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It always rubbed me the wrong way that just because we weren’t sporting expensive clothes or an expensive car that these types thought we shouldn’t be in “their” neighborhood. “As it so happens I’m looking to replace a Benz series E sedan that got stolen and wrecked.” “I see. Saving the parents the leg work?” “My parents,sir are dead. Let’s blow this pop stand Karl.” We were soon back in Karls car and across the street to the Benz dealer. We had a bit of time to look around the lot before we were approached by another suit. “Good afternoon gentlemen, what can we do for you today?” Though I had never gotten the guys name when I picked up the Benz from the rear end work, this was the same guy. “Maybe you remember me sir, a couple of months ago the 250SE with the rear end damage?” “Yes sir I thought you looked familair. Looking to trade her in?” “I should be so lucky. No she got stolen and totaled the other day. So I’m thinking about a certified pre owned. No need to take the depreciation hit on a new one.” “I see. Looking for another sedan, or a coupe?” “4 door sedan please.” He took us around to the side of the building and showed us several cars with varying milage. Unfortunately they were all either white or silver, neither of which appealed to me. “I’m sorry to say nothing jumps out and says take me home, but I will definately keep them in mind.” “I do still have your number and I’ll keep my eye open and let you know if anything comes in within the next few days.” “Thank you, have a good day.” Karl and I got back into his car and rolled on over to the Acura dealer and merely drove through the lot looking. Again I didn’t see anything that appealed to me. We kept this up for another hour or so and decided to call it a night. We headed back to campus and erdemli escort grabbed some supper at the cafeteria and had our nightly walk and kiss. “Going to go looking again tomorrow love or hit the gym?” “Let’s look and I’ll save myself for the all day on Saturday.” “Sounds like a plan to me. See you in the morning.” I was upstairs and into my room and cracked a book until the nightly messages were exchanged. The usual routine followed the next morning and soon enough classes were done for another week. I waited for Karl to finish his last class and then we were again on the road looking at cars. “You know, there’s nothing that says I need to get another status car, is there?” “Nothing in my book. What are you thikning now?” “Not really sure, but we might as well check out the other lots as well. Something my well grab my eye. Nothing I saw yesterday yelled take me home.” “Still looking for a certified pre owned?” “Yeah probably, unless like I said something jumps out at me.” We hit several lots along the main drag and though there were some nice vehicles, nothing said take me home. I didn’t know what it was that I was looking for really. Something different, but not outrageous. It was getting late in the day and I still hadn’t seen anything that grabbed me. “We might as well call it a night Karl. As long as we’re out might just as well swing by Tony’s and grab a sub.” “Works for me. So hit the road again on Monday?” “Yeah maybe. Might just try surfing the web if I have any free time between now and then. First thing we do Monday though is go by the bank and transfer about 25k into the checking account. If I see something I want to be ready.” “Yeah I don’t suppose you’ll have time to do it tomorrow.” “Not with an all day practice I won’t.” We were soon enough into Tony’s and we ate in tonight. Back to campus and our good night kiss and I was up to my room. No heart on the door on a Friday night. Now that I thought about it, Pete hadn’t mentioned Susan in a few days. Made me wonder what might be going on. Well, it wasn’t really my buisness anyway. I went in and Pete wasn’t there so I figured they were just out for the night. I booted the computer and checked my email and then started looking at cars online. It soon became evident to me,when I saw them all together this way,that there really wasn’t a whole lot of diffenece between them, as far as body styling unless you started getting into exotic cars. Those also had exotic prices. I decided when we went out on Monday to simply find one that satisfied the requirement of basic transportation and with any luck it might also be fun to drive. Messages were exchanged and I was quickly tarsus escort to sleep. 