I Dominus – A Kodak Moment


“Don’t hold anything back, Gil. You know I can take it,” Sonia winked at me as she lifted her right leg over her head and placed her ankle on my left shoulder. I gripped her ankle with one hand and held it firmly in place on my shoulder, as she leaned forward and stretched, in preparation for our session. Sonia had asked if I would tie and suspend her, while a new student, Katja, photographed us. Eight months had passed since Katja had enrolled in the Kinbaku classes that Sonia teaches. Katja’s hobby is photography. Sonia had asked her if she would take pictures for her web page. Sonia rents a small industrial unit, by the hour, three times a month. The exposed iron beams are ideal for rope suspensions. Each student, and spectator, donate at the door, to help pay for the rental of the space. Sonia and Katja quickly became friends after a few classes. Sonia is a very skilled rigger, but, she much prefers to be the rope bottom. Sonia is a masochist, a pain slut, as she refers to herself. I smirked at her and replied, “I’ll have to abstain from all the fun stuff, Sonia. I don’t want to shock and scare Katja.” She laughed as she slipped her leg off my shoulder, shook out her arms, pulled her green hoodie over her head and tossed it on the floor. She had on a sheer, white sports bra. Her pink nipples were visibly erect. I laughed at what Sonia had said to me. “It’s too much fun. The look in their eyes as they near panic is priceless to me, and very arousing. I don’t see that part of me ever changing.” She laughed as she slipped her leg off my shoulder and shook out her arms, “Other one now,” she pointed to my right shoulder and lifted her left leg into the air, and placed her ankle on to it. I held her leg in place and Sonia leaned forward. “The fun stuff is for when we’re alone. Whatever and whenever you want, Gil. It’s been months since I heard from you.” Sonia shook her head and continued before I had a chance to reply, “I know, I know, it’s your busy season at work. As for scaring Katja, that is exactly what you want to do, Gil. You take great pleasure in scaring all the pretty, young girls. You are a very bad man.” Sonia winked at me, “Don’t you ever dare change that. It’s my favorite part of you. Tonight, make it up to me; I need the sexy monster in you, to quiet the wild whore in me.” Sonia giggled and said, “Besides, I have given Katja fair warning, Gil.” “Fair warning?” I chuckled. “Yes, fair warning. I informed her that there will be some very rough play. Nothing that she has witnessed in any of the classes she has attended. She said she understood, and looks forward to photographing the session.” “Hello?” We heard Katja calling from the foot of the stairs on the first floor. “Up here,” Sonia called out. Katja made her way up the stairs and smiled at Sonia when she reached the top step. “Sorry I’m a bit late. Traffic was horrendous.” She was a very slim, petite brunette, barely five foot three. Her ripped jeans, and oversized t-shirt hung off her thin body. Katja looked girlish for her age, like she hadn’t filled out yet. Sonia had told me that she was twenty-nine years old. Her tiny breasts were free under her t-shirt. I could see the outline of her large nipples. They weren’t erect, their size were not proportionate to her breasts. Sonia slid her leg off my almanbahis shoulder and walked over to hug and greet Katja, “No problem. I needed time to limber up.” Both young ladies made their way to me. “This is Gil,” Sonia introduced me to Katja as she wrapped her arms around my waist. “Hi, I’m Katja,” she smiled at me. “Hello, Katja,” I smiled back. Sonia stepped away from me, kicked off her sneakers and pulled off her track pants. She had on a traditional, white, Japanese thong. Katja asked, “Where should I set up the tripod?” “Anywhere you want to, we’ll be on the yoga mat,” Sonia replied and made her way to the purple yoga mat in the middle of the room. Katja set up her tripod a few feet away from one of the large windows. “The sun is about to set, and we have a clear view of the lake. We should get some spectacular shots, without using a flash.” Katja mounted one camera on the tripod, and hung another around her neck. “Ready when you are,” she smiled at Sonia. She turned her eyes to me and asked, “Are you going to change out of your jeans and t-shirt?” Sonia snickered, “Gil prefers to be naked when he ties. He is not one for following tradition. Just to clarify