How I met Sam


**The actual events took place over about a year or so. I shortened the time frame for this story and remove a bunch of the stuff that did not have a sexual tension. Yes the names have been changed and a few events are the best of my memory. Everything else is close enough.**

How I met Samantha

Chapter 1

I was introduced to Sam by my good friend Terri. Terri had helped me through some tough times, so to speak, and was always friendly and wanting to help. Terri wasn’t knock out gorgeous she was a petite and slightly pudgy, not fat mind you but she was carried a little extra here and there. Terri has straight brown hair chopped just below the shoulders, brown eyes, nice lips and of course a wonderful rack and booty. She was part Italian and had that natural Mediterranean tan year long. In winter it would lighten up some but in summer after lying out just a few times she would have that deep tanned healthy color to her.

Anyway, Terri felt that I needed to see her friend Samantha or Sam, who was a therapist. I can still remember the day Terri recommend that I should see her, “What, you think I have a screw loose,” I protested.

Terri just gave me a friendly smile, her hefty breasts heaving, “No Dave, just Sam is a specialist who may be able to help you. She is very good at what she does and she has helped a few of my other friends.”

I looked down at myself, and then back up at Terri, “Any of your other friends have my problem,” I sarcastically replied.

“I wish,” Terri started, “no she helps people who have trouble, with…. Well you know…. Sex.”

“Wanna announce it louder,” I protested my voice carrying the indignation that I felt.

Again Terri gave me that pleasant ‘it’s OK’ smile, “No it’s not like that at all, besides I told her about you and she really wants to meet you.”

‘Nice’ I thought thinking of how well that worked for me in the past.

Terri continued, “Look you do not have to see her if you don’t want to, but I think she can really help you. Everything is private, you meet in her office and she will talk with you. Maybe she can help you relax and enjoy yourself some more.”

“Fine,” I proclaimed as Terri handed me Sam’s business card.

“She is expecting you tomorrow at five, it’s after her normal office hours since you’re a special case,” Terri proclaimed.

“A special case,” again I stated with indignation.

At first I really thought about just blowing off the appointment that my ‘friend’ set me up for, but I just could not do that to Terri. As much as I hated seeing a ‘specialist’ I did not want to hurt Terri’s feelings by standing up her friend. I also considered just calling Sam and cancelling, I sure that as a specialist she gets that all of the time. But as one day rolled into the next I ended up not cancelling and it was now hours from the appointment. Fidgeting back and forth I finally went downstairs, hopped into my Jeep and drove to the address provided by Terri. I was glad that I left a few minutes early as the address was difficult to find. I was expecting an office with some sort of sign, ‘Head Shrink Inc.’

On the second lap around the block I found the address and pulled into the parking lot. Stepping out of my Jeep, ah summer no doors, I looked around for Suite B. I soon found it and walked into the building. On the outside of the door was just Sam’s name, no therapy, head shirker, or voodoo witch title or moniker. Discretion was defiantly her forte. The office was cozy with a few plants, some seating and a table with a few magazines but what surprised me the most was the lack of a receptionist. I called out,

“Anyone here?” and was rewarded with a sweet voice, “Be with you in a moment.”

I sat down and decided to peruse the magazines; chick, chick, er nah chick. Ok defiantly not set up for a dude I mean no car, fish, bike or 4×4 magazines, what the hell.

Soon I was rewarded with my first sight of Samantha and I tell you she was one of those gals you just took in. She had curly brown hair that fell in large ringlets, the biggest sparkling brown eyes, framed on a magnificent oval face with a dusting of freckles. She had on a white silk blouse with a black knee length skirt and a nice set of black strappy type heels. Her legs were covered in a nude colored hose and despite her somewhat demure size had a decent pair of tits. She seemed to just glide on those heels as she approached with one of those yellow legal pads in the crook of her left arm and a reassuring smile on her face.

“You must be Dave my five o’clock,” she kindheartedly remarked.

I really don’t remember but I am fairly sure that I replied to her breasts, “Yeh, I’m Dave… You must be Sam, Terri’s friend.”

By this time I knew I was looking at her, because I saw a little crook in her eyebrow as she stated, “Yes I am. Terri has told me so much about you.”


“Yes,” Sam continued, “I knew Terri back in the day and she and I spoke quite a few times. When Terri met you she came to me.”

‘Nice’ I thought, ‘reputation precedes me despite being out of College. I mean I thought I left all that nonsense behind.’

I could only choke out, “Yeah…. Well…. Terri has been very nice to me, helping me along.”

Samantha smiled kindly, “How about we go to my office.”

Her office was a little more inviting than the waiting room with big overstuffed chairs, a sofa that just invited you to plop down and watch some football, and a leather office chair that looked very inviting.

“Who would have guessed a sofa in a shrink’s office,” I retorted.

Sam just continued to smile, “If it makes you feel comfortable, by all means sit of the sofa.”

I did notice the fact she said sit and not lay down. I chose the overstuffed chair nearly directly across from the office chair, which I just assumed must be for her. If I choose to see her again I am going to have to sit in her chair and see what she does. Sam closed the door behind her then glided over to her office chair, my eyes were looking right at her skirt as she sat down, but she was a expert and managed to sit and cross her legs without as much as a free shot.

‘Damn’ I thought, this shrink is really turning me on as I could feel the stirring down below.

“Ahem,” Sam cleared her throat and my eyes moved from the cross of her legs back to her face, “shall we get started, Dave?”

She was wearing a pair of oval glasses as she began to make notes on her yellow pad. I could guess what it said, ‘horn dog looked me over as we entered office then tried to get a peepshow when I sat down. Diagnosis: Deranged pervert!’

“So it seems that you have a little problem,” Sam started.

“Little,” I protested.

That of course led to more jotting in her notepad and a stern look from Sam. ‘OK, not so much for jokes.’

Sam just seemed to continue, “Tell me about your first sexual encounter.”

“My what,” I replied shocked.

“Your first sexual encounter,” Sam stated matter of fact, “You did know that I help people with sexual issues.”

No denying, I knew exactly why Terri sent me to see Sam, it wasn’t because I needed help with my golf swing, which sucked by the way. I merely stammered for a moment, lost in what to say.

“Look,” Samantha stated, “normally I would make you feel all relaxed, get to know you first, make you comfortable with therapy before we would dig in. But, I am doing this on my free time and where I would like to do things normally, I just don’t have the time. I agreed to see you as a favor to Terri, because she cares about you. I have known Terri for a long time, both professionally and as a friend. But, if this is going to work we need to dispense with the foreplay and get right to the heart of the matter. Now we have already wasted five minutes.”

I did not know what to say to this gorgeous woman but I was not lost on the fact that she used the word foreplay.

“What my first masturbation, my first kiss, first time I dry humped,” I asked?

“Sorry,” Sam stated, “let’s start with the first time you were with a woman.”

“Well,” I exclaimed, “I guess my first girl was Kristi.”

Sam replied in a sweet soothing voice, “that’s good and where did you know Kristi from.”

I settled in to tell the story:

Kristi was the sister of my best friend Mike back in junior high and my freshman year of high school. She was maybe a year younger than me and the three of us hug out all of the time. Mike played the trombone, I played the trumpet and Kristi played the saxophone.

Kristi was a dirty blond and maybe a few inches shorter than me. She had blue eyes and a nice round figure. Despite being a year behind me she developed early.

“Did you love Kristi,” Sam asked?

“Back then I would have told you hell ya, but now I think it was more infatuation.”

“So, tell me where you and Kristi decided to have your sexual experience,” Sam soothed.

‘Wow’ I thought, well here it goes:

My family rented a beach house for a few weeks on the Gulf. Since Mike and his family always invited us out on their boat skiing my parents felt it was only right to invite them to the beach house. The house was big enough for two families and everyone agreed, however at the last minute Mike’s parents were unable to attend. I guess rather than punish the kids, they decided to go ahead and let Mike and Kristi come with us. I thought it was great as Mike, Kristi and I really wanted to spend time as friends. We enjoyed ourselves swimming in the ocean playing games, and hanging out. We also watched movies on HBO and MTV in the beach house. There was plenty of room in the beach house but for whatever reason when it came time for bed, Kristi and I snuggled up head to toe on an oversized sofa. Mike would also fall asleep in the recliner about 10’ away or so. We had a big blanket on the sofa and I would pull it over Kristi and me each night.

One morning I woke rather early and Mike moved from the recliner to a pallet on the floor much further away. I guess being a horny teenage male had me thinking with, well not my brain that’s for sure. I decided to flip around behind Kristi as she slept. I snuggled in behind her and laid my arm over her. We were not dating or anything but we were sweet to each other. Any way she was wearing a tee shirt nitie and panties and I cut off sweats and a shirt. It didn’t take much for me to get just a little excited being so close to someone I felt attracted to. Nature taking its course I felt the blood pumping toward my organ and stiffening in my sweats. My hand around Kristi fell just below her breasts. Well I figured what the hell and decided to brush against her wonderful globe and was rewarded with a slight wiggle in Kristi’s butt which was pushing against my lengthening rod. The feeling was ecstatic and when she wiggled her rear and I pushed back slightly to be rewarded with another, firmer wiggle. I could feel my cock peeking over the waistband of my sweats as I continued to rub myself against Kristi’s rear and my hand brushed her wonderful smooth brests. I could hear Kristi’s breathing change pace as we continued to rub and wiggle and I was also soon rewarded with feeling her nipples harden under my hands.

Sam must have been able to tell I was a little uncomfortable as I relived this story, despite my best efforts I was hardening in her office.

“Do we need to take five,” Sam asked.

“No I think I can finish. Is this too much detail,” I asked?

“No you’re doing fine. Whatever detail you are comfortable with providing,” Sam stated.

So I continued the story: I guess sometime in all the rubbing and wiggling I decided to make the move and lower my hand toward her belly. As my hand made its way to her nether regions I felt her push her butt hard into my cock, which was not just peeking through my waistband but sticking out. I took her push against me to be approval and lightly rubbed her mons through her satin panties.

A small moan escaped from her lips and she rolled onto her back. While I was defiantly displeased to no longer have that wonderful ass rubbing against me she also allowed me better access to her crotch. I rubbed her a little more and another soft moan departed her lips. By this point she was peeking her eyes open to dart around the room. Once she seemed satisfied we were alone her hand came to full rest on my cock. She might as well sent electricity straight through me because as soon as Kristi touched me it must have jumped a foot.

I slipped my hand below the waistband of her panties and felt her fuzzy bush as I slowly traced her slit. I was rewarded with her sliding her hand up and down my cock, exploring its length. We continued to rub each other for awhile exchanging a few sweat kisses until my hand drove a little lower along her slit feeling her labia. As soon as I touched her she pushed her mouth hard against me stifling a moan. I gently rubbed and explored her labia with returning strokes back to her slit.

Kristi was definitely breathing harder now, kissing me strongly while her hand pumped my cock. I lowered my sweats to my knees completely freeing my cock for her. Kristi placed both hands on my dick one near my flat belly rubbing the top half and the other closer to my balls rubbing the bottom half.

I slid a finger into her moist tunnel feeling her velvet smoothness. She gasped slightly as I thoroughly enjoyed wiggling my digit inside of her warm flesh. I am not really sure who pushed who but her satin panties came off as we started to explore how to connect our bodies.

Eventually we decided to have her back toward me on the couch as it was better than having someone wake and see me grinding on top of her. I lowered myself behind her and took my throbbing cock and placed it between her legs. Soon the head of my iron hard-on was brushing against her labia and I could feel her wetness urging me in. Feeling her heat and wetness was urging me to just drive into her hard. Yet even then somehow I understood the need to be slow and gentle.

I pressed against her hole and Kristi’s breathing changed, she did not moan but almost seemed to whimper. The purple head of my cock was almost buried in her, but I stopped dead not moving forward as her tightness pushed hard back against my cock.

“Do you want me to stop,” I asked her.

Kristi just shook her head no.

