate you my darling. I promise you. How can I hate you when you’ve gone so far to show your love to me,” I kissed her.”I wasn’t feeling well even when you left on Monday morning. But I ignored it and didn’t even bother to tell you. I went to the tattoo parlor and got this tattoo and piercing done. Anyway I went to the ob-gyn and they ran some tests. I got the report yesterday and it was what I thought it would be.” She paused and looked down.I lifted her face from her chin. “What was in the report?””I’m pregnant. I wasn’t on the pill when we had sex. In fact I’ve never used a pill, only condoms. The pills make me uncomfortable. But I want to you to know that the c***d is yours. I didn’t let anyone cum in me even with the condoms since our last time in your home. You were the only man I took in without the condom for the last 6 years,” She said and bit her lower lip.I was elated after hearing her news. I was going to be a father and that too with the woman that I loved so much. I was so excited that I hugged her so tightly and mashed my lips hardly on hers. I think she almost screamed because of the tightness of my grip on her. I held her face with both my hands. “Babe, I wanted this to happen since the day I fell in love with you. This is the fruit of our love. I want our baby to be a beautiful girl just like her mother,” I said with tears of joy pouring from my eyes.”Does that mean you aren’t angry at me?” She asked.”No baby, no. In fact I love you more than ever. This is the best thing happened to me beside you and Sara. Besides, I was the one who told you to trust me. Remember? So how can I get angry at you?” I said and smiled.”Thank you so much honey. I thought you’d not want the baby since we aren’t married yet and I don’t want to go through the trouble of raising a c***d alone,” She said and started to cry.”Hey sweetie, this time there are 2 of us. So I promise you raising our c***d will be the most enjoyable thing in the world and we can be so proud that we are parents of 2 beautiful c***dren.” I wiped her tears away.”But, I won’t be able to find a job, I will get fat and ugly, and atop all of that I will always be horny. Are you ready for all of that?” She asked.”Simple answer is yes. You know I always opposed your idea of finding a job. So that’s not a problem at all. About your looks, I think you’ll only get more and more beautiful when your belly swell with baby bump and you tits get swollen with milk. I’m damn sure that it would need a lot of effort to keep my hands off of you. I know that pregnant women are always horny and you need the relief more than ever. I’m more than happy to comply it. In fact I’m looking forward to have some great pregnant sex with you. I will make you cum everyday until you beg me to stop. So don’t worry about it. Does that all say I’m ready to be a father?” I asked.”Yes baby. I know you’ll support me all the way through pregnancy and you’ll be the best father in the world.””Ain’t I the best father to Sara?” I asked.”Yes you are. But this is different. This baby is all yours. Your genes and your blood.””Sara may not be my blood. But Sara is my daughter and no one can change that.” My voice was getting louder with the anger rising in me. Not even Melinda had got it that I loved Sara as a father just like she did as a mother.She quickly understood what I meant and her eyes got teary once again. “Oh Shaun. I knew you loved her so much. But I never thought you’d love her as your own daughter. I’m really sorry my darling. I’m really sorry.””Hey babe, don’t worry about it. At least you know it now. So how about we celebrate this occasion right now?” I asked.”Yes baby. Make love to me. I haven’t had you in 3 days. So lot of catching up is ahead,” She said as I got on top of her.I entered her hot pussy in one swift motion. “Oh baby yes, fuck me. I slept alone for 2 nights waiting for you. Please,” She cried as she held my face and kissed me.I started to move slowly at first. But she was impatient and she pushed her hips up trying to make me go faster. But I kept my speed steady. Melinda had to give up. “Shaun please, I need it harder,” She whined.”Babe, I haven’t even masturbated since our last time. If we go harder I won’t even last 5 minutes.””Same here honey. But I don’t care about it. Just fuck me hard and I assure you, No one will be disappointed,” She said touching my face.”All right then. Here we go,” I said and started to fuck her faster. Suddenly our soft love making turned into a crazy fuck as I fucked her like a piston of a race car and she cried out loud with passion.”Please Shaun, don’t ever stop this. Oh god… You are going to make me cum,” She cried out.I was feeling the urge to cum so badly. But I tried my best to keep my climax at bay. The thought of fucking my pregnant girlfriend didn’t help my course either. “I’m not going to last long either,” I said panting heavily for the oxygen.We fucked for sometime when she announced, “I’m ready love. I want you to cum with me. Just let it go.”That was it. I needed no further encouragement. I let go my cum of 3 days inside her pussy with a grunt. She also climaxed as soon as my cum hit her walls. “Aaahhhh…” Both of us moaned in unison as we experienced the most beautiful mutual orgasm.Melinda hugged me and held on to me until her powerful orgasm subsided. Her pussy was milking my cock even after my orgasm washed away and cock went flaccid. It could be more than one orgasm as she held on to me for so long.Finally her body went limp and her arms and legs dropped to the bed. I too laid on her with tiredness. It suddenly came to mind that Melinda was pregnant. “Oops babe, sorry. I forgot about this,” I said rolling away and touching her belly.”I’m not fragile, silly boy. We can still do it anyway we want. But we have to be careful when the baby grows. That’s it,” She said while laughing for my immaturity.”Oh, that’s great,” I said.I was feeling sleepy after our orgasm. It had been a long tired day and I had to go to work on next day too. But I tried so hard to stay awake as I needed to make love to her once more. But couldn’t help but yawn with my sleepiness started to overpower my will to stay awake. “You are sleepy. Aren’t you?” Asked Melinda, seeing me yawn.”Yes, but I want to love you once more, at least.””Baby, it can wait until tomorrow. All you need now is a good sleep. You have to go to work in the morning. Let’s make it up tomorrow,” She said and kissed me.Then she laid her head on my chest and put one hand and a leg over me. I put my arm around her and she whispered, “Good night baby.””Good night darling. I love you.””I love you too.”****************************I returned home from work 2 weeks later and I opened the door. Sara came to me, but she looked different unlike other days. “Hi sweetie, anything wrong?” I asked kneeling down.”No daddy,” She said slowly and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Sara called me daddy, the word I was looking forward to hear for quite some time. Tears of joy rolled over my cheeks as I hugged her. “My sweet little daughter. I love you Sara.””I love you too daddy,” She said and kissed my cheek.”Come here,” I said and lifted her. Then I saw Melinda looking at us with a bright smile on her face. She came to me and asked, “I thought you’d like it.””Of course I love it,” I said and hugged both Melinda and Sara.***************************My life was filled with joy and pride since Melinda’s pregnancy. Sara was also happy to know that she would become a big sister in some time. It became a habit of mine to rub Melinda’s belly at every moment I can. I kissed it and whispered my love to the little fetus. Not to forget that I loved Sara as much as I loved the unborn c***d. I can tell you without a doubt that we were the happiest family on the planet. But that happiness lasted short until one fateful day.It was about 3 months into Melinda’s pregnancy and I came home in the evening. I went to the kitchen where Melinda was preparing dinner and hugged her from behind. “Hey babe, how was your day?” I rubbed her still small baby bump gently while nuzzling her neck.”Mmmm…” She sighed as she leaned to me. “Great. Baby, there was a parcel couriered this morning. It was addressed to you. So I left it on the table.””I’ll get it after this,” I said slowly moving my hands towards her tits.She turned to me and held my hands. “You’ll get everything in the bed. Now I have to prepare the dinner and you have to take a shower,” She said with a mock stern voice.”All right ma’am.” I kissed her and left to have a shower.I remembered about the parcel after the dinner. I opened it and it contained a CD and an envelope with the words, ‘ Read this after the CD’ written on it.I sensed that this would be nothing good. So I waited until Sara was sent to sleep and put the CD in the player. Melinda too sat on the couch as I played the CD. “Was it in the parcel?” She asked. “Yes,” I said and pressed the ‘Play’ button.A video started with a man carrying an apparently u*********s woman. The cameraman went behind the man carrying the woman. So I couldn’t see the face of woman or the man. Then he dropped the woman on a bed. The woman started to mumble some unclear words. Then I got it that the woman wasn’t u*********s, but she was drunk.The man dropped his pants and long cock about 8 inches long sprang out of his boxers as he removed them. “Suck this bitch,” He ordered.The woman sat on the edge of the bed and started to suck his cock. The camera view didn’t show the man’s face. But it was clear from his moans that he was enjoying the inexperienced looking blow job. The camera angle was still from the woman’s back not clearly showing her face. “Oh man, her mouth is made to blow,” The man exclaimed.”Yeah, her pussy should be better,” Said the cameraman.Then the man pushed the drunk woman away and positioned himself between her legs lifting her skirt and tearing off her thong to penetrate her. “I don’t want you to knock up my new whore on the very first day. So you better wear this,” Cameraman said giving a condom to the man.The woman’s face wasn’t still clear because of the low quality of the video. The man rolled the condom on his cock and penetrated the trimmed pussy in one motion. The woman screamed in both pain and pleasure. “Oh shit, this slut’s pussy is so tight,” the man said.Then the camera showed a close up of her face. I looked at the screen and then I looked at Melinda. She was covering her mouth with her hands in disbelief. Her face was showing all sorts of expressions like shame, disbelief, terror and fear. It confirmed all my suspicions while watching it. It was Melinda with a client. It was her first day at the work. She had told me earlier that a man had tricked her to it. He must’ve added some some sort of d**g to her drink and then sold her to a client.Suddenly she broke out to tears and ran to the room. I heard her close the door and I thought it was better to leave her alone for sometime to gather herself together. I ejected the CD and opened the envelope. It contained a note. “This is just a short clip from your girl’s video. If you don’t want the video to be released to the internet, bring $40,000 to the room 30 at River Side hotel by 5 p.m. tomorrow. Knock the door twice and ask for Mr.White. P.S.