Subject: I ain’t Gay 3 I ain’t Gay 3 Laying on the floor of Jared’s living room – my breathing slowly returning to normal – the weight of what just happened crashes into me. For the second time, I’ve let another guy see my cock. Let another guy touch me. Fuck, I even touched his cock, tasted his precum. Shit, I put his dick in my mouth! For a moment panic rises in me. The need to get up and just run is overwhelming. Why do I keep doing this? I ain’t gay, I ain’t even bi! Why do I keep coming back? More importantly; why does it feel so good? So … right? No, this isn’t right, this can’t be right. I ain’t gay. This is just … practise! Yeah, I’m just practising for when I meet a girl. Hell, if I’m not prepared to put a cock in my mouth, how am I supposed to be ready to eat pussy? I don’t want to be like the other lads – or Dj Khaled – and refuse to go down on a girl. That shit ain’t right. My mini-crisis averted; I wonder what to do now. I should really be getting home, but I don’t want to be, like, `thanks for the fun, bye!’ I mean, yeah, I’m just using him to get practise, but I don’t want him to feel like he’s just a test dummy. Can’t disrespect people like that. “Okay, I need a towel and a shower I think. You made me make a mess.” Jared’s soft voice and tuneful giggle breaks the silence. I suppose it’s time for the cleanup phase of sex. Jared’s left leg moves from the couch, planting his foot on the floor between my own legs. I hear the rustling of movement from the couch before the sound of Jared plumping back down. “Uh, Dean, can you do me a favour?” “Ye-yeah, what’s up?” Does he want me to leave before he can clean up? “Can you get me a towel? I can’t get up without making a mess all over the couch.” With a chuckle, I steadily make it to my feet. Looking down on Jared, he’s making every effort to keep the cum from dripping off him onto the sofa. It’s a bit pointless as it already has splatters of jizz from when he shot his load. He’s going to have to clean it, even if he does stop any more from dripping down. Exchanging smiles, I make my way out of the living room and up the stairs to where I assume the bathroom – and towels – will be. It’s a bit weird; walking around someone else’s house naked. I’m half expecting someone to jump out of one of the many doors. But I assume his house mates aren’t here yet. Else I doubt we’d have gotten busy in the living room. Thankfully, the bathroom is obvious due to the door being left wide open. It’s bigger than my own at home, but that’s only because there’s a bath instead of a shower. Still pretty small as far as bathrooms go. Pulling the cord for the light, the mint green walls and white porcelain slightly hurt my eyes. Realising I need to piss I decide to use the toilet, I’m sure Jared can wait a couple more seconds. Pulling a pink towel off the wall, I stop momentarily to look at myself in the mirror. Other than my hair being a mess and my face slightly flushed, the image hasn’t changed. Was I expecting to suddenly start looking like someone who’s had a cock in his mouth? Suddenly look gay? Well, I suppose I ain’t gay so that won’t happen. Quickly sorting out my hair, I slightly jog down the stairs, feeling my soft cock and balls swinging between my thighs. If I ever get a place of my own I think I’d stay naked. Maybe. Well, possibly just at night with the curtains closed. Making my way back into the living room, Jared’s still in the same position I left him, just a little more cum collected in his hand. He smiles as I take in his messed long hair, impressively tanned, smooth, slim body and soft cock – still dripping a bit of cum. Throwing him the towel, I start looking for my clothes. For a moment I think about staying for a bit and chatting. However, I instantly reject that idea. I like Jared, but I can’t become his friend. What would the guys think if they knew I was friends with a gay guy? They’d beat me then hunt Jared down. Naw, it’s safer for both of us if we just keep this … sexual? That doesn’t sound right, but the point is we can’t be friends. By the time Jared’s wiped away as much of the cum as he can, I’ve got my pants and trakkies back on. Picking my polo shirt off the armrest of the sofa; I start sorting it out so I can easily put it over my head. “I hope I was able to make your shitty night a bit more enjoyable.” Now cum free, Jared stands up in front of me as I pull my polo shirt over my head. “Heh, You know what? I’d forgotten about that. So, I guess you did.” I smile at Jared as I grab my jacket. “I’m glad I could help,” Jared gives me a wink, “if