With my cock head buried slightly into her pussy I returned to slowly massaged her slit which seemed to have the effect of relaxing her. Once I felt it was OK I pushed again, and was again she whimpered. My control slightly fading with my head nearly in, I pushed once more and it plowed into her moistness.

My cock was in heaven as it felt like it was being squeezed to death by wet velvet. But, Kristi big beautiful blue eyes were tearing up. I wanted so desperately to start pumping my cock in her and I had allot more cock to feed her. I wanted to feel my balls slapping her has, my cock buried to the hilt in this young woman. But her eyes were telling me this had become for my pleasure only. That was something I could not do.

I held my cock where it was with only my head buried in her and a good portion hanging in the breeze. My hand stroked her cheeks.

I again rubbed her slit and mons with casual brushes against her labia stretched taut from my pole. She seemed to relax again as I looked up at her and was given another nod.

A little more of my cock slipped into her while I was petting her so I pulled back just slightly and rocked forward just a little. This seemed to be OK with her, but clearly it was not enjoyable. More and more I keep trying to give her shallow strokes. Her pussy clamped down hard on the end of my cock.

Finally, losing control I pumped a good few inches into her tightness and she responded with a full yelp.

I looked up and tears were flowing as she shook her head no. I kissed her lightly as I slowly backed out of her wonderful tunnel feeling the drag of her innards the entire way. With just my head left inside I tried to piston again yet she continued to just shake her head no. I realized plowing into Kristi was not going to happen without me tearing to poor girl apart, or at least so I thought.

I slowly pulled my cock head out of her with a muffled pop as her clamp like pussy released my cock. I snuggled back up behind her my cock between her legs between from her rear and out to the front, the middle of my cock resting on her labia and the rest sticking out from her front. I gently kissed her cheeks and even her eyes which were puffy from the tears.

“I’m sorry,” Kristi whispered into my ear, “I had no idea it would be so painful.”

“I, I really want to let you in me,” she promised.

I simply, looked at her lovingly, “That is OK Kristi, I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t feel good if you’re in pain.”

Kristi looked up and me and smiled then kissed me deeply, deeper then we kissed all morning. She peeked around the room again and still happy that we had not woken anyone she peeked under the blanket. I guess her having both hands on my cock was one thing, but to see it sticking out between her legs like that must have been another as she exclaimed, “Oh my Gawd!”

I thought something was wrong, and joined her head under the blanked, “What!”

I thought for sure I was going to see her blood or something, but Kristi exclaimed, “It’s so fucking huge.”

Ok so this is the point I am suppose to feel like a man, say ‘yeah baby damn right, it’s a two handed monster.’ But, nope I just felt so ashamed that my dick had hurt Kristi so bad.

“Sorry,” was all I could say.

She just looked back at me and kissed me deeply again as I could feel her legs start to move just so slightly and her labia rub on my dick. I got an idea and pumped my dick between her legs from her wonderful ass toward her cunt and back again, allowing her labia to ride against my dick. It was not my dick in her pussy, but it felt so damn good. I reached down to her mons again and slid my finger up and down her slit. A few well placed rubs had her moaning again as she took my finger and moved it on top a hard bud near her labia. Her clit as she whispered into my ear, “rub it gently right there.”

Kristi then grabbed the part of my cock peeking between the front of her legs and started to stroke my cock. It did not take long flicking her clit for her to get all wet again and soon she was leaving a sloppy trail of juice on my cock. However, the top half that she was stroking was dry. I pulled my dick back far and slopped the top half with her juices before sliding back forward again. Kristi just looked shocked as I continued to stroke my cock between her legs and fiddled with her clit.

“Stroke it,” I moaned.

I guess she got the idea that the pole needed to be lubed because she would stroke it until it dried out then she would push it back hard against her labia with a squish, squish getting it all wet then pull me forward and start stroking again. A few times she even dipped my head slightly into the entrance of her tight tunnel. We swapped kisses and I continued to rub and fuck her legs. So damn close to her pussy it ached me. I think she actually came first as I could see her face flush and her whole body tense up. But I was not far behind as soon as she returned in force to stroke my cock I could feel cum wheeling up in my balls.

I grunted into her ear, “I’m cumming” as I pulled my dick back so that the head was between her legs and then let loose with a torrent of jisim. I heard a soft ka-thwak as the first shot hit the blanket hard, Kristi giggled. The second shot somehow landed under her nighty striking her beautiful globes. From there on I have no idea where the rest of my cum went. I just remember latter using a damp rag latter to clean up the mess.”

Kristi looked at me deeply with a wonderful smile on her face. We kissed again then pulled our clothes on and cleaned up. It was only about 6:00 in the morning and the sun was just coming up we soon fell back to sleep me behind her. We slept that way for the rest of the vacation but despite my best tries we did not have another ‘sexual encounter.’

I looked over to Samantha feeling the heat of embarrassment as I had a raging hard-on and she seemed to have put down her scratch pad sometime while I was recounting my sexual encounter with Kristi.

“Dave, I have to tell you that I can treat you, but…” Sam seemed to hesitate.

“But, what,” I implored?

“Ok…” Sam seemed to stammer, “the deal is that you are NOT my patient.” She stated matter of fact.

The ‘what the fuck’ look on my face must have been all the query she needed to continue.

“That is not to say that we won’t have privileged communications or that II won’t apply professional standards while treating you. Just well let’s say that I am helping you as a friend and not a professional.”

“Why,” I asked.

“Well,” again Sam stammered, “there are ethical guidelines that therapists must follow with patients and let’s just say that is we start down that path it is a dead-end.”

I was still confused, ‘ethical guidelines,’ what the hell. But, Sam closed the pages of notes that she had taken and set the notepad on a small secretary in the corner.

“Well I do still have a small problem,” I stated looking toward my crotch.

“Oh,” Sam remarked as she got up and went over to the bookcase, opening a drawer she pulled something out then walked back over toward me.

Handing me the bottle, “Water base lubricant, I am sure you know what to do. You can either wait till you get home or use the bathroom in the back.”

“Thanks.” “Another session tomorrow at five,” Samantha asked?

I tell you I wanted to say hell no, but there was still the allure of this shapely therapist.

Alas I responded, “Yea sure.”

I decided till I got home to use the lubrication that Samantha provided and I tell you in my mind it was not Kristi that I was thinking about impaling, no I was smitten by my therapist and was whacking off hard to her. I could imagine those shapely legs wrapping around my waist, her hip length ringlets of hair, those stern lips softened for me, and those wonderful perfect melons as she rode my cock for all it was worth, taking the whole damn thing inside of her as she bounced off my tight balls. SPLAT!

Chapter 2

At the coffee shop Terri plopped down in front of me, “So how was the Samantha?”

“Just great,” I remarked with sarcasm dripping off each word.

Terri looked at me and set down her coffee, “Look, Dave she really is a great therapist and she really helped me.”

“Yeah, but how hard is it to help a nympho,” I blurted.

I could tell that this hurt Terri as her eyes glazed. “I’m sorry Terri, but Sam sent me home with one hell of a case of blue balls and lubricant.”

Terri just laughed, “You know that you can always see me honey.”

Ok, so Terri and I just were not friends we were also bootie buddies. Terri would need it bad and come calling on me or I would have a case of blue balls and Terri would rock my world.

Terri could give one hell of a blow job and she was a master of deep throat. On more than one occasion she swallowed me to the hit which led to her wanting to know how big I really was for her diary. I don’t know if it was really for her diary or Geniuses.

“Yeah, I know Terri, but you know… well it is sort of.”

“Oh MY GAWD,” Terri exclaimed, “Dave is in lust with his therapist.”

“How about not broadcasting it on your radio show,” I exclaimed.

“No Dave that is great, she is the first since….” Terri continued.

“She is the first since Michelle,” I stated. “Well there is also you,” I added.

Terri just smiled. “So are you going to see Sam again,” Terri asked.

“Yeah, I have another appointment tonight,” I explained.

“This time tell her that you are attracted to her,” Terri exclaimed, “or I will.”

“Yes mistress,” I joked. Terri got a stern face,

“Don’t go there.”

Since I worked 7 days on and 7 days off and I just started my 7 off the other day I had not too much to do today. I went back to my apartment and decided to do some wrenching on my Jeep. I just ordered a set of tubular bumpers and a Warn winch that I figured I could put on today.

Despite the hot Florida heat I pulled the Jeep under one of the awnings, plugged in my cyclone fan and started working. It took most of the day, funny how that happens and as I picked up my watch and exclaimed, “Shit.”

It was already past 4:00 and I still needed to clean up and shower. Throwing the take-offs into the back of the Jeep I grabbed my fan and ran up stairs to take a shower and get ready. I like long hot showers, just something about me, but today I needed to cool off and quickly clean off for my appointment. I took a cold shower for the other reason, FL heat! I threw on T-shirt, jeep shorts and loafers and ran out the door. Of course my neighbor Ted was looking into the back of my Jeep.

“Whach-ya going to do with all these take-offs,” Ted asked?

“You want ‘em,” I asked. Ted just started to reach into the Jeep and pull the front and rear bumpers right out.

“I’d help you but I got to run, late for a.. er date.”

“You date, what’s the special occasion,” Ted joked.

I guess it wasn’t a big secret that I had sort of sworn off women since Michelle; well again there was Terri, always good for the occasional bump and grind.

I arrived a few minutes after five at suite B. I felt bad as I always was on time or early, must be the professional pilot in me. I worked for a fractional and our passengers liked to be on time or a few minutes early, never late, so I seemed to derive my whole life around that principle.

Sam was waiting for me at the front door as I entered, greeting me in a white dress with off-white hose and off white wedges. Across her bare shoulders she wore one of those knit shawls. A warm smile greeted me as I entered the office.

“Terri says you’re never late, I was starting to wonder,” Sam proclaimed.

“Yeah, well I got tied up installing bumpers and a winch on the ole Jeep,” I replied.

“You have a Jeep,” Sam asked, interest sparkling in her eyes.

“Yeah, a little TJ right out front,” I stated.

I could see Sam checking out my Jeep. It was a Stone White Jeep Wrangler TJ with peanut butter wind jammer BF Goodrich 33” tires and of course, no doors.

“I love Jeeps,” Sam exclaimed, “you’re going to have to take me for a ride some day.”

I grinned at her comment, I’d love to take her for a ride in my Jeep and I could see her sitting next to me trying to keep her modesty in that lightweight white dress and her long hair flapping behind her. I felt the stirring in my pants thinking about her.

Sam motioned toward her office, “Shall we continue?”

I walked back and plopped myself right into her office chair grinning like a Cheshire cat. Sam looked at me and I could tell right away I just threw her off her ‘game.’ She looked around for a moment before stating, “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable on the sofa?”

“Do you want me on your sofa,” I asked? “After what I told you yesterday I would think you would want to avoid me and sofas.”

Sam just smiled her practiced smile, “get on the sofa.”

I made a big deal of getting out of her office chair and moving to the sofa then relaxed in its soft embrace. ‘Oh this is an excellent football sofa,’ I thought.

Sam sat down her lightweight white dress billowing slightly as she turned but with a practiced hand she pushed the material into order dropping between her crotch as she settled into ‘her’ chair. Her yellow tablet was on a table next to her chair today and she made a fuss of fetching it and reviewing the material.

Sam just began, “Did you and Kristi date or have relations after your first encounter?”

I answered, “No, Kristi and I weren’t dating at the time we tried sex. For the rest of the vacation I tried to get into her pants again but she just wouldn’t cooperate. Even though we remained close shortly after the beach vacation Kristi started dating someone else. My parents moved across town and I never really saw or heard from Mike or Kristi again.”

Sam proceeded to tell me her initial conclusions and talk with me some of my hang-ups. I izmit escort bayan admitted that I hadn’t dated since Michelle, about ten years ago. Sam scribbled in her yellow pad and then continued to lecture me on how woman’s bodies were very adaptable and with the right techniques even men with my ‘little problem’ can enjoy sex. “A woman can adapt for childbirth, no men are that big,” Sam stated.