what is going to transpire shortly. Gil is going to be rough, at my request, Katja. If I don’t ask him to stop, it means I am fine. So, don’t worry, just keep taking pictures. Okay, sweetie?” Sonia smiled as she explained one more time what Katja was going to witness. “Gotcha,” Katja replied. She was excited, nervous, and a bit apprehensive. She didn’t know how she would react to witnessing rough play. She brought her camera to her eye and said, “I’m ready when you are. Sonia turned, lifted her head up to look at me, and grinned as she gave a slight nod of her head. I roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her onto her knees. The sudden and forceful act caught Katja off guard. Her breath caught and her eyes widened. She quickly snapped off a few shots with her camera. And tried to ignore the sudden flutters in her belly. Slowly, I guided Sonia’s face to the cement floor, past the yoga mat that she was kneeling on, and reached for a rope from my bag. I released the grip on Sonia’s hair, and placed my foot on the side of her face to keep her head pinned to the floor. Sonia crossed her arms across the small of her back, as I threw the folded rope over one of the iron beams, secured it in place, and tied my suspension ring to it. I grabbed another rope, uncoiled it, and kneeled behind Sonia. I grinned at Katja as I pulled Sonia slowly back onto her knees by her hair. I used the bight of my rope to cinch Sonia’s left nipple, yanking it upwards in one quick motion. She grimaced and let out a loud yelp. I slapped Sonia’s left breast very hard, just how she likes it. I covered her nose and mouth with one hand, and hooked both her elbows behind her back with my right arm. I snarled into her ear, “You know that I don’t approve of my whores being loud. Maybe, if I don’t let you breathe for a minute, it’ll serve as a gentle reminder.” I pinched her nose and pressed my hand hard over her mouth. It didn’t take long for Sonia to begin to struggle for breath in her aroused state. The harder she struggled, the tighter I squeezed and kept her in place. When Sonia tried to shake her head free and take a breath, almanbahis yeni giriş Katja cried out in concern, “Stop! You’re hurting her!” I grinned at Katja and growled, “Do not interrupt me again, Katja. My responsibility is to ensure that Sonia is safe, not to babysit you and your uneducated opinion.” Katja swallowed hard and remained silent. Her eyes shot daggers at me; she was not a fan of my techniques, yet. Sonia’s eyes watered, her tears spilled down over my knuckles. I released her; she coughed and gagged in between deep, quick, panicky breaths. I snapped her head back and lowered my cheek to her lips. She turned her head in defiance, refusing to place a kiss upon my cheek. I snapped her head back again, with more force. She moaned and gently kissed my cheek. I shoved Sonia forward and tied her arms behind her back. I tied a chest harness, two passes with the rope above and below her breasts. My rope did not cross over her shoulders or the sides of her neck. I locked the rope between her sides and her arms. I worked her sports bra upwards, under the rope, till her perky breasts were exposed. Her nipples were erect, and rock hard. Katja zoomed in on Sonia’s breasts and took a dozen photos. I fed another rope through the suspension ring, attached it to the back of the chest harness, pulled out the slack, and pulled down hard on it as I dropped to my knees. I used my body as a counterweight to propel Sonia into the air. She groaned as my rope dug into her chest and the sides of her arms, as she was swept off her feet, and left to dangle in mid-air. I stood up and tied the suspension rope off around itself. Sonia was trying to settle into the tie. I didn’t allow her the opportunity. Instead, I pinched both her nipples and pulled her towards me. Sonia sobbed and flailed her head at the searing sting that burned in her nipples. I placed my cheek to her lips. Again, Sonia refused to kiss my cheek. She wanted more pain. I twisted her nipples and snarled at her. Sonia cried out and placed another gentle kiss on my cheek. I released her nipples and watched her body sway to and fro, as I grabbed and uncoiled another rope. I fed it through the suspension ring and tied a square knot above Sonia’s left knee. Slowly I pulled the slack out of the rope. Sonia’s knee was pulled upwards, her legs scissored open. Katja moved closer and snapped off another