Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 14


I was happy to be the first one to wake up the next morning. I carefully snuck out of bed and threw on my pajama pants. I used the hotel phone to call down for our breakfast, and to also ask that the maids do not come to turn down the room until six o’clock. After ordering I ended up watching Ava sleep for a bit. I didn’t care that it was a bit creepy, she was so angelic that I couldn’t help it.

The knock finally was heard on our door. I opened the door for the bus boy to deliver our food, and gave him a tip as he left. I took our food to the bedroom and tapped Ava’s leg.

“Honey, time to get up.” She rolled over but didn’t fully wake up. I put her plate down on the night stand so that I could throw the blankets off her. She woke up abruptly but relaxed seeing me there.

“Eat up quickly.” I told her. She smiled hearing my directness. She knew that the day was starting. I ate my food and finished before her. While she ate, I went to the closet and took down the bag. I threw it onto the bed. I purposefully taunted her taking out a number of things. I had done what many would consider an excessive amount of online shopping to build a good-sized collection. I could practically see the puddle forming underneath Ava as she watched me take out rope, leather cuffs, impact toys and even more coming out of the bag. When I was set up, I saw that Ava was done with her food. I took the plate from her to leave both plates in the hallway for someone to take. When I returned, she was still sitting in bed.

“Get up and stip.” I ordered.

“Yes, sir.” She was meek and obedient. I watched her take her lingerie off revealing her delightful body to me. I held the ropes in my hand, making sure to play with them and twist them in my hands. She watched me as I did. I could see the lust growing in her eyes. When she was naked, I put the rope down on the bed. Before anything else I decided to tie back Ava’s hair with a braid. I felt her shiver each time my fingers grazed her skin as I worked. The same happened when I took the rope and began tying it around her.

I was focused on doing it right. I had bought a book, watched dozens of videos and research all the safety precautions one needed to take when engaging in rope play. When I was satisfied, I restrained her arms with the leather cuffs I had bought. To complete the look, I put Ava’s collar around her neck and secured it.

“You look stunning.” I praised her and pushed her to lie on the bed. “Completely at my mercy.” I leaned in close to her ear. “My cum dumpster.” I felt her shiver as I called her what she had asked me to turn her into. I rolled Ava over onto her stomach and started grinding myself against her backside while testing the ropes I had tied.

“Stay.” I ordered when I got up. I used the bed’s legs to create anchor points where I could tie Ava’s leg’s wide, and put ropes around her forearms to further restrain her. Last, but not least, I brought out a ball harness gag to Ava’s face. Before I secured it on her I checked in.

“Safety words are important today. You remember all of them?” I listened to her recite all the safe words, verbally and nonverbally before putting the gag on. She welcomed it excitedly. I grabbed the bottle of lube that I had brought and tossed it onto the bed next to her head. This way I could taunt her, so that she knew that I had every intention of fucking her, but she wouldn’t know when. She looked at the bottle first then her gaze followed me. I was looking at the three-impact play implements that I had brought with me; a flogger, paddle and riding crop.

I picked up the riding crop, then looked back at her. I turned around and leaned against the dresser like I was contemplating which item to use. I still had the crop in my hand. I swung it a few times as practice through the air. Then without a second glance at her I put the crop down and went into the sitting area. I sat down and turned on the television. This way Ava knew I was still in the room and accessible, but it was a little bit of ‘abandonment’ play.

Ava’s request was to be treated like a toy, so that is what I was delivering. escort izmir I watched TV but kept my ears trained on Ava in case there were any signs of distress. After only about twenty minutes I got up and returned to the bed. I picked up the riding crop again. Ava was staring at me. I’m sure part of her was waiting for me to put the tool down again and return to my television show.

Instead, I slid the pleather tip of the crop against her skin. I sent it down to her ass, then quickly struck her with the flick of my wrist. The crop made a loud crack when it came in contact with her tender flesh. In response Ava’s skin started to redden. Ava made a mumbled noise but I ignored it knowing that it wasn’t a safe word. I did the same with her other ass cheek. I continued slapped her ass watching as the skin became redder and redder. After the twentieth hit I threw the crop on the bed. I undid the gag for her momentarily to ask how she was. After hearing ‘green’ leave her lips; I refastened it on her.

I grabbed the bottle of lubricant that had been waiting for me next to Ava’s head. I spread a generous amount on her puckered hole. I used my thumb to stretch her out, and my free hand to spread the extra onto me. When she was ready, I replaced my thumb, with my cock. I put my hand on the back of her head pressing her into the soft bedding while I ravaged her.

