I dream of being a captive like this some day.


I dream of being a captive like this some day.Well, summer vacation from school begins today. My friend is going away for the summer to visit his mother while leaving his hot dad home alone. Now, is the time to go pay him a visit this beautiful morning. I put on a very tight pair of short shorts and a tightly fit t-shirt. I take a 10 minute stroll on a natural dirt path through the thick ruins in which separate our homes. Finally, I reach the ending of the path in which is at the edge of the 5 acres of a richly green meadow in which his dad owns. As I briskly stroll across the meadow with high anticipation of seeing his dad, I hear heavy machines running in his dad’s huge work shop a few yards a way so, I change my direction towards that work shop with a huge rock hard erection because, I know that his dad will be heavily covered in thick safety gear due the dangers involved in the shop. I slowly creep stealthily as possible to the opened large bay doors of the entrance and look inside. Next, I walk just inside the entrance way seeing him towering over the metal object in which he was cutting at the time. To güvenilir bahis my surprise, he had 4 other men working with him today. All of them were dressed like him as well. One of them notices me and motions to him to look my way. He stops working and turns to me and gives me a gesture to come on in to where he is located. He gestures to his workers to keep working and leads me into the office. After closing the door behind us, he raises his thick face covering and says, “My son is a way for the summer.” I reply with a nervous voice, “Yes, sir, I know. I just thought you could use the company.” He goes, “Ah, I see. If you want to remain here with me boy, you will need to change your clothes. So, go to the house and wait in the living area for me there.”After waiting for his arrival in the living room for about maybe 15 minutes, he comes in, raises his face covering and says, “Follow me boy.” So, I closely follow behind him where he leads me into his private bedroom and says, “Strip down boy and do not move from this spot, UNDERSTAND?” I noted my head yes and he left the room. A few moments later he arrives güvenilir bahis siteleri carrying a large heavy looking black leather case of some kind. After he unlatched the locks to the case, he tells me to turn my back to him and back up to him without looking.The next thing I know a black rubber hood was being placed over my head and firmly pad locked at the back after being zipped shut. Next, I could feel a metal band with chains rattling being placed around my waistline. Finally, metal bands were being tightly clamped shut around my wrists and ankles. He forces me down onto my knees in front of him, opens both the eye holes and mouth hole of my hood and pushes his thick rubber cock filled sleeve into my mouth to where his rubber ball sack touched my chin. He says to me, “Boy, no more bull shit games. I know why you came here because I notice everything. So, since you want me so badly I’m going to make you my little bitch pet now. From now on, I own you bitch. My son is at that age of curiosity and you will be used as a sex ed prop to where my son can watch me use you as I want. Also, I know other iddaa siteleri dads who will want to come over to where we can share our teaching techniques of sex together by using you too.”Finally, he pulls his dick sleeve out of my mouth, closes my mouth hole and leads me out to his work shop with a leash attached to my collar. There, he places me on a narrow wooden table top, locks my head into the attached stocks, locks my arms and legs to each of the supporting legs of the table. He pushes my cock and balls down into a small hole where a metal clamp is placed around my cock and balls to where neither one can come out of the hole. Next, he pulls over a long rubber hose with a clear cylinder and ball cup attached to ends end. My cock and balls are placed inside and firmly locked into it before a small milking machine is turned on at slow speed. It slowly milks my cock and simultaneously pulsates my cock and balls for stimulation. Randomly, I can feel thick heavy rough work gloves pawing and petting around on my body with firm grips just before thick rubber sleeves are slammed into my ass, This goes on until work time is over and then, I’m lead back into the house for the night. First thing he says to me after entering the house for the night was, “BITCH, this is your position now and that’s just a small sample of how I will use you from now on.”

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