Ideal Suburbia Ch. 15


This is a series of stories that are a sort of sequel to two text-adventure games. Each installment is a complete story on its own, but for a full understanding, the reader may want to start with Chapter 1.


Things proceeded smoothly with my business plan. Once Linda and I had finished with the lawyers on the limited partnership, they immediately went to work billing me for setting up the closing on the Baker farm where I would build my country club.

I made no moves of any kind before the closing, not wanting to have another developer find out the land was available and try to queer my deal. The day after we closed, I began to assemble the team I was going to need, both before and after the club opened. My first need was a real estate firm to handle the sale of home lots and the townhomes the club would build. I had done a lot of research beforehand and had been delighted to see that the same firm that employed Lee, my agent who helped me with my own house, would be an excellent fit. I contacted Lee, who was excited, flattered and avaricious to learn of my interest. It took just a week to structure a relationship with her and her partners. The deal definitely raised Lee’s importance at her firm as well. We worked together quite a bit on the outline for subdividing the home sites around the proposed course, to ensure we had the best breakdown for the market. Lee, along with the rest of her team, convinced me that I was envisioning too many townhouses, and we changed about half the acreage I had intended to allocate to that housing into constructing a small neighborhood of “patio” homes instead. While we couldn’t actually lay out actual lots until the course was designed, we had a lot of planning we could do already.

It all meant that Lee and I spent a lot of time together, usually at her office. One afternoon, I wanted to show her how well I had set up the house that she had sold me. We had a big argument about how much land I needed for club facilities like the pool and tennis, versus a few more building lots that would make her money. After we toured my house, we had a much more productive discussion on the issue and I ended up making a few small concessions that were reasonable. Once that was all settled, we also ended up making the beast with two backs on my living room couch, just to prove to Lee that it wasn’t just my back yard that was sexy.

Then we had more sex out in the aforementioned backyard, in the exact same spot where she had convinced me to buy the house, way back when. I was really liking that particular patch of grass.

After Lee left, I realized that sex with her was always accompanied by her pretty much getting her way, whether before, during, or after. I reflected that my boss Cathy’s corporate rule of absolutely no sex with or between employees was really wise. I would have to implement it myself.

This sucked because of a lot of the people I was thinking of hiring were also very enjoyable sexual partners. It was a long time before operations began, but I wanted to get a number of my key employees and department heads on my payroll almanbahis yeni giriş early, if only as consultants, so they could help me make sure their areas were constructed and equipped the way they would want. I wondered how many One Last Hurrah passes I was going to issue myself in the coming months….

The first facility I needed to address was the golf course itself. After all, that would be the spinal column of the whole club, recreationally and residentially. Since I was still a total noob at golf, it was a good thing I knew just the person I wanted to be the Head Pro. Charlie had been laboring hard to whip my brand new game into some semblance of shape (on orders from my current boss) for a while now. I gave her a call and pleaded for her time, in addition to my regular weekly lesson, to take me around a full 18 holes in advance of the impending corporate employee golf outing. We found a time that was mutually available and I had a couple of hours with her to myself to recruit her.

Charlie always found a way to make ordinary golf attire look vaguely naughty, and the day we were scheduled for 18 was no exception. She wore a short, pleated pink skirt, just long enough to keep from flashing anyone when she bent over to address the ball, and a very form-fitting kelly green collared top, with none of the buttons buttoned. Her long hair was pulled back and held by her white, club-logoed visor. She truly knew how to keep my attention, even though I had only once gotten into her (at the time) rain-sodden pants.

She waved at me as she pulled our cart up to the clubhouse, both our club bags already on the back. “I just checked the weather,” she leaned over and said quietly as I slid into the passenger seat. “Looks like nothing but sunshine today.”

“Way to start the round with a bummer comment,” I replied with (only slightly) exaggerated glumness, and she laughed as we sped off to the first tee.

Once we teed off on the second hole, I turned to Charles and went into my pitch. “I have a non-rain related proposition for you,” I began, then explained my project, finishing by asking her if she would be interested in the head pro position.

Charlie almost missed the bridge over a creek she was so excited. After swerving back onto the path, she didn’t bother saying that she was interested, she just started asking questions about the project. “Who is designing the course?” she asked intently.

“I don’t have a designer yet,” I replied. I explained my desire to hire her immediately as a part-time consultant until I could bring her on full-time, and that I intended for her to guide the process. “I don’t suppose you have any experience with hiring a designer?” I added.

“Actually, I do!” she replied as I got out to take my second shot (her ball was 60 yards ahead of mine). “I have a great one in mind and have some personal experience assisting him on designing two different courses. He is a former professor of mine, and I worked on his team when I was in school. You won’t have heard of him, but he has ghost-designed a lot of courses with big name architects. almanbahis giriş He’s the real deal.”

By the sixth green, she had asked me a host of questions that I had never even considered. They centered on what I envisioned for the course, and she gave me some good guidance on those same questions. By the time I had extricated myself from the deep bunker beside the green on number eight, we had agreed on terms for her to confidentially consult on the project, with a rider to bring her on full-time before we opened. By the tenth green, I had called my lawyers and they were busily billing me even more hours to draw up the contract.

