Ice Me Up, Baby!


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Iron Author

Ice Play

Ice Me Up, Baby!

Ren grinned as he leaned over his giggling girlfriend – well, sort of girlfriend. They’d been out on a few dates, but it was really too soon to tell where they truly stood. The anthro snake lay sprawled out on his bed, the blue striped sheets creased and rumpled beneath her back. She didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t in the most typically comfortable position, however, as she twisted and arched to show off her python-patterned body, brown and cream scales melded sinuously over muscle.

Stroking his fingers down the top of his muzzle, the red fox kissed her neck and shivered as she moaned, her arms wrapping around him. It would have been so easy to slip down his boxers, pull her thong to the side and just push in, but he had something far more delectable in mind for the main event of the night.

His cock and his own pleasure would simply have to wait.

Enora tipped her head down to her collarbones as he pulled back, slipping off the bed to stand on his own two paws. Curling his toes into the carpet, he resisted the urge to press himself up against her body, sharing the warmth that she could not produce on her own. The snake blinked up at him, her lips parted in a warm, sensual smile.

“Come on,” she laughed, curling her fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion. “I’ve been waiting for you… You wouldn’t want to keep me waiting any longer, would you? I may just slither off and find someone else to spend the night with.”

“Don’t you worry – I won’t keep you waiting long enough for the ice to melt, cutie,” he shot back with a wink, his whiskers quivering. “There’s way too much to heat up before then.”

Enora sat up, her long, black tongue flicking from between her lips as her eyes glinted.

“Now that’s something I didn’t expect you to say,” she murmured, her dark eyes intense. “What have you got in store for a serpent tonight?”

She licked her lips, drawing out the motion of her tongue dragging along the edge of her lower jaw.

“I do hope it’s something…ssssensual.”

Ren couldn’t help himself. He laughed and shook his head, though he was certainly hoping she would find what he had in mind more than simply sensual. Sensational was more what he had in mind.

“If you wait here, you may just find out!”

She waved him off – he knew when something good was in store – and Ren trotted off into his flat with a flick of his bushy tail. It only took him a few moments to dart to the freezer kilis escort and withdraw the ‘toys’ he’d carefully secluded away earlier that day, testing one with the tip of a finger. He smiled. There were set perfectly.

The snake widened her eyes as he returned with an ice dildo and a small tub of ice cubes balanced on a plastic tray.

“Hopefully these won’t melt too quickly,” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck as he set them down on the rickety bedside table. “I know snakes aren’t all that good with the cold, but in the right places…” He grinned and tapped the side of his nose. “Let’s just say I heard that it can have quite the effect.”

He didn’t give her any chance to reply as he pounced, lips crashing clumsily into hers as Enora parted her lips to meet his, tongue flickering up to his. Ren moaned into the kiss, his shaft hard in his boxers, but it was not yet time for those to come off with the chilly lure waiting for his sweet snake. Unhooking her bra with all the finesse of a horny male, he whined as he tugged it off her arms, treating her thong to the same callous removal, too eager to see her in her scales to truly appreciate the lingerie that she’d surely picked out for him.

Her bare nipples, perky and firm, begged for his attention. He assumed it was a product of having a mammalian mother or father that she even had breasts at all, being as most serpents were completely devoid of them. Ren groaned, running his tongue around one perfect bud as she arched up against his muzzle. He didn’t know. He hadn’t yet asked. And he wouldn’t have the time to ask as he picked up the first ice cube and ran it in a slow, slick circle around her breast, the ice slowly melting and slipping beneath his fingers.

“Oh…” She whispered as the first ice cube touched her breast, reflexively shuddering from the icy touch. “I’ve never done this before. It’s so cold.”

“I’ll warm you up again, baby.”

Ren smothered her lips and neck with kisses, the ice cube slipping between his fingers. He ran the ice cube around her breasts as it lost its shape, letting its moisture dampen her scales, leaving a gleaming trail of water down her stomach. He yipped softly and nuzzled into her neck, his russet tail wagging as he let the nearly melted ice cube just barely touch the lips of her sex. The snake moaned and rocked up to meet him, breath coming in shallow pants.

The bucket of cubes slowly depleted as his fingers found new spots to tease, alternating the warmth of his muzzle with the coolness of the ice. He ran the tip of his tongue over the softly scaled lips of her pussy, working her up to a frenzy of need, and only then did he swap the sensation out for the glorious ice that sent pleasurable chills up her spine.

Enora groaned and he guessed he’d hit the right kıbrıs escort spot with the ice pushing lightly between her lips, licking the hollow at the base of her neck. Ren murred quietly and captured her lips with his own, abandoning his new toy temporarily in favour of something a little more…heated.