-Your girl friend’s future is in your hands. White.”I thought for a while about what to do. I didn’t even have 24 hours to come up with anything. It seemed like my only option is to give him the kaçak bahis money in exchange for the video. But I wasn’t sure whether he’ll keep a copy of it before handing it to me. But I had no other option than to trust him. I couldn’t bear to see Melinda suffer. If something happens to her I’ll lose my potential wife and my baby while Sara will lose her mother and the sibling. So after a mind battle I decided to give the money and take the tape.Then I went to our room and knocked the door. “Come in,” I heard her broken voice.I opened the door and saw Melinda sitting on the bed with her legs bent and her face hidden between her knees which should’ve been a difficult position considering her being pregnant.. I sat beside her and held her tightly with my hands. “Melinda, please don’t cry. Let me handle everything from here. I promise you, everything will be okay by tomorrow evening,” I said kissing her head.”What does he demand? Me?” She asked not lifting her head.”You don’t have to worry about that sweetheart. I’ll handle everything.””If he wants me, just let me go. I knew my past will haunt me and now I’ve dragged both you and Sara to the hell with me,” She hugged me tightly and started to cry hiding her face in my chest.”I would never let you go. Nothing can separate us. All you have to do now is stop crying and go to sleep. I’m here to save you from all the boogie men that comes to you. Sara has school tomorrow. So we have to wake up early. Right? So let’s sleep now,” I said.She nodded and laid on the bed. Then I laid beside her and pulled the covers over us. “Please hold me,” She said.I slowly ran my fingers through her soft hair while whispering my love for her until she fell asleep. Then I too fell asleep quite quickly.I woke up early next morning and prepared Sara for the school. I didn’t want Melinda to bother about other things while she couldn’t take her mind off the possible threat of her tape. Sara asked me about her mommy. I just answered that mommy isn’t feeling well and passed it. I didn’t even let Sara to go to the room and bother Melinda.I left a note for her before going to drop Sara at school. Then I called to my office for a sick leave. Melinda was awake when I returned. She didn’t look better. She was sitting at the kitchen table with her mug of coffee and mine was beside it. “Good morning babe, how are you feeling?””Better,” She replied without much enthusiasm.We sipped coffee without much talk. “Honey, I want you to trust me. Just keep your faith in me. I’ll never let anyone harm you. You just want to hold your nerves together until this evening,” I said.”I always trust you, my love. But I’m scared. I can’t afford to lose you or Sara. I like this life. I don’t want to go back to my past,” She started to cry again.”I’d never let you go, I promise,” I said and lifted her. Then carried her to our room and laid her on the bed. “Rest here,” I said. But she didn’t let me go and kissed me instead. I looked at her eyes. ” I don’t want anyone to ruin our lives,” She said. “Me neither,” I replied and kissed her again.”Please,” She whispered.”Please what?” I teased. “Please love me. Show me how much you care about me,” She said.I kissed her gently and laid on the bed beside her. We cuddled together and kissed for a long time. Neither of us were in a hurry. I wanted to show how much I loved her and she wanted to feel it. So we took our time. It started so innocently at first and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she parted her lips accepting it. It snaked around each and every corner of her mouth. I pulled her closer as my hand roamed around her back over the night dress. Her hands were on my chest.I looked into her eyes and knew what she wanted. I got rid of my t-shirt and began to unbutton her night dress. I parted the front of her dress and ran my right hand over her swelling belly. Then I got off of my shorts which were in danger of getting ripped against my hardening cock.I planted kisses on her belly, specially on her tattoo and tongued her navel eliciting moans of pleasure from Melinda’s mouth. I played with her belly for sometime as I couldn’t decide whether to move up or down. Finally I decided to move up towards her beautiful tits which I’d soon be sharing with my c***d.I kissed my way up leaving a trail of saliva on my way. I kissed up through her cleavage towards her neck. Her breathing was getting heavy as she turned her head sideways and opened more skin to my hungry mouth. I took her neck flesh between my lips, sucked them and released them with an audible ‘pop’. I did it with both sides of her neck and I kissed her soft lips again.Neither of us spoke a word. We didn’t have to as both of us knew what the other needed. I moved down on her until my face was on level with her big breasts. They looked quite bigger and softer than she was before the pregnancy and her areolae had become darker. Her nipple ring shined against her darkened nipple. I showered kisses all over her breasts and cleavage as she started to squirm beneath me.I licked her areolae and then flicked her non-pierced nipple with my tongue. It got hard in seconds and I wrapped my lips around it. I sucked it while gently tugging the ring on the other. “Oh baby…” She moaned.I switched the breasts and worked my tongue on the pierced right nipple. Her hands locked my head in position while I sucked it. I vacuumed her nipple into my mouth and she moaned with great pleasure.I released her breast and moved down until I met her neatly trimmed pussy. She was so turned on that her her pubes were matted with her juices. I parted her legs and started to kiss her thighs. I slowly moved towards her pussy as she pushed her crotch towards my face. I parted her pubes and inhaled the aroma of her oozing pussy. I thought that making her cum would make her feel better and attacked her clit straight away. She shuddered as my mouth made contact with her clit. I took it between my lips and sucked it hard. Melinda started to moan and kept her hands on the back of my head in order to hold it in the right place as she bucked her hips. I inserted one and then 2 fingers inside her to heighten her pleasure.The trick worked perfectly as she screamed herself to a huge orgasm squirting her juices all over my face. I kept sucking and fucking throughout her orgasm and she experienced a chain of orgasms bucking herself wildly off the bed.Melinda pushed me away and I laid beside her holding her still shaking body. Melinda looked up at my face and spoke for the first time since I went down on her. “It was out of this world and now I feel much better. Thank you baby.” She kissed me tasting her own juice from my mouth.I rolled her onto the side and spooned behind her letting my hard cock rest between her buttocks. “If you feel better now, you are going to feel the best,” I said lifting her leg. She guided my cock to her pussy with her hand. “Love me,” She whispered.I pushed it and pushed it until I was buried all the way inside her warm pussy. I held her tightly, wrapping my arms around her and she held my hands firmly. We started very slowly and settled for a slow steady rhythm with Melinda moving her hips matching with mine. I nuzzled her neck with my face making her moan like a sexy kitten.I could’ve banged her like a machine and make her scream with orgasms. But all she needed was to feel my love and protection. So I didn’t rush at all. Just stayed in the steady pace as she seemed to enjoy the moment closing her eyes. We were living in the moment that we lost the track of time as we made love.After some long minutes, I felt her body begin to shudder and vaginal muscles begin to contract around my cock as I was also approaching my orgasm. The contractions got quite powerful and it was pushing me to the edge quickly. I wasn’t able to control myself and I released my seed inside her with a low grunt. It wasn’t a violent orgasm shooting rope after rope of my cum. But it was so peaceful as the rest of our love making. Melinda also climaxed with me. Her pussy milked my cock as I kept moving in her. I turned her head and kissed her while we were basking in our post orgasmic pleasure.I ran my fingers delicately over her smooth skin creating goosebumps on her. “Shaun,” She whispered. “Make love to me again, please.””I will, my love. I will,” I whispered as I started to rock back and forth with my hips causing my semi erect cock grow hard once again. We made love again and Melinda climaxed three times before I unloaded my semen inside her waiting pussy.Then we had a little nap. Then I woke up after some time letting Melinda sleep more. I got dressed and left to the bank leaving her a note on the night stand that I’d be going to the town for some important work and I’ll be home with Sara.I went to the bank and withdrew $40000 from my bank account and picked up Sara from the school. We spent the afternoon quietly laying in each others’ arms. i was getting nervous as the clock was ticking close to 5 o’clock. Melinda came to me as I was getting ready. “Where are you going? What does he want?” She asked.I grabbed her shoulders. “I will tell you everything when this is over. All you have to do now is keep the faith in me,” I said looking at her scared eyes.”Please promise me that you will be safe. I won’t be able to bear it if something happens to you because of me,” tears were rolling down her cheeks. “We need you baby.” She touched her belly and then looked at Sara who was reading a book. Then she held my face in her hands and kissed me. “Please be safe. I love you.'”I love you too,” I said and left.I drove to the River Side hotel as I was instructed and went to the room 30. I knocked the door twice and said, “Mr.White.””Come in,” I heard a rough voice.I went in and there was a bald headed middle aged man which I assumed as Mr.White. Then there was a tall black man in a suit, probably his bodyguard. “Mr.Shaun McKenzie. A promising engineer in the city and a classy man, going to all this trouble just because of a whore,” The bald man said in a sarcastic voice which was filling me with rage. But I knew fighting would be stupid with his black bodyguard.”Don’t you dare tell anything about her with your fucking mouth,”I said almost trembling with anger. He just smiled.”Please take a seat,” He said showing me a chair. “How is Maria doing?” He asked.”There is no Maria now and that’s none of your business,” I said trying to calm down. “Just give me the tape and I’ll give you the money.””Why don’t we get a little bit acquainted before business?” He asked.”Give me the DAMN TAPE…” I shouted.”Oh man, you’re in such a hurry to go home to your girl,” The man went to the table and picked up an old looking CD. We exchanged the cash and the CD.”I have a video of every woman who work for me. But don’t worry, this is your girlfriend’s only video and its only copy.””How can I be sure that you don’t have a copy of this somewhere?” I asked.”You have to trust me on that.””It better be. Otherwise there will be consequences,” I said and turned back to come home.”Mr.McKenzie, I heard your girl is pregnant. Give her my regards,” Said the bald man. “I will,” I muttered and left.I went home and broke the CD into pieces before the eyes of Melinda, giving her a great relief. “The final link to your old life is gone.”She hugged me with a sigh of relief. “Thank you so much baby. I don’t know what would happen to me if you weren’t there. I love you.””I love you too honey.”