you need help making your evenings better again, just let me know,” he leans forward and plants a quick kiss on my lips. Smiling he walks past me and out of the living room. Putting on my socks and shoes I hear the shower start in the distance. Leaving the sitting room, I glance to the top of the stairs just as Jared appears from the bathroom. Still naked, he almost skips down, stopping in front of me. “Do you usually walk around naked?” Jared just seems so comfortable nude, I have to ask. “No, well I didn’t use to. But when you left last time I just kind of stayed naked,” Jared looks a bit embarrassed as he giggles out a reply. “Were you naked before I came over?” It would explain why he was commando this time, but wearing a thong for the first. “I was. But, I thought you might be a bit intimidated if I’d come to the door, balls-out, dick hard,” we both laugh. To be fair; he’s probably right. I ain’t gay, but I have to admit it’d be kind of hot though. “Maybe try it next time. See what happens.” Even if I do run, seeing Jared answer the door naked would be a sight to remember. “I’ll keep that in mind sexy.” Jared gives a giggle and a wink before walking to the door, his pert, round ass slightly swaying with his movement. Following behind Jared, I have the sudden urge to cup his cheeks in my hands. To squeeze them, feel them, rub against them. Unfortunately, Jared reaches the door, turning around as he opens it before I can get close to him. Once again, Jared hides the majority of his nudity behind the door. I give one more look to his naked body in profile, before the door obscures my view as I walk out into the fresh September air. The mugginess of summer’s slowly leaving to be replaced by the crispness of Autumn. I like Autumn. I turn to give Jared and smile and a wave. He returns the gesture before closing the door. Alone in the glow of the street lights, I start questioning myself again as I walk through the dead streets. Did I really suggest there would be another time? Would there be another time? I mean, I’ve not had a blowjob, I mean Jared put the head of my cock in his mouth when I was cumming, but I don’t think you can count that. Maybe next time I’ll just get a blowjob. No nudity, no touchy-feely; just Jared on his knees, sucking my cock. The memory of Jared sucking the cum from me and the thought of him on his knees sucking me off is starting to bring my cock back to life. Well, that’s one part of me that’s definitely down with the idea. Though, if the point is getting practise to have sex with a girl, wouldn’t I need to … go all the way? Would I be able to go all the way with a guy? Maybe that’s crossing a line. I ain’t gay, so maybe keep it to just getting a blow job. By the time I get to the quad outside the flats my cocks raging hard again. Seriously, does it ever stay down? Thankfully, no one’s around and the darkness should cover it up if anyone does happen to pass by. “Hey, Dean!” Suddenly a voice from behind me makes me jump. Turning around I see my friend, Darren, walking towards me. “Hey, been trying to reach you, you okay?” Darren stops in front of me, slightly unsteady on his feet. He obviously stayed to have more drinks after I left. “Uh, yeah, just been having a walk. Not checked my phone.” I can tell he looks a state, even in the dim security light of the building. “Ah, right. Just you seemed to leave a bit suddenly. Just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” Darren rocks a bit on his feet, swaying slightly. If I were to say I had a best friend, it’d be Darren. Though, we never really hang out together, just the two of us; he’s just the nicest one of the group. “I’m alright. Was just a bit pissed off at Scott is all.” Looking Darren up and down, it looks like he’s spilt something down his top. Probably ended up getting kicked out for being too drunk again. “Fuck `im. He’s a twat!” Darren gets suddenly animated. Flailing his arms around and raising his voice a little. “Eh, as you said. Ellie’s just a whore. Don’t need her.” Jared’s made sure I no longer care about Ellie. Hell, even a gay guy’s better than her. Scott is welcome to her. Probably find out she’s pregnant next month. Serves them right. I’d feel bad for the baby though. “Yeah, fuck `em.” Darren’s eyes go a bit glassy as he just stares at me, swaying back and forth. “Okay, Darren, I think you need to go home; you’re drunk.” If he stays here any longer I think he’s just going to fall asleep where he stands. “Yeah, good idea. See y’u Dean. Don’t need those kocaeli escort bitches, we got each other.” Darren