I finished my round of 18 with an impressive five pars and a number of double bogeys we shall not discuss here. Traci wanted to see the land immediately, so I fucked off to Starbucks to wait while she had her last lesson of the day. “He’s a high school senior who spends more time staring at my ass than you do,” Traci laughed. An hour and a half later, I picked her up and drove us out to the former Baker Farm.

It looked a bit weird. The fields had been harvested, and the tractors and other heavy mechanical equipment sent to an auction house. The silos had been emptied and were halfway disassembled. They would be gone entirely by next week.

Charlie looked around the massive expanse of land. I’ll admit, I mostly looked at Charlie. We spend a while talking about the geography, and how to layout the course to maximize course-side homesites. As we wandered around, she became more and more excited at the farm’s potential, and at the chance to be the big dog at a brand new club.

At last, as the sun began to set, we returned to my car, parked by the now empty stables. Charlie wandered inside idly, as if reluctant to leave the overall site of her future golf empire. I followed. She looked into the feed room at the huge piles of hay that would never be eaten. She turned to me and her smile betrayed a different kind of excitement. “It’s never rained on us since that one day,” she said, stepping right in front of me. “But 800 acres provides even more privacy. Ever had a ‘roll in the hay’?” she asked, making air quotes with her fingers.

“As a matter of fact, I have,” I replied, a pleasant leer on my face.

“No way! Really?” she challenged, giving me a playful shove in the chest. I stepped back a half step and she followed, her outstretched hands transitioning from shove to a caress of my shoulders. “Tell me all about it. I’m fascinated,” she breathed.

My cock was getting distinctly uncomfortable, trying to straighten itself in my pants. I reached up… and grasped Charlie’s wrists regretfully, gently removing them from my shoulders. I had remembered my resolution about sex with employees. Through semi-gritted teeth, I explained the problem to her.

“Yeah. That sounds like a good idea, really,” replied Charlie. “However,” she went on, stepping forward to press herself against me, “I don’t work for you yet!”

Her delicate breasts rubbed against me as she brushed a quick, inviting kiss on my lips.

It was a almanbahis güvenilirmi loophole. I could live with that. Time to issue myself one of those last hurrah hall passes.

In a swift move, I reached down and slid my hands up the back her thighs, under her skirt, and grasped her small, tight, panty-clad ass, lifting her up. She squealed a little as I marched forward with her into the feed room, and then she squealed a lot as I tossed her into a soft pile of the hay. I looked down at her with a grin, and she looked up at me in mock indignation. We paused like that for a beat, then began to feverishly race each other to strip ourselves naked.

Somehow, despite lying on her back, Charlie beat me to the finish, if only by a second or two. She had managed to stand up in the process, and now it was her turn to push me back into the hay. I bounced down in the pile and Charlie followed me down, straddling me. I lifted my hands to toy with her tasty, petite breasts, but Charlie was squirming her hips, stroking my dick with her smoothly shaven pussy.

“Oh, that feels so good!” I murmured. I began to push myself up, saying, “I am going to so devour that hot, wet pussy of yours.”

“Nope,” answered Charlie, pushing me back down. “Last time, I barely got the slightest taste of that magnificent club of yours inside me. I am not going to chance another interruption!” With that, she reached down and lifted my shaft with her fingertips, pointed it upward and slowly, in steps, lowered herself down. I moaned loudly as she enclosed me in the warm, almost hot, tight embrace of her pussy.

Charlie moaned in turn as started sliding up and down on me. She did have a little trouble getting leverage in the deep, soft hay, and I grasped her deliciously slender hips to help her pump atop me. And pump she did, with gusto. The feed room was not nearly so hot as it had been the afternoon that Rae and I had had our roll in this same hay, but Charlie and I were still quickly bathed in sweat as we screwed each other.

“Oh. Hell. I . Am. So. Going. To. Come. So. Hard!” gasped Charlie, in staccato rhythm with her pumps atop me. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock and knew she was right and imminently so. I thrust my hips upward against and in time with her, making the strokes of my cock in and out of her go nearly my entire length with each pass. “Oh yes! YES!” she screamed and I could feel wave after wave of bliss race through her entire body, radiating outward from our interface.

Charlie collapsed atop me, gasping. “That was amazing! I’ve been waiting for the chance to finally fuck you properly.” she growled into my shoulder.

“And yet, it’s not quite over,” I replied, rolling her over underneath me without ever letting my raging cock slip from inside her. It was my turn to control the pace as I fucked her almost desperately, feeling my own release sweeping up in my groin.

“Come on,” exhorted Charlie beneath me. “Come on! Come inside me! Hard!”

In what only seemed like an instant, I complied. I shouted loudly as spume surged up my cock, gushing into her depths in multiple powerful sprays. Charlie practically screamed beneath me as she felt my cum surging out inside her. “That was fucking amazing!” she gasped as I collapsed, momentarily boneless, atop her. “We are so going to do that some more! Today. Before I sign that contract.”

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