Irene’s Missionary Adventure


This story follows on immediately from “Humiliating Oscar”. I didn’t sleep well that night. Well, the day had been so… different. So different from every other day, and my mind and heart were both racing. Aside from anything else, there had been so much sex! The night before, I’d had my first orgasm, then, well Rodrigo and Oscar. Dear sweet little Oscar. He was so forgiving. My life was upside down and I really felt off balance; everything had been running around my head and I just hadn’t been able to sleep. Anyway, by the time I woke up the sun was streaming through the window and Oscar had been at work for hours. Then I realised the doorbell was ringing. I jumped out of bed and slipped my dressing gown around my body; the cool silk of the material felt good. Barefoot I went down the stairs and to the door; I must admit, I was still half asleep. I opened the door and there were two young men standing there. Very well dressed, in dark suits with white shirts and ties. I couldn’t quite read their name tags. “Good morning, my friend and I represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we’d like to talk to you about…” I had switched off and didn’t really hear the rest. His voice was hypnotic. Low and gravelly; it didn’t seem like it should belong to an eighteen year old boy. I was lost to his voice and only half awake. Then I heard, “Ma’am… May we come in?” In a daze I smiled and opened the door. They smiled back, big wide grins and I lead them through to the kitchen. “Please, take a seat.” They took off their backpacks and sat down at the table. “I was just going to make some coffee, would you like some?” “No ma’am,” came the reply. “But a glass of water would be awesome.” His accent was American, but the voice. Not booming, but low and sexy. I could listen to him all day. His partner hadn’t said a word. They were both tall and slim–not gawky or awkward. More self-assured than that. And very almanbahis well groomed. The one with the voice had short, dark, well kept hair–almost a military cut. The other, quiet one, was blonde and blue eyed; though his hair was short, it was longer on top and had a wave to it. I got them each a glass of water and started to make coffee. “So,” I said, “You are a long way from home. Where are you from?” “Bellevue, Washington.” “Oh,” I replied, “Washington DC?” “No, ma’am, Washington State. The Pacific North West. Near Seattle.” “Ah. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Sleepless.” “That’s right.” “And does it really rain as much as they say?” “Well Ma’am, it does sometimes. But it is a beautiful green most of the year round. Seattle is known as the Emerald City.” What was his voice doing to me? My knees felt weak and between my legs I was tingling! Goodness, no one had ever made me feel like this. Not just by speaking. Deep, sonorous and out of place from this young man. He chatted away about Bellevue, but to be honest I didn’t really take in any individual words; it was the quality of his voice that allured me, not what he was saying. He might as well have been reading from a take away menu. When the coffee was made, I sat down at the table across from them, and leaned forward. My elbows were on the table, I was rapt. I glanced over at the silent one (his nametag said he was Brad) and saw that he was staring at my chest. When he realised I had seem him, he blushed furiously and looked away. The old me would have pulled my dressing gown tight and re-tied it at the waist. But that was the old me. The new me just smiled and looked across to Hunter (at least that’s what his nametag said). Hunter smiled back at me, and tried really hard to hold my gaze without looking down at my cleavage. I sat up and said, “Sorry, you were saying?” “I… we… We have only been here for a few days. This is the beginning of our mission.” almanbahis yeni giriş “Your mission?” He nodded. “When we finish high school, we spend a year on mission with the church. Traveling to a different part of the world and telling people about the church.” “I see.” I looked from Hunter to Brad. He was still struggling to keep his eyes from my chest. They were well kept, clean living boys; I could imagine my own daughters falling for them. But here they were with me, alone in the house, with Oscar at work, and my daughters at school. My heart was going pitter pat in my chest. The morning felt full of possibilities. “Can I ask you a question about your church?” I addressed the question to Hunter, but it was Brad that answered, “Of course, ma’am.” “What does your church say about sex outside of wedlock?” Brad went bright red, and Hunter–even Hunter with his beautiful voice–stammered. “We… The church… It’s forbidden, ma’am.” “But you’re not against all sex.” “N… no ma’am. Within marriage, it is okay.” “I thought so. Mormons, you have quite big families?” All I got was a nod from both of them. I looked at their hands and took Hunter’s left hand in mine, examining his fingers. “So, if you’re not married,” I touched his fourth finger, “Does that mean you’re a virgin?” In his deep voice he managed to stammer, “Yes, ma’am.” I smiled broadly at Hunter, then at Brad. “What about pornography? What does the church say about that?” “It is unhealthy and prevents someone from leading a full, spiritual life.” This was Brad, trying hard to sound righteous. But he was not very practiced. I turned to Brad and whispered, “Does that mean that you’ve never seen a woman naked?” His cheeks started burning red. Hunter sat there, mouth shut tight; Brad stuttered, “I… We… I mean…” “Sorry,” I interrupted. “Have I embarrassed you?” Embarrassed him ? What was I doing? I’d never behaved like this in my life! almanbahis giriş Here I was, a married woman, flirting outrageously with two young men–young enough to marry my daughters! He nodded and Hunter jumped in, “The only woman we should seen naked is the woman to whom we are married. But… well, at school there were boys who take pleasure from trying to force us to look at lewd images.” “I see,” I said. And the idea turned me on. These boys were sexually very naive, but handsome and attractive. And they were sitting here with me. The day before yesterday, I wouldn’t have let them through the door. But now, here I was with my sex tingling, teasing these boys and delighting in their discomfort. “Don’t you think that a woman’s naked body is beautiful?” “Yes, ma’am,” they said in unison. “But…” “But?” I stood up. “Beauty is beauty isn’t it?” I undid the tie on my dressing gown and opened up the top half, showing off my full breasts. They both closed their eyes almost reflexively. I closed up my dressing gown and sat down again. “It’s OK,” I said. “You can open your eyes now.” Almost sheepishly, and certainly with a degree of trepidation, they opened their eyes. Relieved that I had closed my dressing gown. “Ma’am,” Said Hunter, “Please, can we tell you more about the church?” “Well, I do have more questions.” “We’ll do our best to answer them.” I paused then turned to Brad, “What does the church feel about oral sex?” He was horror struck. He had no idea what to say. His cheeks were burning and his mouth opened and closed like a fish, gasping for water. My heart was pounding in my chest. “I wondered, you see… Whether it counts as sex?” I slipped my hands under the table, leaned forward (which showed off my cleavage) and grabbed both boys’ thighs. They both gave a start. “Please! Ma’am.” Brad squirmed as he spoke. “Please what?” I said, “Please continue? Like this?” I slid my hands up their firm young thighs and rested my palms on their crotches. They both had erections. “No! Ma’am, please! No!” I found Hunter’s zip first and the tip of my tongue poked out between my teeth as I unzipped him. I fished out his rigid cock as I then found Brad’s fly.

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