OK I thought, I read Masters and Johnston I fully understand and am aware of the female and male organs.

“I’d like you to tell me about your next sexual encounter,” Sam continued.

“Going to send me home with another bottle of lubricant,” I asked?

Sam smiled, “You can stop whenever you need to cool off and the detail is up to you. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

‘I’d be comfortable in your pants’ I thought.

I told Sam of my second sexual encounter: I was a Senior in High School when I met Jennifer. I avoided PE by joining ROTC as it seems that 3 years of the Rotten Old Toilet Cleaners meant that I did not have to attend PE. That meant no gym shorts, which would be too small for me, nor gym showers with the guys. I already had to do that once in Jr. High and never again. Kids called me ‘freakzillz.’

Anyway I was in the band and no one knew of my ‘little problem.’ As a Senior I sat ahead of all other trumpet players and made third chair, of course there was only three Senior Trumpet players that year, so yeah I was last. After marching season we divided into concerto band and the director came to me and stated he was putting together a brass and woodwind ensemble and wanted me to be the trumpet player. There was also a trombone or boner as we liked to call them, a flute, clarinet and oboe players. Three girls and two guys, what could be better.

Jennifer was a junior and the ensemble’s clarinet player, yeah I know another gal who like to suck wood. She was thin with a very oval shaped head, deep brown eyes that looked almost black, long straight black hair halfway down her back and pale alabaster skin.

The ensemble practiced five times a week and twice a week after school. The director decided to give Jennifer and I a duet a sort of brass woodwind dual of sorts that was wonderful sounding but technically very difficult. It was clear that if we were going to nail this duet we needed practice together outside of normal ensemble practices. I invited Jennifer over to my house and since my father worked the graveyard shift I knew we would be alone.

The first five or so practices were innocent enough the music driving us and not lust. But, the better we got the happier she got and the more I stared to adore how beautiful this young woman was. On about the six practice I invited Jennifer over on a Saturday evening. I told her that we would practice some and I would cook her dinner afterwards.

Jennifer stated, “It’s a date.”

Jennifer came over that night in a black dress that fell to her knees, au natural legs and dark heels. If Jennifer wore any makeup it was very light and her nails were only coated in a clear coat. Seeing that I was quite underdressed, I excused myself to change claiming that preparations for dinner kept me from getting ready.

“That is OK, you look fine,” Jennifer consoled, “what are you making?”

“Veal,” I stated, yes I know how to read and follow directions out of a Betty Crocker cook book. I changed into slacks, loafers, and a white polo shirt.

When I came back Jennifer already set out the two chairs for practice and was sucking on her reed whetting it up for playing. I picked up my trumpet sitting on a stand in the corner and also started warming up with a few scales. Soon we were lost in the duet the sounds of trumpet and clarinet in harmony then dueling in counterpoint. Watching Jennifer blow her clarinet was gorgeous and between the music and her form I soon got a partial stiffy. Jennifer must have noticed because I saw her look down toward me once and her clarinet responded with a honk. We continued until the buzzer for the oven chimed.

As soon as I went to stand up I could tell what made Jennifer honk her clarinet. When I sat down the slacks pulled a little tightly and as my wood stiffened it became visible against the fabric of my pants snaking its way down. I was normally very careful about wearing baggy pants, but in my haste I must have picked a pair that was just a little too tight.”

Embarrassed I excused myself to fetch dinner. I brought out two plates with the veal, carrots, and a side salad. Jennifer took that time to put up her clarinet and my heart sank slightly thinking she had seen my cock and was put off. I figured she just wanted to eat and depart quickly. I placed us at corners to each other but she moved her plate directly across from me. She made small talk during dinner, “Mmm this is very good”, “where did you learn to cook”, ect.

It was not until she looked right at me, “Did you prepare someone for desert,” that the conversation changed.”

“Er well, no I didn’t prepare a desert, but I could make some cookies or something,” I answered.

I felt Jennifer’s foot against my lower leg as she stated, “That is ok. I am sure we can figure something else out.”

“Popcorn,” I suggested and her foot moved higher under the crook of my knee.

“Not really what I am interested in,” she replied with a gentle smile.

I picked up the plates as her foot disengaged from my leg, “Anything to drink, soda, water, milk,” I asked?

“Got any wine,” Jennifer retorted.

Well my father did keep some wine in a box, not too bad stuff so I fixed two glasses before returning. Jennifer was still sitting at the table, one shoe off and the other dangling off her foot. I sat down and handed her the glass which she sipped slowly. As soon as I sat back down her foot was right back to my leg. She stroked my calf, knee and finally my thigh as we made small talk. As soon as her foot reached my thigh it did not take long for my pole to wake up and stretch to length. Her face was shocked when she ran into my cock extending down my thigh with her foot. Jennifer just continued to rub and I now knew exactly what she meant by ‘desert.’

The look of surprise as my cock reached its full length in my pants was classic. From behind a wine glass Jennifer giggled but the look in her face was classic. However the angle of my cock was hurting at this point. I loved her attention but my cock was straining being bent over in my slacks. I stood up my cock fully visible in my slacks, “I need to er… well I got something.. er I’ll be right back.”

Jennifer stood right up with me, “I’ll help,” as her eyes darted to my pants.

“I can handle it,” I tried replying, but she just started walking to the back of the apartment.

I followed, who was I to argue? Jennifer made the right turn at the end of the hallway and walked right into my bedroom. As soon as I entered she was facing me and planted a soft kiss right on my lips. I kicked right into high gear, a beautiful young woman in my bedroom giving me the most electrifying kiss and a woody that was painfully erect and straining at my slacks.

“Now what do you need help with,” Jennifer mewed.

I looked down her gorgeous body her black dress hefting slightly with her small but ample breasts moving in rhythm, her nude legs and naked feet that just strained my cock to its maximum limit. My eyes finally rested on my pants and Jenifer just nodded and stepped forward placing her hand at my waist kissing me fully this time on the lips. Her hand grabbed my cock as she parted my lips with her tongue. We dueled for a moment before breaking the kiss a silk thread of spittle pulling taught as our lips spread.

The pain in my cock was unbearable, “Jennifer, I really need to let it out, it’s painful all crooked like that,” I related.

Jennifer smiled and quickly unbuttoned my pants sliding them down my legs and kneeling in front of me. Her movement freed my cock with such force it swung smacking her right in the face as she took my pants to my ankles. I was so embarrassed. Here I had this gorgeous fox undressing me and my dick just slapped her in the face. I could feel the warmth of embarrassment rising in my face.

Jennifer, looked up holding her cheek looking right into my eyes. As I went to apologize she just giggled, “Get hold of yourself man, aren’t we all anxious.”

I again tried to apologize and state it was ‘out of my control’ when kneeling before me Jennifer placed both of her nimble hands on my cock. My mouth partly opened to retort just closed right away with the powerful pleasure shooting through my dick. No female had touched me since Kristi and damn, now I had this wonder young lady kneeing before me with both hands slowly stroking my pole.

I had the infamous raging hard-on by this point my nutsack taught against me as my cock seemed to draw blood from my toes to fill its gorges. With each pump of Jennifer’s hands it seemed that more and more my cocked hardened, its head deep purple. I moaned in ecstatic bliss at her attention to my length and each of my moans seemed to drive her further. As I looked down she brought her face into cock range again, bold move I thought, and then she kissed my purple head with her wonderfully soft lips, dancing little butterfly kisses across my cock head. This was a first for me and I loved it.

“Oh, damn Jennifer,” I howled as she looked up at me and smiled divinely.

Next she parted her lips and her tongue darted out tasting my helmet, again the attention as mind blowing, I could hardly believe it and was sure I had just died and Jennifer was an angle.

Jennifer adjusted herself again before she opened her mouth and sank her head onto my cock. I was enthralled with the feeling of her wet mouth around the end of my shaft, her tongue flattened to the base of her mouth by the intrusion and her lips firmly around my shaft. Because of the girth of my cock I could also feel her teeth raking along my manhood. It felt so damn good and wanted to just drive the length of my cock right down her throat. I guess my thoughts must have made some movement as I could feel the back of her throat and she quickly spit me out. Then adjusting her hand she took me back in her mouth again. Jennifer started to suck off the end of my cock as her other hand continued to stroke the bottom half and caress my tight nut sack.

After a while in which I felt myself building on this siren’s assault on my member, Jennifer stood up smiling at me with a deliciously erotic look. I stepped out of my slacks, boxers and loafers in one step and she finished undressing me by removing my polo shirt.

Jennifer then turned around lifting her hair the zipper to her dress visible. I grabbed it quickly and sent it to fully open. As I passed her bra I could see the most magnificent black lace under her dress. Jennifer turned again and slid out of her dress giving me the first full look at her underware clad form of alabaster beauty. Her bra was one of those strapless lace types, I have no idea how it stayed up on her demure tits and her panties were a short number, nearly see through. As I gazed at her crotch I was presently surprised to see a dark bush of hair as black as night. Jennifer smiled again grabbing my hand and taking me over to my bed, where she pushed me down onto my back.

Climbing on top of me Jennifer gave a demure look before removing her bra. My cock was flopped onto my belly as she lowered her tits until they made soft contact with me dick. Despite not having much in the tit department Jennifer used what she had and her nipples turned rock hard shortly. She would rub her tits while sucking the head of my cock in her mouth the pleasure riveting inside of me.

Shortly Jennifer rose up and lowered her panties slowly and with a nice rocking motion that just drove me crazy. Her bush was dark yet well trimmed. Slipping out of her panties she spun her body around placing a leg on either side of my chest. She grabbed my cock with her hands again lowering her lips to it and then lowered her vulva toward my mouth. I guess I didn’t get any vote in the matter with her bobbing on my cock her pussy deliciously wet my nose taking in her full musk. I flicked my tongue assaulting her labia and Jennifer moaned around my cock. My tongue gave her long lashings, assaulting her hardening clit, and then I drove my tongue deep into her velvet folds tasting her sweet honey. Damn I wanted to cum right there and felt I could spend the rest of my life with this woman on my cock her pussy lips kissing me.

Jennifer slowly took her head off my cock after a few good thrusts in which I swear I felt my head dig into her tonsils. I was assaulting her pussy with my mouth and consistently rewarded with her moans of pleasure and stiffing of her body. When I sucked her outer labia into my mouth she went right over the top shaking, waling, and finally collapsing on top of me.

Jennifer remarked, “Damn that was good.”

With my hard cock underneath her, my pelvis still was grinding and balls looking for a release, “Yeah, my turn.”

Jennifer turned her head, “Got a glove lover boy?” I nodded toward my nightstand where she quickly dug into a box of magnums. Sliding a rubber on my dick Jennifer slid over still on top but now her face next to mine.

A deep kiss with tongues dancing until she broke, “Let me do this, OK.”

What could I say, “OK” and nodding in agreement.

Jennifer squatted over me, her tight cannel waiting my exploration. With one hand on the wall next to my bed and one on my dick she lifted up the pole and rubbed the head against her opening. With each stroke against her labia I could see her honey tasting moisture wicking the head of my cock, damn rubber. Slowly Jennifer sank her body onto me and I could feel the intense heat and tightness of her pussy clamping around my cock. She took about half of its length straight in sheepishly grinning at me. “Dildo,” she stated matter of fact as she lowered herself to her knees and started rocking her pussy up and down my cock. I could feel her muscles gripping my cock even harder and she started to pant heavily ridding me. Damn, I wanted more in and I decided to help her some pushing up. Bad news, I bumped hard into a knob inside of her pussy and she shrieked. Jennifer stopped all movements but she did not pull out.

“Ok,” she looked me sternly, “as I said this is the deal, I’m in control here. I got to take you at my pace or you will hurt me.”

I was ashamed, and her shriek brought up the memories of Kristi crying when I tried to fuck her. I nodded OK and stated, “I am so sorry, you just had me so riled up and I really want to go all the way in.”