I slammed into her using my entire length. She loved a slow, rough fucking; just as much as she loved a fast-paced fuck. My touch wasn’t gentle like it had been the previous night, and so many times before. My hands were hard, not soft, as I toyed with her body. In my onslaught, I took a moment to feel between Ava’s legs. Her body did not disappoint me as I felt her sopping wet pussy. It brought me a sense of pride knowing that her body was enjoying my treatment.

This knowledge brought a familiar tightening feeling across my body. With a guttural moan, and a rough thrust, I emptied into her hole. I pulled out, then took a butt plug so that she wouldn’t feel empty for long.

“Don’t waste anything now slut.” I whispered in Ava’s ear. She softly whimpered behind the gag in response. I started to untie her from the bed. When she was free, I pulled her up to her feet. She obediently followed me to the sitting area, where the television was still on, and knelt down next to the seat that I took. Ava delicately placed her head on my lap to rest it. I put a hand on the top of her head to pet her a little bit.

The show went to commercial and I turned my attention to Ava. I wasn’t surprised to see that she was already looking up at me. I gently pushed her so that she was kneeling in front of me. She kept her eyes locked onto mine. I took her face in my hands. The gag was still in place leaving a kiss on her lips out of the question, so I settled to kiss her cheeks and forehead. This tenderness was short lived. I removed her gag and ordered her to suck. She started to lick and suck my cock. I released her arms from her restraints so that she could pleasure me further. I enjoyed watching her work and listening to her moans as she did.

“Ah…that is good.” I sighed. I saw one of her hands slide down to her slit.

“Doing this while masturbating…you really are perverted!” I teased her.

“I get so hot when I give Master a blowjob.” She said still licking my shaft.

“Take care of me and I’ll take care of that heat with a nice cunt fucking.” I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down my shaft.

“Fuck…it’s good! Your throat, tongue, and soft lips feel so good on my dick.” I face fucked her. I was impressed by the way she was able to continue masturbating while I did.

“Aah…. I’m cumming! Stick out your tongue.” She pulled off my shaft and opened her mouth wide for me. I started rubbing myself off into her mouth.

“Fuck… drink it up…” I watched her gulp down my load. When she was done, she opened her mouth wide for me to prove that she had. I leaned back in the chair to watch her. I noticed something wasn’t quite right with her. I watched her closely to see each reaction. It didn’t take escort izmir me long to decipher what was wrong. I put both her gag and cuffs back on before escorting her to the bathroom. I tortured her just a little bit by making her watch as I went before her. After I was done, I helped her take care of herself. Once done I returned her to the living room, but I stepped into the bedroom to grab another toy.

I returned with a good-sized dildo. I didn’t speak to Ava as I pushed it inside her. She moaned briefly behind the gag. Ava’s hair had started to fall out of her braid so I fixed it for her. I wanted to see her gorgeous face unobstructed.

Ava looked up at me as I sat in my chair. Her eyes were soft and filled with love as she looked up at me. I found her so admirable. She was so willing to put my pleasures before even her own comfort. She was perfect in my eyes.

I never imagined I would have a relationship like this in my lifetime. Certainly, I did not believe it would be with my own sister. I understood how fortunate I was. This dedication was not for just any one. She was mine. Her love, respect and submission were for me alone. I was as special to her as she was to me. Ava was irreplaceable to me, and aimed to perform my role to perfection so that she could never find anyone else to give her what I could.

I was nearly lost in my loving thoughts when I remembered what today’s play was. Ava was not my lover today; she was my toy. I could love my toy, but at the end of the day it is meant to be played with.

I smirked at Ava and decided to reach out with my foot. I used my big toe to push the dildo inside her farther. She moaned and closed her eyes enjoying the movements. I licked my lips remembering that a butt plug was still lodge inside her, keeping my cum from dripping out of her. Ava started to drool a little bit behind the gag. I leaned forward in my chair and kissed the red ball of the gag. Ava’s eyes opened to watch me. I abruptly picked her up in my arms and walked her back into the bedroom.

I threw her back onto the bed. I pulled her into a position so her head was hanging off the side of the bed and pulled off her gag. She gave me the ‘green’ safe word again before I continued. I stuffed my entire length into her mouth. I used her mouth just as I would her cunt. She coughed and choked at my onslaught. I had done it enough times with her to know when she was struggling and when she was fine. When I found a good rhythm, I bent down over Ava and started to tongue her slit.

The dildo and butt plug were still inside her so I played with each to pleasure her. My onslaught clearly was driving her insane because before long she was trying to escape from me. I pulled myself out of her mouth and heard a struggled ‘yellow’ come out of her mouth. I pulled out the toys from inside her and adjusted her to be more comfortable on the bed. I gave her a gentle kiss to her forehead and sat next to her on the bed.

