Female Ejaculation

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Jason let his hands fall to his side and my hands trembled a little as I reached for the top button of his shirt. I slowly undid each button and slid the shirt from his shoulders. My fingers once again traced along Jasons smooth chest and down to his waist. I pulled him to me and kissed him and then kissed down his throat and to his chest. My tongue flicked across an erect nipple and Jason gasped. I worked that nipple for a few seconds as my hands went to Jasons waist and worked at the button fastening his slacks. It soon gave way and after sliding the zipper down Jasons pants slowly slid to the floor. I went to my knees and slid his bikini briefs from his hips to finally erdemli escort reveal his hard cock. It was every bit as impressive as his act had promised. I went as far down on him as I could go and Jason moaned his appreciation. After a few minutes Jason pulled me up into another kiss and I could feel his hands working at my shirt. My shirt slipped to the floor and Jason gave me a similar treatment with his tongue. Soon after we were both standing there naked carressing each others cocks. “Use this bad boy on me Dennis. I want it.” The couch had a lounge section to it and I laid down on it an held a hand out to Jason. He joined me and I threw his leg over my hip and moved to enter him. I pressed my hardon against his pucker and popped into him. I slowly fed the whole length of me into him and when I was balls deep into his ass I waited a few seconds for him to get used to the size of me. I slowly started to work his tight rounded ass and gradually picked up my pace. My hands ran along Jasons smooth hairless torso as I continued to move within him. “God you feel good in me Dennis! oh fuck yeah.” I was fairly pounding his ass at this point. My hand slid down to his stiff cock and I started to stroke him. “Please….don’t. I want to be in you after.” I released him and went back to work on his ass. It wasn’t that long before I started filling his ass with my juices. When I was finished and we had a second to catch our breath,Jason rolled to me and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss,but tarsus escort somewhere in the back of my head I felt it was wrong. “My turn,if you’ll let me.” I rolled over and presented my ass to Jason and I felt his head press against me. Jaosn slid into me without to much effort and he worked his way deep into my ass. Jason went right to work on me and the heat of his shaft in me felt good,but somehow not right. Screw it. “Oh fuck me hard Jason!” He complied and pounded my ass like there was no tomorrow. Jason carried on for several minutes. “Oh god I’m…. I’m…..” I felt Jasons cock throb within me and seconds later the warmth of his load spread through my ass. We again laid there spent and when we got our breath back I rolled to face Jason. He kissed me once and then snuggled into my shoulder and was soon asleep. I didn’t fall asleep. The back of my head kept telling me that this wasn’t right. I must have dozed off at some point because Aaron was shaking my shoulder to wake me up. “Damn boy you must have really worn yourself out. The guys left about 20 minutes ago and you never even batted an eye.” “What time is it?” “Almost eight in the morning.” “Fuck where’s my phone?” “Right here with your pants.” I retrieved my phone expecting to see a dozen missed calls from Karl,but there wasn’t a one. I ran for the bathroom and emptied my stomach. “Shit what’s wrong Den? You didn’t have that much to drink last night.” “I should never have agreed to come with you last night. Aaron….I’ve akdeniz escort cheated on Karl and……..I enjoyed it!” “You have NOT cheated on Karl. He gave you his permission to have sex with others.” “But he didn’t text me last night. He ALWAYS texts me at 11.” “He didn’t text you because he knew we were going out. You don’t think I would have suggested it without telling him first do you?” “Did he know the night was going to end the way it did?” “Well….. I doubt it.” “Take me home Aaron take me home now!” I dressed quickly and we made our way back to his car and were home shortly after that. I went to my room and showered for I don’t know how long and I still felt dirty. I got dressed and threw a few things in an overnight bag and headed for my car. “I should be home tomorrow night.” Peter blocked my way to the garage. “Pete I know damn well you can take me even with your ribs but please get out of my way.” “Not until you stop and take a deep breath. I don’t know what happened last night and I don’t want to but you go driving in the state you’re in right now and they’ll be peeling you off the side of a tree.” Deep down I knew he was right. I sat down for a minute. “Whatever it is,it ain’t as bad as you think it is.” “I cheated on Karl last night Pete and I feel like shit about it.” “You told me he gave you permission to have sex with other people.” “People we both knew,not some dancer in a club that I’ll probably never see again. I have to go talk to him Pete. A phone call just won’t do it.” “Agreed,but going out of here under a full head of steam like you were headed isn’t the way to get there either. Why don’t you have Aaron take you?” “Because I’m afriad of what Karl might do to him for taking me out in the first place,even if he did know about it. No, this is something that I have to do alone.”

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