In the Jimjilbang


The Korean summer was heating up, as was my sex life there. After getting a blowjob from the hottest girl I had ever flirted with then gaining a ‘friend with benefits’ for a few weeks, I could truthfully say that I had been with hotter women during my time as a teacher in Korea than when I was a student in the States. But I had yet to land anything with an American girl living in Seoul, which was really my top dating related goal. If I was lucky enough, I would have the chance to date a girl from England or Scotland, or even Australia. That’s what I really wanted—a long-term partner I could fully and comfortably converse with while still gaining new cultural experiences. I was hoping to get something like that started on this trip to the beach with Jane and Da Bin. We made the trip down to Busan, Korea’s second largest city located on the southern tip of the peninsula, with a fantastic beachfront. There was no better time of the year to visit than now, for the yearly Sand Art Festival. Jane insisted that when we arrived we had to start off with a hike up Jangsan Mountain, to get a full view of the city. I didn’t regret that in the least, as it gave me plenty of opportunity to stare at the girls in their tight athletic clothes when trekking from behind. Jane was the girl I mostly had my eyes on. She was my coworker, which I knew was a dance with fire if I wanted to date her, but I planned to test this out slowly. When I had first arrived in the country and set eyes on her beautiful blonde hair and cherry cheeks, I had no thought of dating her. I knew then that she was out of my league. Now, though, I had gained the confidence to put forth more of a bold personality when we talked during our long Saturday grading hours at the school. She was 27; I was 28. Our hometowns back in the States were only about nine hours away from each other. So…maybe—just maybe—I had a shot with her, even though she had tons of other friends and seemed to have dating prospects all around the country. Da Bin had been friends with Jane since they met in America, when Da Bin was studying abroad. Even though she was almost 30, she looked to be 20, and had quite a nice petite body to check out too. As the temperature and the long hike made us all work up a sweat, the girls took off their tank tops, bearing only their sports bras and super-short shorts. When we made it to the summit, we found a flat rock to sit on while we ate a late lunch. I was hanging out with two beautiful women, feeling like I was on top of the world. At least I was on top of Busan, on a sunny afternoon in early June. Nothing could make this trip better. But Jane texting one of her friends who had planned to meet up with us could definitely bring some rain clouds in. Of course it was a guy friend, some guy named Julian. As we made our descent down the trails, Jane did isvecbahis most of the talking, and it was mostly about Julian—a businessman from Spain who came to Korea frequently for one or two months at a time. When she said the words, “He’s one of those guys that I just can’t figure out all the way,” then I knew for sure I’d be overshadowed by this guy. I wasn’t too disappointed, as my chances with Jane were slim anyways, and when we met up with Julian at the beach, he turned out to be a nice and charming guy who didn’t suck up all the attention from the girls. He turned a lot of the conversation onto me, asking why I chose Korea and how I was liking my experience there, as we walked the length of the Sand Art Festival to see the fantastic sculptures that the teams had spent hours crafting. I could see why Jane liked him. Not only was he genuinely nice and charming, but he had the body of a soccer player, standing over six feet tall, with olive skin and just a hint of a Spanish accent. He looked to be in his early 30s, and from his talk of visiting Korea and Argentina on various business trips, he probably held a pretty high profile job too. So my hopes of getting anywhere with Jane were dampened, at least until Julian took off to go back to Spain, whenever that would be. But we still had a lively time as a group of four at a late bar-b-cue place, complete with a couple hours of drinking soju and letting our conversation turn more spontaneous, a bit delirious, but mostly fun. We sat on an outdoor deck with a view of the beach and a well-lit sky, a scene that made it easy for the hours to slip by. When I looked at my phone, I realized it was already midnight, and we had yet to figure out where we were staying for the night, at least that’s what I thought. “Where are we sleeping tonight, anyways?” I asked. “We’re going to the Lotus Jimjilbang,” Jane said. “The what?” I asked. “What’s a jimjilbang?” She smirked slightly. “Didn’t I tell you about this? It’s where you go and have yourself a nice, public shower, complete with other strange naked men all around you. And then hang out in the sauna for a while, maybe scrub each other’s backs, then sleep on mats in the lounge room.” “So it’s one, big massive shower room. Boys and girls are separate?” “Of course boys’ and girls’ showers are on separate floors. But everyone sleeps on the same floor. And it’s super cheap to stay there. Besides, all the hostels are booked for this sand festival.” “So, Julian and I will…” I looked at him, trying not to appear nervous. “What?” He shouted sarcastically. “You don’t want to shower right next to me?” Jane laughed. “You don’t have to shower right next to each other. There’s plenty of space in there—and lots of hot tubs too. It’s a nice place to relax in. Trust me, after a long day of sweating and eating all this grub, you’ll like isveçbahis giriş it.” “Well we better go now, shouldn’t we?” I asked. “Isn’t it going to close