********************Our lives were smooth once again after that incident. Melinda was complaining that she was getting fat and ugly and she started doing some exercises recommended for pregnant women. As far as I was concerned, she only looked more and more beautiful as her belly grew bigger with my baby. She was getting hornier as the weeks passed and we were spending more and more time in the bed room making love.Meanwhile, I had to visit some clients of the firm in another town which happened to be Melinda’s home town. It was a week long visit and I wasn’t going to leave my 5 month pregnant girlfriend and our daughter alone for that long. So I suggested Melinda and Sara to go there with me and to do the sightseeing while I was meeting with the clients. But the problem was that Melinda wasn’t going to let Sara skip the school for 5 days. So she suggested that they’d join me on Friday and all 3 of us could enjoy the weekend together. That became the final decision. I drove there on Monday morning and the freeway made me feel the 200 miles distance like a ride to the city.My boss and the colleague had arrived when I went to the first meeting and I was there sharp at the time. It was a really long week. We were able to sign some high profit contracts and the boss seemed so happy with the results. All of my colleagues, including me were expecting a salary increment in the following month.I booked a family room with 2 beds for us in the same hotel I was staying. I was getting horny and frustrated while my body was craving for Melinda’s delicate touch. I called her every night and once we had telephone sex. It was a new experience for both of us. We were so much addicted to each other that it didn’t work out well as it was lacking the intimacy of the other person’s warm touch. Both of us climaxed but mine was a pretty ordinary and I was damn sure by the voice of Melinda that she was feeling the same.Finally, the Friday arrived and I went through my days work like a machine. Even though my body was there, my mind was with Melinda. I got a call from Melinda in the afternoon that they had checked in to the hotel. I rushed to my room as soon as I finished my day’s work. I picked my bags up, checked out and went to the other room where Melinda and Sara were. Melinda opened the door as soon as I knocked. She must’ve been expecting me. “Hey baby,” I dropped my bags and kissed her. My cock got hard in an instance just by kissing her.”I missed you,” She said. “Me too,” I replied.Then little Sara came running to me. “Daddy.””Hi little angel. Did you give any trouble to mommy while daddy was away?” I asked lifting her up.”No daddy. I was a good girl. Wasn’t I mommy?” She turned to Melinda.”She was a really good girl and that’s why I brought her here.” She rubbed the cheek of her daughter.I had a shower and then I had to listen to the Sara’s nonstop report of the week. She told me everything happened in home and school. Then we ordered dinner to the room and had an early dinner. Sara was feeling tired and sleepy because of the long journey. So we put her to the sleep. Melinda went to the balcony and stared at the outside holding the railings. I went behind her and hugged her from her back resting my hands on her swelling belly. She held my hands with hers. I nuzzled my nose on the sides of her neck and kissed there softly. “Oh darling, I missed your touch,” I whispered.”This feels so good baby. I missed you too,” She said bending head and moving her hair to a side with her hand.I kissed her neck so gently making audible sounds when I released my lips. I rubbed her belly in circles and slowly moved my hands up towards her breasts. I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed hem eliciting low moans from her mouth.Her hands went behind her to my hard cock which was poking her ass and rubbed it over my shorts. “You are so hard,” She said. “Just for you my love,” I whispered back while kissing her.Melinda turned to me. “Please let me,” She said and knelt down before me. Then dropped my shorts exposing the rock hard cock just millimeters away from her mouth. She licked her lips. “It’s been 5 days since our last time,” She said and kissed the head.She wrapped her lips around the head and slowly took it in, inch by inch savoring its taste. I was loosing control as more and more of my cock disappeared in her mouth. She stopped only after she took all the 6 and half inches in her. Her nose was touching my pubes as she gagged in struggling to breathe. She pulled her mouth back and looked at me like she had won something. I pulled her strands of hair which had fallen over her face to the side and touched her cheek. “You are the best,” I whispered.She smiled and licked the sensitive underside of my cock. Then she started to fondle my balls with her delicate hands. She sucked my balls one after the other while jerking my cock. She vacuumed both of them like a vacuum cleaner. My pre-cum was leaking and Melinda’s hands got wet with them. She sucked them greedily finger by finger looking at me seductively. Then she went back to sucking. Her soft full lips wrapped around my cock and her tongue swirling around the head were doing wonders on me, taking me rapidly towards a much awaited orgasm. “Babe, you are going to make me cum really quickly,” I said trying my best to stay in control.”It’s okay darling. I want you to cum in my mouth. I need to taste your seed. Just let it go whenever you are ready.”It wasn’t more than a minute later, I felt my cum rising from my balls and I didn’t want to fight. “I’m cumming for you baby,” I said and released my seed with a grunt.Melinda sealed her lips around my cock and she was trying her best to swallow all of it. But a storage of 3-4 days shooting out in torrents made it hard for her. 2 drops of my cum were trickling down from the corners of her mouth making her look a little bit sluttish. That orgasm in her mouth was 1000 times satisfying than the one I had when we had phone sex.She let go my semi erect cock and opened her mouth to show me that she had swallowed all. But still there were those couple of drops trickled to her chin. She tried to scoop them with her fingers. But I said, “No,” and helped her to stand up. I licked them with my tongue and stuck it out for her to suck. She sucked my tongue and I quickly sealed my lips over hers to turn it into a sloppy french kiss. We kissed there holding each other. Our tongues dueled searching for control. Her mouth tasted salty with my cum, but I didn’t care as long as it was her mouth.A cold breeze started to blow and I felt Melinda shivering in my arms. “It’s getting cold out here,” She said. “Lets go in,” I said pulling my shorts up. Then I took her in my arms. “Things will get heated on the bed,” I said and she blushed.I laid her carefully on the empty bed laid next to her. I slowly unbuttoned her dress exposing her large breasts. I parted the top half of her dress and laid my head on her chest. I laid there as Melinda caressed my hair. I lifted my head and planted two kisses on each breast. “I’m feeling jealous,” I said.Melinda laughed. “Really? This is the first time I’ve ever heard that word from you. About whom are you jealous?””Her,” I said touching her belly. I used the word ‘her’ to our baby because I was expecting a baby girl.”The baby? Why are you feeling jealous about her?” Melinda looked surprised.”It’s not that I don’t love her. I love her so much. But I feel something in the back of my mind. Probably jealousy. She will be your first concern after she is born. You will always run to her when she is crying, no matter what you do. Even when we make love. She will always have your attention. She will be the first in the queue for this beautiful breasts and I’ll have to wait until she gets enough,” I was saying looking at her.She laughed once again. “Baby, you are being so c***dish. That’s one of the things that make me love you more. Sometimes I feel like I’m your mother also when you act like this. Now listen. I’ll have two roles to play in the family. Mommy and girlfriend. Mommy Melinda’s first concern is her c***dren. She will run to her c***dren anytime they need her because they are still very young and one is a baby. That’s when all the problems you have will rise. But, when I’m in girlfriend mode you are my primary concern, in fact the only concern. I’ll do anything to please you. But my love, you have to remember if my c***dren need me at anytime, I mean anytime I have to be the mommy, not girlfriend. I hope you are okay with that,” She asked.I clearly understood it. There’s nothing more precious to a mother than her c***dren. It’s the same for a father also. I kissed her and said, “Yes babe, I get that and I wish I could be the best father like you are being the best mother.””Hey, you are the best father and the best boyfriend. Don’t ever doubt that,” She said touching my cheeks with her hands.We engaged in a passionate kiss swapping our tongues in each others’ mouths. I moved down to her breasts again, passing her neck and the collar bone. “Suck my tits baby,” She said. I worshiped her tits by licking, kissing and sucking her soft flesh. I sucked her areolae and played with her ring. “You’d have to remove it before the baby,” I said gently pulling her ring.”I’ll do it just in time my love. Don’t worry.”I unbuttoned the rest of her dress and kissed my way down over her swollen belly. I planted kisses all around it paying special attention to her tattoo. For some reason it was a real turn on for me to see and touch it. I moved further down until I met her pussy. It was hairier than ever before. She parted her legs wider as I lied comfortably between her legs and examined my precious gift. “It’s so hairy,” I said with awe.”I couldn’t trim it in a long time. Don’t you like it?” She was blushing with embarrassment.”Are you k**ding me? It’s so beautiful when it is hairy. I didn’t want you to think of me as some some kind of pervert. That’s why I told you to keep it trimmed,” I said without taking my eyes off her beautiful bush.”Now I know it, so I will let them grow and just trim it when they grow really wild,” She smiled.”That’s a deal then,” I said and got up from the bed. “Just wait here,” I said having a new idea in my head.She was looking at me quizzically as I searched through my bags under the dimmed light of the room until I found one of my combs. I returned to the same position as before and started to neatly comb her pubic hair. “I’ve never tried this with anyone. I only saw it in a porn some time ago. How does it feel?” I asked, slowly combing her bush to different sides.”You really are a pervert like you said. It feels sort of itchiness with some comfort. I can assure you, this is one of the bet fore plays I’ve ever had,” She said slightly squirming on the bed.I combed her bush so that they bent to the side opening her dripping pussy to my scanning mouth. I threw the comb onto the table and licked her slit once from bottom to the top until my tongue touched her clit so that I could collect all her juices collected on it. Melinda shuddered as my tongue hit the clit. Her wet hair stayed parted as I started to suck the clit holding it between my lips. “Oh baby, this is incredible. You are going to make me cum in seconds,” She said holding my head tightly with her hands.I inserted my right index and middle fingers inside her hot vagina and curled them slightly up in search of her g-spot. It didn’t take me long to find her sweet spot as she began to shudder when my fingers moved over the familiar rough spot. I kept simulating it with my fingers and sucking her clit with my mouth. She started to shudder continuously and more steadily. It wasn’t long before she cried out, “Shaun, I’m cummiiinnngggg…” as her pussy started to spasm around my fingers and released great amount of her vaginal juices wetting my hand and lower part of my face. Her ass lifted from the bed as she was moaning and she held my head tightly not letting me get away from her pussy. I kept sucking and fingering until she experienced multiple orgasms and pushed me away as her pussy was getting sensitive.I moved up and she pulled me for a frantic kiss. It was full of love as well as lust. I could feel that her body was still shuddering from the aftermath of her gigantic orgasm. She broke the kiss but still our faces were touched with our foreheads. “I’m so glad you were really busy to date anyone,” She said and smiled. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have met and I’d still be a whore and we won’t be having great sex like this.”I planted a peck on her lips and said, “I need you baby, right now.”I quickly got off of my t-shirt and shorts. Then I positioned her on all fours giving me a perfect view of both her pussy and ass. I placed two pillows under her belly to prevent any form af stress she would be feeling with her belly hanging. I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit teasingly once and inserted it slowly in. Her pussy was so wet from her earlier orgasm and my cock slid in with no resistance. “Your pussy feels so good on my cock,” I said relishing the warm velvety feeling on my cock.”Fuck me darling. Fuck your pregnant girlfriend now,” She said slowly moving against me. I pulled my cock back and pushed it in making Melinda moan. It didn’t take long for us to build up a steady rhythm which both of us were actively enjoying the moment. The room was filled with our moans and the noises of slapping flesh. I saw that Melinda’s night dress hadn’t been removed from her arms. I pulled it, “Take this off babe.” She released it from her shoulders one at a time and I threw the dress on to one of my bags.I knew that doggy position would be giving her some sort of discomfort with her hanging belly. So I pulled out and laid on the bed on my side. She got the cue and spooned against me. I pushed in again and carried on my loving assault on her. I wrapped one arm around her chest and massaged her breast while I was propped on the other elbow.Melinda’s body language was showing an oncoming orgasm. So I doubled my efforts, both with my cock and the hand. Melinda turned her head and kissed me as she climaxed again. Her pussy was squeezing my cock tight like a wise, but I could go for some more as I had climaxed once before. I gradually slowed down and stopped moving momentarily. We were kissing to let Melinda enjoy her climax. She whispered, “This time, go harder.”I obeyed her like a good boyfriend and started to ram my pelvis hard on her ass cheeks. We were moaning as each of my thrusts met her bottom. I fucked her in the same position until she climaxed again and this time I too let my orgasm flow freely over me taking all of my frustrations throughout the week away. We laid there basking in the after glow of our orgasms. Then the tiredness of the day took over us and we drifted off to a peaceful slumber in each others’ arms.************************We got up early on Saturday and got ready as I had made plans for the whole day. It was our first family trip. Sara was really excited about the weekend and it was no difference for Melinda and myself. We spent the morning session in the zoo and the aquarium. Sara was running around like a free bird looking at all the a****ls and fish she had only seen on books and television before. Melinda also looked so happy because she was visiting her home town. We met some of Melinda’s old friends who had visited there with the families. We talked with some of them. Melinda was moving slowly and it was me who kept an eye on Sara as she ran around.Then we had our lunch. We went to the mall after the lunch and stayed some time there shopping for some clothes for Sara and Melinda. Then we went to the museum. Sara didn’t understand most of the things there and we had to explain them to her. We decided to visit the Victoria Park to have some rest before heading back to the hotel. We walked around the park enjoying the nature. There was a c***dren’s play area and Sara asked for the permission to play. We let her go and sat on a bench keeping her on our sight. I put my arm over her shoulder and she leaned on to me resting her head on my shoulder. It was real mind refresher to see all those k**s laughing and running around. It must’ve been good 15 minutes later when I saw a slightly older couple walk towards us with a k** about Sara’s age or younger. But Melinda didn’t notice it as she was enjoying in the sight of the k**s playing.”Melinda,” The woman said with some doubt in her voice. She must’ve recognized her from the distance, “May be some close relation of hers,” I thought seeing the similarity in Melinda and the woman.Melinda’s reaction was nothing I expected. She shuddered after hearing the voice and she looked at the woman. Melinda’s facial expression changed drastically like she had seen a ghost. “M..Mom,” Melinda stammered.That was my chance to get surprised. The woman was Melinda’s mom and the man, probably her husband. “Who was that k**?” I thought. Melinda’s mom sent the k** to the play area and turned back to us with tearful eyes. “My sweet daughter,” She said and broke down to tears. The man tried to console her. She tried to come towards us but Melinda said with a stern voice, “No, don’t you ever come near me or my family again.” Melinda was shaking with anger.”Please Melinda,” She was now crying. I stood there without being able to come up with a solution. The man was trying his best to console his wife. But all his efforts were in vain as she kept crying looking at Melinda. Even some of the visitors were looking at the little scenario going on between us. Even the mother’s tears couldn’t change Melinda’s mind. If the rage in her eyes had turned into a fire, I’m pretty sure it would’ve burnt the whole city down. It was reasonable in her side as this woman standing right infront of her was the very first reason she had to whore herself to raise her daughter. I held Melinda tight as I wasn’t sure what her response would be if I let her go. I said with the most calm voice I could build, “Melinda, just calm down baby. It’s not good with your situation. Everybody is looking at us. So why don’t we go to somewhere else and come up with a solution to all this?””There’s nothing to discuss anymore. The only place we are going is back to our hotel room, right now,” Melinda emphasized the last part of it with much anger. But she seemed to be trying to keep it under control.”But…” I tried to speak, but Melinda interfered.”Bring Sara to the car,” Her anger was directing towards me. But she turned back and walked towards the car. I went to the play area and called Sara who wasn’t much pleased to leave it so early.We had to go past the couple on our way to the car. Melinda’s mom stopped me and held my hand. “Please bring her to our home if you can change her mind. She knows the place. I really need to apologize to her.” She said.”I’ll try,” I muttered and left with Sara. We drove back to the hotel in complete silence. I was thinking about what Melinda’s mother said. If everything she said were true, she was feeling truly remorseful about what she had done to her daughter. Also this would be the only chance to confront their feelings to each other and put this burden on their heads down.So I talked about this with Melinda after we returned to the hotel. She was so stubborn that she didn’t even want to discuss about it at first. But after much insistence we talked about it and I told her about what her mother said to me. She told me that she had sworn herself that sh would not step into that house again. I said, “Please hon, it’s just this once.””No Shaun. Never,” She refused.”Won’t you do that even for me?” I asked trying to use her weakness against her.”Oh honey, don’t do that. You are my weakness and you always keep using that against me,” She whined.”Only for your own good.””Okay then. Just this once. But she can’t touch me and I won’t introduce her to Sara as grandmother. All right?” She agreed after much consideration.”As you say, ma’am.” I was so glad that I could finally persuade her to meet her mother.Melinda insisted that we meet them the same night. “I want to keep my head clear to sleep well,” She said.It wasn’t no more than 5-6 kilometers from the hotel to her house. It was a simple house in a quiet neighborhood. We reached there around 6.30 p.m. and Melinda’s mother opened the door. “Oh my god, you are here. Please come in.” She looked so happy to see us.Isabelle (Melinda’s mother’s name as I came to know later) tried to hug Melinda but the response was cold as it was in the park. She pushed Isabelle away but this time it was non verbal. Then Isabelle held my hand and said, “Thank you so much for making her mind to meet me. This means so much to me.” She touched Sara’s cheeks and said, “Hi sweetie. You look so beautiful.” Sara smiled and said, “Thank you.”She led us to the living room where her husband and the k** were waiting. He shook hands with me and then I rubbed the k**’s head gently. Melinda refused to shake hands with the man who happened to be her ex-husband. We sat on the couch opposite to them. Isabelle told her daughter, “Sweetie, why don’t you go to your room and play with your new friend here?”Sara looked at me. “May I, daddy?” She asked. “Of course honey,” I said.There was an awkward silence as the k**s went to the room. I finally broke the silence as it was becoming unbearable. “What’s her name?””She is Emma and she is 5 years old,” Isabelle answered.”Your sister is so cute,” I tried to do a joke just to break the tension in the room. “Half-sister,” Melinda emphasized and I knew my joke failed miserably.”I have a half sister younger than my daughter. How ironic,” Melinda was still in anger. But Isabelle didn’t seem to care about it.”Sara is the spitting image of you when you were young. So is Emma,” She said.”Don’t ever talk about me or my daughter again, or I’ll walk out of that door for good. I only came here because of Shaun and don’t make me disrespect him by doing that.””Why can’t I? You are my daughter and she is my grand daughter,” Isabelle asked, not in the calm voice she spoke before. I knew that the argument was going to get heated.”Because you are the one that ruined my life. You are the reason that I had to be a whore to raise my daughter. If Shaun wasn’t there for me, I may still be,” Melinda yelled and started to cry. I held her closely and tried to calm her down. “Sweetie, sweetie, just calm down. I’m here for you,” I said.But she kept crying. Isabelle and her husband were looking at us in disbelief on what she just said. “Let’s go Shaun, please,” I heard Melinda say.I got up and helped Melinda to get on to her feet. “I’m sorry, but we have to go,” I apologized and called for Sara. She came running to us from the room. Luckily, Melinda was able to wipe away her tears before she saw them.We drove back in silence. I was feeling guilty because I was the one to persuade her to meet her mom again. Neither of us were feeling hungry. So we fed Sara and put her to sleep. “Honey, I’m so sorry. You went through all these trouble because of me,” I said after we laid on bed to sleep.”Baby, you don’t have to apologize. You were just trying to make things right and you were acting so maturely. It’s just that me and mom can never get along since that day. If you still think that you did something wrong, then you can spoon behind me and hold me for the whole night,” She said.I was so glad to hear that. We didn’t have sex that night as she wasn’t in the mood after the argument and the cry. So I held her tightly for the whole night as she wanted.We went home next morning and made love in our bedroom while Sara did her homework from school in hers.