It Doesn’t End There Pt. 08


The following is a work of fiction. All characters who are portrayed as being engaged in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older.

Pat had invited Rags to come over to the house because Pat wanted to go to a tittie bar but was afraid to go by herself. Pat wanted to do this before spending the weekend at the cabin with Matt, Rags and Phil. She’d explain more when Rags arrived.

Rags put on a pair of white low rise yoga pants and a red stretch cotton top that tied under her breasts. The barbells in her nipples clearly showed. She wore long dangling earrings and navel jewelry that matched. On her feet she wore clear plastic stripper heels. He hair was fully brushed out and hanging down to the middle of her back and she wore a cowboy hat.

When she arrived at Pat’s, Pat greeted her wearing a pink pleated micro miniskirt and a white dress shirt rolled up and tied under her boobs. She also had long earrings dangling from her ears. The hair on the sides of her head was pulled back into a small pony tail, fully exposing her ears, but from her ears on back her hair was brushed out and extending down to the middle of her back. She wore white knee high boots that had four inch heels. Both girls wore rather dramatic makeup — as they would be going to a nightclub.

Pat had some iced tea waiting for Rags and as they sat at the kitchen table sipping tea Pat explained that she wanted to go back to the tittie bar and observe the girls giving a lap dance. As she thought about the coming weekend she thought that she might want to give a lap dance to Phil or to Matt or to both of them.

“Great idea,” said Rags. “I’d only like to make one suggestion. The tittie bar we went to sold drinks, so the bar had two main streams of income: the drinks and the dancers. That means that the owners of the place do not have to spend top dollar to hire top of the line dancers. If you want to see some excellent dancing, we’d be better off going to the gentlemen’s club on the south side of town. Even though we’re girls, we may have to pay a cover charge to get in. They do not serve alcoholic drinks and their soft drinks are way overpriced. And if you eventually want to get a lap dance yourself, the price will be higher than the prices at the last bar we were at. But you are more likely to see better quality dancing, and if you get a lap dance it will be a good quality lap dance.”

“I’m all for it,” said Pat. So off they went to the gentlemen’s club. Rags didn’t know whether it was because they were women or because they were dressed to impress, but they did not have to pay a cover charge. They sat down a little ways away from the stage so that they could watch dancers on stage but also watch the dancers do table dances.

A scantily clad waitress took their drink order and a girl who was going from table to table offering table dances and lap dances stopped by to ask, “And what can I do for you?” She introduced herself as, “Vikkie.” Pat explained why they were there — to study the dancers and to witness or experience a few lap dances so that they could do lap dances for their husbands.

Vikkie explained that lap dances were done in a corner of the room, but that the section was not hidden from view. So she showed them where they could sit and watch the girls on stage, but if Vikkie or another dancer were to take a client back to the lap dance section, if Pat and Rags were not to obvious about it, they could move in their chairs slightly and watch the lap dance instead. She also told them that after they had seen a few, if they wanted to experience a lap dance, any of the girls would be glad to do that for them, “But”, she added, “there aren’t any girls here that give a better lap dance than I do.”

With that, Vikkie left to offer her services to some of the men at other tables, and Pat and Rags moved back to where they could watch lap dances. They stayed there for a while. More and more people were coming to the club and soon there was almost non-stop action in the lap-dance area. So the second time Vikkie stopped by to see if they might be interested in a lap dance, Pat was ready. They moved back. As they entered the area a sign told them the fee for a lap dance and suggested that the dancer be given a tip as well. As Pat gave Vikkie the fee she asked about the private rooms which were obviously available, but had not been offered to them by Vikkie.

Vikkie told them that a lap dance lasted for one song, the private rooms went by time with a fifteen minute minimum. She said that usually in the private room the dancer would get naked already on the first song whereas with a lap dance if you wanted the girl to get completely naked (except for shoes and jewelry) you had to have at least two dances. She also said that in spite of what some people hoped and what some porn videos seemed to portray, there was no sex in the private rooms — no oral, no girls jerking the men off, certainly no intercourse.

This was because almost every week süpertotobet yeni giriş the management brought in a big name porn queen/dancer and none of them wanted to come into a place where the patrons were led to believe that if they took the porn star to the private room they would be able to have sex with her. So they ran a clean operation all the time.

