In the Bar’s Ladies Room

Eating Pussy

This is a piece based on experience and fiction. It also involves drug use, cheating and cuckolding.

I was tending bar on a late Sunday afternoon sometime around 3 or 4 pm. The bar was occupied by maybe 2 or 3 of my usual regulars.

Then walks in Dave and Andrea. Neither of them had ever been to my bar. They walked through the length of the bar towards the bathroom and sat down at the bar.

I knew both of them somewhat socially since we ran in the same circles and I had talked to them each previously.

I didn’t particularly like Dave as he was egotistical and from what I’d heard quite self centered. He and I shared about the same looks: slender, similar physique, good looking and long hair. The main difference was he was blonde and I had the obligatory goth dyed black hair and a few tattoos. I had also heard rumors that he had a relatively small dick, whereas I was quite well known to have more than average dick with great girth. Gossip spreads quickly when you’re a bartender.

I didn’t know Andrea that well except that she and Dave had been going out for a couple of years despite having many breakups during that time.

So I made my way over to them to take their orders. They both ordered cheap draft beers. Though I knew Dave and I were the same age at 22, I knew she was only 20. But it being a slow day and cops never bothered bars on Sundays I tapped their beers and put them down in front of them. Dave paid for them which was a bit unusual since most people run a tab and pay it off when they leave later.

I went back to my usual spot at the other end of the bar and lit up a smoke to pass the time.

Soon I heard a bar stool move at their end of the bar and looked over to see Dave making his way to the mensroom just around the corner from where they were sitting.

Then I noticed Andrea waving me over. I assumed she probably wanted to get shots for the two of them, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As I moved in front of her she leaned towards me and asked me in a hushed whisper if I wanted to do a line with her. This took me by surprise and I was at a temporary loss of words.

“Sure, but where?” I replied still stunned.

“Follow me” she said and dropped off of her bar stool and started around the same corner Dave had gone. The women’s bathroom was just a bit further down the same short hallway.

Now this was nothing extremely unusual as it was the mid 80s and just about everyone in the bar scene was doing coke at the time. But it was unusual to get such an 1xbet yeni giriş offer from someone I hardly knew.

I watched her walk the hallway in front of me. She had on a very tight, very short miniskirt that showed off her nice round ass and a tight t-shirt that clung to her firm D sized tits. To top it off she was wearing high heels. She was about 5’6″ with those heels.

I was following her a bit dumbstruck as we entered the bathroom. I immediately locked the door as I didn’t want anyone to walk in while we were about to partake in drugs. The bathroom was small barely enough room for one person much less two.

I took the mirror off the wall and laid it on the sink and she began laying out the lines for us while bending over.

“You go first” she said as she handed me a rolled up dollar bill. I did mine and handed the bill back to her. She snorted hers while still bent over. I lifted the mirror to put it back in place on the wall. During those few seconds she had stood up and pressed her body into mine forcing me back against the wall.

“Now I want something else” she purred at me as she reached down to rub my dick over my jeans.

She looked delicious. Her dyed blonde shoulder length hair, thick eyelashes and abundant black eyeliner. Her big blue eyes and pink rogue set off her pale white skin. Just look back at any of those mid 80s music videos and she could’ve been in any one of them.

But the biggest turn on for me were her wet lips covered in her trademark red lipstick.

Just then she dropped to her knees and started unzipping my jeans, undoing my belt and popping the button underneath. As she started opening up my pants I suddenly realized that we had been in the bathroom for a few minutes longer than I had expected.

“Wait, what about Dave?” I asked quietly.

“He doesn’t care, we have an agreement” she replied.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked confusingly.

“I get to fool around with anyone I want otherwise I’ll leave him. His only stipulation is that he just wants to be nearby when it happens” she explained.

“Oh, okay I guess. But we have to be quick since I’m supposed to be working” I stammered.

With that she opened up my jeans, put her small hands on top of them and tugged both my jeans and underwear down with ease. She instantly grabbed my dick which had been hard almost the entire time.

“This is what I want” she said in the sexiest voice while holding my dick directly in front of her lips. So close I could feel the heat from 1xbet giriş her breath.

