Subject: In the Stairwell ; Adult/youth Gay WARNING: All the standard disclosures and warnings apply. As always, this story is completely fictional. All events, names, or places depicted in this story that share real life is completely by accident and not intentional. This story is loosely based on a real life experience, but names and places are changed for complete anonymity. Anything else that isn’t said, consider it said and be forewarned! Please Donate to NIFTY! They deserve our assistance as they’ve been such a great resource for so long and should continue to be available for free to all those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to express themselves! Without further ado, relax, unzip, and enjoy! *** My friends had invited me over to their place for dinner and as usual I was running late, but they were aware of this, being my friends, and therefore it came as little surprise to them. I had taken the train and followed the directions and in short enough time, found myself walking up the hill to a very tall apartment building. It looked like it could have reach at least 20 floors, if not more. It wasn’t exactly a housing projects building but looked like it could have been financially assisted building due to the neighborhood. It wasn’t exactly a dangerous area, but also wasn’t the most secure either. As I was walking up the hill, I was closing in on an elderly woman and a very attractive young man. From behind, he was still shorter than the woman, so I aged him at about 12/13 years old and he had a gorgeous looking ass clad in mesh basketball shorts. He was waring a tank top as it was summertime and even in the early evening the temperatures were rather hot. I didn’t want to pass them up, so I slowed my pace in order to stay at a reasonable distance away from them and not seem like the pervert that I was. It soon became apparent that the boy and the elderly woman — whom I guessed was either his grandmother or perhaps great-aunt — were heading to the same building I was which excited me greatly. I was certainly looking forward to getting a better view of this gorgeous boy who had already captivated my attention simply from what I could see of his lithe, smooth, athletic body and pert bubble ass from behind. Now, I’m no slouch in the looks department, but I’ve never been one to put on airs. I’m a decent 5’7″, 165lb of worked out muscle, but I try to maintain a clean-cut look, almost a swimmer’s build than a body builder, bulkier look. Anyway, I have brown hair and eyes and a moderate 6.5″ circumcised cock which is above average in thickness. I had yet to venture into the world of man-boy sex because I, 1) never had the opportunity, and 2) because I wasn’t sure I’d ever go through with it even if the opportunity did present itself. So here I was a 30-something man walking up a path to my friend’s apartment building, following an underage boy and his guardian to the same place, simply in hopes of getting frontal glimpse of this boy, not believing that anything would or could possibly happen between us. By this point the woman, who is only caring one back of groceries, while the boy has been caring three times as many, gets out her keys to open the doors. The door opens inward, otherwise I would have taken the chance to grab the door and keep it open for both the boy and the woman, but I didn’t get the chance, I simply walked up, quicker now in order to catch the door before it close. The woman looked at me suspiciously, but not saying anything, allowed me to come inside. The boy had looked back when the woman looked at me and for a split second our eyes met and he was beautiful. Green eyes, dark hair, but with a rosy, cute boy disposition. He had an air of sexiness around him as well, as if he knew how beautiful he was and what affect he had on people. We continued on to the elevators and I pressed my friends floor, which was 17, while the woman pressed 16. Inside the elevator, the woman had kept to the front corner of the box by the buttons, while the boy and I stood on either end in the back, the boy being directly behind the elderly woman. As the door closed, the woman took out her phone from her bag and was checking something on it. Per usual when one person takes out their phone, everyone else in the vicinity seems to think they have to do the same, so first I took out mine while taking in glimpses of the sexy boy, and then the boy did the same while openly giving me the old “up-down” look. As old as time it seems, men and women have been giving the universal signal of desire or at least interest by giving a person the “up-down”. This is where the person, once seeing someone of interests, will either slowly or quickly look at the person başakşehir escort a second time, from the top of the head to their feet, and back again. It is possible to do this look with distain or revulsion, but in the boy’s case, it was most certainly interest. Naturally I returned the gesture and upon further look at his face, realized he was a bit more feminine looking, which confirmed my suspicions that he might be gay. This was solidified by the outlandish actions of the boy when he reached over and grabbed my crotch causing me to almost gasp out loud, but certainly caused my cock to go from soft to hard in record time. Obviously my first inclination was to look over at the woman to see where he eyes were at and surprisingly she was very engrossed on her phone, oblivious to what her charge was currently doing to me. The elevator at this time was getting closer to their stop, so the boy quickly withdrew his hand. I assumed this would be the end of things which was fine with me as this was the closes I’d ever gotten to an underage boy, but the kid had other plans. I saw him quickly get on his phone and type something on it, then he flashed it to me, placing his other had to his mouth in a tell-tale sign for “quiet”. The phone said in all caps so I could read it clearer: “MEET ME IN THE STAIRWELL ON FLOOR 16 IN 5 MINUTES. I WANT YOU!” After reading it, I looked to his face to see if he was serious and as if reading my mind he nodded vigorously in the affirmative. This made my cock throb even more and started to leak pre-cum in my boxer-briefs. Just then the doors to the elevator opened and the woman, without looking