Hearing this greater explanation of what goes on, Pat gave Vikkie the fee for three dances. “I want it all,” she said, “the full nude treatment.”

“Just a reminder, in case you missed it on the sign,” said Vikkie, “I can touch you, but you cannot touch me unless I take your hands and put them on me, and then you must leave them where I put them or take them off of me, but no roaming hands.”

A new song started, so Vikkie began her routine, dancing sensuously. Her legs rubbed against Pat’s legs. “Dancing for a girl with bare legs is always so sensual — going skin against skin.” She gave Pat a front view, a back view, and then a front view again as she leaned down, showing Pat her cleavage. Vikkie took her top off and continued dancing topless. She leaned over and brushed her bare tits against Pat’s face. The second time she did this she asked, quietly, “Can you loosen your top? If you can ease one of the girls out to play, I’m ready for a little bit of nipple to nipple action.”

As Pat eased out her left tit, Vikkie sat on her lap, facing her and ground her hips on Pat’s lap. “Scoot down a little more so that we’re crotch to crotch, pussy to pussy.” As Vikkie tried to grind their pussies together she was also rubbing her right nipple against Pat’s exposed left nipple. It was as Vikkie was trying to rub their pussies together that Vikkie realized that Pat wasn’t wearing any panties under her micro miniskirt. Vikkie moved so that their clits were touching. Before the second song was done, Vikkie had climaxed. As the third song began Vikkie had Pat slide down a little more and turned around to work her ass onto Pat’s pussy. “This is the guys’ favorite position,” she said, “’cause I’m grinding on their hard cock. I know I’ve done a good job if I make them cum.” She ground her bare ass on Pat’s engorged clit and Pat climaxed.

Pat had put her tit back into her shirt and retied it, and Vikkie put her dance outfit back on. Pat gave her a hundred dollar bill for a tip and thanked her profusely. “No. the pleasure was all mine,” said Vikkie. And she meant it.

When the girls got back to Pat’s house, Pat invited Rags to come in and almost immediately began to strip. “Female bonding time, please!” she said to Rags, half pleading and half ordering. They made love to one another, giving each other multiple orgasms.

Then Pat had Rags put on one of the new string thongs she had purchased for Matt and had her put a sock ball in it to make it look like it was holding a cock and balls. Pat wanted to give Rags a lap dance to see what it would feel like grinding her pussy and her ass against that lump. She came again. They moved to the bed and relaxed, facing each other and stroking one another in sensual ways on sensual spots.

As they lay in each other’s arms, Pat said, “I’m so nervous and scared about the coming weekend. This could all go down the toilet and instead of fucking my husband I will have fucked up my marriage.”

“Matt wanted to try this as much as you did. Am I right?” asked Rags.

“Yes. This is not just me foisting a scatter-brained idea upon him,” Pat replied.

“Well then, he loves you and you love him, I love Phil and Phil loves me, and you and I have developed a very deep love for one another. Together we won’t let anything bad happen. If you think you sense something bad happening, talk to me right away and we’ll expose the difficulty right away and fix the problem or stop what we’re doing. I will do the same for you. This has the potential to be a very fun weekend. Let’s work at making the weekend accomplish what you wanted it to do. I’m confident we’re ready for this.”

“Thank you. We are ready,” said Pat.

Rags got dressed and went home. Pat put on what were her traditional clothes for one last night. Starting with the arrival of Rags and Phil at their Cabin on the lake on Friday she would be dressing to please her husband instead of pleasing the women at the country club.

Pat packed sexy clothing and swimwear for herself and packed the swimwear she had bought for Matt as well as some other spandex clothing items. They arrived at the cabin. What they called their cabin was actually at one time a small lodge with a large living room/dining area and kitchen occupying the main floor and several bedrooms each with their own stool, sink and shower going off of a central hallway upstairs. It was much bigger than Matt and Pat needed, but they got it at a very good price and its location on a lake was ideal.

Only two of the bedrooms were furnished at the present time, but first thing Friday morning two new king süpertotobet giriş sized beds would be delivered to the cabin and set up in the downstairs living/dining area. This would give the couples an opportunity to fuck in the same room in plain view of one another — much like sharing a large room in a hotel/motel.