*****We were announced that the anniversary party of our company was due in 2 months. The announcement was made about the 2nd week after our vacation. All the employees were excited about it as everyone knew that the party would be held in grand scale. Usually, everyone attended the party with their partners, so I didn’t attend the previous year’s party as I couldn’t find a date for it. But this time the story was different. I was looking forward to go to the party with Melinda.She looked concerned when I revealed the news about the party. She sent Sara to her room as she had finished the dinner and turned to me, “Honey, I’m so glad that you want to take me to your party. But don’t you remember what I told you before we started everything? What if there is someone who knows me as Maria? You’ll be humiliated in front of everyone and I won’t be able to bear it. So, I think it’s better for you to go alone for it rather than getting humiliated.”I pulled my chair close to her and held her hands. “Sweetie, I know about you and I don’t care what the others say. Let them go to hell with it. So, either we go to the party together or I won’t be attending the party at all. Are we clear?””Oh Shaun please understand me baby. I’m not telling you to go alone because I don’t love you. I love you and care about you so much. I know it is so important to you to attend this event. So please go to it alone,” Said Melinda.I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I had to think about a better way to persuade her to go to the party. So we ended the conversation for the day.I thought about it for the next few days. But nothing came up to my mind. About a week later, Clair, one of my co-workers came to the office. But she looked different and I couldn’t identify her at first. She had dyed her black hair to blonde. Then it dawned to me that if I can get Melinda’s hair dyed and use a different colored contact lens, she would look different too. I went home that evening and told Melinda about it. “You don’t give up easily. Do you?” She laughed.”Never. Especially when it is about you,” I said and kissed her. We discussed about it and after much consideration she agreed to dye her hair in blonde and use blue color contact lenses.Days turned into weeks and the party day arrived. Melinda was passing the 7th month of the pregnancy. So we were careful when choosing a dye for her. She looked completely different after dying and using the contact lenses. Even Sara couldn’t identify her mom.I had another plan in my mind. I wanted to propose her to marry me. I wanted to make it special and there won’t be many better places than the office party with most of my work colleagues. So I bought a gold ring with a small diamond and kept it in the pocket of my jacket.Melinda looked really classy and stunning on when she got dressed for the party. I wore a tuxedo and she was wearing a red color long V-neck dress. We called a baby sitter to look after Sara while we were at the party.I was so excited to go to the party as I had never attended it. Also it’d be the first time my co-workers were going to meet Melinda. She too was excited to meet my co-workers and also quite nervous.Even at the hotel, she was holding my hand tightly when we were entering the hall. “I’ve never attended to a party like this,” She whispered.”Don’t worry. You’re going to turn so many heads in your first party,” I replied.”I’m pregnant and fat. No one will look at me,” She said.”See that for yourself,” I said and entered the hall.Most of my co-workers had attended before us and they were chatting with each other. My best friend Nathan was the first one to notice us. He came to us with his girlfriend. “I thought you might not be attending the party this time too,” He said and turned to Melinda. “You must be Melinda, Shaun’s girlfriend whom he can’t stop talking about.” She blushed after hearing that.We talked with several of my friends and then I met my boss. Melinda looked shocked as she saw my boss. “Jason please, I can’t meet him.” She pleaded.I knew the reason why she refused to meet him. But I reassured her, “C’mon babe, don’t be nervous. I’m sure no one will recognize you. How can anyone recognize you when even I can’t recognize you.”Finally, she had to come with me to meet the boss. Luckily, he couldn’t recognize her as she had changed her hair color and contact lenses.Then the band started to perform. Some couples joined the dance floor. Melinda refused to dance as she was feeling tired even after doing a very little work. So she started to chat with some of my female co-workers while I went to the bar to have a beer. I saw Matt, one of my junior staff members sitting with the ladies and he was paying some attention towards Melinda. She too was talking with him in a friendly manner. It looked like she was rejecting an offer from him.I quickly went to the band and asked them to play a slow romantic song next and then have a little pause before starting the one after that.I went to Melinda and kissed her head. “Hey babe, what’s going on?” I asked not caring about Matt being there.”Matt asked me to dance with him. But I refused,” She said.”But you have to dance with me this time. I promise you, it won’t be long and you won’t feel any discomfort,” I asked as I wanted to propose her at the end of a song, in front of everybody.Melinda slowly got up as the band started the slow romantic number I asked. We joined the dance floor and swayed to the music as she couldn’t do anything more with her belly. We were looking into each other’s eyes with so much love as the song was being played.I went down on one knee as the song was finished and took the box out of my pocket. “What are you doing?” She was confused.”I’ve wanted to ask illegal bahis this from you for a long time. But I was waiting for the right time and now I know the time is always right with the right person.” I was looking straight at her eyes and she looked absolutely shocked. “Melinda Jones, will you make me the happiest man on earth?” I asked and opened the box letting her see the Diamond ring inside. She was covering her mouth with both of her hands and tears of joy were running down her pretty cheeks.She shook her head in affirmation and “Yes, yes, yes,” was all she could tell. Then I took her left hand and carefully put the ring around her ring finger. I heard a loud round of applause and I could see everyone looking at us and applauding. Both of us blushed after seeing the reaction of my co-workers. I got up from my position and kissed my fiancée for a long time.Then my friends gathered around us and wished us good luck. We thanked them all and I escorted Melinda to a seat. She sat on the chair and she looked happier than ever. It looked like she was glowing from happiness. I sat next to her and held her hand. She looked at me. “I… I.. I never thought a moment like this would happen to me.” She was speechless.”Shh… Babe, just enjoy the moment,” I said and kissed her again. This time it was more passionate and sensual than before. My tongue roamed in her mouth for a very short time and I felt my cock getting harder by each passing second.”Fuck, Melinda I need you. Let’s go home,” I suggested. I would’ve fucked her at a wash room or the car park if she wasn’t pregnant. But, I wasn’t going to make my pregnant fiancée tired by taking her in such an uncomfortable place.”What about the party? Don’t you want to stay till the end?” She asked.”Fuck the party. I want you more than anything now,” I said and got up.I just said “good night” to some of my colleagues and to my boss and told them that Melinda was feeling uncomfortable when they asked about us leaving early.Melinda was rubbing my hard on gently all the way to our home. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. But she knew exactly how to keep me on the edge without taking me to the climax. It was very hard to focus on the road while my sexy fiancée was rubbing my cock over my clothes. Somehow I managed to drive the car home without facing any accident.I swept her feet off the ground in the elevator and carried her to our apartment without listening to her protests. Melinda had to open the door with her key as I couldn’t open it. Sara had gone to sleep as it was quite late. We paid the baby sitter and I carried Melinda to our bedroom as soon as the babysitter left.”Baby wait, I want to check on Sara before anything,” Melinda said.Both of us went to her room. Sara was sleeping peacefully under the covers. Melinda kissed her forehead and whispered, “Good night baby girl. Mommy loves you so much.”I also rubbed her head, “Good night little angel.”I carried Melinda to the bedroom and laid her at the center of our queen sized bed very carefully. I removed my jacket and she said, “Don’t. Please let me do it.”I removed my shoes with the pair of socks and knelt on the bed as she too knelt on it with my support. First she removed the bow tie. Then she unbuttoned my shirt one by one teasingly. I was looking at her. She saw it, but only smiled at me. “Fuck, this woman was going to tease me until I lose control,” I thought.I bent my head down and kissed the side of her neck making her moan. “Aaahhh…” I kept kissing her neck and shoulders. She tried to pull away, but I held her in position and continued my loving assault on her.She finished unbuttoning me and I got rid of my shirt. Then she unbuckled my belt and in no time my pants came off leaving me only in my boxers. “You look more handsome than ever,” She whispered.I slipped her dress from her shoulders. With a single swift motion, the dress was on the bed reveling her ripe breasts. I was so turned on at that moment. I quickly got rid of my boxers too and pulled down her panties. “I want to fuck you right now,” I whispered.She smiled naughtily and got on her hands and knees showing her wonderful ass to me. I placed some pillows under her belly to ease the discomfort to her belly. I positioned myself behind her and aimed my cock at her pussy. I rubbed the cock head along her slit making her hornier and beg for my cock. “Shaun please, give me your cock baby. I can’t take your torture anymore,” Melinda was begging.I pushed my cock as it was at the hole and it went in with ease because of all the lubrication her pussy was secreting. Also it wasn’t tight as it was before the pregnancy. But I enjoyed the warmth of her love channel like before. Pregnant sex is something you won’t get often and also unique. Some people don’t get to experience it at least once in their life and some don’t like it. But for me, it’s a heavenly experience with her belly getting swelled as our baby grew inside her and her tits getting larger getting ready to feed our baby.”Aaahh…” Both of us moaned in unison as I bottomed out in one swift motion. I bent down and hugged her body cupping her large tits with my palms. “Fuck me hard my love. Fuck your pregnant fiancée really hard,” She said.The words ‘pregnant’ and ‘fiancée’ really turned me on. I quickly k**ded her shoulder and pulled out my hard member readying to give her the hard fuck she needed. I grabbed her hips with my hands and thrust my cock in quite hard, but not as hard as we had done before the pregnancy as I wanted to make sure that I didn’t cause any harm to our baby.I started to pound her hard with that stroke. Melinda too started to moan with my trusts. It was so erotic to see the pregnant lady moaning while I pounded her from behind. Her tits were swaying to the rhythm of my strokes. “Yes yes yes baby, fuck me hard and make me cum. I want to every last inch of that hard cock of yours,” She moaned.”You know you will sweetie. My cock is always hard for my girl.”I kept fucking Melinda hard as she wanted it. She always knew that I couldn’t resist her and I’d somehow give her what she wanted.I squeezed her fleshy buttocks and man, didn’t it feel good. It was like her soft flesh melted in my hands. “Fuck babe, your body is divine,” I said loud.”My man is more than divine to me. Now shut up and make me cum,” It was like she was badly in need for a powerful orgasm.An orgasm was building up inside me as I fucked her hard. “You better cum babe. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold on for much longer,” I warned Melinda.”Don’t you dare cum before me, stud,” She said and began to rub her clit furiously in an attempt to cum before me. “Oh my god, oh my god,” She was moaning like in a frenzy.I knew she was going to cum soon as her pussy was contracting around my cock. Her moans were also getting louder and louder as both of us approached our orgasms.”Oh fuck, I’m going to cum all over your big cock. Make me cum, make me cum.”I was trying so hard not to cum before her. Her body stiffened and let out a loud shriek. “I’m cummmiiiinnnggggggggggg…” She gripped the blanket and buried her face in the pillow. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise pulling me closer to my orgasm.She was flying in her orgasm for a long time and I kept driving my cock into her all the while. I felt cum rising from my balls. “I’m going to cum babe. Where do you want it?”She had recovered from her mammoth orgasm. “Cum in my mouth,” She said.I quickly pulled out and positioned myself in front of her. She quickly put my cock in her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head along my shaft while occasionally swirling her tongue around the top. “Cum for me my darling. I want every last drop of it,” She said while jerking off my cock.”Yes baby yes. I’m cumming in your mouth. Oh shit… Aaahhhh…” My cock began to spurt ropes of thick semen inside her warm mouth. Melinda sealed her lips around it making sure nothing escaped from her mouth. I was in heaven. I lost the track of time while I was enjoying my orgasm. Melinda vacuumed my cock until she got the last drop.Finally she planted a kiss on cock head. “Your cum is so tasty as ever,” She licked her lips.I ran my fingers through her blonde hair. “You’re the best in everything as always,” I said making her cheeks blush.I pulled the pillows from under her belly and arranged again for her to lay her head. She laid there and I laid by her side propped on my elbows. My eyes were transfixed on her sexy body. Her cute face, her large breasts topped with dark areolas and nipple, belly swelled with our baby inside, hairy pussy, chubby thighs and arms, fleshy buttocks, delicate fingers, in short she was everything I looked for in a woman.”Please don’t look at me like that. I feel so shy,” She covered her face with her hands.I came out of my trance and moved her hands away from her face. “You’re so beautiful, my love. I’m addicted to you.”I kissed her forehead and then showered kisses all over her face while holding her close to me. I kissed her lips and we were exchanging soft kisses for a long time, gently whispering our love to each other.”Will you love me like this forever?” She asked looking at my face.”Yes babe. I’m going to love you like this until I die. I can’t imagine a life without you,” I said and hugged her. We stayed like that until she drifted to sleep. Then I pulled the covers over us and shortly, I too fell asleep.*********************Next few weeks were quite busy for me with my job and she was more than happy to do most of her work by herself. But I found time to arrange the extra room in my apartment for the baby. It looked so beautiful after all the hard work by me and specially Melinda. We decided not to have sex during her last month. She was the one who suggested and I was happy to comply.But we only refrained from vaginal sex. She gave me hand jobs and wonderful blowjobs. During that time her oral skills were improved by a considerable amount. Then we did tit fucking, tit sucking and another naughty idea came to my mind. I started to lick her armpits and I fucked her fleshy armpits. That was a novel experience for both of us and we were loving it. Sometimes I came on her armpit and I licked them for her. Then I show her my tongue for her to suck off the remaining cum.Melinda gave birth to a beautiful girl in the following month. Sara was so happy that she has a little sister to look after. We named the baby as ‘Emma’.The following weeks were quite busy for me, not with my office work, but with paternal works. I had to take some leaves from work to do the household stuff as Melinda wasn’t able to do them by herself as soon as the baby was delivered. We even refrained from having sex until 6 weeks from delivery according to the doctor’s advice.We decided to visit my parents’ home since I hadn’t visited them since I started the relationship with Melinda. She was little scared to meet them, but I assured that they’d love to meet her. So, I called them over the telephone and checked whether they were at home on the following day. They knew about Melinda and they weren’t initially happy about me dating a single mother. I had told them that she was a waitress at a local hotel. But I didn’t know how they’d react when they meet her. Also I had planned to have our first post-delivery sex at my parents’ home.It was about 300km to my parents’ home from my apartment. So we started the journey on a Thursday morning as it was holidays for Sara. She was really happy as she really liked to travel and she was excited to see her grandparents.We reached there in the afternoon. I held Sara’s hand as we entered the house and Melinda followed us with little Emma in her hand. Mom was in the living room and she came forward with a bright smile on her face. My dad too emerged from a room and came to us. Mom hugged me first and then she went to Melinda. Her reaction was something I never expected. She hugged Melinda and she took the baby to her hand. She showed the baby to my dad and both of them looked so happy to see their grandc***d. Mom gave the baby back to Melinda and knelt in front of Sara. Sara smiled, “Hello grandma,” she said in a shy voice. Mom touched her face and said, “Hello Sara, how are you doing?”She smiled shyly. Then we got freshened up and had a little chat with my parents. We were careful not to mention anything about Melinda’s old life. But she said everything about her ex-husband and made up a story about how we met at the hotel she worked.The day went on with little chit chats. Both Melinda Sara became friendly with my mom and dad. We were going to call it an early night as Sara looked tired from the long journey. Emma was also asleep as we went to our room saying good night to my parents. My parents decided to keep Sara with them as there wasn’t enough space for 3 in our room. Sara also agreed to that. Melinda placed Emma in the crib and I decided that it was the time for our first love making in more than 2 months.I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her belly. I kissed the nape of her neck. “It’s been six weeks,” I whispered.”Since what?” She asked.”Since the delivery,” I said. “So?” She asked.”So, it’s time for us to make love again and to add to that, I need you so badly,” I said.Melinda turned to me, “Baby, I need you to make love to me too. But we are in your parents’ home.””It’s okay sweetie. They’ll be okay with that. Besides what does a couple supposed to do at night?””Okay then,” She said shyly.I kissed her soft lips and she took no time in returning it. Melinda wrapped her legs around mine as I grabbed her ass and picked her up. She had gotten some pounds after the pregnancy, but somehow I managed to carry her to the bed. We didn’t break the kiss until she was on the bed. I got rid of my t shirt as soon as I placed her on our bed. She too removed her top exposing her breast covered with just a feeding bra. She was a bit fatter than she was before the pregnancy. “I’m fatter now, aren’t I?” She asked me.”Yes you are,” I said. “But I like it.” I pulled her to me as we both were kneeling on the bed.”Are you sure?” She asked. “Of course honey. Now you are hotter than ever,” I kissed her and we fell on the bed.I undid her skirt and she pulled it down along with her panties without even bothering to break the kiss. “God, I want your cock in my mouth,” She said.I rolled away from her letting her to get up. She knelt beside me and pulled down my shorts exposing my hard and erect cock. “Has this gotten bigger since yesterday?” She asked while gripping my cock with her hands.”I think it’s the excitement to be in you again.””I can’t wait until I take this inside me too,” She said and wrapped her lips around the cock head.Melinda started to swirl her tongue around the head and started to take it deeper until she took it all. She slowly bobbed her head up and down while she fondled my balls with her hands. I really wanted to make love to her. So I pushed her away from my cock and pulled her up. “I want you right now,” I said.But before everything, I unhooked her bra which was the only garment on either of us by that time. Her breasts looked bigger than before the pregnancy. I laid her on the bed and started to suck her milk laden right breast. It was hard at first to initiate the milk flow, but it was flowing out steadily as the first spurt gushed out.Melinda held my head to her breasts as I began to empty them. “Are you a little baby now?” She asked me with a motherly voice and I just nodded without releasing her breast.”Yes mommy, I’m your little baby,” I replied.She chuckled and said, “Be a good boy and leave some to Emma if she wakes up at night.”I sucked her nipples alternatively as she moaned with pleasure. Not only sucking her nipples, but I also took great pleasure in planting kisses all over her breasts, licking them, biting her nipples gently and squeezing them making the milk squirt all over my hand and her belly.My cock was hurting by that time with all the hardness and excitement. So, I positioned myself between her opened legs and made my right hand wander around her hairy crotch. I could feel that she had trimmed her pubes. “Just the way you like it,” She said like she had read my mind.”Of course babe. Now I want you more than ever,” I said and placed my cock between her labia. She was looking at me as I looked into her eyes. “Make love to me darling,” She whispered.”I will, my love,” I said and kissed her.I slowly pushed my cock inside her millimeter by millimeter enjoying the familiar sensation which I couldn’t feel in months. Her pussy was tight, but not like the old times. But it still felt wonderful. “Oooh,” Both of us moaned in unison as my cock was bottoming out in her.”Welcome back my love,” She whispered looking into my eyes. “I really missed your cock in me.”I was totally lost in that moment. I was inside the mother of my c***dren and my future wife for the first time after the delivery. That thought alone almost made me ejaculate my load into her. She wrapped her legs around my hips. “Fuck me,” She whispered again to my ear.I pulled my cock out until only the head remained in her and pushed it back in very slowly while looking at our union between our bodies. It was a memorable sight to see that my cock was disappearing into her pussy and coming out. Then I tried to pull it back, but Melinda’s legs didn’t allow me to move. I looked at her. “We can make love later darling. But now I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum on your beautiful cock,” She said.”Your wish is my command,” I said.Then I pushed my cock out and pushed it in really hard. “Aaah..,” She moaned.I started with long but hard thrusts. Her pussy felt really great as always. It gripped my cock tightly pulling it into her. “Are you going to make me cum so early” I asked pushing my cock in her hard.”Don’t you dare cum before me stud. You can cum only after I cum. So you