drunkenly hugs me, – the smell of alcohol strong on his breath – before making his way across the quad. His flats in the building opposite mine. I doubt he’ll get himself into any trouble on the two-minute walk. Turning back around I go into my own building, I taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, making my way to number `303′. Fishing my keys out of my pocket I unlock the door and hope mum hasn’t put the chain lock on. That’s usually my job, so when I’m out it doesn’t usually get done, but you never know. If she hears any commotion out in the hallway she’ll put it on herself, however, since the Roberts in `311′ got evicted this floor’s been pretty quiet. Thankfully, the door swings open as I push it. Not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t get in. Go back to Jared’s? Shaking the thought off I check on mum in the living room. Asleep in her chair, some stupid game show hosted by some washed-up celebrity, is playing on the T.V. I’d turn it off, but that would just wake mum up who’d have a go at me then turn it back on to keep watching. A waste of electricity; I know. Going into my room, I flop down on my bed. It’s a small room and pretty bare. A single bed, – right side against the wall under the window- dresser drawers and a wardrobe is all I have; the space not allowing for much else. Stripping down to my boxers I think about getting under the covers when the memory of Jared saying how he now walks around the house naked enters my mind. My cock gives a little jump, having gone down after seeing Darren outside. I enjoyed my walk around Jared’s naked, and while I can’t do that here, I could always sleep naked, right? I mean, mum never comes in my room, so no fear of her walking in and seeing me. Removing my boxers I throw them to the floor and get under the duvet. It feels a bit … naughty, you know? Like I’m doing something wrong. But at the same time, it feels really freeing and … sexy. Fuck sleeping in clothes. The only downside is my cocks now fully hard again. For a moment I think about having a quick wank, but my heavy eyelids tell me sleep is more important. My cock can wait for tomorrow. I wake up from the light streaming through my window. Apparently, with the excitement of sleeping naked, I forgot to close my curtains. For a moment I try to hold on to the memory of the dream I’d been having. Something to do with being at a pool party, on a swing over the pool, I was naked and someone was on my lap … nope, it’s gone. Though, it seems to have been a sexy dream; my dick’s throbbing under the duvet. Bending over the side of my bed I get my phone out of my trakkie pocket. I’d also forgotten to charge it. I blame being tired. On 8% battery, I plug it in and check my messages. 3 missed calls from Darren and 5 texts: `hey dean u ok’ `where you at’ `you okay’ `dean?!?!?!?!?!?!’ `give me a ring when you read this’. They’re all horribly typoed, but I can just about read them. Seems like Darren was genuinely concerned about me. I’m actually touched. If a member of the group goes off early they usually just get the piss ripped out of them. As I said; Darren’s a good guy. Though, looking at the time stamps; the first message was about 10 minutes after I left, then a frantic 15 minutes of messages and phone calls, before nothing. Wonder why he stopped. Probably met some chick or the guys started mocking him for being so concerned. Seeing the Grindr icon I check to see if Jared’s sent me a message. Ignoring the handful of other messages, I go straight for Jared’s: `Hey Dean didn’t want to spoil the mood last night, but my housemates start arriving on Friday. I’m sure we can meet up after, just probably not as frequent. Unless you want to hang with my housemates.’ Isn’t great news. This means there’s only two more days I can see Jared. Really one though, because I don’t want to seem too keen; meeting him two days in a row. I ain’t gay. But it’s a good thing because that means I can get a blow job then move on. Use my experience with a girl. I try a smile but there’s a knot in my stomach. Probably nerves because that means I have to try and get a girl. Yeah. That’s it. `no worries mate had to happen sometime’ `can meet tomorrow if your free’. But what if he isn’t free? What if last night was the last time I ever see Jared? For a moment I feel very lonely. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long as Jared messages back: `Sure! If you want you can come round about 6. Gives us more time together, if you want to that is.’ I can’t help but smile. At least we’ll have one last night together. I mean, it’ll only be for him to give me a blow job, but at least we won’t have to rush anything. `Sounds good’ `see you then’, I reply quickly. The only problem being that it’ll still be light at six. What if someone sees me? I suppose I can just tell them I’m visiting my cousin from upcountry. Never talk about my family, so they won’t know it’s a lie. Perfect. `In the meantime, here’s something to say sorry ;)’, Jared’s message is quickly followed by a picture. Clicking it to go full screen, I get a fantastic view. The centre’s taken up by Jared’s spread ass cheeks; not because he’s pulling them apart, it’s just what naturally happens when Jared’s on all fours, ass pushed out into the air. Jared’s camera’s visible between his legs, obviously taking a picture of the mirror that’s allowed this shot to be taken. Pretty much dead centre of the photo is his sweet, little hole. It might just be the lighting, but I swear the skin of his crack and anus is as tanned as the rest of him. Maybe he’s just naturally darker between his cheeks, or maybe this is the position he takes when sunbathing. Jared’s news had made my cock go down a bit, however – with this pic – it’s shot straight up. Pushing the cover off me I reach down and give my dick a couple of welcomed strokes. Going back to my phone I come off the picture to send Jared a message, however, I’m met by a second picture. At first glance it looks like it’s just the same as the one before – accidentally sent twice. Once full screen the difference is clear: Jared’s obviously pushing out his hole a little, causing his ring to be puckered, as if waiting for a kiss or something more. My phone in my left hand, my right’s now going at a decent speed on cock. Something about this display; how he appears to be offering himself to me, submitting to me, is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not one for porn. Lesbian porns kind of boring and straight porn has the problem of having guys dicks in it. You don’t want to be at the point of no return just for the focus to suddenly be on the cock, meaning you’re shooting your load to another guy’s dick. It’s never happened to me, but the fear’s always there. Usually, I just find a girl I like the look of and fantasise about us having sex. At this moment I can easily go for porn starring Jared. Coming off the image I type a quick reply to Jared with my left hand, my right still making my cock feel good. `Is that you at the moment?’, the questions important. If it turns out he’s been sharing this pic around, offering himself to others in the same way, the picture won’t be as special. Still hot, just not as … personal. Not that I’m saying Jared can’t be going out finding other guys, we aren’t dating or anything, I just like the thought of this picture being just for me. `Yup ;)’ `Woke up feeling a little naughty :p’, fuck it is just for me! At least for now. I look down at my hand working my foreskin over the head of my cock, causing a dull pleasure to work through me. Should I return the favour? I mean, so far all I’ve sent Jared is a pic of my bulge. Obviously, not being gay, I’m not into showing my dick to guys, however, I think he might deserve something a bit more. Clicking the camera icon I hesitate a moment as my cock fills my phone screen. Holding my cock by the base – the deep purple head pointing at the ceiling – I take the pic and send it before I can second guess myself. `Wow, looks like I’m not the only one ;)’ my right hand goes back to stroking my cock as I continue to reply with my left; `nope’ `thought of that hole kissing my cocks made me super hard’, shit! Why did I say that? I mean, yeah, it’s true. Since seeing the second pic I can’t get the image of Jared’s puckered hole millimetres from touching my hard cock, but I didn’t need to tell him that! Now he’ll think I want to do … butt stuff. `Wow, we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow. Can’t wait ;)’, great, now he’ll be expecting me to do more than just let him suck my cock. Though, Jared’s been pretty cool at letting me lead, so I doubt he’d push the issue; even if he is expecting some ass play. `yeah best make it a night to remember in case we dont see each other for a while’, it’s like there’s a subconscious part of me trying to fuck me over. A night to remember definitely implies more than just him blowing me. Am I trying to make it so I feel obligated to do more? Do I secretly want to do more? Maybe it’s just my horniness talking, kocaeli escort bayan but looking at the thumbnail of Jared’s opening