Rags got off work at 6 AM Friday morning and was met by Phil at the hospital’s rehab facility for their early morning workout. Rags and Phil had packed and loaded the car the night before. They went home and showered. Rags put on a micro bikini and one of Phil’s shirts as a cover-up. She had Phil put a wide belt around her waist as she carefully held folds at the sides of the shirt, making the shirt look like a fitted mini dress. She wore a pair of wedge sandals on her feet and wore long dangling earrings.

Phil put on a pair of jean cutoffs and a denim vest. He wore running shoes. Under his shorts he wore a teardrop string micro-thong. Without that the shorts were cut so short that there was a good possibility the head of his cock would extend out of one of the leg holes. He would have to stop at least once to get gas, so didn’t want to take the chance. Besides that, they would stop at a fast food place to get breakfast and would go inside just so they could exercise their exhibitionism.

Back at the cabin the beds had been delivered. Matt worked outside making sure that the pontoon boat was seaworthy. Pat did a little bit of last minute cleaning and straightening and a little bit of food preparation. They expected Phil and Rags to arrive around 2:30. Rags would sleep for most of the journey. At 2:00 Pat gave Matt a thong she had purchased for him. He knew she had purchased it — had looked at the on-line catalogs with her to pick out her swimwear as well as his. But in reality the suit looked even smaller that he had imagined.

“Time to get dressed,” Pat said. “Our guests should be arriving soon.” As Matt looked at the suit he would be wearing and was wondering whether he really could do it, Pad added, “You will not be spending any quality time at all with Rags if you try wearing board shorts in front of her. I can guarantee it. And you won’t be alone. What you’re holding in your hand is the kind of stuff Phil wears. When they were first married Phil wanted Rags to wear revealing swimwear and Rags wanted to wear it, too, but wasn’t sure she had the courage. That’s when Phil offered to get equally skimpy swimwear for himself and they’ve been doing it ever since.

“Now, when they go to the beach there are usually guys who come up to Rags to have their picture taken with her, and just as often girls come up to Phil to have a picture taken with him. You’ve got the body for it. And because you’ve worked hard for it and got it, flaunt it. The other nice thing about it is that Rags will appreciate it. You don’t have to wonder whether she will like it or will laugh at you for wearing something so ridiculously small. She will love it — probably won’t be able to keep her hands off you. So you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. If it makes you feel more comfortable at first, you can wear a shirt over it. Just don’t button the shirt.”

There was a bedroom upstairs that was their bedroom when they came to the cabin. Matt went up to change. Pat stayed downstairs. There was a closet by the front door to the house where in cooler weather guests could hang up their jackets, sweaters or coats. Right now in the summer time it had been empty, but Pat had hung a few items in there like dresses in which they could go clubbing or a bodysuit. The rest of her clothing she had brought along she put in the drawers of a buffet that stood at one end of the dining/living room. She put on a very low rise red thong bottom whose straps were only about a half of an inch wide. The top was cut like a 3/4 coverage shelf bra covering only from her nipples on down. The cups themselves were of soft thin spandex, allowing her breasts some freedom of motion.

As Phil and Rags were reaching their destination Rags woke up. Phil asked, “What are we supposed to do?”

Rags replied, “I don’t know for sure. I don’t think they do either. I think what they want is for us to really want to fuck them — to lust after them, be receptive to every advance they make, and for you to really want to fuck Pat and for me to really want to fuck Matt. And if that’s what they want, if we simply do what comes naturally, I don’t think we will be very far off the mark.”

“Okay,” said Phil. “Wanting to fuck them is not a challenge. If you sense I am about to make a mistake, let me know, otherwise, I will make sure that Pat knows I want her. And at the same time, I’m eager to see you seduce Matt so that he can’t help fucking you over and over again until he’s all fucked out.”

They arrived at the house. Pat came out on the porch in just her micro bikini. Matt was with her wearing his thong and a shirt. Rags stepped out of the süpertotobet güvenilirmi car and looking at Pat said, “I see I don’t need this any more,” and took off her belt and her shirt. All that covered her now were three tiny triangles.

