In the Dark Garage


The garage is dark when I go in and I’m reaching for the light cord when something catches my attention. Not a sound – I can’t hear over the noise of the washing machine’s spin cycle, perhaps not even a glimpse but some sense is telling me that I’m not alone.

I go still and try to quiet my breathing. I’m completely alert and my heart’s pounding – adrenaline is causing my hands to shake and I put a hand on the wall to steady myself. I realise that whoever is in here must have seen me come in and, indeed, that I’m silhouetted against the glass panel in the garage door with the moonlight outside. From my perspective it’s all black though. Not a sight, not a clue and I’m still frozen immobile.

I summon my courage and step further into the dark garage. My eyes are adjusting and I can make out a dim impression of something white. A moment later and the gestalt snaps in and I know what I’m looking at- a white triangle, point down at waist height can only mean one thing. I relax and realise that this isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity.

‘Michelle?’ I hiss, ‘Is that you? What the fuck are you doing here?’

My eyes have now fully adjusted and I see perfectly. This is my 18 year old niece (by marriage) Michelle, the object of a huge amount of illegitimate looks, thoughts, and frankly guilty masturbation sessions over the last year or so as her looks came into their own and she increasingly took control over her sexuality. Now though she’s looking everywhere but at me. Her hands are covering the tell-tale white panties (am I imagining the wet patch I glimpse between her fingers?) and she trying to pull her bra back into position. She’s short – just 5’3″ perhaps, and extremely slender with Mediterranean skin thanks to her Italian mother. Huge brown eyes wide with shock and her generous mouth tight with confusion.

I step close to her and lean in. ‘What would your mother say if I told you what you are doing?’ I ask and she pulls nervously at her hair, winding her fingers round and locking in a fistful, tugging fretfully. ‘You know what she’d do – you’d be on the street so fast you wouldn’t even realise.’

Michelle lifts her eyes and finally looks at me straight. She almanbahis hesitates then nods, once firmly and immediately takes one hand and pulls it down, down the firm flesh of her stomach and below the waistband of her panties – over the short trimmed hair of her mons, and guides my finger with hers into the creamy hot space of her pussy.

Inside it’s hotter than I could have believed, she’s squirming her body around to let me in deeper and for the first time I can feel the vibration of the washing machine shuddering up through her body. I finger her deeply then curl my fingers in so I’m pushing up against her g-spot, pressing hard with my middle finger using the power of my whole arm, not only my wrist.

She leans backwards against the washing machine supporting herself with her arms and leaving her whole body open and vulnerable. I pull down her simple grey bra and her tits are just perfect – small but enough to handle and they are shaking along with the rest of her – partly from the washing machine and partly with the movement of my arm and the sensations pulsing up through her body from her pussy to her breasts, making her thighs itch with pleasure, her stomach light, her head heavy. I can feel her breathing getting deeper and she’s pinching one nipple – pulling it out and then letting it go, twisting it and rolling it between her fingers stopping sometimes to moisten them in her mouth.

I know she’s going to cum and I pump harder with my arm – she’s panting in my ear – her hot breath is making me harder and harder (I’m still fully dressed) and I know without doubt that I’ll have to fuck her soon or die regretting it. Then she cums and I’m stunned when my hand is suddenly covered in her ejaculate – she’s squirted – and she’s still cumming bucking forward with her hips off the washing machine panting for breath and now she’s slapping her tits with little upward movements of her wrist -not hard, just enough to set them jiggling.

As her orgasm subsides I know that this is the moment and without warning I pull out and roughly bend her over the washing machine kicking her ankles apart and dropping my trousers. My cock feels like it’s going to burst, my balls are almanbahis yeni giriş heavy and all I can do is stare. Her arse is perfect. Her pussy lips are plump and the light hair that covers them is completely soaking with her cum. She turns and looks at me without speaking and locking eyes I force my cock into her with a first deep stroke. She looks at me and bites her bottom lip, closing her eyes as she pushes back on my desperate thrusting cock. She’s virgin-tight, her pussy like a tight fist covered in k-y moulding to me, milking my cock. I can actually feel my foreskin pulled back and forth by the friction despite her wetness.

I reach around and feel for her clit and it’s easy to find, a hard nub standing proud in a creamy pool. I rub gently from the bottom to the top but soon pick up the rhythm and before long I’m flicking her clit in a persistent strum as my cock slides in and out. With my left hand I’m cupping her buttock, pulling it to the side and squeezing it, testing it’s give. I notice that as I stretch it out to the side she moans insistently and I test an intuition by brushing my thumb over her exposed, stretched anus. The effect is immediate and gratifying. Her pussy clamps down on my cock and her whole body goes rigid.

‘Fuck me’ I think, ‘this girl wants it in the arse.’ and I continue my investigation by pressing inwards with my thumb.

She immediately pushes backwards and breathes out and by doing so allows my ingress, up to the first knuckle in her tight muscle. I can’t believe the site I’m looking down on, the sensations I’m feeling. I’m balls-deep in this 18 year-old girl, frigging her desperately, feeling her pussy heat through my cock and now her anal heat through my thumb. It’s all I can do not to cum on the spot but I’m determined that I’m going to milk this situation for all it’s worth.

I push further with the thumb and it disappears, one knuckle at a time, each knuckle accompanied by a gasp from Michelle. She seems unable to move now, she’s just lying face down on the washing machine, waiting for whatever I give her. I decide to give her what I can feel she clearly wants and what I’ve wanted from her since the first time I almanbahis giriş saw her come home from netball.

Then she was wearing a tight lycra top, and a little pleated skirt. I’d assumed that at practice she wore lyrca shorts beneath that skirt but then she wore nothing that disturbed the curve of her arse as it bent into her thigh. As she bounced into the house through the kitchen door I’d felt the desperate loneliness of an older man gazing on the girl he knows he well never, never, no matter what the circumstances, fuck. But now I am.

My cock pierces her sphincter with surprising ease and she lets out a guttural moan. My cock is slick with her pussy juice but still I take my time, re-lubricating with juices from her pussy that I gather from inside and smear over my shaft. At half way, she reaches back and puts her palm flat on my stomach. She breathes deep and I wait. I swear I can feel her pulse, deep inside her arse, through my cock and I will myself not to cum before I can fuck her here the way I need to. To my astonishment she pushes back in one brutal jerk and my whole length is inside her. I’m buried in this girl’s anus to the hilt and she’s already starting to pull out and bounce back. She’s riding my cock back and forth and I see her hand go between her legs. Her upper arm is squashing her beautiful little tits as she reaches down and she’s shaking with the effort she’s putting in to her hips and wrist.

I realise then that she’s in control. She’s actually taking control of this thing, owning my cock, owning the humiliation in being found, owning the transgression in what we are doing. I decide to compete and grab her hair forcing her head back and now I’m pumping her as hard as I can, fucking her arse for all I’m worth, hearing the slap of my legs against the back of her thighs. We both start to moan and I realise we’re near the end. We pick up the pace and we’re perfectly coordinated as I we both start to cum, her anus contracts and in turn I can’t take it any more and I let go. Cum spills from my cock, deep in her arse, jet after jet, pulse after pulse and each one feels like it’s pushing against the bottom of my scrotum. I gasp and hear her screaming, ‘fuck fuck fuck there, cum in my arse’ and then it’s over.

I lean forwards and whisper in her ear that this our secret. That her mother and father mustn’t know and she starts to giggle, ‘God you’re naive, did you really think that I didn’t plan this?’

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