hole, the urges from last night return. The urge to feel his ass, squeeze his cheeks, rub my cock along his crack. Kiss his puckered ring, lick my way from his balls to his back, teasing his opening with my cock. The chat moves up, breaking the trance Jared’s hole was having over me. Jared’s sent another picture; this one of his front, kneeling on the floor with a pair of skinny jeans resting just below his balls, showing a neon green – what I believe to be – thong undies with a pretty prominent bulge in the pouch. `If I’d known you were going to make me so horny I wouldn’t have planned a shopping trip this morning :P’, it makes me hornier knowing the effect a pic of my cock’s having on Jared. `save it for tomorrow’ `promise you’ll get to empty your balls’, seriously, I’m getting way too into this whole sexting thing. Thankfully he’s going out, else who knows what I’ll start promising! `Really can’t wait now. Going to be hard all day XD’ I’m sure he could get any gay guy on this app to go round and fuck him, makes me wonder why he’s spending so much time on someone like me. `Keep those balls full for me’ `if you do i might even let you shoot your 2 day load on me’, dammit Dean! Stop! `Fuck!’ `Challenge accepted sexy ;)’ Maybe I should stop wanking now; the only way I’m going to be able to keep all these promises is if I’m super horny! `Hate to say goodbye, but my friends at the door.’ ` Speak to you later’, despite promising to do more with Jared than I’d planned last night, the conversation was still hot. My hands not left my cock the whole time, so I’m a little disappointed he’s had to go. `c ya later mate’. What if Jared isn’t going for a shopping trip? What if he’s actually meeting someone else for sex? A sudden pang of something hits me in the stomach. Does the thought of Jared meeting someone else make me jealous? No, that can’t be. He’s free to see as many other guys as he likes. At least if he is fucking someone else he isn’t rubbing it in my face. Sometimes a lie is better than the truth. For a moment I think about actually not wanking; save it for tomorrow. However, the thought of saving myself for another guy makes me uncomfortable. Plus I don’t have anything else to do, so might as well play with my cock for a bit. Getting the picture of Jared’s puckered hole on full screen, I put my phone next to me on the bed and reach under my pillow with my left hand. Finding the silky material, I pull out Jared’s black thong. Yes, okay, I kept it. I ain’t gay or anything, it’s just … hot. Like a sex trophy or something. I don’t know. All I know is it’s made wanking these last few days even hotter. Besides, it’s a thong. Pretty girly underwear. I mean, yeah sure it has dried precum stains in the pouch and still smells like Jared – coconut mixed with a manly, musky smell – but it just adds another sense to my wank fantasies. I mean, I don’t know what a girl’s pussy smells like, maybe it smells like coconuts and ball sweat. Either way, in my horny mind I don’t give a shit. It feels good so why not, right? Putting the inside of the pouch over the bottom half of my face, the faint smells of Jared fill my nostrils, causing my dick to twitch and feel even harder in my right hand. Picking my phone back up in my left hand, I go back to roaming my eyes all over Jared’s opened cheeks and kissing anus. Taking in as much of it as I can – even noticing the grey carpet and pink bedspread in the background. My hands flying across my dick now; furiously masturbating myself as my senses are completely taken up by pleasure and Jared. My skin feels electric as I take another big sniff of the thong, almost making myself dizzy as I fantasise that I’m there, in the picture with Jared. Laying under him, his feet by my head – imagining that’s where the smell is coming from – rubbing my cock over his pulsing hole. The duvet over my legs making me too hot. I kick the thick sheet off into the small space between my bed and wardrobe and spread my legs out; bending at the knees and putting the soles of my feet together. With my new freedom of movement, I start humping up into my wanking hand, imagining that I’m thrusting up towards Jared’s hole, but every time I do Jared moves away, just keeping his ring in the slightest of contact with my cock head. Somewhere in my brain, I register my mum talking to someone in the living room, but I brush it off as just the TV. My heads too full of Jared’s winking hole for me to care what the rest of the world is doing. I lightly rub my tongue on the thongs pouch, wanting to have a taste but at the