Jennifer smiled, “I don’t know if I can take all of you and I need to take you as I can handle it. Don’t assist, just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Lying on top of me Jennifer kissed me deeply, her tongue fencing with mine again then slowly started rocking again. “You threw me off, now I have to start all over again,” she cooed.

Jennifer rocked her hips wiggling her ass, I grabbed a full hand of each cheek and she moaned in appreciation. Soon she was pumping my cock in her tight little cannel each thrust adding another centimeter into her. I was in pure heaven, as my hands could grab her ass, I could lick her small tits or have deep kisses with Jennifer. The lust I felt for her was pure and seeing this beautiful woman taking my cock into her was just breathtaking. Jennifer rose back up onto her knees and I could see my fat cock had her labia spread far apart. She had all but the last few inches buried deep inside her, the heat and tightness threatening to milk the cum right out of my balls. The view of her as she leaned back and placed her hands on my knees was nearly too much. Her wonderful dark cover mons, gash wide open invited my touch. Quickly finding her bud I flicker her again and she let out a loud “YES”. I was sure the neighbors heard us but did not care and continued to flick her clit…

“YES… YES…. YES” Jennifer roared and I could feel her pussy squeezing harder around my cock. She was taking long strokes now and it was not long before I could feel the bubbling from my balls move to the base of my cock. Then powerful streams erupted from my head. With the first shot Jennifer must have felt it right through the magnum and wailed loudly her whole body shacking hard. It felt like my cock was taking forever as each spurt welled in my balls, up to the base of my cock and then launched out with force. Each launch striking the thin skin of the condom, yet sending shudders through Jennifer’s body, her cannel tightly griping my dick milking my cum. With the intensity of my explosion over I felt for sure we were done, I could not imagine anything more releasing.

Jennifer just popped her cunt right off my long cock then flipped around again. She shoved her pussy into my face hard, ripped the condom off and drove her mouth on to cock like a mad woman. I did not even get a chance to get soft as she sucked on my like a woman in need. Jennifer was smearing her pussy all over my face. When I released my tongue into her now well spaced hole she fucked it hard. I nibbled on her pussy lips and she pushed harder against my cock. Soon another welling and I deposited a load into her mouth, not as hard as the first shots but well enough. Jennifer mewed and moaned as she stroked my cock, jisim everywhere. She pushed her pussy hard against my face, her own hand flicking her clit now as she slowly lapped the remaining cum off my dick. Soon Jennifer was wailing again, her body stiffening and her labia fluttering against my lips her warm sweet juices flowed into my mouth.

This was the first time I actually looked back up at Samantha, who sat quietly through my entire recitation, sharp nubs clearly visible against the thin material of her white dress. I guess whatever bra she was wearing could not completely contain her excitement. Seeing my eyes locked on her body Sam shuffled in her chair nervously, “Maybe we should get a coke or water,” she dismissed.

I continued to sit on her sofa, “You go ahead I ain’t moving for a bit.”

Samantha smiled again, this one seeming more pure, “Would you like something….. to drink.”

“Diet Coke,” I replied. I watched her little ass wiggle out the door despite the white dress still visible, or maybe that was my imagination. I took my mind completely off Jennifer and Samantha and used one of the many tricks I learned to tame the boner. Removing sex completely out of my mind I concentrated on stuff like detailing the assembly of the bumper and winch I completed earlier today. By the time Sam came back with a Diet Coke and a Dr. Pepper my cock had returned to at least a semi flaccid state so that it was not painful.

“So you and Jennifer, sounds like you found a way to enjoy yourselves, how long did it last,” Sam stated rushing memories back into my mind.

“We dated the rest of the year, fucked like rabbits every time we got a chance. I enjoyed her for so many reasons, but despite her fucking and sucking me to death it was always ride ‘em cowgirl with her on top. I tried many times to mount her missionary style and almost had her cornered doggy style once but she quickly retreated. She was always on top, she was always in control.”

Sam took a deep draft of her Dr. Pepper. “OK, and when did it end?”

“I went off the college, Embry Riddle, to study aviation and become a pilot. Guess it was not meant to last over long distance. She expected me to stay local in a state school, but I was determined to become a pilot. That summer with her was about the last time I played the trumpet. “

“That is so sad,” Sam responded. “Why don’t you play anymore?”

“Didn’t get a scholarship for playing trumpet and my studies moved on to Aviation. I took up martial arts in college as well, finally getting involved in some sort of sport. Just never felt it and after putting down the trumpet for so many years it was difficult to play. My embouchure has weakened over the years and I just cannot play the way I could. Tried picking up the horn a few years ago, just embarrassed myself.”

“Embouchure,” Sam asked.

“Yep the shape and strength of my lips, to play the trumpet I had to have strong and well controlled lips. You wonder why the band chicks were always so happy?”

Sam nodded in agreement.

“Strong well controlled lips, we horn blowers know how to buzz our lips and flick our tongues. Ever had your pussy trumpeted,” I asked forgetting that I was talking to my therapist.

Sam also seemed for the moment to forget that she was my therapist as you could see the gears in her head turning, a sparkle in her eye, “No, can’t say that I have.”

Despite this sexual innuendo between not quite patient and therapist I seemed to be able to keep my cock at bay as it continued to shrink to its hand sized flaccid state.

“What about that ride,” I asked?

“What,” Sam stammered.

“The ride in the Jeep. Haven’t ridden until your tops down and doors are off,” I jested.

Sam looked at the clock on the wall, past six and the demure white dress that she was wearing. “I don’t think I am dressed for a Jeep ride today, Dave, but thank you.”

“I laughed, tuck the skirt baby,” opps did I really just call my therapist baby?

Sam did seem offended by that, “Not today, Dave. Now our session is complete. Are you available tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I replied, rejected, “Five.”

“No patients tomorrow afternoon, how about one and we will make this an out of office session.”

“Out of office,” I asked?

“Yes, sometimes getting in touch with outdoors is good for your energy and psyche. I assumed that if you drove a jeep, topples and doorless, then you enjoy the outdoors,” Sam stated.

“Humm, yes, yes I do, where to,” I asked?

Sam again gave the honest warm smile, “You surprise me.”

Chapter 3

I always listed to Terri’s morning show on the local FM radio and once again we met at the local coffee shop afterwards. Today I wore my Panama Jack Jeeper look with tan outdoors shorts and a dusty button down.

Sipping her coffee Terri remarked, “Well don’t you look all rustic.”

“Sam has me scheduled for an out of office today at one,” I happily replied.

“Out of office, is that code for you want to nail little Samantha,” Terri jested.

“Her, idea,” I stated the sexual innuendo not lost on me.

“Ahh ha, and do you always do what women want?”

“Humm, let me think… seems to work out OK, I rang your bell,” I smiled.

“Bite me,” Terri huffed.

“I did, you liked it then you swallowed me,” I stated innocently.

“Dave, Dave, if you are not careful you won’t make it to see Samantha today,” she winked.

“I thought you didn’t like that during the weekday. Embarrassing when you have to hobble into work the next morning,” I reminded.

Terri just burst out laughing, “Thanks for reminding me. I don’t want to make that mistake again,” Terri stated with a big emphasis on the word don’t.

“You tell your therapist that you want to nail her yet,” Terri continued.


“Well you’ve got her out of the office today, what a better time,” she winked. “Where ya taking her?”

“I know a trail up to the lake, wonderful little lookout.”

Terri’s eyes gleamed, “Hey I know that little lookout.”

I just smiled, yes Terri knew the lookout I was talking of, it was one of the first places I took me when we tried dating, before we decided that a friendly fuck and good conversation was better for us.

I picked up Samantha in front of her office at one o’clock sharp. She was just locking up and saying goodbye to a tall blonde. “See you next week,” is all I heard before the tiny waisted flaxen haired woman trotted off. Sam was wearing the most adorable green caprices and pull over dark blouse with flower embroidery. She wore a pair of flats. I walked up to her and I guess she could tell that I was looking her over. Sam just gave a quick spin before facing me with her joyful smile.

“OK for Jeeping,” Sam asked?

“Well the flats might not have been the best choice,” I started.

“No problem,” as she held up a bag with another pair of shoes. Sam pulled out a tan pair of lightweight crosstrax running shoe beaming as she showed them to me.

“Well they are much better than flats,” I replied. Her lips quickly gave me the little pouty face, damn she was so beautiful with that look. I laughed, “They’ll be just fine.”

“Good. Or you would have to take me by the shoe store,” Sam cautioned.

I walked my therapist to my Jeep and she expertly hopped right up grabbing the ‘oh shit’ handle and hauling her demure frame aboard. “Where to,” she asked.

“I know this place out by the lake,” I started.

Sam interrupted, “That would not be the spot you took Terri and plowed her, is it?”

Can you say busted? Rule number one when trying to hook up with your therapist, don’t take her to one of the spots where you shagged one of her patients and close friends.

“No, of course not,” I sheepishly lied. “Why would I take my therapist to where I shagged someone else?”

“Too bad, I have heard Terri’s side I would be interested in hearing yours. Maybe another day,” she stated in that professional voice of hers.

Spoiled again, OK revamp that maybe you do take your therapist to where you shagged her friend, I was so confused. I felt like she was a cat and was playing with me before pouncing for the kill.

The drive to the lake was pleasing; she prevented her hair from becoming a tangled mess with one of those scrunching things. I offered her a hat but she refused. As we left the highway I shifted the transfer case into 4 high and powered up the dirt trail.

OK a Jeep is like a ride on a wooden roller coaster it is anything but smooth as a suspension designed stiff for off roading bounces you around hard. The driver has the wheel and can anticipate some of the bouncing, the passenger, well not so much. Soon Samantha had to hold an arm across her tits and hang on with a death grip on the ‘oh shit’ handle. I should have told her to wear a sports bra. There were more than a few times I hear a squeal of excitement from the passenger seat. During a few of the less rambunctious parts of the trail she provided me her psychoanalysis of yesterday’s session. To sum it up she basically felt that Jennifer and I had a healthy relationship. She was a little concerned with my feelings on Jennifer’s demanding style in the bedroom though.

To get to the spot I had picked we needed to climb up a rocky hill. I set the transfer case into 4 low and the Jeep’s engine roared in high RPMs as it crawled up the rocks. I could tell that Sam was not as comfortable with this as both hands were now on the ‘oh shit’ handle. Soon the TJ ascended the peak and we emerged on top of a knoll with pine forests all around and the lake down far below. Ok, Ok yeah I brought her to the lookout.

I pulled the emergency break and shut down the engine of the Jeep. I unfastened my seat belt and just looked over at Samantha. Her normally perfect look was disheveled with bits of hair coming loose from the scrunchie and a fine layer of dust sparkling on her skin. She just smiled at me. I reached over and plucked the scrunchie out of her hair and she shot me an indignant look. Whoops.

“Your hair was coming out at odd angles, I thought you might want to remove the pony tail,” I tried.

Sam, just looked at me, “You have a mirror?”

“Yep, one in the sun visor,” I stated.”

Seeing the locks of hair all over the place Sam seemed to relax over my intrusion, then smiled back after tucking and pushing ringlets.

“Yeah, it’s a mess,” she finally admitted.

“A lovely mess,” I tried.

We just looked at each other for a long time. Then Sam continued, “So Jennifer and you broke it off once you started college. Did you meet any women at college?”

‘Damn, right back to her therapy, I can’t get ahead with this woman’ I thought.

“Yea, off and on. No one I really stuck with for any length of time. Unlike high school I stayed at the same college for all four years. It did not take long for the few woman who studied aviation to spread my ‘rep’ around. You see aviation is a bunch of type A personalities all shoved together.”

Sam giggled, “I did study psychology for six years and have izmit eve gelen escort started my doctoral.”

‘OK new flash of the obvious.’

“Well it did not take long and I think some of the women just dated me to find out if what they heard was true. Some took it as a challenge, but for the most part college was one date after another.”

