In the Sauna and the Pool


That whole week, Amy was plaguing my mind. I went back into the club on Friday once again, and of course, I saw Amy there. She was already nude, swimming some laps. I got towards the edge of the pool, and watched her. Once again, there weren’t too many other people around. I was in my bikini, but as she noticed me standing there, she stopped mid lap and treaded the water for a minute.”Don’t be shy, let the people see those sexy titties,” Amy said.”Okay,” I replied in a soft voice.I just stripped and threw my bikini towards a table. She made me feel different about being there nude. She took another good look at my naked body, and she began stare for a few seconds. Although she got a little tired of treading though, so she swam to the edge. She got out of the pool and came up to me. I was just so unsure of this woman. What was her game exactly? Honestly, I was more curious than suspicious of her. She leaned towards me and kissed me once.”That’s one pair of lips I missed,” Amy said.I knew exactly what other pair of lips she was talking about, but I didn’t mention that.”I’m Amy, if you don’t remember,” Amy said.”Trust me, I remember all the ladies that just unexpectedly eat my pussy,” kaçak iddaa I replied.She just looked at me and giggled. She seemed so innocent, but of course, we both knew that wasn’t true. After that, she walked away slowly. Did she want me to follow her? Whether if she did or not, I did. My eyes were glued to her perfect ass as I followed her. Eventually, we both walked back into the sauna, still completely naked. She sat down toward the top this time. I sat down in a different place too and she stared at me. We were alone.”So, it would probably be rude of me not to ask your name,” Amy said.”It’s Tonya. Too bad you forgot to ask,” I replied.She chuckled, and then crawled over to me. She kissed my left nipple once and then kissed me on the lips again. Obviously by then, the ship had sailed on me being repulsed. She began licking my nipples and that titillated me, quite quickly. I moaned slightly, and there was a wet spot right under my pussy already. She noticed and seemed to like that.”Damn, I picked one feisty lady,” Amy said.She picked? What did she mean by that?”You picked me?” I asked.”Well, my only qualification was that the woman had to be hot, and you really seemed to be attracted kaçak bahis to me. Was I wrong, Tonya?” Amy asked.I just shook my head no, and she went down south. She began eating me out once again, and this time, it was even better. She immediately spread out my already soaked pussy lips and went in deep. This time, I really moaned out loud.”Oh fuck yes, Amy,” I said.”I knew you’d like it,” Amy replied.She stuck her tongue out and began licking my pussy mercilessly. It was as if she had something to prove. She had nothing prove; she already proved that she was sexy, and a little nuts too. She stuck in two fingers with her tongue and made me feel really good. It was as if I had a giant cock thrusting in and out of my pussy, even though her fingers were a little small. I put my hands onto her head again and she stuck in her entire tongue into my pussy. She was extra feisty with me this time too. She moved her tongue around in there really quickly and went in to hit my g-spot. I think she really liked it, when I sprayed her the last time. I thought the second time would just destroy the first. I leaned my hands down and put them onto her butt. I grabbed onto her butt cheeks and squeezed illegal bahis them very hard. That didn’t seem to take her mind off my pussy though. I knew she liked it. I felt her tense up just a little bit as I squeezed them. Somehow, nobody came in there as we had some fun. Not that I thought that was a bad thing. I leaned my head back a bit and still tried to just not scream out loud and give ourselves away. Luckily, I kept them in, but I got really sweaty and worked up. I wanted to get up and just run around. I began moving a bit, and that just made me even sweatier. Already being the in the sauna, it was getting ever so difficult not to scream. She began thrusting just her tongue in and out of my pussy and I grabbed onto a towel bar near my head. I almost broke it off.”Oh my, Amy, I think I love you,” I said as I moaned.I said that just before I sprayed her face with all of my cum. It was hard, really hard to even last that long. After that, she leaned her head up and came close to me. She sat right on top of me and wrapped her arms around me as she faced me.”You love me, Tonya?” Amy asked.”Sorry, I just said that, in the heat of the moment,” I replied.”Has no one ever eaten you out that well before, Tonya?” Amy asked.”You could say that,” I replied.She brought her lips over mine and we made out for a minute. All I knew about this woman was her physical appearance and she liked women.

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