When she was ready Ava smiled at me and told me that she was green again, and I could continue. I got on my knees on the bed. She smiled watching me go between her legs. I licked my lips watching Ava open her legs for me. Very slowly, and gently, I pushed into her waiting hole. I made gentle love to her. Though, I was not doing it for her; but because I wanted to. Instead of bending down and kissing her like I usually did, I stayed tall on my knees above her. I held her legs in place with a tight grip and even threw my head back to revel in the feelings. This fuck was for my pleasure only, and Ava knew that.

To my surprise Ava suddenly came on my cock. She had tried to hide it, but she couldn’t, not from me. My eyes went to her face. I put my hand over her throat. I didn’t tighten my grip, but I place a slight amount of pressure to give her a sensation. I fucked her harder. I wasn’t going to stop until I was done. When I was, I unloaded onto her stomach. I checked the clock on the side table to see how much time we had left. I had just enough to punish her.

I picked Ava up and threw her over my knees. I looked over her ass. It was fairy red from the attention I had given her earlier. I decided that she still needed to sit tonight and it wouldn’t be wise to deliver further hits to her juicy bottom. I put the gag back in her mouth again. I sat her on the bed and pushed back so I was leaning against the headboard.

“Come here and sit on me whore.” I commanded her. She struggled slightly to get up on her knees and come over to me. I didn’t help her. In fact, I put my hands behind my head to arrogantly lean on the headboard comfortably. I did help her slide my cock into her sloppy hole. She slid down my pole. When she started to roll her hips, I stopped her.

“Did I tell you to fuck yourself?” Her body stilled not wanting to upset me.

“You’re only allowed to fuck that little pussy of yours if I am punishing you. Afterall, you need to learn that orgasms are a privilege; and no matter what you can’t hide yours from me.” She tired communicating something to me behind the gag. I couldn’t understand it, but did know that she was not saying a safe word so I didn’t pay it any attention. I massaged her breasts, even licking and sucking her hardened nipples. I heard a moan from her and in return I bit down on her plump flesh. She squealed and her body instinctively jumped causing her to bounce on my cock.

“See, you got punished, so you got fucked.” I teased her going back to kissing and licking her. I massaged her breasts, then started to pinch at her nipples. First it was gently, then I started to pinch harder and even twist. Ava’s hips started again. This punishment game actually turned out to be an easy test of her pain tolerance. I continued going back and forth between sweet and rough with Ava’s chest.

When I was satisfied, I reached for a pair of nipple clamps. I put them on her battered nipples and she continued bouncing and rocking on top of me. I listened to the jingling of the chain that connected the two clamps I had put on he as she fucked herself hard. I put my hands on her hips loving the feeling of her tense muscled underneath my fingertips.

“Come on my little cumdumpster. I want to cum again. Not you though. It would be a shame if I had to punish you again for cumming without permission. Ah, fuck, move those hips. Fuck yourself like the slut you are.” I sat up to whisper in her ear, “My slut.” I smiled feeling her body shudder against mine. Ava loved when I claimed her as mine out loud. I loved to say it for her.

I started to tug at the chain of her nipples. I gave one sharp tug and immediately I recognized a change in Ava. Tears pooled in her eyes. I was quick to rip the gag off of her.

“Red…please, Aiden, red. I can’t…” I immediately helped her off of me and started to untie her. First, I freed her arms. She threw them around my shoulders pulling me close to her. I held her close letting her calm down. When I felt her heart rate decrease, I pulled back to look at her. She was smiling, telling me that she was feeling much better. I held her face kissing her cheeks gently.

“Are we alright?” I asked nervously.

“Yes. That last tug, and I was on the precipice of sub space. It came out of my mouth before I knew it.”

“I’m just glad that you’re not upset at me.”

“How could I be? You respected my safe word and took care of me. You did everything you were supposed to. I asked for a rough session. I hope this doesn’t turn you off of them. I had a great time.”

“Just stay away from your titties?” I teased.

“Not completely…” She looked at me seductively.

“You should rest before we go to the party.” I told her moving to finish untying her from the rest of her bonds. I tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead. I was going to leave her to give her the entire bed. Ava reached out to stop me.

“Stay with me?” She asked sweetly. I chuckled and laid down with her. We got comfortable hugging each other close. It didn’t take long for me to hear Ava’s breathing even and I knew she was asleep. I slid out of bed. I wanted to clean up the room so that we wouldn’t scare the maid when she came in. When I was done with that, I pulled out our dresses to steam and iron them as necessary. As I did my chores, I stole peaks at the sleeping Ava. It made me smile to see her sleeping so soundly, and so vulnerable.

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