same time not wanting to wash away the smells. Putting my tongue back in my mouth I’m slightly disappointed that all I can taste is my saliva, however movement from my door instantly takes me out of my fantasies. “Hey, Dean, Ho-” The door swings open, revealing the 5 ’10” frame of Darren. My eyes take in his navy blue trakkies, the surprised look on his face and wide ice blue eyes. My own grey eyes shoot open in shock and realisation. There are three things I need to cover up and zero time to do it. Dropping my cock I reach up to the thong on my face and tear it away, quickly moving my right hand back to cover up my dick. Dropping my phone on the bed, my left-hand joins my right in trying to use what little of the thong material I can to hide my throbbing, dripping erection. At the same time, I’ve lurched my upper body from the bed, bringing my knees up to meet my chest in the middle, leaving me sitting on my bed, trying to cover as much of my nudity as I can. Unfortunately, there’s no way I can hide my complete and utter embarrassment. “Darren!” between gritted teeth; I half-whisper, half shout at my best friend. The last thing I need is for mum to overhear and come to see what the noise is all about, “The fuck are you doing!?” Why is he here? Why didn’t I hear him come in? Wait, the person my mum was talking to. Shit! It wasn’t just the TV! How did he get in without knocking? None of this makes any sense! Throughout my scramble to hide myself, Darren’s just stood in the open doorway – mouth a gape – staring at me. Apparently, my half scream wakes him, causing his eyes to dart around the room, trying not to look at my state of nudity. Darren’s trance broken, he quickly shuts the door and takes a step towards me. My room being as small as it is Darren’s now standing over me in my naked ball of shame. He’s still trying to avert his eyes, but I’m pretty sure he’s tried to get an extra look or two of my crotch. “Su-sorry mate, I just came to see if you were okay. I think I remember seeing you when you came home last night, but I was fucked. Woke up this morning in the shower.” Darren’s eyes meet mine as he’s talking. He seems to be becoming more comfortable with the situation. “Yeah, saw you outside. You were pretty wasted, had beer all down you. Couldn’t stand up straight. Told you to go home.” Darren has a confused expression as I say `beer’, but then has a sudden look of realisation before he looks away. I take the moment to look away from his face, looking down his navy blue and white striped Adidas jacket, my eyes naturally resting on the crotch of his matching trakkie bottoms. Wait, is that a bulge? Like, not a normal bulge, like a … boner bulge? Quickly averting my eyes, I look around for something better to cover myself with. My duvet’s on the floor at the foot of the bed and my clothes are either under Darren or behind him. As I try to take a sneaky peek over my bed, Darren bends over, at first I hope he’s picking me some clothes off the floor to cover myself with, however, he comes back up with my phone in his hand. Shit, it must have fallen off when I dropped it. Fuck! He’s going to see the picture of Jared’s ass! I am so fucking screwed! Darren gives the screen a quick glance before putting it on the chest of drawers next to the head of my bed. Looking over at my phone the screens blank. Thank you, God! Apparently, at some point, it must have gone to lock screen. If I get out of this without people thinking I’m gay I might start going to church! “So, what you got in your hands, Dean?” Straightening back up, Darren’s eyes are firmly fixed on my hands trying to cover my now soft cock. “My dick! We both know what I was doing, can I get some clothes on, please?” Not sure why I’m asking. He’s just walked into my room – without knocking – the least he could do is hand me some boxers and give me some privacy. “No, well, yeah, what I mean is, what’s in your hands that was on your face?” Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! There’s no way I can explain Jared’s thong! Suddenly, Darren bends over and snatches the throng from my hands. Apparently, in my panicked state, I’d only had a loose hold over the small piece of fabric, allowing Darren to easily reach over my leg and take it away. Making sure my hands are completely covering my shrivelled dick, I look up at Darren; a shit-eating grin plastered on his face as he looks back and forth izmit escort from the thong to me. “So that’s what you were up to last night! You got yourself a piece of ass! And you got her panties! Shit mate, good on y’u! Didn’t think you had it in you!” He thinks they’re from a girl? Well, of course he does; Darren’s not the smartest guy. For him, the thong could only have come from a girl. “Uh, yeah. Found her on Tinder.” I look up to Darren with a small smile before looking away again. “Shit, dawg, budge over!” Darren slaps my right leg as he forces me to turn, my back now against the cold wall, my feet pointing to the edge of my bed, my knees still up and my hands keeping my dick hidden. “Tell me what she looks like!” Glancing over at Darren he has an excited look on his face but I’m just confused. I’m sitting here naked after my best friend came bursting into my room, catching me wanking with a dudes thong on my face, and now he’s sitting next to me and wanting me to tell him all about a fictional girl he thinks I fucked last night. It takes a couple of seconds for my brain to process everything, including how Darren’s left side is right up against my left. Like, my beds small, but there’s enough room for him not to be so close to me. “Come on, Dean! Spill!” I could tell him to fuck off and get out of my room but I really don’t want to chase away the only actual friend I have. Plus, if I piss him off he can just blab about what he’s seen here today. “Uh, well … she’s got like brown hair down just past her shoulders, tanned all over, and I mean all over mate, I swear she sunbathes naked.” Just give him what he wants, maybe he’ll go away and I can stop living this nightmare. “Fuck, that’s hot! Maybe your pasty ass should join her!” Darren shoves me with his shoulder as he laughs. He hasn’t actually seen my ass, so I don’t know how he can say that’s pasty. But he’s right about the rest of me. I am pretty white. “Fuck off, but it would be hot tanning with her all naked.” It’s surprising how natural the conversations starting to feel. “What about her tits? Her ass?” Darren’s getting really into it now. There’s a bit of movement coming from his right arm, however, he’s sitting with his left leg up, bent at the knee, so I can’t see what he’s doing unless I actively peer over his leg. “Uh, well, to be honest, her tit’s aren’t big. Probably A’s and even though she’s really skinny she still got a nice ass. One that you just want to feel, squeeze, rub your cock on …” I trail off as I realise the image I’ve got in my head is of Jared. I’ve technically been describing Jared to Darren. Except for the tit’s bit anyway. Don’t think Jared’s going to be wearing a bra anytime soon. “Mate! Did you get to pound her pussy?” There’s definitely something going on in Darren’s pants. He’s been looking down at his crotch the whole time I’ve been describing … well, describing Jared. “Not this time; just shot down her throat.” I gotta admit, remembering Jared’s ass and cumming in his mouth, my hands are starting to have a hard time hiding my dick. I push my rising cock down against my balls, hoping if it’s between my legs Darren won’t notice. “Man, I wish I got some last night. Been forever, mate. Look how hard just thinking about a girl’s got me.” Darren moves his leg down flat on the bed, giving me the perfect view of his tented trakkies, his right hand slowly massaging the bulge. Looking from his trakkies to his face, Darren is now staring at me intently. Unlike with Jared, I don’t get the urge to kiss him. Not that Darren’s ugly or anything. Quite the opposite, he’s quite good looking. A straight nose that turns up a little at the end, strong jawline. Ears are a bit big and he wears his hair short all over – even shorter on the sides and back-, except with a fringe that hangs down. But not unattractive. Just, there isn’t a spark like there is with Jared. Wait, why am I thinking about kissing Darren? I don’t think he’s looking at me for a kiss though, I think he’s looking at me to say `your move’. Do I make him feel bad about his hard-on, or let him know I’m okay with it. I mean, am I okay with it? Maybe it’s my experiences with Jared but a dudes dick doesn’t freak me out like it once did. “Don’t worry mate, I got some last night and I’m still getting hard over here. Fuck, mate, I was so horny this morning I was wanking to her thong.” We both have a bit of a laugh as I put my legs down, letting my hard cock free in the open for Darren to look at. Peering down at my cock, I can’t help but give it a couple of strokes before forcing myself to let it go and place my hands on my thighs. “Fuck, mate, you got a pretty big dick for such a little guy,” I beam a smile at Darren, for some reason another dude telling me I got a big dick gives me a pulse