back exited and the boy, after picking up his bags, followed her. He had a pleading look in his eyes as if saying, “Please be there, I want you so bad!” The doors closed and, having my phone already in my hand, I quickly texted my friends telling them there was a delay on the train and I’d be even later. I also told them not to wait on dinner for me, I’d just have leftovers when I arrived. They said not to be silly and to take my time. They had a heavy lunch, so another half hour for dinner wasn’t going to kill them. Pleased to hear this, as soon as the doors opened on the 17th floor, I looked around and soon found the stairwell the boy was talking about. My heart was pounding a mile a minute, not believing this was actually going to happen. I was actually gonna have a sexual experience with an underage boy. I quickly made my way down to the next floor down and seeing the boy had yet to arrive I waited. Of course, not seeing him led me to start doubting that it would actually happen, or worse the cops would come bursting in and arrest me on charges of molestation. I also looked around nervously to make sure there were no cameras. Thankfully there weren’t any I could spot. I hadn’t been there for more than a few minutes when the door entering onto the 16th floor opened and in walked a vision of boyish beauty. This time as apposed to when we were in the elevator, I was able to drink him in more than before. He was about 5′, so not too much shorter than me. He hadn’t change and so was in the same tank top and mesh shorts he’d been in earlier. “You’re here. I wasn’t sure you’d understood my message. I also wasn’t sure if you were really interested. I-I-I mean I could feel you were interested…but, well…you know what I mean, right?” The handsome boy looked up at me, clearly nervous and seemingly unsure as to whether he’d made the right choice or not. “Are you sure you want to do this? If you want to walk away right now, I’ll not think any different of you and I promise I wouldn’t be mad. This is entirely up to you. The ball if fully in your court, as they say…” I was trying to ease his mind as to whether or not I was a rapist or someone he might have misread. As if in answer to the question I posed, I noticed the young boy had a resolved look on his face as in coming to an understanding with himself. “Yes, I’m sure. I want to do this. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. I can’t wait any longer and you are so hot! Please, take me, show me what you can in the short time we have together.” With that I moved forward and gently embraced him, showing my strength, but also my willingness to be kind and understanding to his inexperience. He allowed me to approach him and start to caress his smooth young body with slow increasing pressure. As he gazed up at me I bent down and as we mutually closed our eyes, our lips met and the energy spiked by a thousand percent! The kiss grew to something more frantic and electric as if I needed to swallow him into myself and he felt the same. As if in a trance, in halkalı escort short order, I had removed his tank top and he had done the same to me, then we moved on to his shorts, quickly learning that either he hadn’t worn underwear all day or had removed them before coming to meet me. I wasn’t complaining no matter the reason. He had a beautifully smooth pelvic area with a very turgid cock that stuck straight out about 4″ and seemingly circumcised. It was a perfect boy cock as the rest of this boy was turning out to be. Slowly, but still with some haste I continued kissing him…on his cheek, on the nape of his neck, his dime sized pert nipples, first one then the other. Then moving further south. All this time the boy is moaning and singing my praises. Then he grabs my head to look at me and asks, “Hey, I don’t know your name. I’m Carlos, but everyone just calls me Lito (pronounced C-thow), like Carlito.” He was gasping and wanting to let me continue but not letting my head go till I answered him. “My name is Edward, but everyone just calls me Eddy. I’m very happy to meet you Lito!” He smiled down at me and let go my head allowing me to continue kissing down his body before coming to my main prize. I tentatively licked and tasted his boy-cock, savoring for the first time a new flavor for me. I had yet to enjoy the distinct taste of boy-cock and I must say it was worth the way. Not really tasting like much, it still was distinct and not unpleasant. I proceeded to slowly inhale the boys cock into my warm all-encompassing mouth. I swallowed his small walnut sized balls along with his cock and just explored with my mouth every nuance of his penis, eliciting unintelligible moans and sounds from the young boy! “Ugh, nnnmmmmhhhh, aahhhh, ffffuuuu, yeeee, huhuhuhuh, feee, ssosssoo, ggguuhhh!” He was lost in bliss and pleasures he had presumably never experienced before! I was more than happy to oblige him. With the excess spit coming from my oral work on his boy cock, I lubed my middle finger and proceeded to explore the tight rosebud of the boys inner sanctum. He made no resistance. On the contrary, he spread his legs wider, allowing me better access to his beautiful ass. Before long I was finally able to gain entry and slowly inserted the entire finger up his beautifully tight sphincter. He quietly as possible moaned out, throwing his head back in bliss and unleashed a healthy dose of boy-cream into my mouth which, with a moan of my own I proceeded to swallow down and savor. There is nothing quite like boy cum. It’s ridiculously sweet and also a little starchy, but I could eat it all day long and never complain. Lito had grabbed ahold of my head as he gave me his cream to keep himself steady and from loosing his footing. I was okay with this as I was in no mood to extract his boy-cock from my mouth any time soon. Much to short after he came, he asked me to release him as it was becoming too sensitive for him. I agreed of course, however reluctant, I was still true to my word. I stood and brought the boy close to me for another kiss. “Thank you.” He said after a rather long kiss. “That was amazing! Now it’s your turn!” I answered. “No, it’s okay. I’m more than okay with what we did. You should probably get back to your mom or grandmother. I don’t want them to be missing you and come