Phil, too, took off his vest and his shorts and appeared in just the teardrop, the strings on it being no bigger than shoelaces. Rags was undressed before Phil and moved up to the porch, embracing Pat. They mashed their tits together and rode each other’s right thighs as their mouths lips and tongues engaged in a scorching kiss.

By then Phil was coming up to the porch and was being greeted by Matt. But before they got close enough for a handshake, Rags moved over to Matt. In one even motion she grabbed hold of his shirt and moved it off his shoulders and down his arms. “You’re overdressed,” she announced. “You’ll never get full enjoyment from these titties if you keep your shirt on covering your chest.” And with that introduction she mashed her body into Matt’s, started riding his right thigh and reached down to rub his cock through his thong as her lips headed towards his and she started to give him a kiss as sensual as the one she had just given his wife.

They were given a quick tour of the cabin and shown the bedroom that they could use as their private bedroom. They noticed that it had its own shower.

Downstairs they were shown that there were two larger bathrooms. Each one of them had a shower big enough to accommodate two people at a time. They were shown the entry way closet for hanging items and a separate buffet at the other end of the living/dining room where they could put the rest of their clothing.

Phil brought in their stuff and Rags put it away, asking Matt to help her. “How?” he asked.

“Just stand behind me and do what comes naturally,” she said. She then proceeded to get things out of her suitcase by bending over at the waist, grinding her bare ass into his cock. Soon, whenever she bent over he held her hips and thrust his lump against her pussy. When she was done she turned around to face him and said, “Now see what you’ve done? You’ve gotten me all wet.” She pulled the tiny string that was covering her pussy aside, inserted her middle finger and then withdrew it. She held it up to his lips and said, “See?”

He took her finger into his mouth and she started moving it in and out as though it was a small cock and he was sucking it. “Are you ready to have some fun with me?” She asked, “because I’m ready to have some fun with you.”

They all used a washroom, chose a drink from out of the refrigerator and went to the pontoon. The pontoon was relatively large. Matt had purchased it with the lodge and it was meant to hold a fairly large number of people. However, all deck chairs had been removed and there were just two double-wide lounge chairs, one at the front of the boat on the open deck and the second one in the back of the boat under the awning.

As they headed for the pontoon, Pat became proactive to say, “No cover-ups on the boat. If someone else on the lake doesn’t like the way we look there are another 359 degrees in their circle of vision that they can look without seeing us.” Truth be told, the only one who even gave a cover-up a thought was Matt and he knew he’d be more embarrassed putting a cover-up on in front of Rags than he would be being seen in his thong by somebody in a boat on the lake.

They got out into the middle of the lake and dropped anchor. Pat said, “Time to put on sunscreen.” She had learned this from her female bonding time with Rags, Mel and Lori. She walked up to Phil and said, “Would you do me, please.”

“I would be glad to,” said Phil. She went to get on one of the lounge chairs, but Phil said, “It’s easier for me to do all of you if you just remain standing.” Then he got closer to her and said, “We’re working to be sexy with one another here, right?”

“Right,” said Pat.

“Well then, just so you know, it would have been even sexier to me if you would have simply handed the bottle of oil to me and said, ‘Do me.’ That would have indicated to me that you were being a little more aggressive in wanting me to touch you. And for me, it’s a turn-on when a woman aggressively wants me.”

“Gotcha,” said Pat with a wink. “Now do me.”

Phil started with her forehead and face telling her that she was very pretty. He moved to her neck and shoulders and arms, and then returned to her shoulders. “You have a beautiful body,” he said. “You deserve to be seen naked, oiled up and body glistening in the sun. May I?” he asked, indicating he was wanting to take off the top of her suit.

“They’ve got 359 other degrees in which to look if they don’t like it,” she said, quoting herself. Phil removed her top and put oil on her front all the way down to her tiny bottoms. Then he stood behind her and oiled up her back. All this time she was standing in the front of the boat, facing out to much of the lake, the sun glistening off of her upper torso. A jet ski was slowly approaching.

When Pat and Phil went to the front, Rags took Matt’s hand and said to him, “Do me, Matt. Make my body shine.” There was plenty of room for both couples. Rags asked, “Is there a way you can play some music on this boat?”

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