dozen photos of Sonia’s exposed crotch. I folded Sonia’s right leg and bound it tight, then pushed her, and watched as she swayed. She likes the feeling of swaying while she is bound, she’ll tell you that it centers her, quiets her mind, and makes her feel more alive. Soft moans escaped her lips as her arousal grew. Katja looked on as Sonia became more and more aroused. She felt her own arousal begin to increase. Hot moisture began to build between her own legs. I released the rope attached to the chest harness and slowly lowered Sonia towards the floor. Till her body was almost parallel to the ground, and tied the rope off locking her in that position. I pulled her thong to the side and rubbed my palm across her hairless pussy. Sonia reacted immediately to my touch. She lifted her head slightly, and groaned in aching pleasure. Katja took close up pictures of Sonia’s facial expression as she unconsciously bit almanbahis giriş her lip. As Sonia’s moans became more audible, I stopped rubbing her pussy and slapped her ass. The slap caused Sonia’s body to jerk. Katja jumped with a start at Sonia’s instant reaction to the sting of my hand, and continued to take pictures of Sonia’s morphing facial expressions. I reached around with my right arm and slid my thumb into Sonia’s mouth. It took her a few seconds for her to comprehend what I wanted. She sucked on my thumb and let her spit build up in her mouth. I slid my saliva covered thumb out of her mouth. “You might want to get on your back, underneath Sonia, to take the next set of pictures,” I sternly said to Katja. Katja quickly dropped to her knees and rolled on to her back, then wiggled her body using her elbows and feet till she was face to face with Sonia. “Beg,” I snarled at Sonia. “P-please, Gil,” Sonia whimpered. I shoved my thumb into her ass. Sonia’s mouth opened into a wide O shape. Katja gasped. She had never before witnessed another woman being brought to arousal. Her own pussy began feel hot and sticky. “Slap her again. I want a picture of the impact.” Katja bit her lip and quickly turned her body one hundred and eighty degrees, by twisting her body and pushing with her feet to get in position. Till her face was directly under Sonia’s slick cunt. The seam in the crotch of her jeans rode up the crack of her ass and her pussy. The friction was a welcomed sensation to Katja; it sent pulses of pleasure through her entire body. I pulled my thumb out of Sonia’s ass, and slapped her pussy. My cock twitched at the wet, sloppy sound that filled my ears. “Fuck!” Sonia yelped, when I slapped her pussy with a bit more force and shoved my thumb hard into her ass. Katja rested the camera on her chest and looked between Sonia’s spread legs. Just in time to see my hand strike Sonia’s pussy again. “Ow-www!” Sonia cried out as every muscle in her body tensed. “Slap it again,” Katja said as she brought the camera to her eye. I grinned to myself as I spread Sonia’s pussy, allowing Katja to see just how wet Sonia had become. “Is your pussy anywhere near as wet as Sonia’s?” I asked. Katja blushed at my words. She was wet, not as wet as Sonia, obviously. “It’s very erotic what you are doing to her. I am a bit aroused by this.” Katja’s reply surprised her. She is normally very shy around the topic of sex. “Would you like me to slap Sonia’s pussy harder? Would that increase your arousal, Katja? It would most certainly make Sonia hornier,” I asked her as I stared down at her. Katja bit her lip and took a moment to nod her head. She couldn’t bring herself to say the words. The thought of watching Sonia’s pussy being slapped harder sent a shiver through her. I shoved my thumb back into Sonia’s ass, and said, “Your student wants me to hurt your pussy, Sonia. Would you like that, whore?” Katja’s breath caught in her throat. Hearing me calling Sonia a whore made her clit tingle. Sonia moaned and nodded her head. “Fuck yes! Make it burn! Make me cum!” she pleaded. I tilted my head to take a look at Katja’s crotch. The seam of her jeans had worked itself up between her plump pussy lips. Katja squeezed her thighs together when she noticed where I was staring. “Spread your legs for Sonia, Katja. It’s only fair she should have the opportunity to look at your camel toe, when I slap her pussy harder at your request,” I sternly ordered. Sonia eyes shot to Katja’s crotch. Katja hesitated a moment. “Show me,” Sonia panted.

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