better hurry up then,” She said with a naughty smile on her face.I started to up the speed with short thrusts. My upper body was propped on my elbows on either side of her neck. We were exchanging few kisses as I felt her pelvis move against me. I looked at her. “Faster,” She ordered in a calm voice.Suddenly I doubled my efforts and started to give her the best I could with the intention of making her cum. “You want to cum, huh? Take it all like the slut you are and cum all over my big hard cock,” I almost shouted.”Yes, yes, yes. I’m a dirty whore wanting to get pounded by your hard cock. Oh my god. This feels so fucking good,” She was yelling probably enough to wake everyone at home.I kept pounding her mercilessly as she was moaning and sometimes yelling with dirty words. It’s true that I was madly in love with this gorgeous woman. But at that moment, there was no love, just the pure a****l like lust. Still her legs were wrapped around my hips holding on to me.I was fucking her so hard that I knew I couldn’t hold on my orgasm for much long. But still I was fighting very hard to overcome the urge to flood her pussy with my semen until she came. It didn’t take much long for Melinda to announce her orgasm. “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” She said.”Me too,” I replied.Melinda was bucking her hips to meet my fast thrusts and she was hissing as she held onto my neck for her dear life. It didn’t take too long for her to climax. Her pussy tightened around my cock signaling me about the orgasm that is going to wash over her. I started to pound her with every Newton of force I could muster. “Fuuuuuuck, I’m cumming…” She yelled and hugged me tightly while bucking her hips uncontrollably.It was hard for me to move as her body tightened and her legs were pulling me into her with so much force. But I managed to fuck her throughout her orgasm while keeping mine at the edge. I was waiting until her orgasm subsided to release my orgasm as I knew that my ejaculation would trigger another orgasm in her. But Melinda’s orgasm was like a chain of orgasm. One orgasm triggering another most probably because she hadn’t had an orgasm in months. I was losing control with each passing second and I had no other option than releasing my hot load of sperm into her belly. “I’m cumming,” I said and released a huge load of my cum spurt after spurt in her.”Yes, yes, cum in me Shaun. Give me your cum,” She said as she experienced another thrashing orgasm.I can’t even remember how many long spurts of my sperm had got released into her. But what I remember is that she calmed down before me and I fucked her until her orgasms subsided and my cock became a little softer. Both our bodies were so weak that Melinda’s legs which were wrapped around my hips earlier dropped on to the bed and I quickly rolled and laid next to her without risking me dropping on her and crushing her already weak body. She started laughing and even though I didn’t know the reason it spontaneously made me laugh too. We took some time to catch our breaths. Then we turned on our sides facing each other and looked at our bodies which were glistening with sweat. “That was one of the best,” She said.”Of course, I thought you’d never stop cumming,” I said and laughed.”Me too,” She said. “I think it was a long set of orgasms crushing me one after the other.””We both are a mess,” I said looking at her glistening body.She got up from the bed. There was a puddle of our mingled juices on the bed where she was lying. “Let’s have a shower then.” She thought for a moment, “But no shower sex,” She said.”Oh c’mon babe. That’s unfair,” I complained.”That’s only fair,” She ran towards the door. “Catch me if you can,” She said and ran to the bathroom.We had to cross the living room on our way to the bathroom which was right next to my parents’ room. I quickly grabbed a towel and chased her. She was quite slower than me and I easily caught her before she reached the bathroom. I was able to grab her hand and pulled her towards me sending both of us off balance and falling on the floor like a heap.Still on the floor both of us laughed at that incident. We may have had sex moments earlier. But my cock had gotten hard again. So, I rolled her on to her back and put my hard cock in her pussy once again. It was all slippery with our combined juices leaking out. She let an audible gasp in as I penetrated her. “Shaun, what are you doing? Your parents might come,” She protested.”I don’t care about them. The only thing I care right now is us. So, just enjoy,” I said and pulled her legs up on to my shoulders. She was trying to be quiet, but moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as she was getting more and more pleasure from it. I fucked her for a few minutes in that position while occasionally kissing her beautiful legs.”I’m going to cum again,” She yelled.”Not so quickly my love,” I said and pulled my cock out.”Oh no,” She whimpered.I got up and helped her to get on her feet. We went to the couch and I sat on it. “I want my cowgirl to ride me like a champion and cum on my cock.”She sat astride me with a huge grin. Then took hold of the cock with one hand and impaled herself on my hard shaft. She meant business right from the start. She held my shoulders for support and started to ride me like a sex starving slut. She was taking out the rage of her earlier denied orgasm on me. Her eyes were half closed enjoying this moment. I wanted to heighten her pleasure. I grabbed her large breasts which were jiggling right in front of my eyes. I took one nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard sending spurts of tasty warm milk into my mouth. I kept sucking her tits alternatively as her moans got louder and louder.Her pussy was tightening around my shaft once again. This time there was no denial to it. I held her hips and supported her to ride me even harder. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” She blurted absent-minded. Then her body stiffened and gripped my cock like a vise as another as she experienced another crushing orgasm. This time, I was able to hold on to my orgasm as I had climaxed moments ago and I had no plan to cum soon.She slowly came down from her orgasm and her limp body fell on me. She was a total mess. All sweaty body and messy hair from our love making. For me, it only made her more beautiful and desirable. I wrapped my arms around her and held her safely. Melinda was keeping her head on my left shoulder and I could hear her fast breathing. Her beautiful large tits were crushed on my chest and I could feel her heart beat right there.Then I held her face with my hands and kissed her so lovingly. She also responded in a similar fashion. Suddenly she broke the kiss like she remembered something. “You didn’t cum, did you my love?” She asked in a concerned voice while looking at me.”No. But it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I made you cum,” I said.”It does matter,” She said in a stern voice getting out of my lap. My still hard cock popped out from her wet pussy.”Don’t move,” She said as I tried to get up and go to the bathroom.Melinda parted my legs and knelt between them. Then she held my cock like a sacred object. Then kissed its head and wrapped her lips around it. It was warm and silky soft inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head sending waves of pleasure through me. I kept my hands on her head and closed my eyes. She bobbed her head up and down and tried to deep throat me which she did very easily with the help of her recent oral skill development. She used to give me blowjobs everyday while we refrained from vaginal sex during the last part of her pregnancy and for the last 6 weeks. Her oral skills developed to a greater extent during that time.It didn’t matter how many blowjobs she gave me. It always felt like a novel experience for me and she knew how to take me over the edge. That time was no different either. I could feel the familiar feeling you have just before an orgasm. I warned her, “Babe, I’m going to cum.””Give it to me. Give me all of your love,” She said while jerking me off with her hands.Cum was rising along my tubes and I groaned, “Cumming… Aaahhh”Melinda was quick to seal her lips around my cock head. I unloaded about 3-4 ropes of cum into her mouth. She gulped them all quickly without letting even a single drop of cum to waste.I sank to the couch feeling spent. Then pulled her up making her sit astride me. Without saying anything, I pulled her face for another kiss. Her mouth tasted my cum, but I didn’t care as long as my lovely Melinda was with me. “I think we better have a shower,” She said between kisses.Taking my hand, she stood up and dragged me to the bathroom. We didn’t have sex during that shower. But we touched each other’s intimate parts. I fingered her until she squirted her juices all over my hand. Then we toweled until we were dry. Then I wept her feet off the floor and carried her to our bedroom. She protested at first, but she held onto my neck as I carried her.As I was carrying her across the living room I saw someone standing there. That person came towards us. I saw that it was my father who was standing there in the dimly lit room. “Oh shit,” I whispered and covered Melinda’s body as much as I could with the towel on shoulder while turning her towards me. She too tried to cover herself up as soon as she saw my dad. “Anything wrong, dad?” I asked.”Everything’s fine Shaun. But I think it’d be better if both of you can be little bit quiet. You know c***dren are sleeping and we are sleeping,” he said.”O..Of course dad,” I blurted.”Okay then. Have a good night.” He returned to their room.I threw away the towel as soon as my dad disappeared. “Oops. That was close,” I said and once again too her in my arms.Melinda was shocked that her future father-in-law saw her naked on the first day of their meeting. “It’s no big deal babe,” I assured her and after some time she was okay.I was ready for another round and so was she. I carefully laid her on the bed and spooned behind her with my cock poking her ass crack. I put my right arm under her neck and my left arm around her belly and cupping her right tit. Melinda lifted her left leg and put my cock inside her herself. “Please love me darling,” She whispered.That was the beginning of one of the most beautiful romantic copulations I’ve ever experienced. Neither of us were in a rush. Both the previous encounters in that night were about the sexual relief. But this was all about expressing the love we had about each other. We kissed, touched each other’s intimate parts, and whispered our love to each other. Simply it was like we were lost in a world of our own during that moment. I didn’t know for how long we made love. But Melinda came so many times before I came for the 3rd time in that night in her pussy. We made love in several positions. Neither of our climaxes were earth shattering orgasms like before. It was mostly a low moan and we clung on to each other most the time.We were spent and neither of us had no energy to do more as I came that time. Then we cuddled to each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms.She had woke up before me next day and she was feeding Emma when I woke up. “Good morning love,” She said seeing that I was awake. “Good morning babe,” I replied.I went to the bathroom and did the morning chores. I was planning to meet some of my old friends that day. Then we had breakfast with my parents and Sara. My mom asked whether it was okay to take Melinda and Sara with her to the arts exhibition she was going to visit that day. Sara too wanted to visit there with her grandma but Melinda said that she’s stay