soon?” “No, they’re open all night. It might be pretty full, but they’ll have room for us somewhere. They always do.” Julian patted my back. “So relax, man. We’re still having a fun night out. And if you’re nervous about your first time in a jimjilbang, have enough drinks until you’re not!” That I did. Three bottles of soju later, I was somewhat curious, maybe even excited about the whole idea of being naked in a semi-public space, though there wouldn’t be any eye candy to look at. And with the crust of dried sweat still on my skin, I desperately wanted to shower. The jimjilbang was decorated like a luxurious hotel resort, with a somewhat complicated process of having to put your shoes in a locker downstairs then head up to another set of lockers outside the showers, where you disrobe. If I didn’t have Julian there to guide me through it, I would have been afraid that I’d take my clothes off at the wrong time, and the staff would be weirded out by me. But when Julian and I rounded the corner of the stairs, heading up to the men’s shower floor, I saw that there weren’t really any customs as to where clothes should be worn or carried. Involuntarily, I took in my first sight of nudity, as two men walked right past us to their lockers. Right behind them were two fully clothed guys who looked to be our age. It was definitely a strange place where the people were much more comfortable with themselves than Americans could ever be. There were three sections of the floor: lockers, shower and sauna, and the drying off area. The only rule was that anyone going into the showers had to be completely naked—no bathing suits allowed, because it was believed that the materials in bathing suits might taint the purity of the water in the hot tubs. Julian and I got to our lockers, and I hesitated a moment, then looked at him. “So…is this where we do it?” I asked him. “Yep. Go ahead.” The clothes came off. I made my motions as casually as possible, staring straight into the grey locker in front of my face. Julian wasn’t quite as perturbed by our nudity. When I slipped my pants down, he said, “There you go!” and he slapped my ass. A minute later, we were showering within two feet of each other. I had figured Julian and I would shower in separate corners, but he followed me to my individual shower head and turned on the one right next to me. We were in a spacious area that was mostly empty, as it was pushing 2:00 in the morning. But even so, there were at least 15 other men using the showers or chatting in the hot tubs, which was more people than I had expected. Pretty soon, the nakedness wasn’t weird for me, and I even caught a few glances of Julian when he turned his back isveçbahis yeni giriş to the stream of water. I found myself wanting to stare at his body. I had never even considered myself bisexual, but I guess I could appreciate a good looking man as much as a woman can, and Julian had those traits. He was leaner than I had imagined, and he didn’t have a single visible hair on his body, other than his eyebrows and the stubble around his chin and scalp. He definitely liked to keep a neat and trim body, which I oddly admired. When he turned around again, I caught a glimpse of his fully sleeved cock, hanging low, and his tight ball sac—a nice package. We made eye contact, and I knew he caught me looking, but in my drunken state, I didn’t care. He didn’t either, and I saw him reciprocate with a long glare at what I had to show. “Shall we hang out in the hot tubs?” He asked. “The girls said they’re going to have a long shower. We might as well do the same.” “Sure,” I said. I wasn’t in a hurry to get out of there. Though I wasn’t quite comfortable with exploring everything in the shower room. When we settled into the hot tub, I saw around the corner several pairs of large plastic seats and small detachable showerheads placed between each pair. “What’s that area?” I asked Julian. “That’s the scrub-down section,” he said with a cheeky smile. “The men don’t use it like the women do. One guy is supposed to sit in front while someone else scrubs his back, arms and legs with a huge brush. It’s a great experience actually—deep exfoliation. You want to try it?” I hesitated a while, then shook my head. The idea of us scrubbing each other while a few random men passed through seemed too awkward. “Maybe next time I pass through one of these places.” “Understandable,” he said. We finished a long soak in one of the mild temperature hot tubs and retrieved some towels from the rack, then exited to the drying room, which was like a large bathroom with 15 sinks and mirrors along the walls. All around us were naked men shaving their faces, tending to their hair, or simply admiring their freshly clean bodies in the mirror. A laminated sign in the corner said in both Korean and English: ‘Air dryers are for head only!’ which suggested a few too many guys in this room had indulged in blowing warm air on their cocks and making the staff uncomfortable. Julian seemed to have his own post-showering routine, as he flexed his arms and legs a few times and began applying some kind of strange oil to his face and chest. In that moment, because I was doing nothing but waiting for Julian, and also because I had a massive mirror in front of me, I felt quite self-conscious about being naked in a semi-public space. Instead of sneaking another peak at Julian, I took a moment to admire my own body and appreciate how surreal this moment was in comparison to my normal life. The oil Julian was rubbing on his body smelled fantastic. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a mixture of tea tree, Jojoba, and lavender oils—a powerful skincare treatment that he used every other day.

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