I fell into my reciting:

I entered and once again felt like a small fish in a big pond. I signed up for the professional pilot’s program so my classes were separated with traditional humanities, science, and classroom aviation studies and the flight line; flying airplanes. When I was not studying or hanging out at the Union I also took Aikido at a local dojo. I asked a few women out on dates and it did not take long to get hot and bothered with one. She went to rub my crotch and was surprised to find my double hander waiting for her. The petting ended right there, but she soon told her girlfriends. Then I had dates to confirm the rumor and then I had dates to conquer the beast. I was OK for awhile; I mean who wouldn’t like have women asking you out. However, it seemed just so shallow, and I started to want something more, I missed the relationship that I had with Jennifer and was looking to replace that.

Late into my junior year we had a transfer student. A woman by the name of Michelle who reminded me so much of Jennifer. Michelle however, had strawberry blond hair and was defiantly aviator wearing the typical leather bomber jacket and Ray Bans. Michelle also had a wonderful pair of breasts that were shaped more like a supermodel than something you see on a woman on the street. Michelle did have a light skin, but I guess her blond hair seemed to accent what little tan she had and there not the creamy alabaster of Jennifer.

Michelle’s daddy owned a Learjet company and his daughter was following right in his shoes. But first she needed her FAA licenses to fly 450 knot turbojets, so here was Michelle earning her licenses before going back to daddy’s stable of jets. Our first encounter was a friendly greeting at the Student Union. Just the typical hello, how do you dos. It wasn’t until my senior year that I had Michelle in my multi-engine ground school. I was also a newly minted flight instructor (or CFI) but, since Michelle was a transfer student she was already working on her Instrument ticket and I was not an instrument instructor or CFI-I. During the multi-engine ground course we were assigned the project of writing a multi-engine handbook for the school. We each had a part of the book to work on with a partner. Needless to say the entire class was disappointed when Michelle choose me. I don’t know if it was because I was the only CFI in the class at that time or what, but she just batted her blue eyes at me as she asked, “Mind doing this project together.”

“Sure,” was my immediate response and I was betting that I was in for most of the work with a few visits by the blond bombshell with a silver jet in her twat. But, what the hell, I figured. Boy did I have her figured out all wrong. We immediately set a date to discuss out part of the handbook at the local pizza parlor and she had outlines, topical arrangements, terms, ect thought through. I was embarrassed not to be as ready as she was for this project. We continued to meet almost every night, a few times I had to beg off for Aikido class in which she accompanied me and watched. I was preparing for my dan degree test which was the equivalent to a black belt test in Karate. I guess I must have impressed Michelle with my forms, “You’re good,” she smiled.

We stopped for some dinner then went back to my dorm to work on the project. We passed a few buddies from class who gave the usual greetings. A few even wolf whistled at Michelle as we passed. “That does not bother you,” Michelle asked?

“What do you mean? I figured someone as hot as you would be use to the attention. I just let it flow over me.”

Michelle just looked at me with innocent eyes. She smiled slightly as I said she was hot and then grinned when I stated flow over me.

“Well I wish they wouldn’t,” Michelle replied.

“Would you like me to nicely ask them to stop,” I requested?

“No, no don’t need any broken pilots this week,” Michelle stated with a crooked grin.

“Hey, I practice for peace and tranquility,” I jested.

We went upstairs to my dorm and powered up the old computer that had most of our work on the project. We discussed various aspects before deciding that we spent much more time on our chapter than the other classmates and ours was good enough, finished. I hit print and allowed the document to be spit out from the printer.

“Now what,” Michelle asked, and I allowed my hand to fall into hers as we sat on the edge of my bed. Michelle turned and looked right into my eyes and I could feel her firm breast against my arm. Her head tilted back just a little and I lowered mine toward her slightly. Soon our lips locked her head thrown back and eyes closed. I joined her closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of her soft lips pressed to mine. We held the kiss and fell back onto the bed her hand caressing my face as I pulled her tightly against me. My hand stroked her straight strawberry blond hair and our lips unlocked slightly to allow our tongues to dart between each other. The warmth of her mouth, her breath inhaling into me was intoxicating. The smell of her perfume a delight to my nose and soon the throbbing in my pants alerted me to a penis wanting attention.

We rolled fully onto my bed her sandals falling to the floor, one then a few moments later the other. I could feel her heart thumping, or was that mine. Either way at some point the printer stopped it’s buzzing, but it did not matter. Michelle and I were lost in each other.

I guess I should have been a gentleman but that was not the case, I wanted Michelle and I wanted her tonight. I lowered my hand to her ass and she continued to kiss me. The heat billowed between us, looking for a break and I finally decided to press further by reaching for her well proportioned breasts and gently stroking them. Michelle quietly responded by allowing me full access. I stroked and fondled her breast and nudged her nipples as we kissed. Her hand was still on my cheek caressing my face.

“I love you Dave,” was whispered into my ear.

“Michelle, beautiful.. I love you too,” and I felt her legs and body relax in my arms.

I reached down and lifted Michelle’s blouse off and she assisted lifting up to allow removal. Her breasts were under a pale yellow bra. I rubbed one of her breasts in a hand and reached behind and popped her bra off. Yes I could do the one handed bra removal… Her tits were soon exposed to me and I lowered my mouth to her beautiful mounds. I caressed one while licking the other than switched breasts caressing the other as my lips made their way to her areola. As I kissed and licked and the tiniest of nubs hardened on her breasts. Michelle sighed and her breasts heaved under me. I looked up into her adoring eyes. She hadn’t moaned or said hardly a word since we started. Just ‘I love you’ and abandonment to my desires.

I kissed my way down her stomach and paused at her waistband. Michelle just laid there accepting my adoring of her body. I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them down her hips and she lifted her shapely ass for me as I slid them down her thighs and off her legs. Matching buff yellow lace panties covered her soft flaxen haired mound. Standing at the foot of my bed, I lifted my shirt off and starring Michelle right in the eyes, lowering first my pants then my boxers. I did hear Michelle take a sharp breath of air and her eyes widen as my pole bounced free in front of her.

I soaked in Michelle’s entire form and waited a moment for either an invitation or a rejection. But, all I got was those blue eyes looking back at me. She did not focus on my cock, she was looking at me. I crawled back on top of her, my cock pressing between her legs as my lips caressed hers. I lifted my hips and my purple head cleared her still panty clad pussy before I allowed to snake it’s way across her belly, the purple head just touching the soft underside flesh of her stunning tit. I kissed her fully and she responded back our tongues fencing again. Michelle’s hands caressed my back before coming to rest on my ass. She looked deep into my eyes before slowly moving her head in the slightest of nods.

I crawled back down her and my cock raked her belly before crossing her mound and dropping between her legs. I held myself there for a moment stroking my head against her panty clad vagina. I could feel the heat and wetness coming from her. I lowered myself just enough to slide her panties off her hips.

I was mesmerized with her body, her legs, her tits, her beautiful face, and her wonderful pussy with its light soft coating of blond hair. I kissed her mons but felt her hands on my head not pushing me down but pulling me back up on her. I followed her and she pulled me back up until my pole was brushing her wonderful cannel, her light fuzz tickling the head of my cock and the immense heat pouring out of her. I went to reach between her and set my cock to penetrate her love cannel but was soon swatted off as her own hand clasped my dick and started rubbing the head all over her slit and labia. Then using two fingers she spread her pussy wide open and guided me into her love nest.

She was not overly wet but wet enough to provide the lubrication needed to allow my cock to slide into her tight hole. I swear it felt like her muscles were not just clamping and releasing, but pulling my cock deeper into her recesses. Michelle then just grabbed my ass and plowed me deeper than I have ever been in a woman in one stroke. I swear she nearly took all of my cock in one full swoop. I started pistoning into her depths giving Michelle long strokes of my pole. It did not take long as her hand pulled my ass hard until she sank my entire length inside of her. My balls slapped her on the pucker of her ass hole. I held my length deep inside of Michelle her mouth and eyes open wide in a silent moan of pleasure. She looked back at me again and kissed me hard.

I roared into full fuck and stroked Michelle hard, pulling my cock nearly all of the way out of her pussy before slamming it back in. The harder I fucked her, the more Michelle seemed to enjoy it. It did not take long before I was pounding her for all I was worth and I felt Michelle’s pussy clamp down hard on my cock, so hard I could not move it in or out. Again she went into the silent scream her nails biting hard into my back. I continued to piston at her pussy more moving her entire hips with each thrust until I could feel warmth all over my cock and the friction broke at once. I was fucking Michelle hard and could hear a slosh-slosh sound with each time I pounded into her pussy. The tightness was still there pulling at my cock, squeezing it hard from the base to the end buried deep inside of her. Michelle continued to claw my back, her face contorted into all sorts of strange figures and my balls continued to rap at her ass.

Finally, I could not stand it anymore and the well of cum burst from me like never before. Within a few blasts I could feel cum shooting out of Michelle’s pussy as I continued to fill her, or just hose down the insides since I already left no vacancy with my cock. Michelle just leaned into me and bit my shoulder hard before sucking on my neck. I stopped spurting at some point but I just kept fucking her till my dick was too soft to make any more progress. I collapsed on top of Michelle and she again kissed me fully, whispering “I love you.”

As horniness wore off I soon realized that Michelle left deep scratches on my ass, by back and my shoulder hurt. I looked down at my silent lover and she just smiled. I would have to get her some rubber tips for her nails.

Samantha sat there quietly her breasts heaving and her face slightly flushed. “How long did you and Michelle stay together?”

“Five years. I almost married her,” I stated. I bruised the hell out of her insides and she left plenty of marks on me. The first time we did it doggy style I thought for sure we went too far. Nope she took it and even pushed herself back hard against me. Problem was, her father.”

“How did it end,” Sam asked?

“I told her it was either daddy or me. She chose her father.”

“Oh,” Sam consoled.

“So what are we doing Samantha,” I blurted out.

“I’m sorry,” she stated.

“Us, this thing. Therapist but not quite. Me telling you of my previous girlfriends and walking away with a stiffy. While you sit over there all beautiful and demure.”

Samantha got real quiet for a moment. “As I stated I want to help, but we can’t be therapist and patient,” she affirmed.

“Because I am so attracted to you, I want to grab you up right now. I want to date you, caress you and hopefully make love to you,” I stated matter of fact.

Sam was nervous and shocked as she declared, “No because I am attracted to you.”

I tell you this felt like elementary school, ‘do you like me? I like you?’ I wondered if I should pass her a note: ‘Do you like David X [ ] YES [ ] No.’ None of the usual signs seemed to mean anything. A smile, did it mean she approved or was it her professional therapist smile that she gave to everyone. A laugh, did it mean that she found me amusing or did she not want to damage my psyche? Had I known then that this woman put her career on the line for me the answer would have been obvious. She could have lost her State certification by riding with me ‘out of the office’ to a seclude location like this. Ethics required that she should have referred me to another therapist. Sure would have made life easier for me had I known.

I reached into the back seat, if you can call the ‘roll and tumble’ a seat and pulled out two drinks, a Diet Coke for myself and a Dr. Pepper for her. I handed her the icy cold drink not really sure what to say or do next. Sam smiled again and accepted the drink our hands brushing against each other.

“So what now,” I asked Samantha?

“Today we enjoy a beautiful afternoon,” she admitted.

“And tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is a Friday,” Sam smiled, “what do you do on a Friday?”

“Dinner and a movie,” I remarked.

“Fine, but dinner cannot be at your place.”

“Why,” I asked?

“Do you think I was not listening when you told me about Jennifer? Seems you like to impress women with your cooking and then lure them into your lair,” she giggled.

“Hey, I thought that was professional and confidential.”

“I am always professional,” Sam promised and then with a wink, “and everything is confidential.”

“So, tomorrow night. Pick you up about six?”

“Sure, we have another out of office appointment,” she grinned.

I started the Jeep and drove it back down the rocky trail crawling the same way we had gone up. Once I reached the bottom I put the transfer case back into 4 High and shifted into neutral.