When he broke the kiss again, they both were panting heavily, a trail of spittle connecting their lips for a fraction of a second.

“Not too cold?”

“Mm…” Enora shook her head slowly, eyes wide and lips parted for breath, her tiny nostrils sucking in what air they could. “No… Not with you here to warm me up.”

Ren was already leaning back in and popping an ice cube between his lips as he gave his reply.

“Allow me to do one better with that.”

As he closed his lips around her nipple, he swirled an ice cube around with the tip of his tongue, combining his warmth with the chill as she gave a breathy squeal, hips bucking. Ren growled playfully and held her down with the weight of his arm across her midriff, pleasurably assaulting her nipple with sensation until the last chunk of ice had melted away. He lapped up the water from her breast, a low rumble rolling from his chest as her breasts heaved, breath coming in short, shallow pants. Ren’s chest puffed up, head taking on a cocky tilt. He did suppose he had that effect on the lads and ladies, it had to be said.

“Ready for something a little bigger?” He teased, picking up the ice dildo with two careful paws. “It’ll melt away if we don’t start using it soon.”

Enora eyed it dubiously, though the lust in her eyes wouldn’t have allowed her to answer with anything other than what he knew was coming. She lay back on the bed and hitched her legs up for him, bent at the knee so that her toes were lifted from the bed. Admiring her pale-scaled sex with a low murmur, he dipped his fingers into her wetness, testing her readiness. He couldn’t help but be shocked to find her so slick and eager, two and then three digits pushing into her easily. He’d have to go gently, but there was no doubting that she was more than ready for him.

He presented the tip of the dildo to her pussy and held his breath; even his tail was still. Slowly, the fox applied gentle pressure, easing the smooth, rounded tip of the faux shaft into her, helping by spreading her lips with two fingers around the head. Enora jumped when the dildo first touched her and then whimpered, eyes wide as she demonstrated her flexibility in watching the homemade toy disappear into her sex. The ice should have clung to her skin, but the coating of her juices allowed it just enough lubrication to push in, inch by tantalising inch.

And the cold shouldn’t have been so erotic – not for a snake. But something about it stoked a fire deep within Enora kırıkkale escort and the snake could not help but moan and hiss, rocking her body on the bed as if she could coax just a bit more into her. Ren took his time, however, rubbing and stroking her stomach, stretched lips and the swollen bud of her clit, simply enjoying her pleas for more as the toy finally seated itself fully within her.

He didn’t allow her much time to adjust to its size, however – there was a time limit on ice play, after all – and worked the toy patiently back and forth. Her lewdly stretched lips tried to stick to it, but he eased it loose, allowing her arousal to coat more of the length before thrusting in again. Gasping, Enora dug her fingertips into her skins, pressing down hard as if she wanted to be helpless, allowing the fox to do exactly as he wished with her. The dildo trickled drops of water down her lips and buttocks as he thrust, working up to a pace that had her rocking and grinding with mindless lust. It should have chilled her to an unpleasant level, but the shock of the different and new turned out to be exactly what she’d needed to, well, heat things up a bit again.

There was no sense in letting a new relationship go stale, after all.

The dildo, however, could not last forever and Ren found it moving more and more easily through Enora’s tight pussy. Her pussy lips tried to cling to it as the water washed her natural juices away, but the warmth of their kinky interlude was too much and water trickled more quickly from her pussy as, bit by bit, it melted. The fox grumbled a complaint, pressing his thumb to her clit as he got in a few quick, hard thrusts while he could, letting her feel the full length of the shaft before pulling back. Lips parted in a hiss, Enora submitted to the sensation, head lolling back lustfully.

Finally, when he could find no more purchase on the slippery toy, Ren sighed and let it fall from his grasp. Enora groaned, her muscles pushing out the toy reflexively to drop the somewhat smaller dildo on the bed, a small wet patch pooling beneath her buttocks. She rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder, working out the tension from holding it so stiff for so long.

“Well…” She said, or at least tried to say through her heavy breathing. “That was certainly something. But why don’t you warm me up again, now that you’ve gotten a serpent riled up and ready to go?”

When no answer was immediately forthcoming, she sat up and instantly smiled. Ren bent over, his boxers around his ankles, and blushed as he stepped out of his underwear, his tail lifted to show off his tight anal ring. Looking back over his shoulder, he blushed and stood slowly, showing off his body to its best advantage. The fox licked his lips, ears pricked.

“There’s some more ice in the freezer,” he said, a hopeful wag to his tail. “Is it my turn?”

Enora grinned.

“You gotcha, foxie!”

The night was still young and there was so much more for a young, kinky couple left to do.

All they needed was a little bit of imagination.

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