5:45 and I was out for jogging with the guys and breakfast was had and then I had a few hours to kill until practice at 10. I had noticed that Pete hadn’t come “home” last night. I hoped to hell he wasn’t doing something foolish just because he had some cash in his pocket. I soon enough made my way over to the gym and got changed up and out to the apparattus room. Everybody was on time today and we got right to work. Today I wasn’t going to be taking it easy unless coach said something. My shoulder felt fine and the bruise was fading nicely. We went to the pommel horse first and I remembered to point my toes. Coach didn’t have any comments for me. Same with the vault and the parallel bars. My floor exercise went well and then it was on to the rings. “Control Mr Sawyer.” It was the only comment the coach had for me there. Finally it was off to the high bar. I was bound and determined to do the triple dismount today. Coach didn’t warn me against it and so I went for it, and stepped out of it badly. “Keep working on it Mr Sawyer. One hour lunch and we’ll run it again.” Dwayne was still on the crutches as he made his way over to me. “You nail that triple and you’ll be damn near unbeatable Den.” “I nail that triple and I’ll be one happy camper Dwayne. How’s the leg doing?” “Not to bad. I think I’ll be using a cane this time next week.” “Hope so. I’m going to grab a quick sandwich and get back here.” “OK I’ll catch you later.” I was quickly out of the rec center and down to the student union. I grabbed a premade sandwich and a bottle of water and headed back to the rec center. An hour later and we started all over again. Everything went well and I was finally at the high bar once again. I worked through my routine and again went for the triple. I had to take a little bit of a hop out of the landing, but that was a hell of a lot better than the step out I had taken before. “Better Mr Sawyer, but I think maybe you might hold that for when we really need it. Do keep practicing it however. Alright I’ll see you all Tuesday for the final practice.” I went into the locker room and changed into my bathing suit and hit the pool as I knew most of the other guys were going to hit the whirlpool right away. When I did finally get to the whirlpool Gordon and Aiden were there. “So did you find a car yesterday?” “No we’re going to head out again on Monday. I decided last night after surfing the net that they new cars are all pretty much the same as far as body styling, so I’m just going to after something to get me from here to there and with any luck have it be fun to akdeniz escort drive as well.” “Good luck with that.” Soon enough we were out of the whirlpool and into the showers. Karl was there to meet me when we all finally made it out of the rec center. “How did it go Den?” “Not bad. Still need to work on the highbar dismount though.” “Ok then what for supper?” “I’m beat. Can we just hit the cafeteria?” “Fine by me.” Karl and I headed into the cafeteria and got ourselves some supper and soon enough we were taking our nightly walk. We eventually had our kiss and I headed upstairs for the evening. I fully expected to see a heart there, but the board was clean. I went into the room and there was still no Pete. I was getting a bit concerned. I tried his cell phone and got a not in service message. I tried Susans and got the same thing. Now I was really concerned. 11 rolled around and the nightly messages were exchanged and I spent a bit of a sleepless night. 5:45 and still no Pete. I got ready to jog and was quickly downstairs. Gordon and Aiden were waiting. “Did Pete say anything to you guys about going away for the weekend or anything?” “Not a word.” “Me either. What’s going on?” “Haven’t seen him since Friday morning and neither his or Susans phones are in service.” “And what? Now that he has a little cash you think he has done something…..unwise?” “I don’t know and that is the problem. Come on Karls waiting over there we had better get it in gear.” We made our laps and then went into shower and had breakfast. I spent pretty much the rest of the day catching up and the stuff I had let slide while looking for a car, and worrying about Pete. Karl came over for lunch and we went downstairs again. We took a little bit of a walk and then it was back to work for me. Dinner time rolled around and there was still no Pete. we again went downstairs and I don’t think I ate more than a few bites of whatever it was I had gotten. “Jeez take a deep breath love. Pete’s a big boy and he can take care of himself.” “A big boy with a wad of cash when he has never really had any before Karl. Hell look how ready he was to give it up for a car for me. I worry Karl, it’s what I seem to do best.” “Oh hell no lover. I KNOW what you do best.” “Don’t change the subject. Why do I want to call the police?” “For what a missing person? You’re going to feel pretty stupid when he walks through the door tonight.” “Maybe but at least somebody would be looking for him.” “Tell you what lover. If he isn’t here in the morning I’ll take you to the police station myself and screw classes.” Now for Karl to say screw classes was going a ways. “Deal.” We took our walk and had our kiss and I made my way back up to my room. I tired to get some work done but neither my mind nor me heart was in it. Nightly meassages were exchanged and there was still no Pete. At 12 my phone buzzed. “turn out the lights and try and get some sleep lover.” “Easier said than done lover, but I’ll try.”

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