“Want to take us out of here,” I asked?

“Me, drive?”

“Yeah, you can handle a stick right?”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about me and sticks, I am quite an expert,” Sam gleamed.

“You’ll have to be gentle with it off road like this,” I continued skipping right over her innuendo.

“I am also gentle with a stick.”

I set the emergency break and hoped out of the Jeep. Seems that Sam just crawled right over the center and sat right down in the driver’s seat. I buckled in as she released the emergency break, shoved the Jeep into first releasing the clutch leaving a dusty trail behind us.

I watched as Sam expertly shifted through the gears tacking the lighter obstacles. Sam had a huge grin on her face and let out a few glees as she tackled the off-road trail. As we reached the road I informed her that we needed to shift into 2 wheel drive.

“The short one,” she asked.

“Yep just push in the clutch and shove it forward,” I instructed.

She did so and soon we were zooming down the highway, “I’m surprised you didn’t take advantage of my last question saying, ‘no the big one in my pants.’”

I laughed, “Would it have worked?”

She gave me a glance before stating, “You will never know now will you?”

Guess who decided to take that as a hint and stir.

Chapter 4

Terri’s show was a raunchy as ever being a Friday and all. She really liked to let go on the air, hell if I didn’t know she was a nympho I might assume she played one on the radio on Fridays. She always liked to skirt that line of censorship and a few times ended up bleeped for her efforts. We of course met again at the coffee shop.

“When you fly out again,” Terri asked?

“I have a trip to Scotland on Monday. We have to reposition the jet on Sunday so I have to be in Chicago by Saturday evening.”

“Freebe or you gota pay,” Terri queried?

Flying a fractional is not like being a pilot for an airline where you can hop in an open seat or even fly in the cockpit on what is called a jump seat. Airline pilots generally fly for free when they need to move around the country to pickup airplanes. For a fractional, unless a jet was repositioning or I could pick up a gig in the Citation Sovereign I was rated in then I had to pay the airlines to fly me from FL to one of the fractional’s locations. Chicago, Dallas, Los Angles, New York were all locations I could start from based on where airplanes were available. I could almost always get a hop between our HUBs, but sitting in FL meant that I was generally SOL for free rides. Besides, taking the airlines meant that I could arrive on my schedule and in the case with a date with Sam tonight, I defiantly wanted to be on ‘my schedule.’

“Nope, ASAing it,” ASA was one of the commuters to Atlanta where I could get a cheaper flight to Chicago.

“Ah,” Terri exclaimed, “and your date with Sam yesterday?”

“She enjoyed my stick,” I said with the straight face.

Terri spit coffee, “why you horn dog, with your therapist,” she howled.

“Yep, she handled my TJ like a pro,” I laughed.

A croissant came flying at me which I of course ducked.

“So you seeing her again,” Terri inquired?

“Yeah, we have a date tonight.”

“My, my, Dave is finally going out on a date, how long has it been?”

“Counting our dates,” I asked Terri?

“Nah, I don’t think that counts. I only wanted you for your dick,” Terri smiled.

“What about my five years with Michelle then,” I asked her?

“Nope, relationships are not a date,” Terri implied.

“Well then not counting you or Michelle oh fifteen years.”

“Holy shit,” Terri choked. “Do you even remember how to be sweet to a gal?”

“You mean flowers?”

“That and opening her door for her.”

“Got that covered, no doors on the Jeep,” I grinned.

“For God sakes Dave, put some doors on that Jeep,” Terri exclaimed.

“You, think?”

Back at the apartment I dug through my storage building, it was a little closet sized external building that I rented for an extra hundred bucks a month. But, it was large enough to store my tools, parts I’ve yet to bolt on, the Jeeps soft top, hard doors, and a set of canvas soft doors for those weeks it rains allot. Digging through the recesses of the building I finally found the set, ‘crap, they’ll need to be rinsed off.’ I hosed off the doors and even found the plastic windows, just in case. The doors slid right into the brackets and a cotter pin held them in place, I had them on in a jiffy. I unzipped the plastic windows and ran a bike lock through them and around the sport bar in the back. No use giving a thief easy access. Once finished with that I locked up my storage room and went to prepare for tonight.

I selected a nice pair of kakis, brown loafers, and a tangerine button down shirt. I made sure to take a fresh shower and have a fresh shave for tonight, just in case. No use chancing a whisker burn on the first date, or was this technically a second date?

I finished my preparing including a splash of cologne and quickly ran to the blockbuster to pick out a movie. I always pick up three movies, a chick flick, a man movie, and a comedy. I place all three movies on the table and let the lady pick, you will be amazed how many of them go for the action packed shoot ‘em up. But, I always have three. I was nearly six so I placed the movies into the center lock box and drove over to Samantha’s house.

I parked in her driveway and nearly hopped into the door of the Jeep, yeah open first. Ringing the door bell my heart was racing with anticipation, ‘shit forgot flowers.’ Sam answered the door in a flowered sun dress off white hose and tangerine shoes that matched my shirt magnificently. It was like we coordinated and I am sure that fact was not lost on her either. Her hair was immaculate with ringlets all folding in and out to her waist, I was glad I brought the windows.

Sam smiled at me, “Where are we eating?”

“Well I thought about making beef wellington with a side of Caesar salad and risotto,” I smiled.

Sam looked absolutely shocked, before I finally added, “or there’s Outback.” Yeah I know so cliché but who cares. Sam’s shock quickly turned to a inviting smile. I held out my hand, “Escort you to your carriage my lady,”

“Really, you don’t own any other cars but that Jeep,” Sam asked?

“Well I did have a ’94 Harley, but that was not too good with picking up women, well at least not the women I was interested in. Most did not want to ride bitch and resented being referred to as riding bitch. My other car is a jet aeroplane.”

Samantha just laughed and placed her soft hand into mine. I opened her door for her, thanks Terri, and pulled the window out of the back so as not to mess up her hair as we drove. Sam seemed to appreciate that right away. We didn’t talk too much on the way to the restaurant. 33” mudders, bikini top, and canvas doors don’t make for good conversations while your rolling down the highway. It’s allot of “Whats?”

Of course, Outback on a Friday night is crowded so we checked in with the college aged hostess and let her know that we would be at the bar. Sam ordered a Margarita and I ordered one as well, on the rocks. Soon we were seated, ordered our food, and dove into dinner conversation. Sam did ask about my meeting Terri and I informed her, this really wasn’t the place to discuss Terri. Sam giggled and nodded her head. Neither of us was in the mood for desert so we left the restaurant for the movies.

I guess Sam figured that movies would be at the theater and was confused as I headed back to our small suburbs outside of the main drag. “I’m not aware of any theaters out her,” Sam asked?

“There aren’t,” I popped open the center console, “Take your choice.”

I could tell Sam was uncomfortable, I guess it was one thing to go ‘out’ with me, but she was not ready to end up in my ‘lair’ as she called it.

“I just assumed,” she started.

“Technically, you only said that I could not have dinner at home, nothing about movies being rented,” I pointed out.

Sam chewed her lip for a moment before settling into the idea of videos. “This one,” she held up and I really don’t remember the movie she selected.

I got to my apartment and Sam quickly let herself out of the Jeep. She carried the videos while I took her other hand and led her to Apartment 302. “What floor,” Sam asked?

“Third. Want a piggy back ride?” I guess she never expected me to actually carry her, but when I bent over slightly she hopped right onto my back. I grabbed her by the legs and carried her 130 or so pounds to the third floor. Sam giggled as I set her down outside of my apartment and opened the door. I went to pick her up again, and she brushed me off playfully, “that won’t be necessary.”

As soon as Sam entered my apartment I could tell she was inspecting how I lived. Not too bad for a bachelor, I kept everything clean and fresh and made sure to air out the apartment every week or so. I gave her the grand tour, which lasted maybe 10 minutes and when I shown her the master bedroom I made certain to call it, ‘The Lair!’

“You will want to make sure to avoid there,” I joked.

Sam giggled, “I’ll make certain to take note.”

I asked if she wanted anything to drink and she said, ‘anything.’ I poured two glasses of wine. Needless to say my wine glasses were mondo sized with the two emptying a bottle. Sam just gasped as I handed her the wine.

“Trying to get me drunk,” she asked.

“Maybe,” I glinted.

Sam just shook her head and we moved to the living room. Sam took a sip of her wine before setting it on the coffee table and taking a seat on my sofa. Either she was not as careful or she was a little surprised when she sank into the cushions because as Sam sat down I finally got that freeshot. Her white hose ended halfway up her thighs and her creamy flesh continued up to an alluring tangerine lace thong. I do remember blinking to pull my head out of that wonderful sight and back onto Sam who was smiling cheerfully back at me. She picked up her mega glass of wine and took not a sip but a draft.

“Is everything large with you,” she asked?

“Huh,” I replied.

“Large Jeep, Large sofa, large wine glasses, and a large penis,” she replied.

“Hey you haven’t seen my penis,” I retorted.

“No, but Terri’s is very descriptive during her sessions,” Sam giggled. “She had to describe every bump, the taste, and even tell me how hot it felt.”

Embarrassed, I just kind of stared at her, before sitting down and taking a gulp of my wine.

“Comparing, notes are we,” I asked Sam unsure if I was talking to my date or my therapist.

“Not, yet but do tell,” Sam replied.

I began telling Sam about the day I met Terri:

As I said I had been with Michelle about five years and laid down an ultimatum, either she could support me against her father’s demands or we were done. Michelle begged me not to make her choose as she loved us both dearly, but it was something that I could no longer tolerate. Her father was demanding that I quit my job with the fractional, even though I had just been promoted to Captain on the Sovereign and work for the family company, of which I would have to be a First Officer for ten years or so since Captains were not retiring. He also demanded that we live in the family home town, in a house he picked out and bought for his daughter and we would be married properly in a good Catholic wedding, oh I was to become Catholic, and of course follow the church’s rules on conception, I guess he did not know his daughter was on the pill, but blamed me to birth control. We would have exactly two kids, in which I was suppose to stop sleeping with his daughter since the church forbade birth control and own a Cocker Spaniel, really a Golden Retriever was not good enough. I fought every time the man tried to influence our lives and even returned the Breitling Aviator he bought me as a Christmas present one year, I should have kept the damn watch. He went so far as to buy a $20K diamond engagement ring and slipped it into my jacket one evening. Michelle found it and awkward! That is when I blew up.

Michelle choose, and I moved to Florida shortly afterward. I had some paid vacation from my company so it was not too big of a deal to miss an extra week of work, but it also did not help being a junior Captain and expected to pull call. I basically volunteered to fly the next 5 Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgivings for two weeks off. I moved here due to the location to a major airport with daily flights to Atlanta and the cheap Apartment rent. I met Terri almost the very next day at the same coffee shop we’ve shared breakfast together for the last ten years.

All of the outside tables were taken and Terri was sitting alone, I figured what the hell,

“Mind if I sit and have coffee with you,” I asked.

Terri just looked up and nodded, “uh huh.”

“I’m Dave, I just moved into town,” I told her.

“Really,” Terri remarked, “I’m Terri X.”

“Pleased to meet you Terri,” I responded and she seemed to wait for something else.

We sat and chatted and it just seemed that Terri was waiting for something to click. I didn’t know it at the time but she was a psudo celebrity and expected me to know her name when she announced it to me. Nope didn’t ring izmit otele gelen escort a bell.

As I finished my coffee I thanked Terri for a wonderful breakfast and excused myself.

Terri merely looked up and asked, “Do you listen to 10X.X FM?”

“No, I just arrived in town, I am still unpacking,” I stated.

“Well, if you can find a radio then at 10 AM tomorrow tune in,” she stated.

I went back to the apartment and unpacked until I nearly collapsed, but I had to get the U-haul turned in that day. I crashed on the floor and slept in. I had forgotten about Terri until I went to make coffee in the morning. Remembering her advise and was nearly 10 AM I ran down to the Jeep, my only radio and tune in the channel. That is when I heard;

“This has been the morning show with Terri X and Don Y at 10X.X FM WXXX. For that newcomer to the area meet me at the same table and I’ll show you around town.”

