I Caught My 48-Year-Old Wife Cheating on me with a 19-Year-Old Hunk


My wife and I had known Justin and his family for several years. Since we had known him he’d always wanted to be an entrepreneur someday. When Justin turned sixteen he started up his own lawn care business. He had started with just a few accounts, but that quickly grew over the next few years. In the past he had asked if we would be interested in him cutting our lawn. I told him that I had it covered, but now that I was getting older I agreed to let him take it over last spring. A few months had passed and Justin was doing a great job with the lawn. He was prompt and polite and he did an outstanding job of cleaning up after he was done. He even did several other things that he wasn’t being paid for around the yard, like trimming the bushes and fertilizing the lawn. One afternoon I left work early to surprise my wife. I was going to take her out to a quiet romantic dinner, just the two of us to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. As I pulled up to the house I noticed Justin’s truck on the driveway blocking my entrance into the garage. His lawn equipment sat idle alongside his truck and he was nowhere to be seen. I got out and walked around to the back of the house thinking that he might be doing something extra in the backyard. I instantly looked around but still no Justin. I began to worry that something might have happened to him as I went in the back door of the house to see if my wife knew where he was. The house sat quiet and my wife was also nowhere to be found. I began to get worried that Justin had gotten hurt or had come down sick as it was an extremely warm day. It was then that I suddenly heard a noise coming from the upstairs bedroom. I slowly made my up the stairs until I reached the top of the landing. It was then I heard a muffled cry coming from our bedroom. I proceeded slowly down the hallway until I got to our bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and I glanced in to see my wife down on her knees with her shirt pulled up over top of her big, beautiful tits. Her tits were totally exposed and she had Justin’s cock lodged inside her mouth. I immediately froze as I was quite shocked by what I was watching. I didn’t almanbahis know if I should just storm into the bedroom or keep on watching. My cock began to expand rapidly inside my pants as my wife gave the young man one serious blow job. A few minutes later my wife began to stroke his very large cock at the same time as she ran her mouth back and forth over the shaft of his cock. This pushed Justin over the edge as he no longer could take it. He began to moan out, ”Oh, god! I am cumming!” His cock began to erupt inside my wife’s mouth as she held her lips tightly around the head of his cock. Seconds later my wife pulled her mouth from Justin’s cock, showing him the cum inside her mouth as she got up and went off into the bathroom. I continued to watch from the doorway as my wife walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later. Justin was in the process of pulling his shorts back up when he asked my wife, “I really want to make love to you. When are you going to let me?” My wife gave him a big smile and said, “You know what the arrangement is, Justin. Don’t you?” “Yeah, I know what the arrangement is, but I really want to experience your body,” a disappointed Justin said back to her. I quickly slipped out the back door and drove away. I spent more than an hour just driving around in circles trying to understand what I had just seen. I wondered what arrangement Justin was talking about. I had no idea how long this had been going on or how involved they were with each other as a rage of jealousy came over me. I also felt an equal amount of adrenalin rush through me and my cock was extremely hard. I could hardly believe that my wife of twenty years would do something so unbecoming of her. She was the quiet conservative type of wife, or at least I thought she was. I decided the best thing to do was not to say anything as I returned home a short time later. My wife acted like nothing had happened that afternoon as she greeted me with a kiss on the lips and wished me a happy anniversary. It defiantly felt weird knowing my wife had let Justin cum inside her mouth just a few hours earlier and now she was kissing me on the lips. It almanbahis yeni giriş had seen abundantly clear that she hadn’t actually let Justin sleep with her, but she certainly kept the young man happy by sucking on his big cock. Over the next week I couldn’t wait to once again spy on my wife and Justin. I left the office early one afternoon and headed for home. I parked up the street and watched carefully as Justin just finished cutting the lawn. He then parked his equipment next to his truck and walked around to the back of the house. I got out of my vehicle and quietly went around to the back of the house. My wife stood out on the deck dressed in her sexy swimsuit as Justin met her. The two of them then went inside and I felt a huge adrenalin rush. I gave them a few minutes before going up to the back door and walking on in. I heard several noises coming from our upstairs bedroom as I slowly made my way up the steps. As I reached the top of the stairs my cock was rock hard as I quietly made my way down the hallway to our bedroom. The door was once again partially opened and I glanced in to see Justin on top of our bed. My wife grabbed his shorts and slid them off him exposing his big lovely cock. Justin’s cock had to be a good eight plus inches in length as my wife began to tease his big cock with her tongue. I always loved it when she sucked my cock. She worked over his cock for several minutes, teasing the young man till he could take no more. Justin then began to reach down and he ran his hand up my wife’s leg until it touched the outer part of her swimsuit. She stopped his hand from going any further as she continued to suck hard on his cock. Justin didn’t give up though as he continued to work his hand up underneath my wife’s swimsuit. A few minutes later my wife gave into her own dirty desires. I watched as she let Justin’s hand slip underneath her swimsuit until it rested on her bare ass. My wife was getting extremely aroused now as she no longer tried to stop Justin’s advances. A few minutes later Justin began to ease down my wife’s swimsuit. He eased them down over the cheeks of her gorgeous ass and his almanbahis giriş hand quickly moved in between her legs. His finger ran directly across her now swollen pussy and my wife’s body began to squirm hard on the bed. Justin didn’t stop there until his finger finally penetrated deeply into her wet pussy. A few seconds later my wife began to spread her legs wider apart as she now was beginning to lose control. Justin fingered her for a few minutes and my wife was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. This was when Justin went for it. He rolled my wife over onto her back and he quickly mounted himself on top of her. My wife began to panic as she moaned out, “Oh god, Justin! Please don’t fuck me!” I couldn’t believe what I was about to see as Justin worked my wife’s swimsuit off her beautiful body. He quickly tossed it aside and he moved his tight body against my wife’s. My wife now felt his enormous cock against her swollen pussy as she began to squirm hard on the bed. Within seconds my wife cried out, “Oh god, Justin!” The young man penetrated the swollen lips of my wife’s aroused pussy with his large cock and she began to moan out even more loudly than seconds before. Justin had been waiting for this exact opportunity for some time as he began to work several inches of his cock deeply into my wife’s hot cunt. It only took a few minutes and my wife was already on the verge of an intense orgasm. She cried out, “Give it to me, Justin! Harder! Harder!” Justin gave it to her good and hard as my wife fingernails ran down the length of his back. Seconds later my wife could no longer take it as she screamed out into a very intense orgasm. Her 48-year-old body trembled hard on the bed as her fingernails dug deeply into the young man’s back. She hadn’t cum that hard in years as Justin continued to pound his big cock hard into her. Several minutes later Justin began to moaned out. He was on the edge of cumming as he gave my wife several hard thrust with his cock. His body began to go into convulsions as his cock exploded inside my wife’s wet pussy. She also cried out at the exact same time as she began to cum hard all over the young man’s cock. Justin moved off the top of her a few minutes later as my wife’s body still trembled hard on the bed. I could see Justin’s cum trickle out her just fucked pussy. “Oh god, Justin! What did I just do?” “Wow! That was great, Mrs.

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