looking.” He wasn’t having that. “No, I won’t be missed. I told my grandma I forgot something from the store, so that gives me at least an hour or more. Please, I want you inside me so bad! You finger felt amazing and I need it so bad! PLEASE!” How could I possibly argue with such a plea. I not so reluctantly turned him gently around so that as I kneeled I was beholding the most beautiful bubble ass I had yet laid eyes upon! It was like two small Melons, or large peaches, hairless, milky white with a perfectly pink hole that looked a little reddened, but not damaged. What else was I to do when presented with such a feast? I devoured that hole like a starving man that hadn’t eaten in months! His hole tasted so very good! I could have eaten that ass for hours, days, weeks without end. But as we were both pressed for time I ate it as long as possible before standing back up and slathering my raging cock after quickly releasing it from my shorts. Before slamming my raging rod up his virgin hole I asked him once more if he was sure. He once again gave his consent to which I answered by continuing the deflowering process of this beautiful boy before me. “Fuuuuck boy! So fuckin tight! Are you okay? Do you need me to stop?” I asked, not really sure I could stop even if I wanted to. But I needn’t have worried. “Yes daddy, give it to me! No, don’t stop, please. şirinevler escort It hurt at first, but now it’s starting to feel so much better! Fuck yea, please fuck me daddy, fuck yes!” His praises stayed much the same throughout the initial entry and further on as I started a slow, but deliberate rhythm, long-dicking his soft tight devirginized boy hole! I was in absolute bliss and euphoria! The likes of which I didn’t think were possible, however short-lived it was going to be, in that moment I would have died a very happy and content man! As is usually the case, as my climax neared, my thrusts increased in speed and power, till I was pounding the poor boy below me at break-neck speeds and pressure! I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I was on another plane of existence where nothing else mattered except for the sensations coming from my cock and the need for release! ” Fuck baby, here is comes! I’m gonna fuckin shoot up your hole boy! Gonna fuck breed this hole baby! You ready for daddy’s cum? Want daddy to breed your boy-pussy?” He moaned with me, trying to hold back in case we could be heard. “Yes daddy, give it to me! I want your cum so bad! Breed my pussy daddy, breed it so good! Make me yours! Fill me full of your daddy juice! I couldn’t hold bad any longer! With a restrained grown that sounded more like a growl, I released what felt like gallons of man-juice so far up his no-longer-virgin boy-hole, that I was surprised it didn’t come out his mouth. The brave tike was moan along with me and not long after I started my release I felt his hole contract even tighter around my pole as Lito reached his second orgasm, wasting it on the floor below. We stayed embraced for what must have been at least five minutes till we had regained our breath. We uncoupled and as my cock exited his hole, he clamped it tight as to delay the inevitable release of my sperm from his orifice. He turned around and swallowed my now-limp cock, cleaning it of my sperm and his boy juices which surprisingly were rather clean. Clearly he had come prepared and very much wanting to lose his virginity which I was all too happy to fulfill. We continued to gather ourselves up, stealing kisses here and there, neither of us really wanting the moment to end, but knowing it was bound to happen. Unfortunately before I knew it we were both back to presentable and ready for final farewells. “Am I gonna see you again?” Lito asked, with true hopefulness in his voice. “I don’t know. Suppose that depends on you. I’d be willing, but you know it would have to be our secret right?” He nodded in silent response. “Yeah, I know, and I definitely want to do this again. Here, give me your phone.” He gestured, wanting to see my phone to which I passed him my phone and he proceeded to enter in a number and pressed the “call” button. His phone buzzed telling me he had given me his real number. “My grandma doesn’t check my phone calls so you can text or call me any time. Can I do the same?” He asked, clearly wanting confirmation that I was still interested. I smiled down at him, bring him into a more intimate and sensual kiss. “Lito, please believe me. I want very much to be with you again and yes, you can certainly text or call me any time, but don’t be discouraged it I don’t respond right away. I do work, so I could be working when you text or call, but I always respond.” He seemed content with this answer and giving me a last hung walked to the door and exited not leaving my sight until the door closed behind him leaving me in the silence of the stairwell, not really believing that this experience happened. I relived the entire experience in my head as I climbed the short way up to my friend’s one flight up. As I reached the door to exit onto the 17th floor, my phone *pinged*. When I saw my phone it was an adorable face pic of Lito he had texted me. It caused my cock to throbbed and I responded right away with recent a face pic of my own before I exited and went to my friends place. I rung the doorbell and my friend gave me one look and said, “You were fucking someone weren’t you? You smell like sex and have a shit-eating grin on your face!” I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I blushed. “Fuck off man, it’s nun-ya!” I laughed as both my friend and his roommate good-naturedly ribbed me about my recent sexcapade and we all laughed about it. Of course they had no idea that the sexperience was with a beautiful 12 year old boy, but what they don’t know won’t hurt me! TBC…??? *** This story is based on an experience I had in real life where I did see a beautiful boy in the elevator while visiting a friend in a building, but everything else is completely fictional. This story is what I wish had happened with that boy, but not true in the least. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to email me any questions, comments, or suggestions! Should I continue this story or leave it as a ail

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