‘Shit’ I cussed and I ran back up stairs quickly cleaned up, threw on some clothes I pulled out of a box and raced to the restaurant. There was Terri sitting at the same table sipping a coffee.

“Well hi Dave, ready?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Terri turned one way then hesitated, “Yeah my car, not the most clean, let’s take yours.”

So I walked her to my Jeep as Terri commented, “Oh a Wrangler.”

“Yep a YJ” I replied. Back then I owned an YJ Wrangler Renegade which in 2000 I traded in on my TJ.

“Seems you’ve done a little work,” Terri stated.

“Yeah, jacked her up 6” running 35” tires, 9,000 lbs Warn winch, lockers, ready to concur any trail,” I beamed.

“Well jacking it up six inches helps… You know, I know this great trail out by the lake,” Terri admitted.

It didn’t take me too long to decide, unpack the apartment or let this gal show me an off-road trail.

“Let’s go,” I said enthusiastically.

“We’ll need to get some lunch to take along,” Terri recommended. I had the cooler in the back so that was not a problem. We stopped at the 7-11 and picked up so sandwiches, cokes, and adult beverages. Then Terri showed me the same trail that you and I took the other day. Terri squealed in enjoyment as the Jeep bumped around the dusty trail and I swore I could see her nipples getting hard under her light tee shirt. Terri kept giving me directions, turn left here, no back that way a few times chewing on her lip before pointing toward a rock climb up a hill, there.

“You think your six inches can take those rocks,” Terri asked seductively.

I shifted down into low and hit the air lockers, “That and the 35” mudders will make short work of that pile of rocks,” I calmly reported. I looked right at her before releasing the clutch and yep her nipples were hard, damn was she even wearing a bra when we met at the coffee shop? I thought to myself she must have been, I would have noticed.

The YJ took the rock climb with ease; I didn’t even need the lockers. We crested the hill and the pine forest surrounding the lake was just beautiful. I shut down the engine and Terri jumped out of the Jeep in a single hop, “Goodie, we found it.”

I set the brake and stepped out of the Jeep listening to the birds chirping, wind rustling the pine needles and looked up to see Terri’s pair of well endowed breasts bouncing toward me as she leapt into arms and just planted a wet kiss right on me. All I really remember of the kiss was how wet her lips were and that the tasted like cherries. Terri’s leap pushed me unsteadily onto the bumper of the Jeep as she continued to assault my lips. I figured what the hell and eagerly responded to her kissing. My cock was quickly rising to the occasion as Terri kissed and rubbed her melons into my chest. It did not take Terri long at all to notice my stiffing rod and she jovially announced, “You did bring something for me.”

Terri licked my neck, bit my shirt stuck her tongue in my belly button, before her hands came to rest on my pulsing pole.

“Oh Dave, you didn’t tell me the truth,” Terri seductively soothed, “this is defiantly more than a six inch lift. You’re packing a good eight, no nine maybe ten inches down here.”

I tell you I have a few ohhs, more than my share of ouches, but never a feel me up measurement as Terri walked her hands across my cock carefully calculating penis to hand length in her mind. The woman was good at math.

With a one two movement Terri flipped her tee shirt off releasing her healthy melons and unbuttoned, unzipped and lowered my pants and boxers in a smooth move. My cock just hung out in the open air in front of this horney vixen as she studies my cock commenting on its appearance to me. Terri made a full physical examination, holding it up, checking my balls, stroking it lightly before gazing at it seriously; I swore I thought I was getting a full check over by the penis doctor.

At that comment Sam giggled.

Terri rubbed my balls lightly and gave my cock good long strokes all the way from base to tip almost like she was trying to milk it.

With pouty lips she glowered, “No precum for Terri, was I not a good girl? Don’t I get sweets.”

I just looked at her, “I never have precum,” again like I was discussing problems with the doctor.

“That’s OK, Terri will fix that,” and she slobbered all of my cock before diving her mouth around me. Terri gave me a few hard sucks then allowed my cock to audibly pop out of her mouth. The hot warm of her mouth was almost as intoxicating as the audible slopping and popping noised her mouth was making which was soon joined with a squish squish. I looked down and Terri had managed to slip out of her shorts and was madly fingering her bald pussy. I let out a loud groan.

“Oh yeah, daddy likes it while I suck his big cock and finger myself wet, don’t he?”

“Oh hell yeah baby, take my cock,” I groaned.

That was all of the encouragement that Terri needed, she sucked hard on my dick, backed it out until just the purple head was at her lips then feed its length right into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her esophagus pumping my cock as it slid deep toward her belly until her chin bumped right into my balls, the squish squish of her fingering herself never ceasing. Terri looked up at me with those deer brown eyes almost as wide as her mouth stretched taut around my dick buried in her.

“Yeah baby deep throat my cock as you finger your pussy,” I hollered.

As soon as I did I could feel her pulling my cock back out of her throat, sliding it all of the way out of her mouth as she spat on it yelling, “It’s a cunt not a pussy. It ain’t got no hair.”

Then she just swallowed my meat to the hilt again. ‘OK got it, cunt not pussy,’ I thought. It did not take long with Terri deep throating my cock before I could feel the well of my seed to start to bubble up.

“I’m cumming I yelled,” to warn her and Terri just redoubled her mad assault on my cock. I felt the first squirt shoot straight into her belly and I swear I could almost hear a ‘splash.’ As the second and third salvo fired out Terri was choking my cock back out of her mouth. Four and five splashed against her tonsils, six landed in her hungry mouth as she exclaimed “mmmm”, seven and eight flew the inches between her lips and my pulsing purple head with the final shot landing on her face. Terri was screaming as the squish squish ended and four of her finger were buried in her pussy… er cunt. I have never cum so hard or so long in my life and I felt fully drained. My cock immediately started to soften as Terri hissed, “You’re not done yet mother fucker.”

Terri literally pulled me to the ground by my cock as she laid flat onto the ground. “Eat that cunt,” she ordered and as I went to go down between her leg she added, “Oh where do you think you are going with that, it’s mine. Sixty-nine me fucker.” Terri didn’t have to tell me twice, I loved a sixty-nine but was used to a woman on top. I kicked out of my pants, fell my flaccid dick over her mouth and proceeded to eat her cunt.

In college I had fuzz pie, trimmed pie, shaved labia pie and even hair pie (the worst, no one like to floss while they are eating.) But, I never had a bald eagle before and this was a new experience. Terri’s pussy, err cunt was so smooth and slick from her fingering. I gave it a test taste and Terri gobbled my dick right back into her mouth and started sucking on it hard. I howled and went to work, licking her slit, nibbling on her clit then her outer labia and finding her inner lips kissed and tongued them. I sucked on her lips, kissed them and tongued them before sticking my tongue deep into her pussy. A muffled moan escaped from Terri’s lips, vibrating my slowly returning cock. I continued to make love to her careful to follow her subtle cues. If she moved something under me to carefully to be kissed, licked, or sucked I did until she moaned in delight, then kept up the pace until she cued me to another part of her pussy. Before long I stuffed two fingers into her while my mouth concentrated on her clit. I was surprised by how loose Terri was with two fingers and quickly added a third which brought forth another moan. I curled my finger looking for that soft mushy spot right inside of her pussy toward her mons and soon found it. I started stroking it gently with the come here movement that most women seemed to enjoy and was soon rewarded with Terri moaning loudly and continuously. She has to spit out my cock and started yelling, “Shit, Shit Oh gawd, shit right there, awwww eeee.” Terri’s whole body stiffened and shook violently and warm juices flowed freely out of her cunt. “I forgot to give her the buzz job,” I thought, so I started buzzing my lips against her clit.

Terri started yelling, “Oh stop, stop, STOP, FUCK STOP.” She was heaving against me and pushing hard to make me get off of her. I guess a little too much getting her off.

I looked down toward Terri’s face and could see her panting hard like she just finished a marathon, my cock bouncing against her breasts her saliva dripping off of it. I was rock hard again. I stood up over Terri and offered her my hand, “Oh fuck I can’t” Terri pleaded.

“You’re not leaving me like this,” I hissed back at her.

Terri took my hand and I pulled her up off the ground, tiny stones of gravel falling off her back. I picked her up and took her to the back of my Jeep where I opened the tail gate, set her down and rolled the ‘roll and tumble’ seats forward. Terri had a pleading; ‘don’t’ look on her face as my cock bounced in front of her. I pushed her diagonal into the Jeep back and climbed on top. Her last words to me were, “Fuck Dave,” as I plowed my cock right into her pussy. She hollered out with an “awwwweeee,” as my cock parted her lips and quickly chugged down her love tunnel. I felt the my head bumo hard into her cervix but I just keep pumping that wonderful wet pussy. Terri started chanting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck aaawww, Oh fuck,” over and over again. What was really amazing to me is that Terri’s cunt was not tight as other women. Hers was more like putting on a comfy pair of pants, well if they were made of silk and glided across your legs like quicksilver. Terri’s cunt started to flutter and pump at my cock, I could actually feel the movement and not just a tight squeeze, damn I now knew what heaven felt like. Even after five years of fucking Michelle hers was never like this when I first shoved into her. Only on the rare occasion of a double fucking would I get to enjoy this and I never felt the fluttering. I continued to pound into Terri bouncing off her cervix and she wailed and yelled wrapping her legs around me encouraging me to continue. With a hard pull of her legs, Terri shoved my cock in to the hilt, my balls bounced off her rosebud ass. Terri’s eyes just went glazy and I could feel tightness in her cannel as I continued to pump long hard strokes into her. After a minute Terri went loose all at once as I continued to fuck her ravished worn cunt. I was hallowing, grunting and groaning. Soon I felt my jism fire another hard round of salvos into Terri’s cunt and I buried myself to the hilt and fired away. Terri’s mouth just widened and shut in tune to each of my rounds striking her cervix. I just held Terri in my arms for a long time as my cock slowly retreated and cum came pouring out of Terri’s cannel. With my flaccid cock still in Terri she just lifted up and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Thank you,” she said, “I haven’t been fucked like that… well…. In forever.”

I replied, “Oh no, thank you, I’m the one who needed that.”

We ate lunch and then fucked a third time before dressing and taking her back to the coffee shop. I asked, “So do I get your number?”

Terri replied, “It doesn’t work that way, but I am here every Monday through Friday at 1030.”

When I am in town, I meet Terri at the coffee shop nearly every weekday. We are close friends and fuck buddies.

But, Terri wasl worried that I have not moved on. I yelled Michelle’s name out a few time during a good fuck and I even made the mistake of comparing Terri’s cunt to Michelle’s pussy.

“Oh my Gawd, you didn’t”, Samantha sauntered.

“Resulted in me having to give her detailed explanation of the differences. Which then of course led to sex. I think Terri may have a bit of bi-curious in her,” I stated.

“Oh she does,” Sam nonchalantly stated. I think Sam was a little bit tipsy and I noticed her glass was drained.

“Another,” I pointed to her glass?

“Oh what the hell,” she slightly slurred.

Chapter 5

I poured Sam another glass of wine and when I came back into the room I found her gazing off her hands on her breasts.

“Your wine,” I stated and Sam lifted one hand to take the wine while still leaving one hand to stroke her breast. She gulped down a huge draft of wine and looked at me with a mix of buzz and vixen wanton.

I sat back on the sofa and noticed that Sam had pulled both legs up into the chair, but she was now sitting where I now had a plain view of her tangerine covered mons. In the very center of the thong I could see just the barest dark spot. ‘I got my sex therapist wet,’ I rejoiced. My eyes did not move from that spot and it seemed that Sam was in no hurry to cover herself up if she even realized she was giving me a peep show. I heard her take another large mouthful of wine as I blurted, “Did my story of Terri and our first fuck get you all horney.”

