Hubby faces a wild awakening

Cum On

Hubby faces a wild awakeningLazy Saturday morning, Victor and I were snuggling in bed. Back to back. Butt to butt. I woke up first and watched my beloved hubby still relaxing for the past hours. We had been fucking all night long like crazy. We had sucked on and licked each other; I had been tied to the bed as my wild man had fucked me in the ass…I turned around and leaned over, kissing Victor on the neck in way to show him my satisfaction. I looked down and laughed to myself. When I kissed him, the last cum drops from last night’s session dribbled out from his limp penis. I slipped out of the bed quietly, so he would not wake up.I then pulled out the drawer on the stand by my side and found my brand new toy: a sexy nice huge rubber cock, in black color, eight inches with red straps to hold it on the waist. Victor had bought it for me, telling it was the same size as he is, or maybe just an inch longer.I pulled on my strap and adjusted it to my waist. I lubed it up and kept the jelly pot bahis şirketleri in my left hand. Then I climbed back into the bed snuggling up against Victor again. I reached around and easily tied his hands to the bed posts with my nylon hoses. I was very careful and silent; so, Victor did not notice what I was doing.After tying him up, I pinched his nipples between my fingers. At the same time, I nibbled on his earlobe. Victor began to stir, letting out a soft moan.I pulled him tight to me; my hard nipples pressing against his back. Victor was awake now, finding hands tied over his head to the bed posts.He could also feel my huge toy pressing against his ass cheeks.”What’ up, babe?” He stammered out.”Hush” I said. “Stay still and just relax, big macho man…”I reached down lower with my hand and found his cock. I just held it, without stroking it. As I cradled it, it began growing in my hand…I continued to nibble on his earlobe. In less than a minute, he was as hard as he was last night bahis firmaları when he was pounding my holes like crazy. I let go his nice thick cock and moved my hand away.I then opened up the jelly pot and I poured the lube onto my fingers.”Do not dare to move, dear…” I whispered on his ear.With my lubed up fingers, I began to insert them into his little tiny asshole.I slipped in one finger, then a second and then wriggled them around, loosening him up…I then pulled my naughty long fingers out and pressed my brand new toy against his now gaping hole.”This is your last gift, Vic” I whispered again. “Just remember it is huge as you are, babe”I giggled as he softly tried to make some kind of protest “No… wait…”But the tip was already in; so he then gasped.”Don`t you prefer I fuck you again?” He asked me, crying in tears.I was almost all the way in his loosened asshole now. Poor Victor moaned and cried like a virgin girlie…I loved it. I always have loved how my lovely husband moans…His kaçak bahis siteleri usually masculine voice somehow now was reaching a higher pitch when I was fucking his sweet tight ass.I began to pump away now that he was loose and compliant. I knew he was my little bitch now.I just loved it. I owned him. I loved how he was so willing to be vulnerable to me. It was just only me, my thick toy and his ass…I reached around to find his gorgeous cock, still rock hard. I stroked it as I thrust in and out of his little tiny ass. Victor tried to speak, but the words did not come out from his lips…I then asked, whispering in his ear: “Do you want me to stop, babe?”I was still stroking hard his cock.My sweet Victor suddenly let out a groan and he came in my hand…I pulled out slowly with a little “plop” sound at the end. Victor gasped again. I was not sure if that was disappointment or relief. But I really did not care either way. I untied his hands and reached down again to grasp his shriveling cock in my palm.Victor turned his head around towards mine and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue with his.I pulled out of the kiss and he told me: “I love you, babe…”I just smacked his butt, saying: “We are going to do laundry today…”

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