Is This My Life? Ch. 01


‘Is this the life I wanted, if so what was I thinking’. I thought to myself as I lay there holding my caged cock as it strained inside. Looking over at the clock I see it is only 4:15 AM. I feel your bare thigh rubbing mine and your bare ass pressing against my hip. The past week has been fun, heaven, hell, and more exciting with each passing day.

The alarm wakes me again at 5:30 as it beeps from the dresser. I feel your soft hand on my inner thigh, “Honey, time to get up.” I hear you say. The beeping a distant background to your soft smooth voice. I slip from under the covers and reach for the annoying alarm. I turn on the light to see you standing by the bed, facing away from me as you stretch. Arms high above your head as you stand on your tiptoes.

I watch as each of the muscles tighten in your thighs and buttocks, again my crotch quickly reminds me of its confinement. I head for the bathroom to prepare for my morning shower. Laying the towel on the counter and running the water to warm. I stand with my hands at my side as you enter the bathroom wearing your short satin robe that barely covers your jutting breasts. The single thin tie holding kocaeli escort closed over your stomach.

I watch as your sit on the toilet and reach for the key which hangs on the necklace about your neck. My balls tingle as you cup them, slipping the key into the small pink heart shaped lock. A soft moan escapes my lips as I feel the cage pulled from oversensitive penis. My eyes closed as you shift my cock and balls inspecting all around. “Ok all ready” I hear you say as you gently slap my bare buttock.

The shower curtain remains slightly open as I was my hair and body. I know you are monitoring my daily routine. Today I feel the stubble and ask you for the razor. I soap up my pubic area, trying to avoid my rock hard cock as you watch. The razor glides across the soft skin of my balls, reducing the stubble to a smooth baby finish.

I turn and rinse the soar from my body, feeling the water run across my clean shaven balls. I trip the water from the shower to the spout as I finish pulling the curtain back. I look down to see you there, smiling up at me. Your legs uncross and you approach me with the cage and big smile. My kolej escort body tenses as you turn the water to cold and pull the nozzle from it cradle.

The rush of cold water splashes the front of my body. I moan as my body flinches, the ice cold water spraying across my thighs and genitals. I hold my hands tightly behind my head as my knees try to buckle, the cold water trickling down my thighs to my feet. It seems to take longer this morning than others before your lower the flooding ice water. My now soft penis again being concealed in the small metal cage and securely locked in place with the tiny pink heart.

I watch as you give the little lock a gentle tug and my wet cold balls a soft massage. You lean forward kissing the tip of the cage encases my manhood, they key dangling loosely in midair before you. You robe parting exposing your pert breasts and hard nipples. It all happens so fast, or so it seems, before you hand me the towel. I watch as your short robe creases between your buttocks as you walk out.

I dry off, shave my face and brush my teeth before getting dressed for another day at the office. The light konak escort green satin panties you have chosen allow my shaven balls to slip smoothly inside them. I buckle my belt and straighten my tie before heading to the kitchen. I walk up behind as you stand at the counter, your panty covered ass purposely exposed.

The loose t-shirt covering your braless breasts, hiding them from my view. Though well hidden their shape, size, texture and smell are forever burnt into my deepest memories. Our eyes meet as I kiss you, our love radiating like lasers between our eyes. I grab my coffee cup and brief case before heading out to the car. I wave and smile as you stand in the kitchen doorway to the garage, your long legs and bare feet catching my eye.

I walk into the office and have several messages in reference to the meeting today. My secretary hands me the notes and reminds me of the interviews I have for the new shift manager position we need filled. I walk in my corner office and look out the window over the small city, smiling as I feel my balls shifting in the satin panties. I sit in the chair behind my desk and look at the papers on my desk.

I lean back in the chair and look out to see the secretary bent over at the filing cabinet. My cock strains against the cage and hold it softly in the satin panties. I look out the window as I hold my caged straining cock and wonder ‘Is this really my life?”

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