Sam had to control spitting out the wine and I heard her swallow it hard. She still did not cover up her crouch. Sam then just drained her glass of wine, “A little bit,” she admitted.

“Just a little I asked,” still staring at her crouch.

“More wine,” was her reply. I walked over my cock fairly stiff from all of the sexual tension and clearly outlined in my kakis.

“I think you may have had enough,” I tried.

She shoved the glass into my hand her other hand defiantly rubbing her breast with flicks across her nipple, “More wine, please.”

I drained the second bottle for the evening and went back to the living room. Samantha had maneuvered herself so that her innocent little sun dress was slightly hiked up and she was rubbing her pussy right in front of me.

“Your wine,” I said dumbfounded.

“Over there on the coffee tables,” she moaned.

I placed the wine next to my glass and turned around to her still rubbing herself, “Need help,” I asked?

“Ye… Yes,” she moaned.

I walked over to Sam and she just reached up with both hands and pulled me closer by the waist. I could start to smell the musk wafting off her pussy.

“Lest see what this nonsense is all about,” she purred as she unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and lowered my kakis. Samantha dropped to her knees in front of my and gently and slowly pulled down my boxers, gasping as she revealed my engorged cock. I stepped out of my pants, boxers and shoes as I could feel Sam’s breathing on my cock despite her being a good foot away. She lifted the head in her hand seeming to weigh it, then slowly and gently started to stroke it.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous,” Sam mewled, “A perfect specimen of masculinity.”

Sam continued to stork my penis as she spoke softly, “I think Terri may be a little off, I’m guessing closer to nine.” With that Samantha, my therapist, dropped her soft moist lips onto the throbbing aching head of my cock.

She slowly and deliberately placed butterfly kissed up and down my cock and my balls. When she was satisfied that she completely covered my pole with kisses she shot her tongue out and started giving it a sponge bath. First her warm soft flesh licked my balls one at a time. Then she moved us closer to the coffee table, took a deep draft of her wine and continued licking my cock. This is one of those moments in which I wished my cock was much shorter. Sam was working at an antagonizing pace covering each surface with fresh wine salvia. If she thought she missed a spot she would back and redo from that part back up toward my head. I swore it took a half hour for this neurotic sylph to tongue bathe my cock before she finally reached my slit, dipping the tip of her tongue into it slightly.

“Damn,” Sam stated seductively, “Terri’s right, you don’t have precum.” I looked down into her eyes as she continued, “Maybe I just need to try again.” Then she reached over and downed the rest of her wine.

“God NO, woman,” I bellowed.

“Someone feeling a little pressure in his balls,” she mewed tickling my balls with her French manicured nails.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” I exclaimed.

Samantha then casually licked the head of my cock hard taking in all of its tastes before opening her beautiful lips and placing it right at tip of my cock.

“Do you want me to give you a blowjob?” she asked in the most seductive voice I ever heard.

“Please,” I desperately pleaded.

Samantha expertly set her hand about four inches down my cock and took that length into her hungry moist mouth. I felt an explosion of pleasure as she sucked my shaft. Sam slowly rocked my cock in and out of her mouth, giving little mmms every now and then. Every so often she would pull it nearly all of the way out and flick her tongue across the slit. Disappointed, she would move her hand down another half inch or so and return to sucking my cock. It did not take long before my cock hit the back of her throat. I tried to give it a little nudge in and she stopped me quick with a little nibble.

“I am not Terri, you just cannot violate my throat with that thing. Now if you want a deep throat I can stop, you can call Terri and you two can do this her way. However, if you want me to continue you have to let me do this my way.”

I just nodded at Samantha, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted her, it was all about her. The musk from her pussy was driving me insane I needed her. “Yes Samantha, I want you.”

“Good, now that we have that sorted out.” Samantha removed her hand completely from my cock and continued to suck. Every now and then she would bump my cock head against her tonsils, pull my cock out till just the head was in her mouth, glance up at me, and then continue to suck me off. I never thought to ask her if I called Terri would she stay… or even join in. My cock seemed to stiffen even harder at that thought. It must have been another half hour of Sam harassing my cock in her mouth. If she felt I was even close to cumming she would spit out and return to the butterfly kisses. “Calm now,” she’d ask before continuing. She was deep into a cycle of sucking my cock when I felt her tonsils again and expected to be spit right out, but this time she sucked me even harder and the head of my cock popped right into her throat. She quickly spit it out again.

“I’ve never deep throated,” Samantha admitted. Seeing about ¼ glass of my wine she grabbed, downed it then returned to my cock. Sam sucked me hard again and when it hit her tonsils she sucked at it hard and the head slipped into her throat. It was absolutely amazing as I could actually see her throat puff in the area my cock was and I could feel the swallowing action of her esophagus trying to pull it down. Sam spit out my cock again, took a deep breath and sucked at it hard. I seemed to hit her tonsils and almost bounce off. Sam released her breath, sucked my cock into her warm mouth again, took a partial breath then sucked it hard and I could feel a good length slip down her throat. Sam seemed so please with herself as she grinned, well grinned as much as she could with a dick in her mouth. She allowed my cock to slide back up her throat then pulled it in again. She was soon deep throat fucking my cock. I had been building all night as Sam slowly teasing my cock was taking everything I had not to unload a torrent of jisim into her belly. I bit my lip hard enough to taste blood to hold back my ejaculation.

Sam spit out my cock again and this time I stopped her from touching me. “I got a load from hell sitting in the breach and if you do that one more time, or even blow on my cock, it’s going to explode all over you.”

Samantha, gave me that devilish smile, “We don’t want that now do we? I have much better places for you to shoot you load.”

Sam stood up and walked over to the sofa taking my hand to follow her. She laid down and then wiggled out of her panties flinging them right at my face. The crotch was wet and her deep musky smell was all over them. Pointing to her pussy under her sun dress she stated, “OK trumpet boy, show me your stuff.”

I fell to my knees and dipped my head under her demure sundress. I was greeted with a dark tuft of her brazilian style trim with the rest of her cunt or was this a pussy bare. “Samantha,” I cooed.

“Yes, Dave,” wondering why I would pick now, with me head under her sundress inches from her vulva to speak with her.

“So is this a pussy or a cunt,” I asked?

Samantha burst out laughing eventually stating, “It’s got hair so it’s a pussy. Besides I don’t like the word cunt.”

Thinking about how many times I had just used the word cunt, “Sorry about calling Terri’s cunt a cunt.”

“That’s OK darling, in Terri’s case it’s appropriate.” Did I detect animosity?

With that resolved I took a deep waft of Sam’s pussy enjoying the smell permeating my nose before I kissed her slit, slowly working my way to her clit. Then as I reached her clit, I could tell in the jump in her body, I sucked hard for just a moment, gave it a good tongue lashing and as she arched her back into me I receded back up her slit.

“You dick,” Sam hissed. Oh yeah payback would be a bitch.

I slowly enjoyed teasing Sam’s pussy, I would lick her slit, buzz her clit, suck it hard then retreat. I’d lick along one thigh my nose brushing her soft outer lips then retreat to the other side. A few times Sam pushed her vulva hard into my mouth and I sucked and nibbled on her lips pulling them before allowing them to snap back at her. I would then give a few good full tongue lashes from the tant to the very top of her slit then back down again. I was not playing nice but the pace of Sam’s panting told me that I had the effect all the same. I finally gave her what she had wanted placing my mouth right over her cannel pushing my lips inside of hers and giving her a full buzz job. Sam just started moaning loudly followed by a few “Oh… Oh… Oh my Gawds.” With that I showed her the high notes by tighten my lips and she responded in kind. ‘Ahh the sweet sound of a pussy in love’ and I drove my tongue into her recesses. I finished with a crescendo of licks, nibbles sucks, and kisses on her labia and her clit allowing her to direct the music. I was so busy enjoying her pussy I did not even notice that Sam had been kneading and pulling her tits the entire time.

I flipped Sam’s dress back up so I could see her. She had pulled her straps off and allowed both breast to feel the cool air in the apartment. Sam had the glazed look on her face one of a cat who ate the canary, well a cat who just got eaten by the canary. I whispered up to her, “Now the encore.” Sam pleaded, “No,” but made no attempt to stop me.

I pressed two fingers into her pussy lowered my mouth to her clit and I started the search for that soft spongy spot that was the giveaway for her G-spot. Soon my fingers found it with a light stroke and she moaned in pleasure. I then began a slow come here motion and proceeded to lick and flick her clit. I guess that both clit and G spot stimulation was too much as her grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face from her pussy. My fingers she continued to grind to the rhythm. We continued to rock and rock and she wriggled and squirmed against me. Soon her body stiffened her face surprised and her pussy shot girl cum right at my face landing on my nose. She continued to contort and moan and pumped her clear sweet fluid like a cock spurring its load.

“I….I.,…I never,” she huffed in exhaustion.

“That’s new for me too,” I softly giggled. I’ve gotten girls juicy so that they spill out all over the place, but I never had one shot me in the face before. I climbed up using my dick to sopped up her cum which was still flowing in gentle spurs dribbling down her ass. If I wanted to try anal she was defiantly lubed. With my cock soaked with what juices I could sop off of her I placed the head against the still pulsing entrance of her love cave.

“Be gentle,” she moaned.

I kissed her as her own honey dew dripped off my nose and landed on her lips. It was sweet, very sweet. I lowered myself into position, nibbled on each nipple before stroking my cock slowly into her nest. Sam was so wet and smooth her wetness gliding me into her tight hot cavern. I could feel her inner lips ride over the head of my cock snapping down as the ridge passed her entrance. I could feel the soft spongy G spot racking across the top of my cock and the ridges of her birth cannel as they bump skidded over my slick cock. I made slow deliberate pistons into her and with a gentle nudge my cock head touched her cervix.

Sam gasped as my head touched her cervix and I just held my place in her pussy. She responded with kegel squeezes against my cock. I placed Sam hands on my ass and she guided my movements in and out of her pussy. Ever so slightly she guided more and more of me in. I felt my cock head bump her cervix as my length plowed her womb aside. Sam’s eyes closed and her mouth opened in ecstasy as my length intruded deep into her belly. She continued to pull desperate to feed my entire cock into her and moaned in success when my balls bounced against her slick ass.

Samantha removed her hands from my ass and I made small movements in her belly. She kissed me again and deep as I increased the lengths of the strokes. Soon I was fucking her with the full length of my cock and Sam become vocal with our lovemaking. With Sam’s hour long blowjob, my eating her pussy for nearly as long it did not take long for me to feel the well fill and my nuts transfer my fluid up stream. I was in such a torrent of lust that I slammed hard into Sam, with a verbal ouch from her before letting loose a huge flood of sperm. Sam was so tight there was no place for the flood to go but push up between my cock and her pussy walls and right out her pussy. My cock seemed to jump for five minutes after my initial release.

We fell asleep embarrassing each other kissing, my cock buried in Sam’s pussy.

Sam woke the next morning to me cooking breakfast for her. The typical, eggs, bacon, juice and coffee, the coffee she grabbed and nursed. She sat down with a verbal oh. I knew that sound from Jennifer, I bruised her innards.

Sam asked, “You seen my thong?”

“You mean it’s not a trophy, Dave concurred the therapist,” I joked.

Clearly Sam was in no mood for my jesting, “Over by the sofa,” I stated hang dog.

“Shower’s down the hall, clean towels….” And Sam was gone as I soon heard water running.

We ate, talked and I explained that I would be out for the next week flying to Scotland and promised to call when I returned. I drove her back to her home and she did the walk of shame back to her home wearing the same clothes she wore the night prior.

Within six months we were engaged and inside of a year we married. Life has been wonderful these last ten years. Sam got her PhD, so I had to call her Doctor, and I moved up to flying Gulfstreams, which meant more money. The really funny part was for Sam’s doctoral thesis her topic was ‘Ethics in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in members of the opposite gender.’ Hum, was she really helping me or was I field work?

Oh and the comment she made about calling Terri, seems for my big 40 she planned something special. But that is another story.

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