at home with Emma as it would be trouble to other people if Emma started crying. I agreed her. My father was also going to stay at home since he had no interest about arts.I was planning to visit some of my old friends. One of them was a civil engineer and was going to join our firm. So I planned to take him details about some of our recent works. I dropped mom and Sara by the art gallery and went to my friend’s home. I picked him and another one up and we drove to another friend’s place which had way large space than any others’. We were catching up about our lives for more than an hour while having a beer. My friend brought up the topic about joining our firm. I went to my car looking for the file I brought for him. It was then only I remembered that I had left it at my parents’ home.I told my friends to wait for me and drove back home which was about half an hour drive away. I didn’t even bother to take the car to the drive way as it was only a matter of a minute or two before I find that file in our room. The front door was unlocked and I entered the living room. No one was there. “Father must’ve gone somewhere and Melinda must be with the baby,” I thought.I stepped towards our room and I could hear a woman moaning as I got closer. I knew it was Melinda’s voice, but I couldn’t figure out why she was moaning. She didn’t have a need to masturbate as last night we fucked until she could take no more. So I decided to have a look at what’s happening inside. Then I tip toed and opened the door which was slightly ajar. The sight I saw was totally unexpected. Not even in my wildest dreams I expected that. My fiancée was lying on the bed with her skirt hiked up, her panties pulled down and her t-shirt pulled up above her tits. Next to her was my dad who was sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Melinda had her eyes closed and was moaning, “Yes daddy, finger me and make me cum.”My initial thought was that my dad might be aping her. But who’d beg to make her cum during a ****? All this was consensual. I had the presence of mind to see where Emma was. She was sleeping peacefully in the crib not knowing that her mother was cheating on her father with her grandfather. I was standing there, but I couldn’t do anything. It was like my brain was malfunctioning at that time. It wasn’t giving any command to my muscles, but all my previous memories with her flooded my mind. How we met, how I fell in love with her, our love makings, how she got pregnant, how I proposed her, our life after the delivery, everything flooded my mind within seconds. I could feel that drops of tears were running down my cheeks.I was the one to pull her life out of that misery. I loved Sara like she was my daughter. I loved her even though she was a whore. She told me that she loved me with all her heart and I’d be the only man in her life. All that love is now just a lie which she had used to use me. I was happier than I had been in my entire life since I met her. I planned my future with someone for the first time in my life. But all that dreams got shattered in the very moment I saw Melinda with my dad. If anyone had hit me with a sledge hammer I’d have felt better than seeing this.I think I must’ve whispered something audible enough for them to hear. She opened her eyes and saw me standing there at the door. Her eyes looked like a rabbit caught in the head lights. She was speechless as I was witnessing the immoral act of sex. My dad looked at her as her moaning ceased. He saw the look on her faced and turned to me. It was his time to get shocked. “Sh..Shaun,” Finally Melinda could speak.I didn’t want to hear anything from either of them. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Then a word which I’ve never called her slipped from my mouth. I just said, “Whore,” and stormed out of the room. All I wanted at that time was to go somewhere quiet and stay alone for a moment.Melinda quickly adjusted her dress and got out of the bed. “Shaun please baby let me explain,” She came after me.But I didn’t stop for second. I just got into the car and drove as quickly as I could. I saw her open the front door of the house and running towards the car. But I didn’t care anymore. I drove as fast as I could. There wasn’t much crowd on the road. But I didn’t have any idea about my destination. I just wanted to drive and drive until I calmed down.I think that was not my lucky day at all. I must’ve driven for about 30 minutes. 2 c***dren were playing on the road side and the ball came to the road. One c***d came to the middle of the road to get it. I was driving too fast that I couldn’t hit the breaks in time. The last thing I remember is that I turned the vehicle to the side of the road and it hit directly on a large tree. Everything went black at that moment.****************************************************I opened my eyes with much difficulty. I looked around to see that I was in a hospital. My head was aching and my whole body was in some pain. Nobody was there around me. My left leg was fractured and apart from that all other areas of my body were bruised or wounded and they were bandaged. My right arm was connected to a bottle of saline. The very first thing that came to my mind was the scene I witnessed in bedroom.Luckily, a nurse came to me no more than 5 minutes later. She called the doctor and checked my vitals. The doctor told me that I was lucky as my air bags had worked perfectly, otherwise I might’ve suffered more damage. As they went out my parents came in. Then came Melinda and the 2 k**s. It looked like she’d been crying for a long time. Her eyes looked sore and once again she broke down to tears as she saw me. I didn’t know if she was actually worried about me or not. Sara came running towards me. There were tears dropping along her pretty cheeks. “What happened to you daddy? We were worried. Mommy cried whole night,” She asked me.”It was just an accident sweetie. Daddy is fine now,” I wiped her tears away. “No more crying, right?” I asked. She nodded her head and kissed my cheek, “I love you daddy.””I love you too sweetie.”Melinda came close to me. “How do you feel my love?” She asked touching my face.But I looked away. “Please, just leave Melinda. I don’t even want to see you now,” I said cold heartedly.She started to cry again, “Please baby. Look at me please,” She begged me.”Just leave,” I emphasized.She took her hand away from my face. “Wait outside Melinda. I’ll talk to him,” My dad said.I was furious with dad too after that incident. “You too dad. Mom is enough for me,” I said to dad. “I don’t want either of you in my life ever again.” My anger was consuming me so much that I couldn’t even think straight.”Shaun, please calm down,” My mom was trying to calm me down. But I didn’t listen to her.”No mom, how can I calm down when I saw my dad screwing my fiancée in our home?” I asked her.”Son, just listen to what they have to tell about it. Don’t come to a conclusion after looking at a problem only with your own perspective. Just listen to them too,” Said my mom.I gave it a thought. My mom was always a very calm person and she never came to a decision at once. I rarely listened to my dad’s advice, but I always listened to her. I decided to listen to her advice this time also. Then I turned to me dad. “Okay then dad. Please enlighten me,” I said.Dad signaled Melinda to stay outside with c***dren. Then he started. “Son, I’m not going to justify anything we did. That was all wrong. But I want you to know what happened,” He paused.”You might not know that our sex life has dried up. It’s almost nonexistent. Your mom has lost her sexual appetite since last year. Sometimes we don’t have sex for months. We do have sex rarely, but she considers it only as a marital obligation. She just opens her legs and no response until I finish,” My dad said.I was so surprised and I looked at mom. She nodded her head confirming my dad’s words.”I didn’t lose my sexual appetite. So I was horny most the time. It barely satisfied me even if I masturbated. But I didn’t want to cheat on your mom too. Then you visited us with your fiancée and c***dren. Later that night I heard some noises from the living room. I came out to check it out. Then I saw both of you having sex. You were on the floor and then moved to the couch. I know that I must’ve walked away. But I couldn’t take my eyes off that scene. You were so much into it that neither of you noticed my presence. I was turned on by the way Melinda looked. I was so jealous about you having such an active sex life while mine was drying up.”I was having mixed feelings about dad. I was proud to hear that Melinda could turn any man on and also I was angry that my dad spied on us having sex. He continued, “Then, yesterday all of you went out in the morning except myself and Melinda. Melinda was in your room feeding the baby. I went to our room to masturbate. All I could think about was Melinda. Suddenly our bedroom door opened and she came in. She saw what I was doing and quickly went out closing the door. I was so embarrassed. So I quickly put back my shorts on and went to your room to apologize her. I apologized and told her about my situation. I got turned on again only by sitting next to her and I knew I’d never get another chance with her. So I asked her if she could help me. Then she said, ‘Of course dad, what do you want me to do?’ Then I showed her my erection. But she refused me by telling that she was your fiancée and it’s not right. She kept refusing until I said that I’ll tell you and your mom. Finally she agreed to it telling me that it was only a onetime help to the future father-in-law and only after saying that she’ll tell you herself about it and I was going to tell your mother. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes later you came home and you know the rest.” My dad finished.I was speechless and I couldn’t think of anything. But I had calmed down. I wanted to talk with Melinda before everything. “Mom, I want to talk to Melinda alone. Can you keep the c***dren and tell her to come in,” I said mom.”Please don’t be rude on her Shaun. She cried throughout last night,” Mom said on her way out.They went out and the door slowly opened after some time. She came in and stood beside me. I was feeling guilty on what I said to her. I took her hand. She looked at me. “I’m sorry for being a total jerk. I deserve this for everything I did to you,” I said.”No baby. Don’t say like that. You had every right to be mad at me. Now I’m glad that you know the truth about what happened.””I should’ve waited and listened to you. If I had, none of this would’ve happened. I’m sorry babe,” I said and pulled her down with the hand I was holding.She got the cue and bent down. I held her face with one hand and kissed her soft lips. She returned it and we were engaged in one hot French kiss. My cock got hard within seconds. “I want you right now,” I whispered.”No, we can’t, love,” She said. “Your leg might get hurt again and if I squirt it’d be difficult to explain where all that wetness came from. But how about a blowjob?”She had a point. So I agreed. She pulled the hospital gown I was wearing to my hips and held my cock with both her hands. Then she gave me one of the best blowjobs which I could last only 5-6 minutes. I flooded her mouth with my load of 2 days. I felt such a relief and my mind became clear since that blowjob. I pulled my Melinda up and kissed her while wrapping my arms around her. It hurt me as she was supporting her weight on my body. But all I wanted was to have her with me.Then she rested her head on my chest. I rubbed her head until I fell asleep.*****

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