of pride, “and you look super horny.” He’s not wrong. If Darren hadn’t interrupted, I doubt I’d have lasted much longer. “Well, you did interrupt me mid-flow, man.” I’m hoping Darren gets the hint; I’m horny and need to wank. “Sorry, should have knocked,” Darren’s now openly looking at my bouncing cock, keeping the slow massage of his own over the top of his trakkies. “Fuck man, got such a hangover horn going myself.” I feel like telling him to go home and deal with it but I need to think of a nicer way to say it first. Suddenly – still looking at my dick – Darren takes the waist of his trakkies in hand and shoves them down to his knees, leaving his dick flapping about in the breeze. I first notice how straight his dick is – no curve at all. I admit; I’m slightly jealous, but from a quick comparison I think I’m bigger. Not that he’s small – he’s about 6″ – Just without my curve I’m 7.5″. Dick out, he next un-zips his jacket, revealing a black t-shirt underneath. Instead of taking it off, he just leaves it open and relaxes with his back against the wall. With his left hand, he moves his black t-shirt up just past his belly button, allowing me to see a small patch of pubes and thin treasure trail. Even though I can only see a bit of his stomach, it’s obvious Darren’s got some toned abs. At the same time; his right-hand takes hold of his cock and instantly starts a speedy wank. No build-up, just going fast as he can straight away, working his foreskin over the head almost too quick to see. Like the foreskin doesn’t seem like it’s even moving. “Sorry, mate, can’t go out tenting. Going to need to deal with it.” Darren’s breathings starting to sound strained, the furious wanking already getting him short of breath. “Uh, yeah … sure.” As shocked as I was at first, watching another guy wank is pretty fascinating. I ain’t gay and neither is Darren, it’s just interesting to see how someone with similar equipment uses it. My own dick is throbbing in front of me, desperately wanting attention. Well, if Darren’s happy to wank next to me, it can’t be gay. Just two horny mates relieving themselves. Like standing at a urinal. But wanking not peeing. As I watch a bead of precum appear at my piss slit I decide: Fuck it! Taking my cock in my right hand, I start my own speed wank. It’s a little trickier for me than it appears to be for Darren, what with my curve, but if I just wank around where my head meets my shaft, I can keep pace with Darren. I’m not sure why keeping the same pace with Darren is so important but it is. Of course to make sure we’re keeping pace we need to watch each other. Even with the speed of Darren’s wanking, I can still tell his cock heads getting redder and wetter. Darren’s hand covers most of his cock, so the only thing I can actually see is the head. Glancing up at his face, Darren’s cheeks are flushed the same colour as his dick, teeth biting his bottom lip. The speed of my own wanking is causing intense tingling in my cock head. Almost too intense. I usually wank with a more casual tempo, more building to jizzing. This way seems to be almost forcing me to cum. The powerful feelings are making it impossible for me to keep still. My legs are constantly twitching, my toes curled to try and take the pleasure. “I’m going to jizz, Dean.” As his left hand lifts his shirt higher, Darren continues his fierce stroking, even as his cum starts shooting out. The first two shots hit pretty much the same place, just under his chest in the valley of his straining abs. As his third shot hits one of his ab muscles, I feel the intense tingle all through my body and a heat rise through my head. “Cumming as well, Darren.” Unlike my friend, I don’t continue wanking as my orgasm hits. Holding my dick just under the head, hips slightly thrusting, my first shot shoots high in the air before landing down on my stomach. The next two are less powerful but still get good height before landing in the same pool as my first. My dick gives 4 more twitches, forcing cum down my hand, onto my shaft before the flow stops. Look back over at Darren, his belly button is full of cum. His stomach is also a mess, adding to the three shots I saw before having my own orgasm. Both of our chests are heaving; filling the room with the sounds of our gasps and attempts to get our bodies back under control. What happens now? Are things going to be awkward between us? Will Darren still want to be my friend? “Hey, let’s clean up and go McDonald’s. My treat.” Darren looks over at me with a smile.

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