To this day I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything as erotic. Our eyes met, her face was flush and the tip of my dick wet with pre-cum rested on the bottom of her red lip.

Then without wasting any time she licked the pre-cum off my dick and took me deep into her mouth and began to work it. She bathed my dick with her saliva, moving back and forth aggressively with her whole mouth. She applied pressure with her tongue to the underside of my dick right behind the head and swirled around my dick head. Obviously she had real experience despite being as young as she was at the time. It was like getting a blow job from a porn star.

Her red lipstick stained my shaft all the way down to my pubes.

We both moaned, mine out loud and hers muffled by my member inside her mouth.

After a few minutes she stood up and yanked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her thong down to her knees. Then she leaned forward holding the sink in her hands.

“Give me that dick I’ve been hearing about” she said looking back at me as I had been standing behind her stroking myself.

I wasted no time stepping up to her upturned ass and spread legs. I took my hardness and rubbed it between her pussy lips. Her pussy was wet and not only coated the head of my dick but dripped down to the floor. If we would have had more time I would’ve gone to my knees and shoved my face into her from behind licked up all her juices eagerly.

But time was of the essence and I pushed forward into her. She was so wet and ready for me that it only took the one push to bury my dick entirely inside her.

“Ugh, yes!” she moaned loudly.

I began to fuck her while relishing the feel of her pussy, and burying myself completely inside her. She felt amazing. I looked up from her ass into the mirror which was now hanging above the sink and I caught her looking up into my eyes.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this” I said to her.

“Me too” she said. “Now fuck me good!”

I grabbed her hips and began ramming my dick into her pussy long and hard. Every inch plunging into her and she gasped each time I slammed into her. With each stroke she seemed to get wetter and closer to an orgasm.

She looked back at me in the mirror with an urgent look and said “Fuck me harder!”

I could see she was almost there and I grabbed her hips tighter and began to slam into her while enjoying watching her ass bounce with every thrust. Her ass was 1xbet güvenilirmi making slapping noises it was hitting my pelvis with each thrust. I was really giving it to her like I hadn’t with anyone before.

“Ugh! Yes! Yeah! Harder! Harder!” she began to yell as her hands held onto the sink white-knuckled.

I was really giving it to her now almost out of my mind. Alternately looking down as her ass as she was fucking back at me furiously and then into the mirror watching her biting down on those red lips. What a sight to behold!

“Fill me up with your cum! Cum deep inside me! I want all of your cum to be deep inside me so Dave has something to lick out of me!” she growled at me while looking me in the mirror with pure lust.

Again, I was somewhat surprised but too turned on to question anything at that point since we were fucking like animals in heat.

“Cum with me” she said looking at me.

We both grunted and ground against each other as she let out a long loud orgasmic moan and I tensed up and shot several loads inside her. Exhausted we both kept still in the moment.

I then realized much time must’ve passed and pulled my jeans back up in place. She turned around and pulled her thong into place and her skirt down.

“Thank you” she said as he leaned into me and planted a big kiss on my cheek with those still red lips of hers probably leaving lipstick marks on my face.

“Believe me, it’s been my pleasure” I replied.

As we turned to leave the restroom she stopped. She reached down and pulled her thong off and handed it to me.

“I want to give these to you so you’ll always remember me” she said. I grabbed them and stuffed them into my pocket smiling at her as she grinned at me and licked her lips.

After we left the restroom she sat back down next to Dave and I walked past them to my usual spot at the other end of the bar. I’m not sure if he saw her red lipstick on my face, but it probably didn’t matter since he obviously heard everything that had just happened in the restroom. The couple of patrons in the bar had also heard and each of them gave me a nod of approval or a thumbs up, even the women who were there.

Dave and Andrea quickly finished their beers and left, Dave leading the way. Andrea looked back at me and gave me a quick wink. Her hair was disheveled and her makeup was a mess. She looked even more stunning than when they first arrived. I could’ve swore I saw my cum beginning to leak out of her starting it’s trail down one of her inner thighs.

I never saw them again but I heard through the grapevine that he had broken off their relationship again. I secretly wished that she would visit me once again so I could offer up my services to her to clean up her creampies whenever she desired.

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